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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:43 pm
by velvet409
:clap: :clapping: :yahoo: Susie is writing!

Hopefully this will be me in the near future: :mail: :read:

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:20 am
by lulu
Hello everyone! I was just stopping by and saw that 3 pages were up already! So I’m glad I got to read them and catch up. I just got back from my zumba class and I think I’m finally getting better at it! I still look like a lanky pathetic white girl with no dance ability, but oh well, it’s fun and I like how it makes me feel too. Hubs likes the recap I give him when I get home anyway. ;) My friend and I are going to start going on Thursday nights now. So it’s Monday and Thursday night
Latin Heat and Wednesday and Friday 30 minute session with the trainer. I’m dropping Tuesday for my sanity. :P

Ginnie—I loved chatting with you too, it was so much fun! You’re right, I am lucky to not have a time change. I really appreciated it after I had to experience it in college. And I read your chapter you sent me and awww, I just LOVED it! I haven’t sent you my reply because I want to do a proper review and I ran out of time! So I’ll be sending you and email in the next day or two. I should just do what jenn jenn does and write my review as I read! That’s why I’ve been waiting because I have to reread to make sure I get all that I was thinking because it was just so good!

Hi Jaclyn! You always sound so energetic and I love it! I hope to get it cut the beginning of next week. I have an eye exam, dentist appointment and a couple of other things later this week that have crowded it out. I want to post pics though so we’ll figure out how. I LOVED your pics of actionrob!! Oh, I can’t wait to get him for myself! We will have so much fun!

Tonise—I guess you missed the discussion on that VF article. I wasn’t such a fan of it ‘cause it really got me depressed for Rob! And yes, it focused on the crazy fans—which are the most noticeable so it makes sense. Anyway, thanks for the belated b-day shout out. :) it was fun. You have been sounding so extra happy lately, it’s nice to read about it!

Susie—wow I never thought about the train situation there. That would have taken forever to walk home for so many. You never really think about your normal routine getting messed up and what the consequences of that would be. We live on the outskirts here and often drive 45 minutes or more to get somewhere. During that time we’re covering 40+ miles and that would take forever to walk. Not to mention it’s too hot to do that without lots of water, and how many people carry ‘emergency’ supplies with them? It makes me think more about being prepared. We have two 72 hour kits at our home along with food storage in case we needed them. I’ve been thinking for the last week or so that I need to buy some gallons of water to have in storage too. It’s always best to be prepared for the worst. Anyway, switching gears—I could totally visualize your dad trying to show your mom and her being lost and him being like :rant: haha! I’m glad you’re there for her. So I read hubs what you said and he smiled. Then he said, “I was more of a romantic before Edward’s character was ever created!” Haha, well he liked Twilight at one point (after he let me read him the whole series), and still does a little, but I think he naturally revolts since Twilight related stuff is where I spend most of my personal time. It makes sense though I guess. If he has free time at home, he plays video games and I can’t stand them. Maybe it’s a jealousy thing? Anyway, thanks for the compliment. I do feel like he’s like Edward in his loving-ness. :D Thanks for the specific pages about non-abuse toward Tai. I’m glad activists have changed things enough so that animals aren’t hurt during movies. It helps. I hate seeing war movies that involve horses. All those arrows and bullets. :cry:

Caryn—what a crazy week for you! Thanks for stopping in and sending the link to the play list for WfE! That is so exciting! Oh my gosh!! I don’t have time right now, but I am most certainly going to read that article, thank you!! It would make me go, “awww” for sure!

Raine—oh the radiation is just awful, I hope it doesn’t spread to your country! :worried:

Christina—wow!! Did I read that right? A 30 minute interview?! :clap: That’s long! I love Josh’s interviews. He is superb. I can’t wait to see this! That’s funny, but I know what you mean, my vocabulary has changed since I started reading more. I can see why “readers” are smarter than others. You learn so many random facts and just stuff by reading stories.

:wave: to those i missed!

