Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »


HAPPY (Rob taking care of an animal) :swoon: HUMP (Rob with a smirk) :swoon: DAY (Rob taking care of animals) :swoon:

Raine - I saw on fb that you celebrated your birthday yesterday because of Ash Wednesday You must have wanted to party hard!! Just how much do you give up for lent? Oh - I'll bet it was more the Ash Wednesday service? I'm don't know about these things.

- It's so funny you try to do mind tricks with your age!! I think you look great!

- I'm glad you made it home safe and sound. Also, very wise of you to use bubble wrap for sending VF to Jaclyn - you know how damp it is up there in Scotland!! (you made that postmistress's day, by the way) That was so nice of you to send VF to Jaclyn. Isn't it cool that she got Action Rob on the very same day! I just get goose pimples thinking about all of the serendipitous interactions of the Halfway House Sisters! If everyone isn't completely healed by the opening of WfE, Rob will do some quick healing action - the increase in heart rate and pulse is actually good for you, as well as the deep breathing......

- Tell your sinus headache to get better right away :rant:
You certainly do have a busy work week this week!

- Get better!! I had a lot of sinus congestion earlier this week from changes in weather - colder, wetter air. Now it's warmer so I feel better. It's funny, but I feel fine in the depths of winter with the cold, dry air. It is the cold, damp air that affects me, especially when there is a big change - my sinuses just can't adapt quickly enough!

- Are you still sore today? The massage will feel great tomorrow. Your mom not liking crowds of drunk people - hmmm you don't seem to mind them! Is it the crowds or the drinking more? Probably the combination, eh?

Ann Marie
- I'm glad the hypnotherapy is going well. Guitar? Good thing your friend can give you lessons because Rob has been awfully busy filming Breaking Dawn. Are you learning some songs you can sing while you play?

Fi - I can't wait for your mega post! I'm on the edge of my chair right now!!

Jaclyn - Happy Snow! (do you really say "millions of snow?" there?) We always have some wet snow in the month of March. I was kind of joking about the radioactivity thing - just because I have absolutely NO idea of what you do when you do experiments. Even if you explained it to me, I would still have absolutely no idea what you were talking about.

- I think I remember being in that bamboo forest with Rob. Wait a minute. You were there too. And so was Tonise!! :lol: Yes, you are Miss April.

New Jen - I saw you lurking!! We haven't heard your reaction to the International Trailer for WfE yet. I'm dying to know!

Good News! Sonny Boy did indeed get a music scholarship at his college!!! $5,000 a year. What a relief! He has to keep a 3.0, take private lessons there at least one semester a year, and be in an ensemble or be an accompanist.

-See Y'alls later!(spoken like a true Northerner)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Sorry Susie~ I just had to laugh out loud. I quickly skimmed over your post and couldn't resist emphasizing one particular section.... :blush: 8-)
Guess we all know my mind was in the gutter. It's a good thing I'm going to our Ash Wednesday service at church in just a few minutes. Apparently I need to deny myself something.... :lol:.

Congrats to Sonny Boy on receiving the scholarship! :D
Have a great evening and I'll check back with everyone later tonight.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by SwanCullen »

Tracy- :lol: :taunt: Now you got me thinking that! And right before Ash wednesday service! Good thing your going to church ;) Have fun tonight!

Susie-Congrats to Sonny Boy! I bet he's very happy isn't he? I bet your a proud mother right now! I usually get like this around this time of year. I hate being sick anytime of the year and don't deal well with it. They say "ya'll" up north? I thought it was only a southern thing :lol:
:grin: Proud HalfwayHouse Sister :grin:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by fi_fi »

Evening Ladies! (well it is where I am - 10 past 11 to be precise)

First off, I miss you girls! I keep the Lex open on a tab on my browser all the time, and often dip in to have a quick read and click the lovely RobCrack links :) But for some reason I'm out of the habit of posting regularly. I wish we had a "like" button, similar to facebook, it would be ace for funny posts and certain links :) But I digress. What I mean to say is that I miss being a part of your lives on a daily basis. It's something I'm going to build into my new routine :)

Secondly, Susie - going back to last Thursday's discussion about our Fandom, I mis-typed 'bbf', it was supposed to be 'bff' - GB is lovely in many ways, but he doesn't have a man-crush on Rob, and he tolerates rather than encourages my Twilight-addiction :)

And thirdly, lulu - going WAY back, to the 27th Feb, page 158 of our thread :o :), not that it matters in anyway at all, it's something that never occured to me - my 'fi' rhymes with 'tea' rather than 'hi'. It's short for Sophie, for some reason my friend Rachel, the first to call me 'phie', spelled it 'fi' on my birthday card, and it's been that ever since :)

OK, first part of mega-post :write: - the latest update in the saga of my life, second part of mega-post will be tomorrow morning, catching up on all your news, if you'd all be kind enough to give me a quick update - I find it hard to keep track of everyone while reading through posts :hello: (that's a 'hat's off' as a thank you, I'm loving these new emoticons!) :)

GB and I are all set to move, our friends who have been living in the house we're moving into moved out today, the landlord is arriving tomorrow, and GB and I are going up to sign our contract on Saturday! yay! Tom, the landlord, wants two weeks to do some work on the house, replace carpets, empty the loft, etc, so he's said that we can have the keys around the weekend of the 26th. BUT when GB told our current landlord that we're moving out, he said we could have our last month rent free! (to make up for the damp and mould in the caravan, the pipes bursting everytime it freezes, etc,I think). SO, what we're hoping for is to start the contract at the new place from the 1st of April, but get the keys on the 26th, so that we can take our time moving in and getting things sorted.... fingers crossed!

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to moving in. Not that I don't like or am not happy in the caravan - I've loved it since the first time I came to visit GB here - it's just that it IS a small space, we really can't get away from each other in there, and we're both people who appreciate alone time. And I have strong feelings when it comes to home and my space. I believe that home is a sacred place, it is the place where you should feel most comfortable, relaxed, and strong, if that makes sense? It's a place to recharge your batteries, as much as it is a place where you can be completely 'you'. I'm not explaining this very well. It's the base for your life, if home is safe, it makes it much easy to deal with the outside world!

Anyway (I warned you I'd ramble!) I'm really looking forward to making a home with GB, in a space that is OURS. It's going to be great!

Next - my web design course - I signed up for it a few weeks ago, paid a not insignificant sum of money, got the books through, started working my way through, taking notes, missing out the practicals until I'd read ahead a bit. When I sat down to do the practical, I found that the files wouldn't work on my new Mac. Long story short, they mis-sold me the course, and they're going to give me my money back. GOOD news, is that a friend of mine who is a computer wizz has offered to teach me what I need to know, so that I can take the exam and get the qualification I want. He's even found me somewhere to take it!

Well, I'm sure I had loads more to tell you all, but this mulled wine has gone down rather too nicely, and if I keep typing for much longer I'm sure I'll start slurring my words!

I'm going to check back in in the morning.
Hope you're all well
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by missp »

Just a quick hello tonight! it's been a very long day. Tomorrow will be even longer. I'm going to bed. Later, Sweets! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Jazz Girl »

older_twilight_fan wrote:Sorry Susie~ I just had to laugh out loud. I quickly skimmed over your post and couldn't resist emphasizing one particular section.... :blush: 8-)
Guess we all know my mind was in the gutter. It's a good thing I'm going to our Ash Wednesday service at church in just a few minutes. Apparently I need to deny myself something.... :lol:.

Congrats to Sonny Boy on receiving the scholarship! :D
Have a great evening and I'll check back with everyone later tonight.
Just had to pop in and say DITTO!! My mind went to THAT EXACT PLACE!!!! And definite congrats to SonnyBoy. Big doin's, to be sure.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »

Quick Check In Before Bed -

Caryn - OK, of course I'm not surprised you had that reaction, but

Tracy - For someone as seemingly demure as you, it is shocking - SHOCKING, I tell you - that you interpreted my innocent Hump Day pic thus!! Yes indeed it is good that you were going to Ash Wednesday service. I, of course, did nothing of the kind tonight, so I can just fantasize away!! 8-)

JennJenn - Actually, we say "you guys" instead. I was making a joke about y'all - I made it "y'alls with an 's'. That's a northerner making fun of a southern phrase... :?

Hi Tonise!

