Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by openfire »

Hello again folks,

I'm watching an episode of Come Dine With Me right now and I just had to come on and tell you guys that there is a guy on it WHO LOOKS LIKE ROB!!! :D :shock: :lol:
He is a bit older, but really looks like him. Maybe like an older coursin, or an uncle. But the weird thing is... he kinda acts like him! Just the way he moves and the way he talks etc. He's kinda funny like Rob (well actually not like Rob cos that would be far too cool - but pretty close!!). I am enjoying this episode ;)

Marielle - Aw I hate when you go shopping and can't find anything... Hopefully you will have better luck next time!
That's cool about your father & brother! How long are they normally at sea for?

missp - YAY!! I'm grinning from ear-to-ear just now after hearing about you and the bf! He does sound pretty great. I'm glad he got on with your family and that Bella likes him too. AWW!!! :D :D
I hope you have an awesome time at your weightloss celebration tomorrow. You deserve it!!

Well I need to go and get ready to go out now. Getting picked up soon and still sitting on the sofa watching tv Haha!

Catch you tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good morning, sisters. I was looking at my post from yesterday and realized I forgot to tell you my Twi/Rob story from the salon yesterday. So, I have a new salon and a new stylist. Don't get me wrong, I loved Brian. But, it just got to the point where seeing him was nigh on impossible. Plus, as talented as he is, his prices were getting a bit high, especially given some recent changes in Hubs' employment. So, I took the advice of a friend of mine and went to her stylist. Now, girls, you all know how nerve wracking that can be. But, all turned out well and this was the third time I'd seen Stephanie. Anyways, the last two times she'd done my hair, we'd made small talk about families and kids, but yesterday was kind of like the third date, we started getting a little more in depth. So, there I am, under the dryer in my foils, reading a Cosmo to kill time (the reception on my Crackberry for fanfic was muddled for some reason). Well, one of the articles in Cosmo was about how men recognized that the were in love with their partners. The first quote, from a 27-year-old man named Aaron, was, "I knew I was in love with my girl when I was sitting in a movie theater debating the pros and cons of Team Edward vs Team Jacob. That was an eye-opening moment for sure." :lol: I started laughing so hard and when Stephenie asked, I read the quote to her. Her response, well, if he was really in love with her, he'd know that there isn't any debate and anyone who chooses Jacob isn't worth two s****s." I was laughing my butt off and totally fistbumped her. Then we got into a whole discussion about the movies vs the books. Stephanie is much more a fan of the books, but (her words not mine), she "wouldn't kick that British hottie who plays Edward out of bed." Ahh, it's pure kismet! :lol:

Jaclyn~ Thank you for explaining Guy Fawkes night. I did watch V for Vendetta and remember that version of the story.

Susie~ Ahh, the salon? Just a bit of highlighting and a trim. Although, my lowlights are a little more red than they were before, which pops the blonde a bit more. Once through our fall events, I can play a little more with my hair. It’s one of my few girlie indulgences. Oh, come now, I may love a good lemony fanfic, but even I know that Summitt has certain marching orders. My rewrites would be of the PG13 variety, I promise (although, just barely for sure <LOL>) But, more what I would likely insert would be more…musical… in nature… like ensuring that the RobWard musical connection was completely used to its fullest potential.

Tracy~ I absolutely adore Chihuly’s work. He’s even done the chandelier’s for both lead Disney Cruise ships, which are utterly awe-inspiring.

Marielle~ Like I said, I’m really hoping he gets to go… Maybe Kris will go with him. That would just be epic.

Happy Saturday, Sisters!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Jazz Girl wrote:. Then we got into a whole discussion about the movies vs the books. Stephanie is much more a fan of the books, but (her words not mine), she "wouldn't kick that British hottie who plays Edward out of bed." Ahh, it's pure kismet! :lol:
Caryn, are you sure that she said that, because it sounded a lot like you...
Lovely story though...and so right...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by SwanCullen »

Hi ladies! This is a quickie post before I head to the grocery store. It's been so darn cold here that my daughter grandfather is gonna make a big ol pot of vegtable soup and I gotta get the stuff for it. I'll come back later and make a proper post! Hope everyone is haveing a good Saturday!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »

Happy Saturday, All!

I had a Rob dream last night, but I was more of a "caretaker" than a "cougar". (It was still good though.) The cast was filming in a small town (maybe it was Baton Rouge?) and I was working in hospitality - they were staying in a B&B and I was involved in making sure they had everything they needed. Rob and Kristen has separate rooms (for formality's sake). There were a few other cast members there, but I can't remember who. Things are kind of out of order, but I spent a lot of time just hanging out with them - getting them settled and then arranging meals for them. We ate the first meal all together. Then the next night I asked them all what they wanted to do for dinner and Kristen (except it didn't look like her) said she wasn't going to eat much because she was trying to adjust to the time change they'd be having the next day - trans-Atlantic travel??? Anyway, then I asked Rob, "What do YOU want to do for dinner?" I'm not sure, but I think he was going to have dinner with the group I was organizing. Still, the exchange is just so clear in my mind.