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:50 am
by VirginiaMay
Hi Ladies! Just a quick one but Holy Cow, I SEE Christina, Tracy, Susie, Lulu, Tammy and a Mod! Hi Cullengirl! :wave:


Happy Birthday Chrissy!! Since you are no longer a teenager, I think it would be okay for me to gift you with this absolute piece of hotness. I hope you don't mind the rest of us drooling and falling all over your gift, though. :swoon:

Susie~ you're adorable keeping up with all the basketball conference stuff with Caryn. I myself, am clueless. All I know is that my alma mater is out. And I can't remember now for some reason, but was this something you had an interest pre-HH BTW- Yeah for you writing!! :clap:

Caryn~ Thank you SO much for the link to the production notes on WfE!! They were wonderful and just enough to get us really ramped up for Apr. 22nd! I know Robsessed said they were spoilery, but I didn't think they were at all IF you'd read the book already? What do you think?

Jaclyn~ Thanks for the pics of ActionRob. I'm so glad he's having fun with you. But of course he is, it's you!! Anyway, please do tell him that Florida host-mum #2 misses him. It's a little lonely on my nightstand these days. :bye:

Shauni~ So good to see you and hear about school, et al. I am so glad you're enjoying London. And it's wonderful that you've managed to find time to keep reading for fun. Yeah, for WfE!! We are obviously very excited around here. (See above Robkowski Crack!) Here's another fine image for you. Enjoy!!

Marielle~ I adore Monsieur Bloom as well. My daughter used to call him her Prince-Boy when she was little. It was the first "crush" she ever had. I can't believe I've never seen Kingdom of Heaven though! I think I'll have to remedy that, what do you think? I'll be off to my Netflix account later to order the DVD. :D

Raine~ I'm still praying for the situation. Will send an extra one up for you tonight.

Alright, that's all for now. I really just meant to pop in and deliver Chrissy's yummy gift. Oh, well. Glad I go to say :wave: to everyone else.

G'night!! Ginnie

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:51 am
by older_twilight_fan
Hello ladies!

Happy Birthday Chrissy! Congrats on reaching your 20's—the best is yet to come!

Raine~ We certainly hope any radiation doesn't reach your country, and we'll keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers, along with Japan, Hawaii, and anyone else in that region of the world. Glad to know everything's still okay.

Ginnie~ I was pleasantly surprised to discover I actually had TWO chapters of WDH to read....I don't know how I had missed the second part of Bella's visit with the Cullens. Both chapters were terrific, and I plan to reread them again since I gobbled them up so greedily last night. :D I hope I've said this before, but your characterization of Bella and Edward amazes me. They are so perfectly like Stephanie Meyer's Bella and Edward, yet they're different in subtle ways and completely stand on their own, because of what they've encountered in your story. I can't wait to see where you take this story, and which path you follow. I laughed out loud at your description of the “PFach hug at 12:00”. I'd forgotten that Arizona doesn't follow daylight savings time. For some reason I was thinking the state of Indiana also didn't follow DST....Caryn?

Christina~ Thanks for your thoughts on the Vanity Fair article; I'm glad you found the new issue. I finally found the new issue a few days ago, but still haven't read the article. :oops: I think I was so pumped to finally find the issue after searching about ten different stores over the course of a couple of days.....I guess I was exhausted by the thrill of victory. :D I'm looking forward to Rob's MTV interview, and I think it's the same day he'll be on Jay Leno. Time to set the DVR's now.

Jaclyn~ Loved the pictures of ActionRob you posted. It's good to know he's so helpful in the kitchen. I'll have to keep that in mind when he comes to visit here next month. Do you think he'll help with laundry too? ;) Thanks for enlightening me on the drink, "In Bru". I guess I thought it looked like bottled beer, and I always enjoy learning about your Scottish foods and customs. Hope your insomnia improves—maybe you could try getting up to read for awhile when you do wake, and see if that makes you sleepy again. The dark silver/gray colors for some of your wedding party sound very pretty. Have you started looking for your dress yet?

