Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by openfire »

Happy Guy Fawkes Day/Bonfire Night everyone!

I don't think any of you guys celebrate this do you? (apart from Vicky, Fi and Ann Marie of course!). Tbh I don't really celebrate it either - it used be something we done more when I was younger. I can remember going to family & friends who would have a big bonfie with a Guy and have a firework display... Nowadays it's more likely to be annoying folk letting off fireworks in places that they shouldn't etc. There will be lots of bonfires though, usually in the parks, and there will be tonnes of fire engines shooting off in every direction. Last year someone started this HUGE bonfire on the main road... right across the street from the fire station :roll:

Tonight 2 of our nephews (WeeM, who is 12 and YoungB who is 7) plus BabyE are coming to stay. Their parents are going out, so we are babysitting. It would be nice if there was a good safe firework display for us to watch with them later! My sister is also coming over, but she will have to stay at my parents as we don't have enough beds for everyone :lol:

Anyways, YAY for the new thread! I can't really look at many of the pics of post any decorations myself as I'm at work... but thanks to all whole have posted them as I am sure they are all gorgeous. I will try and post some tomorrow or so.

Don't really have enough time to do individual replies, but just wanted to say:

Desiree - Thanks for posting the list of names!

missp - So..the all important question...what does RBell think of Twilight??? :D :lol:

Now I need to run!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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MissP – A short visit before bedtime???? REALLY??? Have you told him about us yet? It’s OK if you want to wait a bit before you test him with Twilight/Fanfiction Writing/Lexicon Posting/Meeting people from online……. :lol:

– I see that you are resourceful! Just as good writer should be. I knew about Topic Review, but didn’t realize you could just continue to quote and it would show up on the same page. Well, now. I’ll just have to try something creative after all this “Shiny New Thread” stuff has died down.

Tracy – Yep, my mom’s something special. She’d be perfect if she liked Twilight and was enthusiastic about the fact that I’ve been traveling around to meet all of you gals. I’m enjoying Catching Fire – you know how engrossed you can get!! Thanks for not spoilin’ until I’m done with all three!! Hey – that hand porn IS nice. He obviously has had a manicure in that pic!! (A man’s manicure, of course) You’re like me – I always say I can only write a short post because I’m in a hurry and then I end up writing my usual anyway!!! We just can’t help ourselves!

Marielle – I’m sorry your arm hurts from the flu shot!! I can’t get the flu shot because I’m allergic to Thimerasol (sp?) which is used as a preservative. Just remember that taxes actually pay for services that we need…..Nice pics of the Cullen boys!!

New Jen!!
– I was starting to get worried about you, but now that I know you were gone because of a book…………Try to stay focused on BD filming now, will you??? We need your researching eyes!!

– I’m glad you had a good day at work. I don’t know Dawn – she must have seen some of my crazy mega posts and decided to PM me to ask about how the Lex works.

– I’m so glad you came back!! Things just aren’t the same without you here.


– Pretty tricky switching us mid-200!! I wasn’t expecting that! Good to keep us on our toes!!! 8-)

Desiree – You’re really on top of it with posting the list right on page 1!!! Good work!

Dawn – It sounds like you belong here – eyes and jawline!!. Tell us more about what Rob is like IN PERSON.

Kudos on the decorating: Marielle, Tracy, Tammy, Caryn and Jenn Jenn

Hi Susie and everyone that would like to hear about Rob. First, I hope I am doing this right. I am responding by clicking quote instead of post is that right? Anyway, Rob. I wish I kept everything I wrote at the time I went to see RM film. By no means do I call myself an expert on Rob but since you asked I will try to put into words what it was like watching him for or 5 hrs.

