Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good morning, my sisters. It's a rather gloomy Monday here in Indy. But, they are calling for near 65 degree weather by Wednesday, so most everyone is in a fair to middlin' good mood. :D

Raine~ Somehow, this just keeps me thinking about the old addage, when it rains it pours. It just feels like there is little way to get ahead of all of the fallout from this catastrophe. I keep every person who could possibly be effected by any of it in my thoughts and prayers daily. And that definitely includes you and your family. *hugs* Let me know what you think of I am Number 4. The movie looks kind of interesting to me, but I didn't know it was based on a book. You haven't said yet, did the internet people get your connection fixed finally?

JennJenn~ I know!!! I have no idea how they'll play it. But, either way... I'm going to be glued to the screen! :lol: I will say, I haven't read all of it yet, but Robsessed has production notes from Francis Lawrence posted and I wonder if they mention it. They have some of the sweetest and also most promising notes and comments about Rob listed as well. I'm planning to read in just a few minutes.

Marielle~ Hopefully, the post office will move quickly so that you can enjoy your copy of VF! I'm heading to the post office after work, so it will be on it's way to you soon. Mmmmmmmmmmm, Orlando Bloom. Have you seen of the pictures of him with his new son? He looks quite comfy as a dad, and I find that so endearing.

AnnMarie~ Aww, feel better. Hangovers can linger and that just sucks!

Alright, girls. Off to work with me. Check back in soon!

:wave: Sandy!!! I see you lurking!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by twilightsagaaddict »

Happy Monday girls!

Doing my usual catch up after a crazy week, and weekend. :D I'm working on my longer post, but needed to say...

I'll be back in a bit! Thanks Ginnie, for passing my hello along! :)

(Hi Caryn!! you beat me to the "Submit" button! :lol: )
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Oh dang, I didn't see until now...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISSY!!! Rob's ready for a nice dinner for your bday

Caryn, I'm sure hoping the postman hurries...I can't wait to get my hands on that magazine...
Yes I have seen one picture of Orlando with his child...he looks so damn cute...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »

I don't know if Chrissy is checking the Lex while she's on spring break, but in case she is-

20!!! -Now you're finally out of your teens.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Well, I don't know if the Monday after going on Daylilght Savings Time is actually very Happy...
I feel like I have jet lag! :yawn:
I'm afraid I don't feel very clever today, so bear with me as I attempt to reply to your posts.

Chris Weitz, however, is very clever and makes me want to start Twitter - How about you, Caryn?

I love this one (from Robsessed):

CalliopeBlabs: dear @chrisweitz i heard you made robert pattinson wear uggs on set.... just because you could.
CW: This is also true. He'd show up looking less than a 10 and I'd be like, "Uggggg-lee" and then He'd hang his head and get the boots. :lol:

Sandy - You really pulled out some of your best Robcrack for Trine. I'm going to try to predict just what your crazy week/weekend entailed: juggling three girls sports schedules perhaps?

- Sonny Boy's Japanese class has an exchange with a high school southwest of Tokyo - I'm assuming they are OK. In an effort to continue to impress you - I know you told me this, but I also looked it up and actually got the time -Butler plays Old Dominion on Thursday 12:40 St. Paddy's Day!! Will the crowd be especially drunk for a weekday? Question - I used to know this - the order of the teams written on the brackets schedule tells you where the game is, right? Which one is the home team? What the heck is "8 seed"??The Women's Final Four is in Indy - Any interest?

Ann Marie - I'm so glad you're getting out with your friends. Cute guys??? I remember those days! Fun! Still, I found that guys I met in bars usually didn't last. Sorry about the hangover.

- Love that lobster/corn on the cob pic of Rob!!! His face is just gorgeous there. I also wonder about all the extreme weather going on lately. Japan might have another earthquake in a week or two - How scary is that?

- I don't think the track numbers on the WfE necessarily go in the same order as the movie. Just think how we'll all feel when Robkowski is being taken advantage of by some hussy! Washing windows - I hardly ever do it. My husband knows if it's going to get done, it has to be him!

- Of course I'm really worried about the radiation scare for you and surrounding areas - even Hawaii. Not to mention Japan and it's devastating result there. Nuclear power has always made me nervous.