Missp~ I'm glad you finally found the Vanity Fair issue too. I guess the southeastern US must be behind the times, as apparently it took Christina awhile to find it too. Hope you adjust quickly to the time change. Do your students seem more tired, like the rest of us? I had to physically wake up both kids this morning from a dead sleep, because it was still dark outside at 6:45 am.

Shauni~ Hey there girl! Hope you're doing well and enjoying your classes. Thanks for checking in with us! The book WFE was very popular around the HH, and we're eagerly anticipating the movie's release.

Sandy~ Hope all is well with you. I love the “oldies but goodies” you posted for Trine. Those were some of the first pictures we frequented around this place, and I remember being oh so proud when I finally learned how to link Robcrack to the HH. :D

Susie~ I'm glad to hear your friends in Japan are safe. How terrifying that they had to walk so far just to get to their eight-year-old daughter. I'm sure SonnyBoy (and you) are sad that Les Mis is finished, although at least you have your lives back. ;) I'm glad it was such a huge success, and a wonderful experience for him. Do you think Sonny Boy will consider participating in theatre in some form or fashion, in college? Is he sad that many of his close friends will probably attend college elsewhere, or is he excited about all the new people he'll meet next year? That's pretty cool that you were in Tofino (and Rob might be there too). Is there any chance your SIL would know Rob, if she were to randomly run across him out on the street? :wave: I'm impressed with your knowledge of the NCAA tournament—you've definitely done your research. :) You can also cheer for my team....Vanderbilt willl be playing Richmond in the first round on Thursday at 3:10 (EST, I guess). We also have another Nashville team playing in the NCAA—Belmont University is a private, liberal arts college that's probably best known for their business and music programs. They're not as well known as most of the larger colleges and universities playing in the NCAA, but they're very well coached and almost upset Duke (one of the #1 seeds) in the first round last year. I'm a little out of synch with the time change too, and it was strange getting out of bed this morning when it was very dark, when I would much rather have been sleeping. :?

Marielle~ Are you already waiting by the mailbox for your Vanity Fair from Caryn? 8-)

Caryn~ Thanks for the link to the production notes for WFE. I'll check those out tonight or tomorrow. I think the WFE soundtrack looks pretty neat. I like that it seems to have authentic music from the 20's and 30's on the soundtrack. I guess it's just one more way the cast and crew have worked hard to ensure this movie is a very accurate representation of the time period, and the traveling circus setting.

Lulu~ I'm glad you're enjoying your Zumba class--I've heard it's very fun and a great way to burn some major calories. I'm looking forward to Rob's MTV interview too. They do seem to be one of the few sites that don't always ask him all the typical "vampire" questions.

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:13 am
by Jadey

Wow coming back and posting brings back so many memories! *cries*

I haven't had time to read all of these posts but i've missed you all.
And Trine, Im okay!! The earthquake was a few hours south of me so im good!!

blkskjfnhfj I love you all. <3

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:59 am
by marielle
Good morning ladies…

I’m actually in a very good mood today…I don’t know where it comes from, it’s pretty early, but I’m already funning fun…must be Spring fever…

Susie, I have been following CW’s tweet on Robsessed as well, that dude is seriously label nuts…I know I declared him saint after NM but man that guy is god…
I heard about the possible second big Quake in Japan, the sun was reporting that it had something to do with the proximity of the moon and the instability now created…I sure hope that they solve that Nuclear problem they have before that…I shiver to think about what will happen otherwise.

Caryn, hihihi, Life saving medication :lol: …hmmm, that might be a good one…it sure is going to give my heart the workout it needs…my doc would be so proud of us…the post man will always surprise me, Susie send me a card which took less than a week to arrive, and I send a Christmas card and it took almost two months to arrive…so we’ll see.