You really get a sense of a person's personality watching them that long. Gosh I sound like a stalker. I have to say after looking at pictures of him it really seems like what you see is what you get with Rob. All the pictures i would look at of him portrayed what I saw. About a yr. ago when i would look at pictures of him he would always have his hair in his hands, slightly on edge or you could see maybe his nerves were getting to him and when I was there I was heartbroken he look exactly like the bundle of nerves I would see in the pics. There were girls everywhere screaming and his hands looked liked they were going to pull out his hair. At times he looked little bit more calm, but you could tell he was still on edge a little. While he was filming it was like no one was there and then he would go back to that guy looking on edge a little. When I saw him on set there was a time he did that laugh I love so much. The open the mouth wide and kind of jerk himself forward. I am sure you girls have seen pics of him with his mouth wide open in laughter, it was amazing seeing it in person. Like I said before I didn't discover anything new about him really, but it was cool seeing him first hand.

About an hr. before they stopped shooting it looked like it was going to rain. I usually come prepared so when a lot of people left I put a blanket down and sat down and again just watched. For what seemed to feel like forever in between takes for the second time Rob just stared over in the direction of where I was. I joke and say there must have been a beautiful blond behind us, but the second time he did it I was there right in front, and there was hardly anyone else there. We were pretty spread out now. I locked eyes with him at the very least 30 seconds. It felt like longer, but that is just probable what it felt like. I had to look away because I felt like I was being rude. Before I was looking at the set and of course him, but this time we were eye locked. Anyway, I looked away and still think there must have been something good to look at behind me, but I think of a story he tells about a girl that was waiting at his hotel. He says he got boared and asked her out. They went out and all he did was complain to get her to stop stalking him. I wonder if he was just thinking along those lines and staring at me to see if I like being stared at, and I lost. I should have waved to him.

As far as looks he is tall, skinny, gorgeous face, and wonderful smile. I have seen him I think four times now so I have to say disheveled at times, but still good looking. His accent in person, I can't believe I didn't fall. To be honest a friend that saw him from a far was almost crying and here I am talked to him and i was like nothing. His eyes are just as nice to look at as the rest of his face. It is really his face and his smile that is amazing. At times his hair has looked well put together and at others his hair has been on the messy side, but at least he was not wearing that hat on his head.

At the end of the time when they wrapped and I decided I wasn't standing in a group with screaming girls I just walked to the far side of his trailer. I waited there and I think about 5 people were there too. The trailer and next to the makeup trailer, which makes it pretty long. So I was a good ways away from all the girls. Rob went inbetween the trailers and went into the makeup trailer. When he went in between the trailers our eyes locked yet again, but I think he was completely surprised that we weren't with the group of screaming people and we were so close and barricaded.

I have to say I am challenged when it comes to cameras and things. I have pictures, but not so great. Usually when I see the main three I am on a mission for my daughter so at least with Rob and Kristen I have no pics with them, but with Taylor I do. I figured I have Taylor's autograph so I moved on to the pic. I need both from Rob and Kristen. Maybe next time I should be on a mission for myself? I have to complete my books of autographs.

At the end of watching Rob on set I walked away thinking it was a nice experience to see. One 20 sec piece was filmed for 5 hrs. I also walked away feeling sorry for how all the screaming was stressing him out and I felt bad about the extra time it took them to think of ways to trick the crowd and go different routes to get to the set. I completely understand that people get excited and sometimes your body acts in weird ways when you see someone like that, but I think because of the girls that grabbed him on set and all the screaming it seemed to make him extremely nervous of the crowds. I would do it again in an heartbeat, I would just continue to be respectful. It was really a wonderful experience to see the process and to see it when Rob was involved. I just feel so guilty to have liked the experience when he seemed miserable at times.

Sorry I write a lot. Sorry I don't really proof that well because it takes so long to write. Sorry if I added extra things you aren't really interested in.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Hey Ladies!!!

We got a new thread! Hooray!!! I'm 3 pages late but I see you've all been busy decorating our new house...

