Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello ladies. Just wanted to post a quick message before I head out this morning to East Tennessee....

I watched Rob's interview on Leno and thought he did a great job. As Caryn said, he did seem fairly comfortable, and although I might've preferred him in a white shirt instead of the brown shirt with that lovely gray suit....what do I know? ;) I laughed when he talked about his Dad signing autographs at the studio after his last Leno appearance, and especially when Rob mentioned that he resembled “Boy George with an Amish twist” on the Vanity Fair cover. :lol: I also loved that Jay showed the beautiful VF shot of Rob in the car, but Jay was in love with the car, and not Rob. :)

I also checked out the MTV on-line interview last night. I agree with Lulu-- I like that Josh always has a successful interview with Rob and actually asks pertinent questions. Josh and Rob seemed to have a nice time together, with all their quick banter and laughter. A couple of funny moments included:

When Josh asked Rob about the difficulty shifting in/out of American accents, Rob mentioned something about inadvertently sounding like Christopher Walken during Breaking Dawn filming, and that even PFach noticed. When they discussed filming love scenes, Josh also said that Rob had previously mentioned that we “would see a lot of his crack” during Bel Ami. :D

I also appreciated the fact that Josh asked questions about upcoming projects....according to Rob, Bel Ami is in the “editing” process and Rob seemed unsure of a specific release date, but hoped they didn't edit out the parts that made his character a “bad boy”. Cosmopolis will be filmed in Toronto, and apparently Rob cannot yet say who his leading lady is. Unbound Captives (possibly TV or movie project, but the chances of it being made sounded very slim). Rob also briefly mentioned learning to play the cello, and agreed that he would love to “play more gigs” but that he “didn't really know how to do that”--referring to his relative lack of anonymity, I guess. He proudly reported that he learned to play Reneesme's Lullaby in “about ten seconds”, but he actually sounded surprised at the mention of him singing the lullaby in BD.

Missp~ Have a great weekend, and enjoy the flip flop weather!

Marielle~ I loved The King's Speech! I do remember seeing Timothy Spall (and Alan Rickman, of course) in Sweeney Todd. I think Timothy Spall was even in Nanny McPhee--and my kids were like, "There's Wormtail!" :D Thanks for the update on the DH Part 2 trailer--it looks great! Enjoy the lovely weather.

Ginnie~ Glad you've enjoyed a nice Spring Break with your daughter. So now you have a future Olympic shooter on your hands, hmmmmm? :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll check back in Tuesday evening when we return from the Smoky Mountains.
Take care!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by fi_fi »

Hello Ladies!
I'm alive! I went to visit Mum for a couple of days, which was lovely. Have a friends staying with us this weekend, GB is away next week, we're moving into the cottage on the 1st April (yes, I know, Fool's Day, seems quite appropriate!)

Hope all you ladies, and your nearest and dearest, are well and happy.
Will try to post more soon :)
Love to you all,
fi xx
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by dazzel21 »

Hey Ladies!!!

How are you enjoying the weekend?!?

My moms lab test came back and all is within the range of normal. Healthy as a horse as we use to say :clap: . Thank God. She'll be going back home tomorrow.

EP fans, have you ladies heard that Khar will be participating in Fandom4Tsunami by writing an EPOV outtake on (spoiler alert) Bella's pregnancy/giving birth/parenthood. I'm so excited for this, a chance to help out for Japan and at the same time EP's outtake as an added bonus :clap: .

Oh btw, one of my cousins didn't stop pestering me until I signed up for a twitter account. So if anyone has an account there give me a holler. I absolutely have no idea how to work it out but I think I did fairly a decent job at twitting :lol: .

Anyways moving on...

Tracy - I might need to check the MTV interview. I've watched the Jay Leno one, Rob is so funny and adorable as always.

Marielle - I'm so happy that the sun finally peeks in Holland. HP2 clips are already out??? I need to see that one...

Lulu - I've watched the Leno interview on youtube. Just type Rob on Jay Leno March 2011 on the search box and it would come back with lots of hits :D .