Jaclyn, looks like action-Rob has a lot of fun at your place…cool pics, does your bf think you’re nuts already?
I never put much stock in the predictions but with the riots and the disasters you can’t stop but wonder…it’s so nuts and eerie, especially because in Holland every thing is so damn quiet, no protests, no mud throwing in the government, nobody is complaining about fuel prices, it’s like we are lulled to our end…
I saw your comment on the pic Caryn posted for Chrissy…WOW DAMN :shock: :? , did you have to point the out the hand ……I’m never going to be able to focus on work now…

Hey, Shauni…it’s nice to see you again…I hope you are enjoying your classes, at least better than with your former education...
ooh, you are on twitter with Jadey, how is she doing? We were worried about her after the quake in Christchurch.
Oh I see Jadey herself has posted…

Christina, I know what you mean with the lack of pics in a magazine, they always do that, that’s why we are very happy that VF releases their outtakes…

Ginnie, you have never seen Kingdom of Heaven??? What!!! You have to watch it. If possible see that you get the blu-ray extended edition, the movie will be 3 and a half hours but it will be so much better than the theatre version, I never cried at the normal version but the extended edition always gets to me…besides 3,5 hours of Orlando isn’t bad either…

Tracy, No not yet, I don’t expect it here before next week, if I’m lucky it will be here this weekend but than I’m being very hopeful…but you never know…

OMG, Jadey!!! I’m so happy you are alright…we were very worried…you better come back more often :rant: !!!

Talk about good memories…

Hey is anyone going to do something special for St. Patrick’s day???
I have been thinking about going to the Irish pub here in town but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make that, but I’m definitely wearing Green, I have the outfit ready…

Okay, work is calling!!! :wave:

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:15 am
by Ilovetwilight0509
I just got back from NJ. The trip was nice to see family, but as always my mom has something to say about twilight. I can't even ask her now to watch the kids without her judging what i am doing. I was going to see the 100 monkeys in NY and then stay in NJ, that is so much better then driving back and foth from the Philia area to NY and then going home in one trip, but my mom doesn't think it is appropriate for me to go see a band. Gotta love family. So I guess I won't be doing as much twilight related stuff, but there is always a next time. It is so sad how people are so judgemental. She is the one that won't see her grandkids now.

I can't wait until April 17th. Luckily my husband has that off. I will be camping out somewhere. I am sure I won't see Rob. The crowd will be too big I am sure, but the experience will be fun. Sounds stupid to sit on a street all night if I have better luck to see Rob at other places, but it is nice to get away sometimes and just be stupid. Especially when the ignorance from the people around we is getting too much to ignore.

Thanks tracy, otherwise I had a nice trip thank you.

That is so sad about japan.

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:08 am
by Jazz Girl
Good Tuesday Morning, Sisters! It's a rainy day here in fabulous Indiana, though it looks more like I should be in Forks (not that I'd mind :D ) Today's a bit of a big day around our house. It's Littlun's birthday. He turns a whopping 9 today *sniff* He's growing up soooo fast. But, my sweetboy being the sweet boy he is looked at me last night as I was putting him to bed and said, "Momma, you have to come in at 2:16 (the time he was born) and give me a kiss." :cry: And, bless him, I tried like the dickens to make it. But, given the way he was snoring away at 1:30 when I finally admitted defeat, I don't think he was too torn up about it. :lol:

Jaclyn~ :lol: Awww ActionRob seems to be settling in nicely in Scottland, even enjoying yummy sweets. Honestly, you could probably read the production notes and not be too spoiled, or at least any more so than if you read the book jacket. But it is sooooo worth it. OH YES!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way our man holds a mic. I also enjoy the excessive amount of chest flauntage and the ginormous smile going on in that picture.

Shauni~ :wave: Wow!!! It’s like old home week around here. It’s so faboo to see so many missed faces! Hmmm, so with the new courses, are you thinking of being a lawyer or something in that area?

