Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by missp »

Hi, Sisters! I'm still battling this sinus crud. I am tired tonight, so I think I shall pop on up to bed a little early as soon as I check messages on FB. We will be in school until 7 pm on Thursday for in-service make-up and weather make-up. Then, we will be in school until 3 pm on Friday for another weather make-up day. We were originally scheduled to be off for a free weather day. Too bad we ended up needing it. Oh well...

I am loving all the VF and ActionRob stuff!!

Have a great Hump Day, Girls!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by SwanCullen »


My cold has gotten a little worse, so forgive me for not going in depth with responses. So I will make a good post tomorrow that is better. Later!

(Morning Marielle!)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

I’m sorry I didn’t made it back last night…I was still so tired, still am…I’m going to bed early tonight and catch up on my sleep.

Tracy, the attention would be really flattering if it wasn’t for the fact that most of those men were so terrible drunk and only looked for a quicky…(same goes for the girls) I’m really happy the men and girls in my group of friends know how to behave…

Wow thanks for that pic girl…I can’t wait for the rest of the outtakes to be released…

Jaclyn…hihi not liking cheese is something very common… my mom doesn’t like cheese either…and with my dad not liking fish it makes cooking nice things for them really difficult…all my favorite food has either cheese or fish in it…(or both)…
Still it’s very hard for me to come to terms with the fact that there are people who doesn’t like cake…it’s like vampire’s don’t understanding the Cullen’s diet…

I hope you are going to have good presents and a lot of fun today…

Susie, no my parents don’t do carnaval, my dad is away for a month and my mom doesn’t like parties and drinking people…when I was younger (6 or 7) I had to drag them to the party…even back than I was a party girl…lucky that my grandpa always wanted to come along.
The hot bath (shower) did work well but only for an hour or so, after that I went to bed and took a hot water bag with me to lay on my back and shoulder…it worked rather well but I would be really happy once I can go to the masseur tomorrow,,,

Dawn, if you had refused a hug from Peter I would seriously consider putting you in a alyssum. I saw picks of him at the blood drive, he looked so hot…
There is a list of names on the first page of this thread, all the screen names are posted there…

Sleep well JennJenn… hihihi…it’s indeed a good morning here…

anyway, I have to do some work (will it never stop???!!!!)...they are expecting me to do something if I want to get paid... :?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by vampirelover109 »

Morning ladies hope your all ok so i figured it would take me ages to catch up on all the posts ive missed but it sounds like youve all been busy ive been pretty busy having my hypnotherapy which is going well and im feeling better which is good also my best freind is giving me guitar lessons which is fun

Marielle- sounds like you had fun at the carnival

Jaclyn- well done on the wedding plans

Susie- thanks im so glad to be back

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by fi_fi »

Hi Ladies,
Sorry for not checking in sooner. I'm staying at a friend's house tonight, while they're away, to have some much needed time to myself. I'll try to post properly tonight, and catch you up to everything that's been going on - be prepared for a mega-post!

Hope you're all well,
love to you all xxx
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by openfire »

Afternoon all,

Yay!! I'm glad you all liked the ActionRob pictures :) I hope to take lots while he is visiting me, so I'll be sure to keep you all updated on what he's doing!

When I woke up this morning, I thought it seemed awfully bright outside the was due to SNOW! We haven't had any since the millions that we had in November/December, and I was beginning to think we weren't gonna get any more. It's not much, just a couple cms, but still. I wonder if we are now due for some more? This is because I was talking the other day how it seemed so nice & spring like almost :lol:


Susie - Haha, that's really neat you showed your hubs the photos! Glad he liked the haggis pictures. My mom thought I was a wee bit weird taking a picture of him with my dinner LOL!
No the experiment that we are doing just now isn't a radioactive one..I don't really do much of that in this job (but done a lot of it in my last one!). I made it in today on time, and that means I can leave work a little earlier tonight! Yay!

Dawn - I never thought I would need the internet on my phone until I got it, and now I use it all the time!! LOL. To check The Lex, facebook, read fanfic... Haha!

Caryn - Haha, I had a wee giggle at the bubblewrap, but completely understandable - I'm glad you done it, as my lovely VF was in perfect condition!! That's awesome the post lady is a RobFan!!

missp - Wow, more make up days? School until 7pm?? Will many kids turn up? I'm so glad we didn't have to do that here when I was little. When is your spring break?

JennJenn - Aww, I hope you feel a bit better today!

Marielle - I don't like cheese or fish LOL! I really love tomato based stuff though, like sauces etc. I could eat tomato-y things all day long!! Actually making my mouth water thinking about it Haha!
I've never really liked cake (or many dessert things) even though I love sweets & chocolate. The only puddlings I really enjoy are ice cream & jelly LOL. Sometimes I have chocolate based stuff (eg, crispy cakes etc) but generally I don't have any dessert. To be fair though, I sometimes make cakes myself, and put hundreds of butter icing on it, and I like a little of that...but that may only be since you can't taste anything but icing sugar LOL!!

Ann Marie - That's cool about the guitar lessons! I used to play guitar, but not very well Haha!

Fi - I hope everything is ok! I'm looking forward to your mega post later on!

Well, I'm off. Enjoy Hump Day everyone!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello ladies.

Hope you enjoy your day. :wave: Let us know your thoughts when you finish reading WFE.

Jaclyn~ Loving the pictures of ActionRob, and it's good to know he's enjoying his diet with an international flair. :D I think he comes to visit me next month, but Susie is the official listkeeper and can let us know for certain. :)

Jenn Jenn and Missp~ Hope you both feel better and get over your colds soon.

I'll check back in later tonight, after work and church. Have a great day everyone!

**EDIT: I almost forgot! ;) Happy Hump Day!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Ilovetwilight0509 »

SwanCullen and Missp- I hope you feel better. I am sorry to hear you guys aren’t feeling good.
Marielle- I wouldn’t refuse a hug. I just feel weird to go and get one because he just hugs so many people I feel weird. Ok don’t judge. I know that might sound weird, but even weirder if i haven’t said this before I loved twilight before I knew how big it was. I never liked something that so many people have liked before. I never waited on line for anything like this so it is weird to me in a way. On one hand I feel like I am just having fun in my down time, but then I feel like I am being grouped in a stereotype. Like what people have to say about us fans. Even when Rob says everyone wants something from him I feel bad. Anyway, if I saw him I was seriously not going to ask for a pic. Or autograph. I was just going to enjoy the moment, but then I realized I already did that the first time I saw him and he signed my daughter’s letter to him out of habit and then he tried to give it back to me and I gave told him again I didn’t want it it was for him. So I have seen him and didn’t ask him for anything already. I have come to my senses if I see him again I’ll try for my pic.

I saw the list. Thank you.

Jacyln-I know that is what I am afraid of. I won’t want to stop it. I had two phones for business, but when I got pregnant and not working I just kept the one that is a third line on my dad’s. Yes my dad’s at my age, but at the time I got it it was a second business line. I just had to convience him to not mind me adding texting for $5 isn’t the internet like $40 or something? That would be too much to spend. Although, I would love to give you play by play if I hang out on the street for 2 days in NY. Lol

Fi_Fi- I hope you are enjoying the time to yourself.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Jazz Girl »

First and foremost...

Happy Hump Day!! Mmmmm, talk about a blast from the past.

And of course, second only to Hump Day...

Happy Birthday, Raine!! I too cannot wait to read your thoughts on WfE. I soooo love the story.

Jeez, we're like a walking advertisement for Tylenol Cold & Sinus around here. :lol: I'm sorry that so many are feeling so icky. But, think of it this way. Being sick now means you'll be at full health just in time to FULLY ENJOY WfE!! :clap: :lol:

Tracy~ Oh no!! Don't forget Hump Day!!

Jaclyn~ I'm convinced Mother Nature has gone off her nut. We were at 50 degrees this morning, then had rain and now we are expecting 20's and snow overnight. Good gods!! Well of course!! I could not deliver Rob to you in anything but pristine condition.

FiFi~ Hope you are taking full advantage of your you-time. Looking forward to the mega-mega post.

AnnMarie~ Glad to hear things are going smoothly. I'm so jealous about the guitar lessons. I would love to learn to play.

Marielle~ :lol: Isn't that always the way of it... darned work getting in the way of the important stuff.

Alright, girls, speaking of work... I've to be off. Much to do. I have another traveling day tomorrow, this time to the opposite end of the state. I'll check in a bit later though. *hugs*
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by SwanCullen »

Tonsie-Hope your feeling better!

Marielle-Hope you had a good day!

Anne-Marie-Hi! :wave: so good to see you on here girl! Good luck with the therapy and guitar lessons!

Fi-Hope things are okay. Enjoy your me time!

Jacklyn-We will definitly enjoy the pics that you take! Almost like having Rob with you himself(almost haha) What is it about cheese you don't like? Me my self I LOVE cheese. I like tomatoe based stuff as well, which is probably why I love Italian food so much! Keep the snow on your side of the world. DO NOT SEND IT TO KENTUCKY :lol:

Tracy-Thanks :)

ILoveTwilight0509-Thank you :)

Caryn-Yep, we are :lol: Today now for me I have sinus pressure on top of it! GAH! Hope your travels tomorrow don't wear you down too much!

Raine- Happy Birthday!!! I hope you enjoy this day!

Ugh, now today I got sinus pressure BLEH! But I told myself I had to make at least 1 proper post! See you around later ladies!

EDIT:I just realized I have hit 1,000 post! YEY!!! Finally "Caught Site Of Edward"! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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