Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by VolturiGirl »

Jazz Girl,
I clicked on Eight Days a Week, but all it has on there is how to access the link. It reads to click on my stories at the top of the page, but my stories is not there. Help!! :banghead:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by velvet409 »

Good evening ladies!

It's been raining ALL DAY. :sigh: Mondays are hard enough but add in this weather and I just had no motivation to work today. I'd have much rather curled up with a good book (or fanfic) instead.

I showed the WfE trailer to my coworker and my gym Twifriend and both want to see the movie now! Gym Twifriend has ordered the audiobook from the library and should get it soon. Two new recruits! :yahoo:

Tracy~ I really did enjoy Wicked, although Phantom of the Opera is still my favorite. I was in Publix looking for EW and saw the book on sale and couldn't resist because it was the larger-size paperback with the movie cover. All I had seen in stores up until then was the regular-sized paperback and the print in that version was so small I thought I would get eye strain reading it. I was really excited to see they had the bigger size.

Caryn~ I picked up a copy of EW on Saturday and immediately read Rob's interview. Thanks for filling us in about their reunion. So cute! Of course we shouldn't be surprised that Tai remembered him so well. An elephant never forgets right? Although Rob is pretty unforgettable on his own. :lol: I LOVE Eight Days a Week! It's one of my all time favorite fics! Mannyward's diary entries have me in stitches every time I read them. Into the Mystic and its sequel A Good Year are also very good, and Puddle Jumping was a very sweet story as well. It really is sad that 107yearoldvirgin had to retire but at least she was thoughtful enough to post her stories on the blog so everyone could still enjoy them. BTW, I saw on the fanfic thread you mentioned a program for saving fics called Calibre. Is this it?

Amy~ I followed Caryn's link to the blog and I found everything okay. There are four links at the top of the blog homepage: Home, My Stories, One Shots and Music. Are those not showing up for you? I believe Susie is the one keeping track of ActionRob's travel itinerary so you can ask her to put you on the list. I'm sure he'd love a visit to your house. ;) So far he's visited Caryn, me, Ginnie and now Jaclyn.

Rachel~ I think Tracy and Tonise are considering getting together to go see Water for Elephants. Maybe there's a chance you could meet up with them?

Amy & Rachel~ I don't know if anyone mentioned this or not, but there is a list of all the HH ladies on page one of this thread. It comes in really handy for learning everyone's name. :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by missp »

RACHEL~~ WOW! Hunstville! I could just about guaran-darn-tee you we've been in the same theater for at least one of the midnight premiers! Did you attend the midnight premier at the Monaco for either movie? And YES... Tracey and I are mulling over the prospects of getting together for the WfE movie. You would be most welcome to join us if and when we get the particulars together! :D

TRACEY~~ Our Spring break doesn't actually begin until the week of April 11th. I have a tentative trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas planned. We'll see how it pans out.

Well, Girls... I really don't feel like sitting up too much longer at the moment. I went to the doctor today because I haven't been able to keep solid food down all day yesterday. I was afraid my band was getting too tight again, but as it turns out... I have a raging sinus infection and bronchitis. The drainage from my sinuses is competing for the limited space in my pouch and winning. So, the food just has no where to go and has to come out. (Sorry if that's too graphic for some of Ya'll.) All day yesterday, I felt like TAI the elephant was sitting on my chest. By this morning, I was barely up and moving. The doc gave me some liquid antibiotics and made me promise to follow up with my lapband doc. So, I have an appointment with him tomorrow. However, I refuse to have any fluid removed from my band because I am already back down to the weight i was when RBELL entered my life. Only 5 more pounds, and I'll be back to where I was the week he - unfortunately - moved in here. So, I guess until this sinus infection is cleared up, I'll be sleeping in a chair sitting straight up so I won't have all the food I've eaten during the day and the meds coming back up when I try to sleep. In any case, I can't miss school this week because we are testing. The kids would be off their routine if it weren't me giving them the test. So, I see an early bedtime tonight might be the best. I'll check in with Ya'll tomorrow after my appointment with the lapband doc. :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »

Hi Girls!

Well, I had a great time with my friend getting pedicures today. Do you know you who she is? ;) My feet hadn't seen the light of day in many months!

Back soon...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by lulu »

aw, today has been so nice! kind of a busy and frantic morning but i had the best day since the afternoon doing this!

ok, i'll be back later!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by newtonscricket »

<swans in>

Helloo! I really can't explain how I've been gone so long, it's not like I have great accomplishments like a really clean house or world peace (sigh, quite the reverse) to show for it. I've totally not caught up, replys are to the most recent posts.

But I've missed you all. Isn't it lovely to see so much Rob lately? I was so glad to see the Rob in Tai's mouth picture, as I could never quite picture what he was talking about.

, I certainly hope you're feeling better soon!