At one point, a group of fans came to the door (about 5). I pretended not to know what they were talking about. I said maybe the actors would be staying here in the future, but they weren't here now. Luckily I was able to convince them to go away. Then later on, two men in neon highway construction vests came to the door and when I let them in, they ran up the stairs - I was so worried. I yelled - Security!!! Somehow, I was able to go up the back stairs before the intruders got up there and warn the actors to lock their doors. I knocked on Rob's door and it was a jar. So I peeked. I thought maybe Kristen would be in there, but she wasn't. His back was to me and he was putting on old fashioned pajamas - a light blue pj top- he didn't have the pj bottoms on yet....Yes. I saw a partial nude Rob from behind... :oops: I quickly closed the door and knocked properly. He finished dressing and opened the door and then I told him about the intruders. I woke up shortly after that - but if I had been able to dream a little bit more, I think I might have gone into his room for a chat..... ;)

JennJenn - It sounds colder there - much further south, than it is here! It's about 50 right now. Soup is perfect to take off the chill.

- LOVE the hairdresser story!!! You'll probably be making more frequent appointments from now on! Of course you know Summit's rating restrictions, I was only referring to the very untame version of Isle Esme you probably have in your head. Yes. Robward Music would be very nice..... Perhaps we should write to Summit/Stephenie about this??? Does she know the fans want it?

Jaclyn - I wish I could see that show! I often see guys who look like Rob. I think it is because we stare at his face so much- we've memorized it and when we see one of his facial features on someone else, we notice immediately! I can imagine how tired you are after keeping your nephews and niece busy all day. I hope you get a burst of energy for your evening tonight.

Ann Marie - Nice to see you back!! I'm glad you found us on our new thread.

- You must like shopping in your hometown rather than The Hague. It's frustrating that you couldn't find what you were looking for, though. You'll probably find lots of things when you're not looking!! It's nice of you to keep your mom company. Your brother's friends came over to visit you and your mom? He's not there. That's so sweet. Are they cute? The Quill and Claire fanfic sounds good! I've got to read your fanfic first, though! I just finished BD- 2nd round.

Tracy - I guess I'll try to clean a bit before surgery, but really, I've neglected my housekeeping for so long..... And yes, I plan on Lexing, reading books and online, watching DVDs and maybe even do a little bit of writing while I recuperate. I've taken two days off teaching only because I won't be able to stand and walk around as much as I do when I'm teaching. I'll be fine sitting down. I'm really looking forward to it. Then we get to pick up my daughter from college for the Thanksgiving break. It's funny, but now that it's all decided that I'm having the surgery, I don't really worry about my knee so much. When it starts to hurt, I take it easy. Then I'm back on it again - but this time I'm not wasting emotional energy worrying about it!

MissP - I'm glad you actually used that little gifty from the TwiCon!!! Well, if your BF doesn't get spooked by a little RPatz, he's a real keeper. I'm so happy for you. I hope your party goes well tomorrow. I get what you mean about not being upset that he can't come - it's for all those who helped you along the way and that was all before he came along. He is just one of your rewards, right????

I hope you're all having a great weekend!

See you later!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by dazzel21 »

Hey HH Ladies!

Quick Sunday morning post. We're a bit full on schedule today. My aunt, God bless her soul has finally gone to God's good graces yesterday afternoon. We're going to the viewing this afternoon and the cremation will follow after that.


Marielle - Yay they're in Brazil already!!! Thanks for that bit of news...

Susie - Hmmm I love all the personal recipe you always posted. Never fail to make me hungry. Lucky you on seeing Rob half naked even if its only on your dreams :lol:

Ginnie - :D Awww its a great series. Maybe you could spare a time to read it with your kiddos.

Jaclyn - Have fun with your niece and nephew. My baby niece usually wakes up at 7 or 8 am but sometimes she would still woke up at midnight or early morning for a bottle of milk. But she usually would go back to sleep after her fill.

Chrissy - Hey girl! Seems like a productive day for you. Congrats on the new diet...

Christina - No worries. At some point in all our lives real life just come knocking at our door and we have no choice but to answer it.

Tracy - Aw thanks. I know I can always count on you ladies...

Sorry got still 1 pages to read but my mom's calling me to breakfast. Be back later if I can...


Where was I??? Oh yeah...

Tonise - I'm happy for you and RBell. And its good that your Bella seems to approve of him too :D . Have fun at your weight loss party. Tell us how it goes.