OK - I'm falling asleep at the keyboard with this daylight savings time jet lag! :sleep:
When is my next dose of caffeine?? SOON.

See Ya!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Jazz Girl »

DANG!!! How did I miss Chrissy's Birthday?! Alas, it is still on time, right? Soooo Happy Birthday, Chrissy!!!

Marielle~ I don't have much pull over the postal service, but maybe I can stamp something like Life Saving Medication on the outside of the box and that will make them rush it!

Susie~ :lol: Oh you don't need to impress me, sweetie! But, yes, indeed, that is when my boys play. Considering you can't actually buy alcohol at a college basketball game, I'm going to go with a fairly sober crowd prediction. Of course, once they win and the celebrations begin, that's a whole different story. Yes, the team listed at the top of each matchup is considered the home team and the bottom is the visiting team. As all of these games are played on neutral sites, it really pretty much just determines uniform. Ahh, the seeding. Well... that's a question many of us fans have been trying to figure out for a looooooooong time. There is really no way to explain the seeding process as it doesn't have a lick of logic to it, other than to say that seeding determines who plays whom and in what order. I have absolutely LOVED following CW's Tweets. He's flipping hysterical. It hasn't made me consider a Twitter just yet, because I have my TwitterBirds who keep me in the know, not to mention RobSessed and many of the other blogs post them regularly. They are GREAT for a laugh. I mean, for heaven's sake, he weighed in on the question of whether or not Edward's umm... you know... manly parts should sparkle!!!!! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Water for Elephants Production Notes~ Seriously, sisters, if you have not read this post, please please please do. It is certainly spoilerish. But, the wonderful insights into Rob and RobKowski are just... *sigh* Just reading Mr Lawrence's take on Rob & Tai's relationship is beyond tear-jerking. Good gods, the beautiful scenes in my head right now make me want to curl up and dream... Rob running back to his trailer to make sure he's got Rosie's favorite mints in his pockets...Rob giggling as Rosie's trunk prods and pokes it's way around his beautiful person to find her sweets... Rob & Rosie sharing a little snuggle after a tough scene. {insert AWWWWWW emoticon} We all knew it, but this just seems further confirmation. No female, regardless of species, is immune to Mr Pattinson's considerable charms. :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by openfire »

Happy Monday all!

ActionRob Update - Since I was away most of the weekend, this gave ActionRob plenty of time to recover from his jet lag before we started his Scotland Adventures. On Sunday we went shopping, and ActionRob enjoyed his first journey in a righthand drive car. Of course, he buckled up to promote safety first! After we returned home, before putting our shopping (food shopping - we call that "messages" ;) ) away, both ActionRob and myself were knackered! So we had a wee Redbull to energise us! While my bf and I were putting away our messages, ActionRob decided to play a game of hide and seek. Firstly he thought it would be funny to hide in the fridge but he was so tall, I could easily see him! Next he decided to pose on our food cupboard shelf, but while sitting he noticed a box of Scottish Tablet. He insisted that he try some. Of course he loved it! haha! And that was his weekend!
(Tablet is a Scottish sweet that is made from condenced milk, suger and butter. It is very very sweet and melts in your mouth. Very tasty!)

Now onto your posts!

missp - Yay for finally getting VF! Glad you enjoyed your weekend, and I look forward to you hopefully having time to swing by and say hi during the week even if you won't be able to make mega posts. Have a good week! :)

Susie - Thank you for sending me the link to DaughterDear's blog! I have read the first few entries, and look forward to reading the rest :)
I love you dream about you looking for Twilight stars btw!
Aww that's so sweet that all of the cast of LesMis were crying over the last show. Will some of SonnyBoy's friends be going to the same collage as him? If not, will they still all keep in touch? How long does he have left until he is offcially done with high school?
Nah we weren't babysitting at the weekend, but we did stay over at my SiL's Friday night, as we were out very late dancing ;) So on Saturday, we got to spend time with the kids before coming home. They are all just so brilliant that we really don't mind watching them at all. I love them loads!
I don't actually get depressed on Sunday nights, but I don't ever really look forward to getting up early to go to work LOL. I love that Friday Feeling though - much better than the Sunday Night Feeling Haha!
Yep the CW twitter comments are really great - he seems like a really awesome guy! Very sweet to still be answering loads of questions about NM & Rob!