Ginnie - Yay for your daughter's spring break! How long does it last? We don't get spring breaks here, the only break the students is going to have is during the Lent Season which will be at the end of April. And wow she's good at shooting? Was that her first time?

Susie - Are you having Lex withdrawal syndrome??? It's a bit unusual for you not to have your mega posts :o .

JennJenn - Aw I know what you mean hun. I hope your day gets better...

Jaclyn - Thant pic made my weekend much more better! Good luck with all the cooking. Yay for starting on reading WfE. You're going to love it. I know I did.

Jadey & Trine - Hello :wave: ! I'm Raine from the Philippines...

Everyone else I've missed :wave: .
Better go back to my fanfictions.
See you all later...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by missp »

Since I am busy procrastinating because I can’t seem to get in the mood to do any writing on my fic, Between Dusk and Dawn, today… I thought I’d do a mega post and catch up on the last couple of days posts from you girls. So… here goes.

CARYN~~ There’s just something special about those DAWGS no matter which team they’re representing! The family had a great time with Daddy. He chose to go to Subway for a pizza, and we had cake and ice-cream while there. I am truly blessed to have such a great Daddy. At 71, he’s just now getting to be like a little old man. He’s been very youthful and active until his fall back in November. That seems to have changed him a good bit. But, he’s still very healthy all things considered, so we’re all just very grateful to have him with us still. I hope your DAWGS continue to do well!
MARIELLE~~ I hear you on the “no shopping”, Girl! I’m trying to conserve for my trip to the beach in June. But, it’s hard to resist sometimes! I just hit Belk this morning for a new pair of Yellow Box – NOT THAT I DON’T HAVE 25 PAIR OF THEM ALREADY – and bought the new Royal Blue ones to go with all my Bulldog attire for football season. Of course, while there I also spotted a couple more jewelry items that I just HAD to have – AGAIN, NOT THAT I DON’T HAVE A WHOLE JEWELRY CHEST FULL ALREADY! I’m sorry you didn’t make it to the pub to partake of some green beer. I hope your bf is feeling better.

CARYN~~ EPIC was the word!! As if the Leno interview wasn’t enough to put me into orbit, the MTV interview was just enough to put me completely over the moon! I love to watch RPatz in interviews. He is so funny and just plain… REAL. I love KStew, but she always seems a little bit like a cardboard cut-out in her interviews because she is such a reluctant subject. But, Rob always seems at ease.
JACLYN~~ It’s been beautiful here in Bama the last couple of days, too. It’s giving me a huge case of Spring fever! So, what are the 3 courses Ya’ll are serving your parents? I hope Ya’ll have a great time! We had a great night celebrating Daddy’s 71st birthday.
JENN JENN~~ I wake up on the wrong side of the bed most mornings… until I’ve had my morning coffee, that is! YAY!!!! 8 more months! Rob’s comments during the Jay Leno interview really got me anxious for the time to pass QUICKLY!
SUSIE~~ RPatz did look especially dashing in his suit on Leno! I loved how funny he was during the interview. His comment about the love scene in BD being “funny” really makes me anxious for this movie to BE HERE already!! You’re not acting strange at all. Life has a way of getting busy for all of us. We completely understand and are just happy you drop in to say hello even when you don’t have time to do one of your famous mega-posts.
TRACY~~ I haven’t seen The King’s Speech yet, but I definitely want to… especially now that I know the WfE preview is with it! I want us to make plans to see WfE together next month, so I will pm you soon! A weekend get-a-way to the mountains sounds wonderful! ENJOY! OMGoodness, Girl!! American Idol is 100 times BETTER with these new judges than it was with Simon and Paula! I love love love Steven Tyler!!! And, JLo is great! The talent this year is so well-rounded! They have brought the love for music of ALL types back to the show. There’s some rock, some blues, some country, and some gospel this year. I am loving it.