Caryn - Your new stylist is a keeper :lol: .

That's it. Gotta go now. Lots to do.
Thanks to all who send their support and sympathies. You ladies are awesome...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by openfire »

Hi again everyone!!

My night out tonight wasn't great (as it was with my friend's workmates - I was her date sort of thing) but ok. It got much better near the end so I am pretty cheerful now Haha!
Although, at the pub, there was this girl who looked so much like Kristen!! She looked like Kristen in maybe a cross between Welcome to the Rileys & The Runaways - I kept staring at here, I hope she wasn't too freaked out LOL!
EDIT: I meant to say, that maybe, since I saw both a Rob look-a-like (on tv) and a Kristen look-a-like (in the pub) that it's a sign!! They aren't really in Brazil - they're in Scotland and I am going to bump into them tomorrow!! :D :lol:

Caryn - Your salon story was great!! That's awesome that you got to talk about being Team Edward with your hairdresser!! :D What happened with your hubs employment? I hope everything is ok!

JennJenn - I LOVE homemade vegetable soup!! My SiL makes the best veg soup that I know of - yummy!!

Susie - Your dream sounds awesome!! A partial nude Rob???? Jealous I am! :D :lol:
That's a good attitide about your surgery - I forget, when are you having it again? The 17th? Or is that your birthday? :lol:

Raine - I'm sorry to hear that your aunt is gone :( But at least she is at peace now. I am thinking of you and your family & sending you eHugs!

I was thinking tonight... how much I love you all :D We play the lottery every week, and although we never win, we sometimes think "what if". If we did ever win, one of the first things I would do is make sure we could all meet up, just like in Susie's fanfic for us. I love how, with a lot of you, I know just as much things about you as I do my close "real-life" friends... and if anything, I speak to you more. So yeah, Jaclyn loves the Halfway House Sisters!! :D :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by BlueStarEgo »

Hi all! I hope everyone had a great day. :)

So, my partner came over today to finish putting our presentation today. When I got out of the shower this morning, I hadn't realized that I put my Eclipse T-shirt on. After he sat down and looked around a bit he said "Oh you're a Twilight Fan aren't you?" I died laughing. I have huge movie posters and my DVD's & books were lined up in front of him. He said he'd watched but didn't like that Stephenie's vampires sparkled. He wasn't a Twi-hater though so Kudos to him. :lol:

Good Grief Charlie Brown! I have been going back and forth to the bathroom all week but today has been RIDICULOUS! For those who don't know. I'm on Desiree's diet plan and I'm drinking 80+oz of water a day.

On to replies:

Christina: Congratulations on having a successful night! Yes, I got your reply. I'm sorry I haven't called her yet. Trust me, I will. It's just that I got home a little late this whole week because my mom just got the car back from the shop and we've had a lot of errands to run. If she still want's to speak with me I'm going to call Monday. I won't call tomorrow because I know Sunday's are an "off" day for people and I wouldn't want to disturb her. Thank you both. :D

Susie: I love surprising my mom with things. I'm the worst person to keep surprises though. The very worst! As much as I wanted to keep it until her actual birthday, I had to give it to her early. She needed some good music for her car. Well, I don't have a lot of cancellations. I have 4 different classes. This is the first time ever Biology has been cancelled. But, Thursday after out exam we got our Friday's lab exam to take home and turn in Tuesday. For data processing, she's cancelled a couple of times but it's almost ok. We read our chapters and do the assigned work at the end of the chapter. We submit those online so when we actually come in the class this is the most part we are doing. We may have a project or 2 to do but we do those during class time too. The chapters we could mostly do at home. I am so beyond over-weight, I really do need to get it off now. The exercising will be the hardest part. Ugh! I'll get it done thought because I know I need to. Really? I didn't know that. I've only heard stories from my aunt but all she ever mentions are hot flashes. She has those often. :( Me? A remarkable person? HA! I am the definition of boring. Nothing about me even at the minimum spells interesting. I have this presentation coming up Friday, I'll be standing in front of my class for 15-20 minutes. I'll die the first 2 :lol: . I've honestly even thought about letting this one go, but, I won't let my partner down. I am a lot more confident over a computer than I am in reality. I'm very self-conscious so I guess since no one can really see me, I'm basically free to be me. As much as I say to everyone on this forum I say not nearly as half of this verbally to anyone else. :lol: Whoa, you got to see Rob partially naked? Dream or not that sounds awesome!

Tracy: I know! This Thanksgiving is going to be complete torture with me being on a diet! Right now my mom is making my favorite! Alfredo and shrimp. I had to run to get out of the kitchen! it was sooooooo tempting. If Desiree had seen my face and how I turned away she'd be truly proud :lol:

Marielle: Trust me, I suck at dieting too! This is my 3rd attempt. I'm really trying! Thank you for the support. How far have you gotten in "Fallen"? I really want to start "Torment" soon but I just don't have the time. Once I start winter break I'll be reading a lot more.