Christina~ Yes, I think we all pretty much felt the same way. I’m totally with you on the writer’s lack of skill. I was rather insulted for Rob that they seemed to assign the article to such an inferior reporter. But, then, when I realized who it was, she’s one of their aces, which just confused me more. I’ve decided, I’m keeping it for the pictures as well as a bit of insight and leaving it at that. I am soooo looking forward to the outtakes as well. The one we already got just made me smile wide. And, we still have the all black outfit that we haven’t even seen yet. VF photoshoots give for a while. Ahh, yes, a classic if ever I’ve seen one. The RobHab video is just yummy… and waaaayyy too true! :lol:

Susie~ I absolutely love behind the scenes glimpses like the notes and, absolutely, I was so happy to hear how they shot those scenes as well. I can imagine that, even if the animal is never touched, even “pretend” cruelty might have some effect, especially on an animal as sensitive and intelligent as an elephant. Pitt, as the number one seed in that region, is favored by A LOT over UNCA. There’s never been a 16 over 1 upset in the history of the dance. The brackets are set up essentially to favor the higher seeded teams. But, once you get down around the 4 and 5 seed teams, things even up pretty quickly. So, for instance, Butler as an 8 seed playing ODU as a 9, indicates that they are very evenly matched. This is why I ADORE CW. His response to that Tweet… “Only if he’s sunbathing nude.”

Lulu~ I have a huge love of soundtracks, period. For a Rob film, and especially one that includes period jazz AND the music of James Newton Howard… I’m going to be in heaven. Plus, I love spoilers and this list gives us so many. :D

Ginnie~ Susie and I bonded a bit over last year’s tournament and knowing what a sports nut I am, she loves to throw out just a fact or three to keep me on my toes. I love her dearly for it. No, I’m completely in agreement with you. The notes were not spoilerish at all, especially if you read the book. But, in all honesty, even if you were just familiar with the story from the jacket or in general, there wasn’t that much information about the plot or the twists in it in the notes. But, as I said, for someone like me, who loves the behind-the-scenes glimpse it gives, it made me giddy. You’ve never seen Kingdom of Heaven??? Wow! I absolutely LOVE it. Orly is wonderful in it. And it also features Liam Neeson and David Thewlis. A warning, it’s a bit on the bloody side. It’s a movie about the most bloody incursion of the Crusades, after all. But, it is still a very moving story and great film.

Tracy~ Oh no! We finally joined up with the rest of the country. We held out for a long long time. But now Arizona is all on their own in the non-observance. We started changing time in 2008. We’re still working out the kinks. We have a group of counties in the extreme north and extreme south that are on different time than the rest of the state. But, we’re still observing and it makes me happy. Yes, as you’ll see when you read the notes, the lengths the crew are going to to ensure accurate representation are amazing. It makes me sooo happy for Rob and his involvement in a truly dedicated crew. I can only imagine his experience was amazing. I totes forgot that you're a Vandy girl! Well, I'll make sure to pull out my black and gold!

JADEY!!!!!!!!!!! Oh baby girl, I have been so worried about you!! Thank you thank you thank you for popping in and letting us know you are alright. *hugs* We miss you and your happycrazy like mad around here!

Marielle~ Well, it’s in the post now, so we’ll see how they come through for you. Mmmmmmmmm the NMWard strut! Jeez, that man was just made to walk in slow motion. :lol:

Okay, off to prep for a meeting. Laters, babies!

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:43 am
by Jazz Girl
Oh My Holy Hell!!! :swoon:



Playgirl UK!!! :swoon: :swoon: :swoon: :swoon:

**Please note: Playgirl UK & Playgirl US are two VERY DIFFERENT magazines and this one contains no nudity. In fact, the post has very interesting insight into that. But still.... :swoon:

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:49 pm
by marielle
Caryn!!!!! you girl gave me a heart attack!!! honestly... :swoon: and both you and I know that we both were begging on our bare knees that it was indeed the nude version of playgirl.... god that would have been the end of me........

* retreats to a perve chair to dream about Rob being actually in THAT version.... :twisted: *