GINNIE~~ I read the WDH update this morning! BRAVO!! I wish you’d pass a little inspiration my way. I can’t seem to find it lately. I haven’t been in the mood to right for weeks. Sounds like Ya’ll may have an Olympic champion in the making with LittleLady! I hope LilRob’s bad dream was forgotten quickly and he ended up getting good sleep. Enjoy your day!
CARYN~~ The comedian following Rob on Leno DEFINITELY stomped all over my tits!! I can see why Rob would have not been very amused. I was less than enthralled myself! Hope your games are going well today!
LULU~~ OMG!! I laughed so hard during Rob’s explanation of wiping his nose in Reese’s wig! I sooooo can’t wait to see WfE!!
MARIELLE~~ Yes, indeed!! Our boy did look good on Leno! He did a great interview! I love how he just lights up when he talks about the elephant! Hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather in your neck of the woods!
FI FI~~ Hi! Glad to hear Ya’ll have a date set for the move!
RAINE~~ I am so glad to hear that your mom’s test came back normal! I have seen the news on Khar participating in Fandom4Tsunami. I’m just not sure I want to pick EP back up. I have the perfect HEA for them in my head already. I opened a Twitter account back two summers ago and tweeted all of one or two times. It just isn’t my social media of choice.

Well… my guys called and asked me over for grilling out this evening. So, I guess I’d better do a little writing before then… IF I can get my mind in the right frame. :lol:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »

Happy Saturday, All!

I'm so glad we have a fresh crop of Robcrack to tide us over until April 22!!
Don't you all feel rejuvenated? Good God! That man is GORGEOUS!!!

Sonny Boy is using my laptop to work on his online Health class (required for graduation – if you take both music and a language, there is no room on the schedule for the one year of health and the one year of PhyEd required. Minneapolis Public Schools offers both courses online and this is the last quarter he has to finish!) Anyway, I’m on the horrible dinosaur computer and it is driving me nuts! I’ve done some writing today and that works out OK, but when I have to go back and forth between windows and links, it is very frustrating. Therefore, I haven't seen the MTV Rob interview yet!

Update on Maureen’s journey into Twilight Obsession – I just delivered my paperback copy of Eclipse and I’m sure she’ll be up late with that! She loves the books! YEAH!! She’s seen all three movies and gets as upset as we do with certain parts that deviate from the books. I also gave her my printed out copy of Dark Side of the Moon to read. She’s read The Book that Shall Not be Named and loved it.

Now on to three days worth of posts -

- I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble with your mom. I hope the surprise party went well for your hubs this weekend. How did you do the surprise part?

Marielle – So sorry about your wardrobe malfunction on St. Paddy’s day. What rotten luck! At least you wore green the day before. Wow – I had no idea you did translation for your job. That’s just part of what you do, though, right? What a devoted girlfriend you are – forfeiting a trip to the Irish Pub on St. Patrick’s day to stay home with your sweetie!! Awww! That was an awesome screencap of Rob’s entrance. He looks so slim, don’t you think? Has he lost weight? I want to feed him! That’s great that you’ll be having nice weather all next week!

– I’m so glad to hear your mom’s check up went well and that the test results are good. My mom was testing out as “pre-diabetic” so she put herself on a strict low carb diet. She’s very healthy at 80. I’m thinking of at least trying to understand how Twitter works. It’s all part of my effort not to get old before my time. Lex withdrawl? Well, I guess I was just too busy and too tired. But it is unusual for me to go two days with no mega post –Now it feels good to catch up with you all!

Caryn – Brackets office pool question. Do you get credit for all the picks you got right including the winner of a future game that played against someone you didn’t pick because you got that one wrong? For second round, I got 25 right and 7 wrong. How is that? My biggest snafu is putting Vandy to the final four so that whole quadrant is messed up!! Hopefully you’ll be writing in blue for a while…..I just checked – the Dawgs are ahead against Pitts…Yep. actually I have two weeks off! Yeah for the super soccer/band mom!! Rob on Leno –NEW Robcrack!!! Yummylicious. Sorry you’re having technical difficulties on the road. Persevere! I forgot to say that I loved that Herding Cats tweet from CW too! And yes, I can picture it too!

