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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:53 pm
by openfire
Evening folks,

Just checking in quickly...still no time to post pics sorry!

The kids are all now in bed, and I'm pretty knackered. They get up super early (the older ones; BabyE sometimes sleeps till 8 or 9 which is awesome!) even though they didn't go to bed unil almost midnight. They will still get up about half6..on a Saturday!! :o :lol:

Dawn - Wow great story! Thanks for sharing!

Raine - I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt :( I am thinking of you and your family.

Raine & Caryn Guy Fawkes Night comes from the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605. This was a group of English Catholics who tried to assassinate the Protestant King and replace him with a Catholic head of state. Guy Fawkes was the person who was left in charge of the gunpowder which was placed underneath the House of Lords, but it was discovered and he was arrested (and sentenced to death I think). November the 5th was then made a holiday (though it's not any more) and bonfires and fireworks were set off to remind us of this. You are supposed to put a Guy on the bonfire (just a dummy made up of straw, wood etc.). I think the film V for Vendetta is loosely based on the story. I used to know more about it, cause you learn about it at primary school but I've kinda forgotten now :lol:

Marielle - YAY for Rob, Kristen & Stephenie landing in Brazil!! No Taylor though right?? I hope not anyway... :P It's all really happening now isn't it? :D

Susie - Did everyone enjoy your soup?? I love homemade soup - yum!
Oh I did miss my Lex anniversary! Whoops :lol: Oh well, I'll celebrate my 2 years one next year instead Haha!

Oh and Ginnie and Susie, you should totally read Harry Potter!! It really is very good.

Sorry for the rubbish post but gotta run - goodnight!

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:22 pm
by BlueStarEgo
Hey everyone, just wanted to stop by and say hi. How was everyone's day? Sorry if you've mentioned already. I don't have time to read all the pages yet. You ladies really talk! :lol: I'll be back later this weekend to make a full response post.

My biology lab was canceled today! No 5am wakeups for me. I got a ride to my Psych class. The group I'm supposed to be working with - which is 3 people - looks like it's only going to be 2. This 3rd guy never showed up. But it's ok. I think me and my parter will do a pretty good job anyway. He's comming over tomorrow to put everything together. Looking around my room. It looks like I need to do some straightening up!

So, today is day TWO of my diet change. Desiree is completely amazing and deserves the "Most Amazing Person of the Year" award! She has been helping me a lot and I really appreciate it. I walked past so many glazed everythings at the grocery store this evening but I kept my focus!

I'm so happy I was able to get my mom a birthday present! It's not until November 27th, but, I thought I wouldn't be able to. I don't have my own income at the moment. So I'm signed up with Best Buy Reward Zone and when you spend a certain amount, you get points, those points turn into money you can spend in the store. This summer we spent an insane amount buying electronics and things to get ready for school and things. I got an email saying that I had a $15 certificate that expires 11/13/10. Today when my brother came home he wanted to take his laptop in because it's been acting up. I remembered I had to print the certificate. I had to spend the exact amount so I was able to buy my mom a Sade CD and a twix to make it an even $15 (no Desiree, I didn't eat the twix, although I wanted to. I gave it away). My mom LOVES Sade and it's her new CD so she's very happy. I gave it to her early because my mom doesn't really have any CD's of her own anymore, just my brothers music he keeps in the car - which sucks! We just got the car back from the shop this week so she really likes her gift.

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:24 pm
by velvet409
Good evening! I've been doing my best to at least read everything if not post but we really burned through some pages this week. We even got a new thread! By the way, lovely decorations ladies. So drool-worthy!

I've been MIA most of the week due to work being really hectic. I had a big project that had to be finished today and last night was the wine tasting party we throw for our clients every autumn so I was also helping with last minute details. We had a bit of a scare last week when it was discovered the caterers we hired had us scheduled for the wrong date and already had another event booked for our night. My boss was freaking out worrying that we were going to have to get some party platters from the local grocery store! Luckily we found a replacement catering company that managed to put out a great spread on really short notice. This was our 5th year having our party and we wanted to have a special venue, so we rented a local art gallery. The response from our clients was amazing; it was the largest turnout we've ever had! I think we'll definitely be using it again next year.