A bit of sad news, I don't think 2010 has been a good year for my family. A couple of relatives got sick and hospitalized throughout the year and just yesterday my dad's sister, my aunt was admitted to the ICU. She has been battling with a kidney failure for the past 3 years or so and yesterday it goes haywire. Her creatinine and sugar level goes up while her hemoglobin and blood pressure dropped. She was transferred immediately to the ICU where her heart give up on her for 4 minutes until she was revived. Now she's in a coma and the neurologist told us that there was a 97% that she won't make it because of the 4 minutes lack of oxygen to her brain. So now we're only waiting for the day or hour or minute before she can finally rest peacefully in God's hands.

Anyway sorry for the bit of sad news so early on our new thread

Old Thread

Susie - I know I can't believe it either that I totally forgot to bring a book. Atleast I got to sleep a lot...

Marielle - Yap, you should check out the book. It's really awesome,the props that you could take out is very distracting but very good. Also the documentation is very well written and informative. Sorry to hear that the flu shots is bothering your arm, atleast you'll be flu free this winter season.

Jaclyn - Yap I did enjoy Paranormal Activity 2. I'm a sucker for good horror movies, although we might have wake a few neighbors with the volume of screams and shrieks from my younger cousin. We watched it late at night on the day we arrived...

JennJenn - Ahhhh I can understand you wanting a drink after a day with 4 kids. They can really be a handful...

Ilovetwilight0509 - Hi welcome to Rob's HH..

Caryn - Awww maybe next year :lol: . Ahhh yes I'm a geek when it comes to all things Harry Potter.

Tonise - Congratulations! So happy for you...

Tracy - Oh you won't be disappointed with HP Film Wizardry. I know I'm not. It's a great gift to be received on Christmas.

New Thread

Bac - Thanks for setting up a new thread for us...

Desiree - Thanks for putting up the name lists for us. Wow your kids are early riser, good for them.

Dawn - Hey! It's so great that you could join us here at the HH. I'm Raine from the Philippines. Feel free to post and rant and spazz every time you feel the need to.

Tracy - I tried rereading DH a few weeks ago but I got stuck after only 3 chapters. Awww looks like I won't be able to finished it in time for Nov. 18th release.

Marielle - Holy Molly!!! If that "overview of script rumors" make to to the big screen, it would be a very darn good Isle Esme scenes. How will they make it PG13 though is the big question.

Jaclyn - Yay I love bonfire. I'm confused though why is it named Guy Fawkes???

Right I think that's all of it. I'm heading to fanfiction now
See you later...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Hey girls...

I'm at my moms place at the moment...planning on a night of doing nothing, getting sleep early and get energy for tomorrow...

Raine, I'm sorry to hear about your aunt...I'm sending you good vibes your way...
Yep me is liking the rumors...I'm praying to any god who wants to listen that those scenes make it in...

Dawn, when you want to quote just one person you should select the text you want to quote and than press on "quote"...also if you are typing your post already and want to quote something scroll down select the text and in the top of every post you'll find the 'quote' button...this way you won't get such a long posts...
You can of course reply to our post by just starting with our names (screen or normal)...we will know what you mean... ;)

Jaclyn, have fun at the bonfire!!! tell us all about it...

Big BD news - Rob, Kris and Steph have landed in Brazil!!!!!!!! Rob's not looking happy about the craziness outside But I am happy, god papzz, get me set pics from Isle Esme!!! ( think they are allowed to take one or two)

anyway...I'm going to scout the internet for good fanfic...see you al later
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by SwanCullen »

Desiree-I don't know what I would do if my daughter got up at 6 am every morning! But I guess starting next fall, she will be. She startes kindergarten then.