Jaclyn – Are you really going to bed earlier to compensate for waking up in the middle of the night? Do you have a lot of trouble getting back to sleep? I got a little teary eyed when I read about how you are cooking a special meal for your parents to say thank you. Gosh. You know what? The feeling is mutual, I’m sure! After having met them, I know they absolutely dote on you! My time off – Well, it is because my son has a different spring break than my school. It counts as a sort of child care issue (even though he is 17) Families need to take their vacations when their kids are off school. I don’t get paid for my break anyway for my spring break and now I actually get pay taken away for the week I’m taking off! It’s very different from an office job. I’m glad you like WfE so far, - keep reading – you’ll be sucked into the fascinating world of an American traveling circus of the 30’s. That fingerporn gif – I just don’t know if that is healthy for you to view!

Jadey – I’d love to know more about you – Are you in school? I have two big kids – 17 and 20. I teach English as a Second Language to adult immigrants. My husband’s mother’s cousin lives in NZ – Auckland.

Tonise – Hope you had a fun time at your daddy’s bday party. More Yellow Box? They sure are cute, but do you know what? I can’t even imagine wearing anything like that until May. My feet are cold right now with socks and shoes on! I totally understand not wanting to write. Sometimes you just have to let the “non-writing” happen too. I just started writing again and it came quite easily. If I had made myself do it before, I would have hated it! Besides, now we get to have a wonderful mega post from you! Grilling outdoors sounds great. Once the snow melts off our gas grill and our deck, I’ll start doing that too – probably not till April, though.

JennJenn – When that happens again, just jump back in bed and get out on the right side! :lol:

– I’m glad you got to see The King’s Speech finally and got the bonus of the WfE trailer!! Did you melt? What luxury lexing in an empty house!! The Smoky Mountains? In a Chalet? That sounds very relaxing. So your kids visited their grandparents for a night first? I got a little confused. Are your kids on spring break now? We’ll miss you the next couple of days! Sorry about Vandy. Oh well. I had Butler beating them anyway, so I still could get the final teams right as long as the Dawgs hang in there! I don’t like the whole winning and losing thing about sports – it’s too hard to take it they lose. I’m not competitive – I just want everyone to get along. Still, I do like the brackets!! I don’t actually need to watch any games, just check the website for the updated results and then mark my bracket sheet! No, Hubs doesn’t have much vacation time yet. I’m going to take Sonny Boy somewhere for a couple of days – location TBD. Then who knows where I’ll go for my spring break……I appreciate your reviews of both of Rob’s interviews. You think the suit was gray? I think it was blue we’ll have to go to battle on this. I watched it live on TV maybe that made a difference? Must do research.

– Guns? I’m scared of guns!!! I’m such an urbanite. Good thing your hubs is very careful about gun safety and storage, right? I’m trying to picture Little Lady shooting and I guess I can handle it if I think in terms of Annie Oakley. Since she’s interested in being on stage, maybe she can play the title role someday! Hearing how you had to get your hubs up and out the door reminds me of my house. For some reason, I’m the only one who knows how to tell time. Sorry your little guy had a bad dream. I totally understand why you weren’t quite in the mood to finish your post.

– I have yet to see the MTV interview – I can’t wait to make time for it. He is pretty silly sometimes – it’s like he’s trying to shock us, or trying to be funny – which is it? Poor Reese had to kiss him when he had a cold. I wonder if she caught it? I’m sure the link to the Leno interview is on the Lex blog page.

– I’m glad you got to visit your mum! Now you have houseguests. You and GB are very sociable, aren’t you? It always sounds like so much fun there. When will you start packing up all of your stuff to move?