I think it was Desiree who asked if I was a mother. I'm only a mother to 3 calico cats, but they can get into mischief just as well as human children. :lol:

Dawn~ Welcome to the Halfway House! My name is Christina and I've been one of the lucky recipients of a visit from Susie. I met her and Ginnie just last weekend and it was fabulous. Ginnie and I live super close to each other so we can visit on a regular basis. As Caryn said, having actually met The Man himself grants you a special place of honor here. It's really cool that you've been able to meet so many members of the cast. And I adore Rob's voice as well; speaking or singing, it's all good. It was his eyes that first captured my attention though. I agree with you that what you see is what you get with Rob. It's one of the many things I admire about him. He hasn't fallen into the fake Hollywood routine; he's just a normal guy (albeit a beautiful, talented one) and he acts like a normal guy. RM is one of my favorite movies and I would have loved to have gotten a chance to see what you saw on the set. You've actually just inspired me to go watch the DVD again.

Chrissy~ I know you got my first PM but did you get my reply? And I'm glad that Desiree is giving you such good advice. :)

Marielle~ What fanfic did you get lost in?

Jaclyn~ We don't celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, but just like in your country there are idiots here who will use any excuse they can get to set off fireworks...and several of them live in my neighborhood. :roll:

Raine~ :cry: So sorry to hear about your family's health troubles and my prayers are with you and your aunt.

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:41 pm
by Susie
Evening, Ladies!

Tonight, Hubs and I have been watching an old Masterpiece Theatre tape (from my FIL) of "The Choir". Fun. Hubs and I both are such Anglofiles, we love anything English. That's why I love Rob. Now Sonny Boy's ready to be picked up from the Gala, and Hubs is the chauffeur. Perfect opportunity to get in a quick post!

Chrissy - That's great about your mom's bday gift. I can tell you she was probably very touched by it. I especially get choked up when my kids give me heartfelt gifts. My daughter sent me a scarf last year for my birthday and I was just grinning from ear to ear while wearing it!! My son got me a beautiful mug with a decorative "mom" on it and that had the same effect. About your classes - you seem to have lots of cancellations - how will they cover all of the material? I'm so glad Desiree's been helping you with the diet. She said she'd PM me her secret too! It's good to take care of the weight challenge now while you're young because menopause puts on at least 20 pounds!! :o I really enjoy reading your posts. You know you should feel good about what a remarkable person you are and that will give you the confidence to talk to people in person the way you do online!

- Having to wake up early 7 days a week is one of the biggest shocks of parenthood. I remember my daughter dear coming into our room at 5:30am wanting to play with my scarves....I believe she can sleep until noon now. Hubs loved the soup, as did I. Sonny Boys doesn't like squash very much, although he would be able to eat it if served at a dinner party. Still, I don't make him eat it - all the more for us!! Daughter dear loves it, but alas, she's at college. Just so you know, the reason I haven't read HP is because when it came out, my daughter read them all, but my son was still in his "difficult" phase and I was so busy dealing with him that I didn't have time to read the books. It wasn't because I thought they weren't good. I read half of the first one and I really liked it. I tried to pick it up again recently, but it was hard to get into it since I'd seen the movies! I feel so out of it now!!

Caryn - Pray tell, what did you have done at the salon?? I'm just wondering what rewrites you have in mind, Girl. Just because you have the X-rated version in your head doesn't mean Summit would do it!!! Still, pushing the PG13 limit would be good.....Imagine Rob and Kristen - after a hard day's work on the set, they get to go home and spend even more time together (to finish what they've started). Where will the "tension" be?? Seriously. Maybe they're purposely keeping them apart! Where will the sense of urgency be??? :lol: Oh yeah. They're actors. Good idea on taking over for SM on Sundays. Seriously, though, I trust her on this one. Do you believe the script spoilers on RAoR?

JennJenn - Yes indeed! That is one beautiful photo of Kellan!! I read a lot of the first HP book too. Then I was just too busy with my son - he was a real handful at that time. We have all the books here because my daughter read them all.

Christina - The wine and cheese party sounds like a huge success. I can just picture it in an art gallery. That initial catering company made an expensive scheduling mistake!! What did you wear??? Some little black cocktail dress? Or did you have to wear business attire?? You have to be careful or the clients will be hitting on you. I've seen what you look like!!!

I don't have any plans for tomorrow except to sleep in a little. Usually on Saturdays I try to stay around home and cook and do minimal cleaning. Hubs has been keeping up on the laundry, which is nice. He's a very good Househusband! I seriously need to clean my room - Since it's upstairs, it can be messy and no one ever knows!! I still haven't switched out my wardrobe from summer to winter. ...Blah, blah, blah..........

Nighty Night!!

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:27 am
by older_twilight_fan
Hello ladies!

