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Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:27 pm
by Tornado
I disagree. While Edward was fighting with Victoria, he could keep tabs on Seth to some extent, but, as he was not required to intervene in that fight until Bella made it necessary, there's no way of knowing how split his attention could have become before he made a mistake. It's the same with the fight in the newborns. I'm sure he's aware of what's happening there, but he's too far away to do anything (what's more, they're doing just fine without him) so it doesn't effect his fight with Victoria either.

However, what happens to Edward when Jake is hurt is significant. He displays as much pain as the wolves. If this had happened while he was fighting Victoria, she may well have defeated him. So I think it's entirely possible that pain (and death) being endured by those he loved, as well as trying to keep tabs on a much more intense fight in which every member of his family were fighting for their lives (and some were dying) would have been far more distracting than the battle in Eclipse.


Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:34 am
by corona
I thought Edward did fairly good in that BD battle considering the number of people around. I'm not sure how the canon Edward would have handled that, I really don't, with so many people. I don't consider it impossible for him to keep all necessary tabs on, only Edward knows what the limits of his capabilities are. He didn't seem to have problems in that one scene in MS at the dinner table.

I think the biggest problem I had was with Eclipse, the battle was turned on its head in order to give Bella her cutting opportunity.

Yes, Edward totally dominated that fight. That EC film was the real travesty. His mind reading and his matchless speed make him EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. He is, in effect, another Demetri, but an even more versatile version, as Demetri's talent is used primarily as part of the Guard. Edward is suitable for either mind reading assistance for Aro or for Guard duty as well, he could do anything. Stick him in a pack with Felix, Demetri, Jane, and Alec, and they would be invincible.

And that came after a battle that never was in NM. I understand the reasoning for that and that Edward wasn't supposed to be on his game, but it is sort of a pattern that started taking shape in the movies, changes made for dramatic effect that coincidentally always seem to make Edward appear weaker or puts him in a bad light.

So, I don't think BD would have been too hard to take IF they had at least done EC right, a true canon Victoria battle where Edward's talents are on such obvious display. There may be some desire to see an Edward in BD that makes up for all of the past unfairness. Point taken, this is the LAST movie, so if it's not on clear display here it's lost forever.

Beyond that fight, I think Edward comes off very well throughout the movie, and is the best movie version of Edward I've seen. Little is taken away from him, and scenes are actually added that enhance his character. I'm not sure I've ever seen that before.


Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:07 pm
by Tornado
Yes, movie-wise, it's never a good thing to make the main protagonist appear too invincible, as it doesn't produce tension and angst in the story. It's not that they were trying to make Edward look bad because they thought he was too perfect, they were just trying to increase the audience's tension to make the movie experience more enjoyable.

I could always accept the fight in New Moon because Edward hasn't eaten for months. Also, fighting is Felix's gift, so even with a mind reading ability (especially since Edward's aim at that point is to kill Felix, not to get away) would not necessarily help him much. Even if he can anticipate Felix's moves, that doesn't mean he has the physical strength to overcome them, especially in his weakened condition. And, if the Eclipse battle hadn't come at the end of a movie that seemed determined to emasculate Edward, I probably would have shrugged it off. It's not inconceivable that even Edward would have trouble with two vampires attacking him together, and that was the only point he really looked like losing in Eclipse.

I thought he did well in the battle in BD Pt 2. He did not seem to be undermined too much. Sure, he looked like he was struggling at a couple of points, but he still came out on top. As I said earlier, mind-reading can only help him so far, and what SM has said suggests that he would have died in that final battle, had it taken place, so therefore, we must assume that his ability does have limitations in a battle that big.


Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 6:22 pm
by Violet Sunlight
Hello everyone, :wave:

Jazz Girl – I agree with you that Edward's mind reading ability were overlooked in BD2 and all the other films as well. Although, not as badly as in EC, but overlooked nonetheless. I never thought one non-gifted vampire (TW, NM, EC & BD2) or one wolf (BD1), could make Edward struggle too much, let alone put him on his back. I do, however, think 2 or 3 non-gifted vampires or wolves could take Edward out, but definitely NOT one. NM and BD1 was a little better to accept for me because I saw it as, if Edward had defeated Felix then other Volturi members would have taken Edward out and if Edward would have defeated Sam then other wolves would have taken him out as well. So I thought, better to have Edward seem weaker than he really is than the alternative.

Amanda Beth, Tornado & Naterpie – Re: BD2 vision-fight. I don't think in the fight Edward would be checking on Nessie. In the book, Edward kissed Renesmee goodbye and gave Jacob total charge over her, as did Bella. In BD2, once the fight started Jacob & Nessie would have been too far for Edward to read either one of their minds. Also after what happened in EC, I don't think Edward would opt to link up to the pack's mind in a battle again. I also think, the pack figured out a way to deal with someone else's pain. Otherwise, once Seth was in pain from being squished to death everyone mentally connected to him would have been on the ground too writhing in pain, leaving them vulnerable.

Also, I agree that it is canon to have Edward not be able to effectively listen to everyone's thoughts and effectively protect all his loved ones in a battle, but in BD2 book-Edward would've had NO problems reading Demetri's thoughts while fighting him and while also, keeping an eye on Bella and maybe one other person. Demetri looked like he was about to be defeated by Jasper, until the Volturi guard cheated. I also, think book-Edward would have shown more fury than movie-Edward did. He would have been a very effective killing machine. Although, it makes sense for movie-Edward to be put on his back by Demetri, after all movie-Jasper put movie-Edward on his back in EC, but it would never make sense for book-Edward to be put on his back by Demetri alone. I also thought it was canon-like for Kate to cause Edward enough pain to bring him to his knees when she touched him.

Lastly, I LOVED how Edward leaped out of the chasm and killed Demetri and LOVED how Edward & Bella killed Aro. But I hated the oh so canon-like demise that would have followed.


Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:16 pm
by Violet Sunlight
Greetings everyone,

Just saw some of the BD2 dance off scene. It looked cute and funny. Can't wait to see the rest of that scene and the BD2 dvd in its entirety NEXT WEEKEND!!! Yay!!!

Finally our twilight movie series will be complete. YAY!!!!

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