Tracy-I know! #7 already! I'm going to search my post and see which thread I posted in first. I think it was sometime in January. How could I NOt add a mountian lion? :D I thought about a bear rug, but this isn't Emmett's house :lol:

Marielle-My only plans are to be kid free (other than my daughter) We had 4 kids here yesterday and OH MY WORD! I love them all to death, but I think ages 4 and up changes a kid like nothing else! The kids are cousins and they fought like brother and sisters! It was nuts! Yep, your soudning like Alice! She would be proud! Thanks for the link to RAoR! I hope that is all true! If it is, I might start liking MR's script this time around :lol: I don't see anything wrong with christmas decorations! haha! My new mission!

Jacklyn-Nope, we don't celebrate that here. Sounds like a fun day to celebrate though! You sound like a faboulous Aunt baby sitting so much. I bet the kids are attached to you and your BF.

Ilovetwilight0509-Thanks for telling us the experince! Sounds great.

Raine-I will say a prayer for your family hun! Yep they can, but I do love them :)

We had some snow flurries this morning. ALREADY! It's just the 5th and it's done started. I'm watching Toy Story 3 with my daughter and 2 year old neice now. This is good!

Everybody has posted FANTASTIC decorations! Now, onto the X-mas mission from Marielle!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Today was a non-teaching day as are all Fridays for me, but it was coincidentally a day off for Sonny Boy, so I couldn't do my usually goofing off. I did have fun though, a blood test (part of a routine check-up) and a dental check-up!! Fun! I did a little cooking for lunch - homemade butternut squash (from our garden) soup! I started with sauteing onion in butter and then I added about 1T of curry powder and cooked it a little in the butter/onion. Then I added the chunks of squash, an apple cut up, a quart of chicken broth, and 1/2 cup of apple cider (salt and pepper) . This all cooked until the squash was tender and then I pureed it and added a little sour cream. Delicious! I made a lot of points with Hubs to make up for all the time I don't do anything productive!!!

Tonight Sonny Boy will be performing at the Circus Juventas Gala fundraiser - $125/plate. Needless to say, because of hubs' employment status, we have declined to attend!!! Still, Hubs and I can maybe have some quality time while Sonny Boy is gone. Maybe we'll light a fire in the fireplace and sit next to each other reading our respective books!!! How romantic! :lol:

Dawn - Thanks for sharing your experience at the RM shoot! Very exciting! I really like how you are so respectful of Rob. You are like some of us here - we feel like mothering him a bit sometimes, and then we have a split personality because then we shift to wanting something entirely different!!! :twisted: As far as making a post - I think most of us just push "reply" at the bottom of the thread and then we get a blank reply page. Most of us just address each person individually rather than do quotes, only because it gets so complicated with so many of us here posting to each other on a daily basis. If it's going to be a long post (most of mine are. :? ) I type on a Word document and then copy and paste into the reply box. Then I do all my bolding, pictures, and final touches. It took me a while to get it all down to a system, so be patient.

JennJenn - Snow in Kentucky?? You must live in the mountains, is that right? You really will love it when your daughter goes to Kindergarten.

Marielle - Are you at your mom's because you're going shopping together? I know how much your mom loves to shop. Is your dad out on a trip now? If so, I'll be she gets lonely. How is your brother doing? Is he out on a trip too? Now I'm even more envious of Stephenie - she gets to spend LOTS of quality time with Rob!! I love all the script rumors - how could I possibly be worried about spoilers at this point? :lol: Usually in the U.S. we don't decorate our houses for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, which is November 25 this year. This being said, the stores certainly decorate for Christmas well before this!! We pre-ordered a door wreathe from the Boy Scouts and I'll probably wait until December 1st to put it up. Looks like we missed your Lex anniversary in October!!

Raine - I'm very sorry to hear about your aunt. I hope they are able to keep her comfortable right now. I love how your worded it - waiting until she can rest peacefully in God's hands.

- Your brother and sister-in-law owe you some SERIOUS babysitting when you have children!!! Don't you forget when it's payback time!!! Still, I know you genuinely enjoy having them stay with you. You get to do a lot of fun "kid friendly" things. Wow - you get to see your sister too this weekend! What fun! Looks like we missed your Lex anniversary in September!

- Love the Cheekwood pic! Also the botanical garden - bamboo forest!!! Nice decorating all 'round!! I think my Hubs would like The Hunger Games too, also in a different way. The thing that has surprised me in book 2 is that he keeps getting darker and darker!!! Young Adult Lit??? I'm a third of the way through Catching Fire. I'm trying to read it quickly so we can discuss! Looks like we just missed your Lex anniversary last week!!

I LOVE that pic of Rob in the grass! I hadn't seen it before! Thanks for persevering with your post. That indeed sounds very frustrating!!! I love having you back on the thread!! Just to clarify - Les Mis auditions haven't happened yet - I just talked to the music director and he gave me the encouraging words that they'd need lots of male singers and that seniors get priority. Auditions are before Christmas break and the show is in March. I'll look forward to your PM. Your Lex anniversary is next month!!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by VirginiaMay »

* Sneaks in with a silly grin & no time for a mega-post! *

Okay, so I have not actually read Harry Potter ( :o :o :o ) but this cracked me up!! So, may I present a little Train parody for all you Potterheads!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »

Ginnie - *whispers* I haven't read Harry Potter either.....................

Where's Caryn today??? I think that she is in Brazil right now impersonating Stephenie Meyer. I know we've been told that Stephenie is with Rob and Kristen, but it's actually Caryn. Stephenie needed some time with her family this weekend, so Caryn is taking her place. She and Caryn will switch places on Monday. Caryn's family of course understands why she needs to go to a Domestic Abuse Prevention Conference in Rio (bruises and broken headboards, you know).
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by SwanCullen »

Susie-yep. No, I live not too far from them. I live in a small city though. Sounds like a great day for you! That soup sounds sooo good!

Ginnie-I've only read the first book, and it was great. But I haven't read all of them and only seen up to number 5 in the movies. I don't watch them anymore though.

I must agree with Susie about Caryn! Hmmmm......Caryn! You got some 'splaning to do missy!!! :D

I know this is Rob's "House" and all, but I just HAVE to share this BEAUTIFUL FABULOUS pic of Kellan!

I think my heart has stopped beating!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Jazz Girl »

Hello, darling sisters! Today was a bit of a crazy, going straight from work to the salon and then running errands and checking on a friend. But, now I'm home...

JennJenn~ :lol: Love love love the “wall decorations”

Desiree~ That’s my kind of lawn jockey! Of late, I’ve been focusing on MotU2 and rejoicing in the fact that The Guardian AND Breaking Trinity finally updated. Though, I’ve also been rereading Lola’s trilogy, which just kills me.

Tracy~ I absolutely adore Chihuli (or however you spell his name). We have a permanent exhibit at our Children’s Museum and I saw several of his works in Nassau. Ooooh, thanks for bringing Jaxper along to join us. I do love him as well. The “best line” that we didn’t get to hear on the NM preview was the last line, “You’ll always be my Bella…My Bella, just less fragile.” *sigh*

Marielle~ *sigh* Oh what a vision and even better, what an auditory treat!! Rob in Cannes in March would be downright heavenly. But, with the BD shoot, I don’t know how it would work out. I mean, I’m sure they could give him a few days. A girl can hope…

Jaclyn~ What is Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night all about, besides, apparently, bonfires? Have fun with the little people tonight!

Dawn~ Wow!! What a story to have, to be able to tell. To say I’m beyond jealous is a bit of an understatement.

Raine~ Aww, sweetie. I’m so sorry it’s been such a rough time. *hugs* Sending strength.

Susie~ That actually seems like a very nice evening. :lol: BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!! Oh girl, I just WISH!! But, truly, SM doesn’t work on Sundays and I think they do need someone to closely supervise #coughandmaybedoafewquickrewritescough# in her absence on those days. Maybe I should submit my name for consideration.

“Directing 7 Cullens at once=herding cats" :ROTFLMAO:
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