Raine - I am glad that there is defo no sign that the tsunami or its aftermath is going to affect you, and I hope that the radiation problem doesn't either. It's just mental. Stay safe!!
My bf recently read I am Number Four and really enjoyed it! He quite wants to see the movie, but I'm not sure if it is still at the cinema here now..

JennJenn - Glad you liked the previous ActionRob pics - I hope you like the new ones too!!

Marielle - Yeah I normally think that "end of the world" predictions are nonsense too, but now with everything happening in the world...maybe not neccessarily the end of the world, but certainly it's going to be bad for a while. I think it may get worse and worse until next December, and then hopefully level out again. Scary scary stuff!!

Ann Marie - I'm glad you had a fun night, but sorry about the hangover. They do indeed suck!!

Sandy - Hey there! I hope you are doing good!

Chrissy - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I really hope you have an awesome day & are enjoying your time in Chicago. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Caryn - Hey there girl. Thanks for the production notes on WfE...I might keep it to read after I read the book (or maybe I will have a sneaky wee look the now Haha!).
Oh and btw, the birthday picture you posted for Chrissy - Oh My!! Major HandPorn *explodes*

I am really tired tonight. For the past couple weeks, I keep waking up a couple times during the night and find it quite difficult to get back to sleep. It is most annoying as I don't know why! So I'm pretty exhausted just now. But I also just can't go to bed too early LOL, I always find stuff to do. So I'm off to check a couple things on the internet, then read for a while, then bed. Guess I'll be tired tomorrow too huh? LOL.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by SweetImpakt »

Hey girls !

I was reading some posts to see how you were all doing and then I saw that Trine posted ! Omg hi !! Welcome back girl ! I don't post here very often anymore, just every once in a while to say hi, but I am on twitter with Jade and Sandy and Joolie and Ashley and Kster and Laura though :) I wonder if you still remember me, since you stopped posting a few months after I joined the HH. But anyways :D

Soooo update on what's going on in my life :) I think the last thing I said was that i wanted to change courses at school, which I did. I am now taking 2 classes, Social & Political history and an introduction to law. So far I'm liking them :)
Oh and my trip to London was awesome. I had an amazing time. London is an amazing city.

I'm sooo excited about WFE, even more now after I've read the book. It just looks so good. I hate that lots of people that haven't read the book are comparing it to titanic while IMO, it isn't anything like titanic.

I also finished the Hunger Games trilogy and ohmygoooood! I'm addicted, I loved them so much. I can't wait to see who they'll cast. i hope they announce it soon; i know there are some fans here too :)

Ok I think that's really all I had to say, I hope you are all doing great !!


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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by missp »

Hi, Sisters! I hope everyone has had a splendid Monday! I am soooo very tired tonight. I think the hour we lost due to the time change this weekend has finally caught up with me! I see an early night in my plans! I'll be back tomorrow to check in on Ya'll! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by velvet409 »

Good evening everyone!

I finally was able to find Vanity Fair on Friday (thanks to everyone who offered to send me a copy!). First I was kind of disappointed that there weren't more pictures. Don't get me wrong the ones in there are delicious, but I was expecting more of a photospread I guess. I hope there are a lot of outtakes released soon. As for the article, I was both saddened and angered by it (although the Shakespeare comment made me laugh). Poor Rob. He's hunted like an animal everywhere he goes, and the email hacking is beyond repugnant. When did this kind of behavior become acceptable? I don't care who it is; he's a human being and should be respected as such. The actions of a few crazies are making all fans look bad. It's embarassing. I feel the same as Susie, like I want to write a letter or something to let Rob know that not all of us are this demented. Did anyone else think the article seem kind of jumbled? It just read like a bad cut and paste job to me. And why does every interviewer ask the same questions over and over again? Rob says it himself in the article, talking about the fame all the time is boring. That's why I'm looking forward to the MTV interview. Based on what I've seen in the past, this guy actually does his homework and asks interesting questions.