, I know exactly what you mean about lack of motivation. It just sleeted here today, right onto all the redbuds and dogwoods and wisteria.

Caryn, congratulations on the Final Four!

, love your breakfast. Is the tattie scone the dark brown circular thingy?

Amy and Rachel, greetings, I am NewJen, 41, stay at home mom to three boys, unreliable yet also loving member of the Halfway House.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »

I'm back!!

OK, So now you know that I’m at Lulu’s house in Phoenix. She is such a sweetie! Just what you would expect! She picked me up at the airport and since we had some time to kill before I could check into my bed and breakfast, she offered to treat me to a pedicure! So, I wasn’t lying at all when I made my first post today!! (Just sneaky!) Lulu’s baby is absolutely adorable – cuter than the average baby, I said. Her hubs is very friendly and doesn’t think I’m weird at all! For dinner Lulu made a delicious pot roast with vegetables – I had two servings!

Now on to you lovelies!

Chrissy – I’m glad you’ve gotten caught up on some of your classes. It’s great that your mom finally found a house – now you won’t have to smell that horrible pot smell. I’d love to get some emails from you – you don’t have to worry about being a drag – that’s what I’m here for!

Fi – Clever girl! Rare to beat him in Scrabble at all. Thanks for explaining the farm thing. You have an admirable goal to someday do your own subsistence farming. Thanks for posting more pics of your lovely cottage. How exciting!

JennJenn – Congrats on Kentucky making it to the Final Four! Good luck reconstructing your O/S. Maybe you’ll end up changing some things that will make it even better because you had to do it over.

Jaclyn – I know just how you feel with that change to summer time! We’ve already adjusted. Well whatever the origin “messages” is just so quaint that I think I’ll start using that term with hubs.

Christina – Lucky you! Wicked AND a backstage tour! How did you score on the backstage tour? Thanks for wanting me to visit Florida again!! Hey – you never gave me any feedback on that last chapter! Congrats on getting some new WfE recruits! How many of you will go see the movie together?

Tracy – Sorry about your daughter’s bball losses over the weekend. That’s the part of sports that I don’t like! Thanks for explaining Action Rob to Amy. Yes, Luta is the same one – the one who lived in Nashville for a time. Just let me know if you want to read the other 220 pages of the memoir! I’ve already seen True Grit, but hubs hasn’t yet. We love to see films at this theatre – cheap price and good popcorn with real butter, also cheap. The homework went OK, he read half of the play and hubs and I filled him in on the rest and then helped him pick out literary elements. It was just a one page reaction paper.

Marielle – Be careful not to be sunburned now that spring is here! That happens to you when you’re immersed in a good book at the beach....I really feel for you adjusting to summer time.... you’ll be just fine by next week.

Rachel – Well, I’m just a Myers Briggs fanatic – I love to “type” people in my effort to figure them out. I’m an ENFJ. Caryn know about it so I love to engage her in any MB discussion, although she has a love/hate relationship with the MB. We aren’t “professionals” although I suppose Caryn is by credentials, but maybe not in her current job. It wouldn’t matter if we were both PhDs in Psychology, you would still be able to enter a discussion with us!!! And Please do! I’m just thrilled to death that you and Tonise live so close to each other!!!

Amy – You may have misunderstood what I meant about helping my son out with his homework – he is so behind in his assignments for two reasons – he has to complete an addtional course online for just this quarter. It’s a lot of extra work added to his usual course load and 2) he was in the school musical which was Les Mis and he had lots of rehearsals and performances that interfered with homework so he got really behind. Anyway – remember cramming for tests and papers? That’s what he had to do for this paper – It was only a one page response to a “choice” book from the AP Literature list. I knew he wouldn’t be able to finish reading the play so I made sure I read it so I could fill him in on the ending and give him some suggestions for literary elements to write about. The online course is really driving us all crazy – it’s Health, a state requirement. Since he has always taken both a language class and a music class, he has never had room in his schedule to Health. The deadline for all assignments is Wednesday at midnight! It’s going to be a close one! What type of work do you do? I teach Adult Basic Education – English as a Second Language.

Caryn – I love your description of how you “interact” with the TV when you watch your Dawgs play. You’re right- you’d better not risk getting arrested in Houson! Sorry about the sinus headache! I know how that feels. Is it related to screaming your lungs out, perhaps? I have already seen True Grit and I loved it. I loved how the dialogue contains practically no contractions!!! Hubs hasn’t seen it yet, though, and will only go to cheap theatres – so when we saw it was at our favorite theatre we had to jump at it. It will be playing there a few more weeks, so we’ll try again next Saturday. I’m envious you’ve already been wearing sandals! Agree to disagree or actually I could just think we agree! I’ve always thought of really charismatic people as E’s. Thanks for the compliment via your post to Rachel. I can just picture you sitting in your “guest chair” doing the aforementioned “research”. I bought a copy of EW at the airport today, read it on the plane and then gave it to Lulu. Those pics are yummy and I love the interview. Better than the VF interview!

Tonise – I’m so sorry you are sick, sweetie! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you have to teach feeling like that! You are one committed teacher. You sound so uncomfortable! Poor girl. Sleeping sitting up sounds very difficult. On a brighter note – isn’t it cool that you and Rachel live near each other? You would think I could find someone from Minneapolis, wouldn’t you?

New Jen – I was just thinking about how much I missed you here at the Halfway House! You never have to have an excuse to why you were gone! Just jump right in and join us! I am surprised, however, that you haven’t accomplished much on World Peace, after all, you are attending a Unitarian church now!

Well, I’d better get back to Lulu and Co. Soon I’ll be going back to my B&B – I’m two hours ahead of AZ time, so I’m starting to get mighty tired! I hope to check in tomorrow.

Nighty Night!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by StellaBlueBella »

Tonise - I'd love to go see WfE with you! My sister in law lives in Madison so we were hoping to go see it at the Monaco in Bridgestreet. We should all meet up. I haven't gone to any of the midnight premiers... I was like 8.5 months pregnant when Eclipse came out and not awake at that hour, lol. I didn't know what Twilight was much before then.... Or I knew what it was but I thought I was too old for it, lol. Got over that!

Susie and Caryn - Well I dunno if I can add any insight to your MB convo or not. I just love this kinda stuff though. I have a Marketing degree but took most my electives in PSY or SOC. Of course by the time I hit the 300 level classes some people looked at me like a greedy capitalist badguy or that I must think their college was a joke - I mean how dare I take 300 level electives in their major - and they intended to show me otherwise. But oh well, it was worth the education. :D And I did have to bust my toosh in those classes btw. Anyway the point is, throw those courses in with some Consumer Behavior and a bit o' Mrkt Research and my brain is prepped and ready to love the people analyzin'. I don't get much opportunity now since I became a SAHM in Novemember.

So... What would you ladies think if I suggested that Rob may be a shy extrovert? They are often a totally misunderstood bunch, especially when attractive, and clearly he is - attractive that is, misunderstood, probably. (I am an ENTP btw.)

Amy - Yes ma'am. I am the proud momma of two little boys. One is seven years and the other is eight months. Glad to hear your weekend got better!

Thanks velvet409 - I will definitely need to make use of the names list on the first page. At first I was thinking... Well, I wonder how current that is? But duh, silly me. It's not like that info is likely to change any time soon, lolz!

SwanCullen - Good luck with your first o/s. Can't wait to hear more about it! Did you say it was for Fandom Fights Tsunami or did I just imagine that since it shows up on my twitter about every 30 seconds, lol?

Speaking of writing, I am supposed to be doing the WitFit daily writing prompts... Due by 12m Pacific. I haven't started yet but I am headed over to a lovely blank word doc now. As you all can see I am a natural born procrastinator. I justify this by the fact that I work best under pressure. 8-)

Adios mi amigas

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

Did everybody got a good start of the week? Yesterday was alright for me, I went skating again, this time to a shop so I could buy something to take with me to my work tomorrow for my Bday…I bought 5 kilo of sweets…hihi… even better I don’t have sore muscles from the skating…

Susie, pedi, hmmm, yep it’s nice to have girl time but I prefer a mani, I’m too sensitive with my feet and I’m giggling every time I got to the pedi.
You made it safely to Lulu’s…looks like you girls are having fun…
I didn’t get sunburned but between skating and reading I’m starting to get a tan!!! Seriously that vampire white skin of mine can actually take a color, I have finally prove that I’m not a vampire. (though, that’s a bit depressing, that means that I’m getting old…)

Volturigirl, sorry I still suck at the names, I’ll get it eventually…anyways, I’m always posting from work as well, it take me most of the time the first half hour of work…as long as they don’t know, they don’t mind…I need my Rob-crack to get started like everybody else seems to need coffee…sounds like spring has started at your place as well…everything is so much better when spring starts..

Caryn, I know that idea, when it’s a game day in Holland (soccer, major game for the Dutchies) then we are a sight as well, normally we go to the pub and watch, yell, curse and pulling out hairs…
I’m reading Eragon at the moment, I saw the movie a while ago and I noticed big holes in the story so I decided to read the book, I really like it so far…

Christina, I’m sorry you had rain all day, Mondays really suck when the weather is bad…it’s a bit weird because I associate Florida with sun…here in Holland we only had to small period of rain on Saturday, it won’t be long before people start to complain about the lack of rain…the Dutch always have to complain about something…

Tonise, I’m sorry you are sick…I can completely understand that you worried about the cause being the band and totally overlooked a normal sickness. I hope you feel better soon.

Lulu, wow, you are so pretty…I always like to see what people I only know only look like, most of the time my idea is completely wrong but with you I hadn’t even created a picture in my head…and reading EW, I bet you had fun with Susie…

OOOH boy, we are going to get so much new Rob-premiere pics, our guy is also attending the premiere in Paris, so that will be three confirmed premieres plus the ACMA’s …

Lately there is little BD news, although all the Volturi vampires are tweeting that they are done shooting, so I’m guessing that they are wrapping it up…I wonder how emotional the last day of shooting will be for the Cullen clan…

Anyways, I have to get some work done today…see you all later
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by lulu »

well now the secret is out that susie came to visit me too! isn’t she so sneaky? i saw her post this morning just now...hee-hee! i picked her up from the airport this afternoon and we had so much fun talking, getting pedicures, seeing her bed & breakfast, and coming here to my house for dinner and meeting the family. she fits right in here and was even loving to my two oversized dogs that sniffed and licked and definitely encroached on her space! susie just emanates cheerfulness. i was actually pretty nervous at the airport (i’ve never met an online buddy and only just started having online friends when i came to the halfway house last december!), but once i saw her and we said our first “hi’s” it just felt comfortable right away. she has this aura about her that makes you feel comfortable and cared about. –and she’s kept me talking! i’m already a blabber-mouth and she’s either too nice and too interested or sneaky at turning the attention back on me! probably both. :) i’m so excited for the rest of our time together, it’s been great!

susie—i know i will see you in the morning, so this is sort of silly because you won’t even be reading this until after we see each other tomorrow, but thank you for being so lovely! i loved your gifts and you are so sweet to have thought of my family too, this has just been so much fun! p.s. i adored that magazine article in EW of rob! i guess that was obvious though as you listened to me giggle for 10 minutes!

rachel—hi i’m lulu. not sure if we ‘met’ yet. i’ve seen you post in other places, but i’d like to officially say hi! our baby boys are really close in age! mine just turned 7 months 2 days ago. :) i did go to the eclipse premiere (i think i was 7 months pregnant), but my friend and i went a few days before and asked the manager if we could have someone stand in line for us due to our baby bellies. he said yes, so we basically showed up 30 minutes before showtime and walked right in to our theater and sat down at a great spot. it was so awesome! we should be pregnant for every opening night showing! haha! the kid that did it for us did it for the price of his movie ticket, which basically cost us each $7, and meant that he worked for like a dollar an hour. :LOL: and that reminded me of napoleon dynamite! “that’s like a dollar an hour?! gaaaaaaahhh!”

susie, caryn and rachel – my husband LOVES personality stuff. he listens to a lot of motivational books, money books, negotiating books, and whatever else he comes up with and he’ll research all over looking for more information on personalities. i do like it too, but his obsession to figure out exactly what he is kind of drove me crazy. finally he had a class in college that addressed it and (i’m not sure which method they used) we finally nailed down that he is “dominate, introvert, feeling: introvert, sensing, feeling, perceiving” and i am “dominate, introvert, thinking: introvert, sensing, thinking, perceiving”. is this the same as MB?

newjen—thanks for that pic with rob in tai’s mouth, i was wondering about that too! i agree, i have been loving seeing so much of rob lately. he is just so friendly, funny and likable. i appreciate that he makes me laugh.

tonise—your situation sounds nothing short of absolutely miserable. i’m glad you are so positive though because that’s the only way i can imagine someone getting through this week in your shoes! i hope you manage to find some relief somewhere. good luck!

christina—well, you’re just a little saleswoman aren’t you? :) i hope your friends follow through and read it and love it!

caryn—that was so funny reading about your spectating can i call it? couldn’t even be in the same room? ahaha!! wow, that’s intense. good for you!

volturigirl—you’re amy right? i live in a desert too. any chance that is arizona? i’m so sorry about your TWO er visits! wow, that sounds miserable. my nephew swallowed a wood screw (which is metal btw) and they did an xray and saw it there in his belly—so weird. he ended up passing it just fine, but it gave them a scare since they couldn’t do surgery to get it out and had to wait and see.

jaclyn—i loved the actionrob pics! did he win at mario kart? he’s supposed to be pretty speedy with a car... i also loved seeing your breakfast! it’s fun seeing food and wondering what the heck it is. :LOL: looks yummy though!

fi—i loooved seeing your pics of the the cottage and garden. how cute!!

well, i’m sorry i didn’t get to everyone, i am just soooo tired! so i’m going to go to bed but i hope to be more regular at posting again soon. good night!

EDIT: marielle you must have posted while i was working on it! you're so sweet, thanks :blush: and i know what you mean, i loved seeing susie's pics of meeting a bunch of you girls, it's great to put a face with the name! i have loved having her here--we have had so much fun together already! i also agree, i bet the final days of shooting BD will be melancholic for the cast. heck, they're melancholic for me!