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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by CastMeNotAway »

Seeing it for the 2nd time in about 2 hours (and I saw it for the FIRST time this morning)

I really really really loved this movie! It wasn't perfect, but it was so much better than I was expecting and I was just so relieved with how it turned out! I can't wait to see it again and again! Bravo to the cast and crew!!!! :D

I am so excited now for New Moon!
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by BiteMeEdward »

I LOVED the movie. A definite thumbs up!

I think each member of the cast did an amazing job but I especially loved Billy Burke as Charlie, all the Cullens, Kristen Stewart as Bella, Taylor Lautner as Jacob and Micheal Welch as Mike. :)

I really liked how the music was incorporated into the movie and how the lullaby was played several times throughout. I thought the music selection was great.

The acting, as said above, was amazing and I really enjoyed how Twilight was a mix of multiple genres. I enjoyed the humor added to the movie, it just made it more enjoyable.

I also think the special effects were done very well. The sparkling looked amazing in the meadow scene and the fight scene was very realistic as was the baseball scene. :)

All in all, the Twilight movie was amazing. I will definitely be going to see it again. :)
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by plicb »

I loved it. I really loved it. I couldn't get anyone to go with me at midnight so I took the day off and went at 10 am in the morning with my sister who also took the day off from work. It was pretty good. I was a little worried about the 2 hour, hope there aren't any boring parts, cycle but I was very impressed. The movie went by so fast. I had read the book about a dozen times which I thought helped me understand the characters when they did certain things throughout the movie. I chuckled a bit. The scenes were gorgeous. The music added a lot to the movie. Excellent music picks. How the characters were introduced throughout the movie was perfect! Did I say I loved the movie!
My sister on the other hand did not read the book and loved it. She thought it was a great movie. She was glad that the characters were not very popular which made the characters believable to her. She says sometimes if you have well known artists portraying a part you have an impression in your mind of who or what they are. My sister then took her husband, daughter and son to the movie later that night. They all loved it and want to see it again. None of them read the book. My niece and nephew are actors and enjoyed the acting very much. Lots of great acting!
Thank you all, Summit, SM, and the rest, for your hard work and dedication to make this movie fantastic!
Can't wait for New Moon!
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by emurlee! »

You may have liked it, but I loved it. It was FRIGGEN AWESOM. I guess you can call me a twihard poser seeing as that i have only seen the movie once, but I am a student and can not drive. Thanksgiving break is coming soon, and I intend to watch Twilight to my hearts content. I have already purchased five movie tickets.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by heifergrl1 »

I LOVED IT SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see it a few more times before it leaves my area but I thought it was amazing!!!!!!! I want to own it now!!! I thought that the characters were cast very well and I loved the special effects...and that kiss...omg...I thought that they were going to take a quick trip to BD for a second was getting hot in there :D .

Oh the deliciousness!
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by vampkitten »

i like the movie alot, but i think it went too fast. like they didn't give the viewer enough time to digest what just happend it was like bam, bam, bam...i abosolutely loved the meeting the cullens scene tho i was laughing when i saw it, i just loved the faces that rob was making :D i hope with new moon they make it not only longer but have it more slow paced. other than it being too fast, it was an amazing movie i think they captured the essance of the book well although i would have like to see the blood testing scene haha that would have been soo funny :D
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by Hey There Elizah »

all i can say is deleted scenes, i hope there are a lot.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by Larka »


That's what I have to say. I wasn't in love with it, but I don't hate it. Honestly...the second time around is much better. I just saw it today with my boyfriend again for the second time and learned to appreciate the actors and director much more. Alas, there ARE still things that upset me, but the good outweighs the bad here.

For New Moon, I hope they do better.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by Jessa »

I adored it. It quite literally gets better each time I see it :)

I admit, the first time I watched it, things seemed rushed, disjointed, inappropriately comical and quite frankly a bit of a hot mess. Then I went to see it a second time and was able to really enjoy it. I think seeing it the first time was a bit like missing the forest for the trees; I was obsessing so hard over the similarities and differences in every tiny little detail to the book (it even bothered me that the kitchen cabinets weren't yellow haha), that I didn't give myself a chance to enjoy it.

The second viewing allowed me to put aside all expectations (now that I knew the extent of the changes they'd made) and look at it with a fresher, more open mind.

- I loved how it hit the ground running and never slowed down.
The actors were perfect.
- Kristen Stewart really managed to pull off a perfect Bella in my eyes. She was able to illustrate not just the depth of her feelings for Edward, but also her frustrations with his behavior at the beginning of the story perfectly. True, she seemed a bit out of it at parts, but if you watch closely, you'll notice that it was really her being Dazzled, not bad acting as some have suggested.
- Billy Burke was hysterical, and he did a fantabulous job as Charlie.
- And Robert as Edward. *happy sigh* I admit, when I first saw that he'd gotten the part, I was a bit cautious as to whether or not he could pull it off, but he did an amazing job IMO. His depiction of Edward's inner conflict of being drawn to Bella while at the same time wanting to stay away from her to protect her was breathtaking.
- And Tyler as Jacob. Oh my. I can't say anything further. I'm tongue-tied on that subject (in a good way)

I really enjoyed the other Cullens as well. Jasper and Emmett were hysterical, Alice was EXACTLY as I'd always pictured, and Rosalie was amazing. Carlisle and Esme were fantastic, and I loved the cooking scene! As much as I like when they stayed true to the book, that was a fantastic way to introduce the group dynamic as well as set up Rosalie's inexplicably strong hostility towards Bella.

Of course, I can't forget to mention The Kiss. *whew* That was probably the hottest scene I've ever seen in a PG-13 movie in my life. The pacing was perfect, the closeups rather than the wide shots (thanks to SM for that!), him pushing her to the bed and then throwing himself across the room and then struggling for control.. Flawless. I know a lot of people didn't like how he pushed her to the bed, and I understand that, since he never really kissed her like that until much later in the series. However, I think it was necessary because in the book, there's much more time to develop the whole "I can never lose control with you" and to illustrate that he really DOES want to be with her in that way, but that he's so afraid of hurting her that he can never let go. Had the movie's kissing scene mirrored their first kiss in the book, without any of the extra "temptation" scenes, it very likely would have looked as though he were repulsed by her enthusiasm rather than by his fears of hurting her.

As for the effects, I was actually pretty satisfied with them. The sparkles looked pretty much as I'd imagined them in my head. Let's face it, the man sparkles. There's no way to make a man sparkle that doesn't look either cheesy or completely over the top. I loved the subtlety of the effect, and I couldn't help but agree when Bella whispered that he was beautiful.

Was it perfect? Of course not. They took a beloved book, of which I have devoured every word and every sentence many times over, and condensed it down into two hours. They cut some things that broke my heart, and some of the tiny details that were "wrong" just SCREAMED at me. The cabinets in the kitchen were the wrong color, I didn't see a rocking chair in Bella's room, the volvo was wrong, Bella wore a jacket to dinner in Port Angeles, Esme SO did not look like she'd fallen/jumped from a cliff when Carlisle changed her, Bella was portrayed as a vegetarian (so his description of their lifestyle would appeal to her maybe? IDK), Edward's eyes were gold in the hospital scene, and c'mon, a SNEAKER with the prom dress??

But even with all of those things that bugged me, I loved it. I still love it. And I'm sure I'll continue to love it each time I see it in the future (which I hope will be often!).

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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by rachizhere_2008 »

I loved it. I saw it at the Midnight showing and Saturday. I'm going to go broke on this movie. haha I have to see it every weekend until it comes out on dvd. Speaking of....does anyone know the dvd release date??
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