Jaclyn: I don't believe he will get credit still. I've e-mailed him a week ago and my instructor said he hasn't heard from him either so I don't think he'll get credit. Yes, Desiree has been such a great help. I don't even think SHE knows how much I appreciate her helping me. I love everyone too! I know I'm still new here but you guys are considered friends. I like having people I can talk to anytime besides family. =)

Caryn: Hahahha, that was a funny story. I love when I talk to someone who's Team Edward/Robert like I am.

Raine: Hey! Yea, got a lot accomplished yesterday. Thanks for your support! :D It's so hard not eating what I want. And I saw your response on the other thread. You should definitely be a Rain fan! He's amazing. A great dancer too! At least you can understand the basics, I don't understand anything! I either have to wait for translations or subtitles. Without those I'd be lost. I'd still listen him though :lol:

Alright girls, thank you everyone who's supporting my healthy eating movement. It's a struggle but I'll make it. I'll be back tomorrow to chat more. I have a salad, some cranberries, and a few shrimp for dinner. Downstairs, they're having Fettucini Alfredo with shrimp. ::long sigh:: :cry:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by SwanCullen »

Susie-What you and your hubs watched sounds familiar, although I can't recall exactly why. I loved the first HP book. I think JKR is a FABULOUS writer. I just have personal belifes that prevent me from reading any more or watching any more of the movies (hense the reason i wont watch Rob as Cedric) You sound like me! My rooms DESPERATLY needs a good cleaning :lol: Sounds like a cool dream! Espcially the naked bum part lol!

Tracy-I totally agree with you on the Edward piano/lullaby! I mean, there are MANY things that they should have included, but the music is a BIG one! Yep, snow flurries ALREADY! It's crazy! I think it's supposed to be in the 20's tonight here in KY as well. I thought TS3 was good! I also watched "The Out of Towners" with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn and it was halrious! You should watch it if you never have.

Anne-Marie-So good to see you on here hun! I have missed you on here!

Jacklyn-I hope you got your nap in! Yep, the soup was goood! I just finished my 3rd bowl (I so shouldn't eat that much but I am weak!) we love you too Jacklyn! I wish I could meet a lot of the HH sisters. I had a chance a while back to meet Susie, MissP, and I think it was Tracy, but due to no vehicle I couldn't. I confess I would love to meet you partialy cause of your accent! I love them :lol:

MissP-You sound like you have a really great guy there! I think all people deserve someone as sweet as your boyfriend is :)

Jazz Girl wrote:Her response, well, if he was really in love with her, he'd know that there isn't any debate and anyone who chooses Jacob isn't worth two s****s." I was laughing my butt off and totally fistbumped her. Then we got into a whole discussion about the movies vs the books. Stephanie is much more a fan of the books, but (her words not mine), she "wouldn't kick that British hottie who plays Edward out of bed." Ahh, it's pure kismet! :lol:
I :lol: at that part! I would have done the same as you :D

Raine-God Bless you and your family! I will say a prayer for you all!

Chrissy-WOW! I try to drink that much water but it's so hard! I bet if I did I would feel a lot better than I do! Good luck on your project! You sound like a hard worker! I need to eat better as well. I need a kick in the rear to get going.

I had to go to Wally world to get some groceries and about froze my butt off! Man it's colder than ice! And to top it off, it was very busy. But the vegtable soup was good and warmed me up. I have a link to a fic I want to share with you all. It is FANTASTIC! It's Jacob centerd, but SO worth the read! She meant to write a sequal, but it's been over a year sense she finished it. It's something to read though. I laughed and cried so much it's unreal! Here is the link: A legendary Bourn
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Ilovetwilight0509 »

Hi everyone, thank you for the feedback on how to post. Thank you also for not minding how much I type. I know sometimes I am repetitive too. So thank you.

Jazz Girl, I hope you are in an area where one day you can see some of the actors if you haven't already. I know I have friends that have traveled about 1,000 mile to forks and to the Premiere in La so maybe you know someone else that passionate if you aren't in an area they interview or film in. Never say never.

I saw there was some Harry Potter Talk. Is anyone going to camp out on the streets of NY for the premiere? A friend of mine mentioned it, but it is on Monday.

I am just learning how this works, but I know there were some girls who went to the premier in La? I think I asked how that was maybe not. If I did and the person responded and I missed it could someone let me know I missed it. If I didn't would that person mind sharing their story? I would love to here it. I think I herd someone here might have gone to, I think comic con too. Any stories I would love to hear. Thanks.

Have a great night.