Chrissy~ Good for you on sticking with wiser food choices. That's so hard to do this time of year, especially with all the bounty of Halloween candy, followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts, in addition to colder weather that can be somewhat of a deterrent from exercising outdoors. I'm sure your Mom will love her birthday gift, along with the thought and effort you put into choosing something especially for her. ;)

Marielle~ Have fun shopping Saturday—let us know what deals you find. I started rereading Deathly Hallows yesterday, but I'm having a little difficulty getting back into it, for some reason. I'm still counting down the days until the movie. I would also love to see Robward play piano again for Bella in Breaking Dawn, seeing as it was somewhat of an afterthought in Twilight. I'm still bummed they neglected to mention anything about “Bella's Lullaby” in the previous movies, especially the monumental fact that Edward actually composed a song for Bella. :shock: Thanks for linking us to the script rumors on the ROAR website. I usually stay away from those types of spoilers, but I'll probably have forgotten what I've read by the time November of 2012 comes around. I loved how the ROAR site referred to Isle Esme as “Isle Sexme”, I think it was. 8-)

Dawn~ Thanks for sharing your stories with us.

Jaclyn~ Thanks for the clarification on Guy Fawkes holiday. I actually remember that particular holiday being mentioned in a Remus/Tonks (Harry Potter) fanfic I've read in the past. I'm certain your niece and nephews have had a grand time with you as their hosts tonight, and hope you and your bf are able to get a little rest tonight. ;)

Raine~ Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family regarding your aunt's illness. Please let us know if you need anything, and know that we're always here with hugs, a shoulder to cry on, a little laughter, and Robcrack for distraction. ;)

Jenn Jenn~ Snow flurries already? We're supposed to be in the 20's tonight in middle Tennessee, and I'll be freezing my buns off at my daughter's soccer game in the morning. Hope you and the kids enjoyed Toy Story 3. We loved it, and thought it was a fitting conclusion to a sweet and wonderful story. The picture of Kellan you posted was :shock:

Susie~ I'm glad you enjoyed spending your Friday with Sonny Boy today. I guess you won't have too many more of those days....with just the two of you. ;) I'm sure you're having good soup weather right now and your homemade soup sounds perfect. I only wish that I liked squash in some other form than grilled or lightly stir-fried. I guess the mushier texture of it when cooked other ways just doesn't agree with me? I hope you and hubs enjoyed your time relaxing and watching movies tonight. I agree about the subject matter and tone of The Hunger Games being fairly dark in nature. As much as I loved them, I certainly can't imagine my daughter reading them anytime soon, as they would probably give her nightmares. Enjoy your Saturday around the house....those are the best kinds of Saturdays. Do you have much to do at home to get things in order before your surgery? Hopefully you'll have a little time for reading, Lexing, and posting on the laptop while you recuperate.

Ginnie~ I loved the Harry Potter parody with Train's song—that was too funny. :lol:

Caryn~ Hope you were able to get pampered a bit at the salon today. I loved the Chihuly exhibit as well, and wasn't familiar with his work until Susie and Missp came for a visit. While visiting his exhibit, we also watched an amazing video that showed the process by which he and his team prepared and completed his masterpieces. It was truly incredible and awe-inspiring. Glad to know you'll be taking over Stephanie Meyer's writing and executive producing duties for her on Sundays. Way to take one for the team, girl. :D

Christina~ Good to hear from you again. The wine-tasting event sounds wonderful and I imagine the local art gallery was the perfect venue for your party. I'm glad the other catering company was able to come through for you as a replacement at the last minute.....what a lifesaver. :) We don't have cats now, but the ones we had growing up certainly did manage their own kind of getting stuck in places they couldn't get out of, etc.

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:59 am
by marielle
Good morning girls,

Just a quick post before I have to go shopping…
We got my brothers friends over last night so I didn’t made it back in…

Desiree, 4 kids!!! I would go nuts I think…1 or 2 okay but 4…I’m sure you were dead on your feet after that…

Susie, No, I’m not shopping with my mom, she has to help my aunt this afternoon, I’m going alone to have some decent peace and quiet to look around.
My dad and brother are both still gone, dad will be back the second week of December and my brother around the 27th of November, 2 days before his bday…
My brother is doing really well on his first job, only today and yesterday they were sailing to Jamaica, with that hurricane around we don’t know how hard they’ve had it, so we hope to hear something from him in the next two days…

Caryn, I’m sure they will give Rob a few days to attend the first showing of his movie…I mean they will have Christmas and new years eve off as well, I’m sure that they won’t make a fuss about three days…