I notice that it is well past even the “Continental” time for dinner. I think we’re having leftovers. It’s good stuff, though. Earlier this week I made a delicious chicken dish with red wine, bacon and wait for it…. prunes. The butter/ wine/ bacon saltiness /prune sweetness is a mouthwatering combination…Of course there is onion in it and a little diced carrot and celery. ….I’m finally getting a little hungry after all of those Girl Scout cookies I ate earlier! :oops:

I’m all caught up now!! Hooray!

See you tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by SwanCullen »

:lol: I'll try that next time susie!

I saw that too Raine! I squeeled like a fangirl :lol: I wonder if the writers will get to read everything? I'm participating as well. What's your twitter? mine should be in my profile.
:grin: Proud HalfwayHouse Sister :grin:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by BlueStarEgo »

Hey, ladies. I made it back home yesterday. Just stopping in to say hi and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the birthday wishes/gifts. I read every last one and drooled over each pic. I had fun for my brithday and unfortunately, I came home sick. Cough is really bad and headche is worse. :cry:

I'll be back soon with details from my trip and things like that.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Jadey »

Omg Robs MTV interview thing and Leno................ ADORABLE!!!!

Caryn ~ I heard snow white was going to be a dark kinda movie. Kristen will be perrrrrrrrrrrfecto for it! <3

Marielle ~ Idk i feel intrusive ;( Nah, nothing is that exciting in my life atm to mention, LOL

Jaclyn ~ Nah I didnt lose anyone in the earthquake thank goodness. My uncle died of a heart attack last September and a family friend but i forgot the cause. :D ty for the gift. She makes me smile! as does Robbiekins!

Tracy ~ See above ^ lol Im going to buy loooooooooots of MAC cosmetics on holiday. Been saving for yonks. Cant get them in my town. Boo.

Ginnie ~ *Waves spasticly* Spastically.. dont think its a word but whateva!

Raine ~ Pronounced like rain? Or raineeeeeee? Awesome name btw :wave:

Susie ~ Theres not much to know! Going to study Psychology @ Uni. I draw every spare minute I get. Im 19. And I like long walks on the beach. :ugeek:


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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Hey girls…

I’m having a very lazy Sunday … I just went out to get food for the rest of the week besides that I’m reading fanfic and watching tv…a bit of a waste of the nice weather but we are both too lazy to consider getting out.

Tracy, I know only Jay Leno would notice the car…he is such a petrol head…I was a bit saddened to hear that unbound captives isn’t sure anymore… I would have loved to see that and with Rob getting older I’m not sure if they could shoot it with him in a few years time…
That’s so cute that your kids recognize actors…I do that with a lot of movies…if I like them in one I have to see more of their work, that’s how I got into twilight and why I adore Alan Rickman and Gary Oldman…
I loved the DH2 trailer as well…

Hey Fi!!!

Raine, I’m happy for your mom, I bet she was happy… did you like the trailer?

Tonise, I can’t honestly can’t keep to that no shopping rule…I’m thinking already about other things I need (want)…Jewelry I don’t have much yet, don’t get me started…hihi…

Susie, yes translating is just a small part of my job, normally the big documents are going to an official translator to save us some time, but this document is a high security one and I rather do them myself to filter out mistakes in the Dutch version…
I though Rob looked really skinny as well, ever from those swimming pictures in Brazil…but with Kris being so skinny as well I expect they are living on air..(or love)…

Jadey, I heard the same think about Snow white… I really hope Kristen is going to do it, like you said she’ll be perfect for a dark fantasy…

Oh yeah, funny story…my bf went to get his hair trimmed down again at my aunts salon, when we sat down after that I saw he was starting to get GRAY hair!!!! I think I teased him the whole day about getting old…

I’m going to watch the kick-off for the 2011 F1 season (racing)…to see what the cute racing dudes are up to…
See you later…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by missp »

HAPPY SUNDAY, GIRLS!! I've been to church and the grocery store today. I have a meeting in a bit back at church and then a cook-out with my church group. I'll try to get back on tonight before bed time. Our state achievement testing starts this week and runs for the next three (We only test on Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's of each week) until we finish just in time for Spring break. Can't wait for Spring break!!!! :roll: