New Information About Ancient Enemies: The Volturi

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New Information About Ancient Enemies: The Volturi

Post by Openhome »

We are allowing all character discussion to occur in the Sparkling Forum. The links by each name will take you to the character’s thread where you can post away!

Just remember to go to the final page before posting your thoughts.




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Re: New Information About Ancient Enemies: The Volturi

Post by marielle »

I was surprised that Caius was older than Aro or Marcus. I had always expected Marcus being the oldest of the Volturi and Caius the youngest.
it was a great surprise to see Caius being a vampire the longest but also being the oldest when he was changest...maybe my idea is influence by the movie (Jamie is of course the youngest by a mile) but still in the book Caius behaves like the youngest...
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Re: New Information About Ancient Enemies: The Volturi

Post by TeamBella76 »

I loved that Aro was watching Jane and Alec. And I also loved how those two received their powers. I just was so intrigued by them and how they got into power with defeating the Romanians I would love for Stephenie to write that war on the page. This was my favorite part of the guide.
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