Jaclyn, hihi, I was bouncing as well…I can’t believe it’s finally starting

Chrissy, I hope you keep up with your diet…I hope you do have more backbone than I have…I suck at dieting…

Christina, I was reading Quil fanfic…it’s call Quil’s story, An early imprint…it’s the story about Clair and Quil, it is really good, I could actually see it as a movie…I’ll post the link for you tonight when I have time to search for the link…

Tracy, hihi yes I liked the Isle of Sexme idea as well…
I had a meeting about the HP premiere last night, we needed to arrange who would be driving and if we were going to go HP-crazy before we go to the cinema by watching all the movies…
No plans are finalized yet, though…

Well, I'm off shopping... see you all later

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:29 am
by vampirelover109
Hey ladies

I'm back internet problems sorted finally I've missed you all loads I will check back in later just wanted to say hello

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:28 pm
by openfire
Good afternoon folks,

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

We have not long taken the kids home. Now my bf is at work, and I am very sleepy that I am considering taking a nap on the sofa Haha! Tonight I am supposed to be going out with one of my friends but I can't really be bothered.... I will though, and I'm sure it will be good!

Chrissy - Sorry the 3rd person in your Psych group didn't show up... will they still get credit for doing nothing? I hope not!!
That's great that Desiree is helping you out with your diet - I agree with you that she is indeed pretty awesome!
I'm glad you were able to get your mom a present and I'm sure she really appreciated you spending your voucher on her!

Christina - Glad your work evening was a success! It sounds like it would have been a fun night. What do you do for a living again?

Susie - Aw sorry you weren't able to get into Harry Potter. I saw the first couple of movies before I read the books too, but when I started to read the books I really loved them (much better than the films, which I thought were pretty good but nothing great). I love how JK Rowling came up with so much stuff! I mean the Harry Potter Universe is just so vast... how one mind can make it all up kinda makes me get lost in thought :lol:
How did SonnyBoy's circus Gala go? Is this to raise funds for the circus itself?
How did you end up spending your Saturday? I never change my wardrobe from winter to summer LOL. I kinda wear the same clothes most of the year :? :lol:

Tracy - Sorry you're having trouble getting back into the DH... maybe you're just too excited about the movie?? I was going to try and read it again too, but I can't seem to tear myself away from Twilight fanfic... :? My bf has reread all the books though (he's just finishing up DH) in preparation for the movie coming out.

Marielle - I hope you had fun shopping today! Did you find anything nice?
What is it that your dad and brother do for a living again? Are they sailors?

Ann Marie - Hi! Glad your internet is working agian :)

Well I'm off to either read or fall asleep... maybe a bit of both :lol:

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:48 pm
by marielle
Jaclyn, No I didn't find anything.... I have been walking through stores from 10 till 3...I couldn't even find was terrible...I kept wishing for Alice, I really needed her help...

yes, my dad and brother are brother just started his job...he's in the Caribbean, my dad is a captain and he is somewhere in the neighbourhood of Singapore

Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:26 pm
by missp
Happy Saturday, Ya'll!! GAH!! Life is spinnning before my very eyes! RBELL (BF) is amazing... I'm loving having a man around who brings me flowers, tells me how beautiful I am and how much he loves being with me and misses me CONSTANTLY, makes me laugh, and listens when I talk! He met part of the family last night at the ball game for Brakeman #68. He was a hit. My mom told me later over the phone how good looking he is! :lol: We are spending lots of time together getting to know each other slowly. He has been married twice before and has two grown sons. He loves Bella, and Bella loves him. I'm having a bit of trouble getting her to leave us alone while he's here. She wants to be right up in his lap or right between us all the time. :? He has to work tomorrow and will have to miss the WEIGHT LOSS CELEBRATION, but I am fine with that because I had this planned long before he came along. He knows all about the lapband and has seen all the before shots. To his credit, he didn't run away screaming.

Funny story about the Twilight stuff with BF... We were in the store buying snacks for the ballgame last night when I pulled out my credit card/ID holder that SUSIE bought me with RPATZ on the front. "WHO'S THAT?" RBell asks! :lol: We'll be watching Twilight, NM, and Eclipse pretty soon. He knows I Lex and write/read fanfic. However, right now... the balance is out of whack. I haven't learned how to do it all just yet. ;)

I have read quickly over all of your posts since the NEW THREAD has been up, but I just don't have the time to do individual responses today. My party is tomorrow and I have to go to Wal-Mart and get all the food and come home to make cheese balls and punch. Then, BF and I have a Progressive Dinner to attend with our Sunday School group tonight. So, I've gotta get going. Ya'll have a great day!