Happy Birthday Chrissy!! You are officially no longer a teenager. :grin:

Jaclyn~ It's common in the US for brides to pick a specific color scheme for the wedding. For example, a couple of years ago one of my coworkers chose lime green and magenta as her wedding colors, and everything to do with the wedding and reception used those colors. The wedding invitation, the bridesmaid dresses, decorations, centerpieces, the cake. They actually had a self-serve candy bar at the reception and all of the candies matched one or both of her colors (okay she's a little OCD but you get the picture :lol: ). It sounds like you're doing something akin to that, coordinating with your bf's tartan colors. I'm loving the ActionRob pics! I think it's cool that you have Tropicana in Scotland. :)

Trine~ Welcome back! In honor of your return, have a present. Once a HH sister always a HH sister. My name is Christina and I'm from Florida in the US. I think I came around after you went on hiatus. I started posting in the HH in October, though I lurked for a while before getting the nerve to post. I've been lucky enough to be visited by Susie and Caryn, and I've gotten to be good friends with Christine (Ginnie) who, it turns out, lives less than an hour away from me. Hope to hear more from you more and that your medical issues get sorted out quickly.

lulu~ Glad you had such a great birthday. Your husband's gift was really thoughtful. I don't think the "many happy returns" phrase is used often in the US; I just read too much and sometimes use phrases I've seen in books. :blush:

Caryn~ Track 10...I wonder how much they can show and keep it PG-13? BTW can you repost the link for the robsessed rehab video (or tell me what page the original link is on)? I mentioned it to Ginnie last weekend and she hadn't seen it.

Shauni~ :wave: Great to see you!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »


Caryn - Thanks for the rec on the WfE Production Notes! I especially liked learning about how they were so careful with Tai the elephant during the scenes depicting abuse. Back to March Madness - the games are all on neutral turf - where are they played? I got the brackets, but couldn't see where the Round 2 games were played.EDIT - I got the info now - at Washington DC. If they make it to the next one it's Sunday in Washington DC too which would be against the winner of the Pitts/UNC Ash (/UALR winner - what?) Who is favored for that one? I guess I'm going to be really annoying now. By the way, I like brackets - it's the 'J' in me!!! I really liked that about the World Cup. I didn't see the tweet about Edward's sparkly naughty bits - what was CW's response?

Lulu - I think we feel the same about any kind of violence depicted towards animals. You should read the WfE production notes pertaining to this: bottom of page 6 and top of page 7 - you'll feel better. I'm still going to close my eyes and ears, though! The one movie I was very disturbed by was Gorillas in the Mist - I blubbered through that movie. If you haven't seen it, don't. I even hate those kids' movies where people are mean to an animal - I hated The Bear.

- Yep. This is my theory of why the switch to daylight savings time is hard on us - Let's say you usually begin teaching at 8:30 am. Well, today your body was thinking it was 7:30 am and to rally enough gusto to teach an hour earlier than you're used to is very hard on you! So take the rest of the evening off!

Christina - I echo many of your sentiments regarding the VF article - You and I have equally high standards for writing, don't we? ;) By the way, I'm actually writing a bit tonight! Maybe that will be all it takes to get it to snowball!

Shauni - Nice to see you! I'm glad you like your new classes! Are you going to be a lawyer? You seem like a very smart girl! Good luck! I didn't know people were comparing WfE to Titanic? What the Heck???? I don't see it at all. HG Trilogy - I loved the books too, but isn't all that apcolyptic violence a bit hard to take sometimes? I keep saying that I can't believe it's YA lit! I wonder how they'll film all of that killing!

Jaclyn - Thanks so much for all the Action Rob in Scotland pics!!! I never knew you Scots called groceries "messages" - how in the world did that slang get started? I loved seeing all those pics of your kitchen - even though they are closeups, I know just where in your kitchen they were taken! I have a very good memory. It looks like you're keeping things very tidy! Sonny Boy graduates on June 3. Maybe one or two of his friends will go to his college. It's common for the kids to really "scatter" after high school, which sounds so different than what you have there. Some kids go out of state-across the country- and some stay in the state or even in the city. They try to stay in touch, but in reality, you only stay close to a couple of your friends, especially if your colleges are far apart. That's why high school reunions are so popular here. They start at 5 years and then every five years again. I have my 35th year reunion this summer! :lol: I know why you are waking up at night - something to do with a wedding, perhaps? Or something to do with your job situation? I hope you don't get too sleep deprived! RED BULL!

See you all tomorrow!