Fi! :clap: for Part 1 of your mega post! It sounds like a lot of things have been going your way lately! That's great. I'd love it if you would post more often, so I think that is a VERY good idea of yours! Maybe the cottage will be more conducive to this new routine you want to establish. I thought you articulated your thoughts on what makes a home very nicely. A summary of what's new with me - My daughter is in Mexico for the semester - she is a social work major, a junior. My son is a high school senior and will graduate in June - he already has been accepted into his first choice college, which is a private college here in the Twin Cities, but he will live on campus in a dorm. He is in Les Miserables at school now, in the chorus. We still have tons of snow here, but we're finally getting some melting temps. I teach English as a Second Language to adults M-Th mornings and Fridays part of the year. I recently finished teaching pronunciation on Fridays. You probably knew all that! Can't wait to read Part 2 of your mega post tomorrow!

My Lead Teacher is observing me teach tomorrow... Wish me luck. I don't think I'll be doing any "sneaky Lexing" during class, but I'll check in with you afterwards.

Nighty Night!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by dazzel21 »

Hi HH Sisters!!!

First of all Thank You So Much for all the greetings. I am proud to say that I enjoyed unwrapping all the Robpics goodies you ladies posted.

As Susie mentioned in her post I celebrated my birthday a day earlier because of Ash Wednesday. We usually do abstinence from eating all kinds of meat during the said date and every Friday until the end of the Lent Season. We had a very quiet dinner last Tuesday night. My SIL cooked dinner and big bro brought chocolate cake from my favorite pastry bakery. And my baby niece gave me sloppy wet kisses and extra tight hugs which I terribly miss for almost a week because I'm keeping myself in my room due to my flu and cough.

The next day celebration at the office is the exact opposite. Loud and noisy but lots of fun. My boss ordered lunch and feed the entire office. She even let me off 2 hours earlier so I was able to join big bro, SIL, baby niece and my cousin to church to celebrate Ash Wed yesterday. An my apologies to those who posted at FB i cannot reply yesterday because my internet goes AWOL last night :banghead: . The tech says there's some problem with the cables so I had no internet. Instead I spent the night watching Eclipse DVD and then reading some more of Water for Elephants :swoon: . A perfect way to end my birthday.

As for WfE, I'm almost halfway. I'll post my thoughts once I've finished reading it...

Day 7 and I'm still sick. I don't even recognize my voice. It's all raspy and deep. Every time I answer the phone the caller would always refer to me as "sir" :banghead: . I stopped correcting every caller I just let them address me whatever they want :lol: .

Sorry for the long story...
I'll need to catch up on reading previous post before I could reply. Will do it when I get home. SIL says the internet is up again so I could go online tonight. God knows I need my nightly dose of fanfiction before I go to bed...
Later. :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Just a quick fly-by this morning...
I'm very late for work so I better start with something useful for my boss immediately...

I'll do a post later today

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by lulu »

hello ladies!

first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY, RAINE! sorry i missed it, it's 1:20am here. i was just so busy today i couldn't make it over here. i'm sorry you're still sick!

jenn jenn--congrats on your 1000th post! wow, that's a lot of lexing!

susie--yaaaaay for sonnyboy and his scholarship! please tell him the girl that sent the tangelos says she's proud of him for working so hard and deserving such an honor. :) btw, i've been working! thank you for the helpful nudge in the right direction. i finished another wedding highlight tonight. :clap:

fi--oh my gosh, it never crossed my mind to pronounce your name like "fee"! it would make sense in spanish since the "i" makes an "ee" sound. thank you for telling me, i'm happy to say it right in my head whenever i read it. :lol: i think's a cute nickname for sophie!

well everyone, i was going to get a bob tomorrow morning, but i discovered i could use both of my promotions for dolce salon by splitting up the appointments, so i'm only going to get it highlighted tomorrow and then i'll get the cut next week. so i have one more weekend with my long luscious hair! next week it'll be like (HOPEFULLY!) scarlett johansson's hair at the academy awards this year. eeek! that'll be about a 12 inch difference! hubs and i are both excited for it. i think it'll be fun to do all sorts of different things to my hair. i'll take some before and after pics and figure out how to share them. anyway, i'm quite excited. :D