Ashley Greene as Alice

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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by FreeFallin' »

I was surprised how much I liked Ashley's Alice. She didn't look exactly how I'd imagine Alice, but she acted like it, and that is what matters.

I liked how she twirled in the cafeteria and she seemed so positive and upbeat, how I'd imagine Alice.
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by threethings »

She acted good
She looked semi-like Alice
She was upbeat

She was to tall
She was not as pretty as Alice

That's what I think, anyway.
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by team.ALICE »

Oh my goodness.
I already thought she was perfect from the pictures.
But then she came on in the movie and I was like "HOLY CRAP!! IT'S ALICE!!!"
She looks the part, acts the part...everything.
My favourite casting choice by a long shot.
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by Ohs0sexyBella<3 »

I love her!!!! She was awesome...She did a great job in potraying Alice. I love the baseball scene where she pitches like she's dancing- it's so like Alice!!!;]
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by soozabooza54 »

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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by OnePerCentClub »

When I read the book and Alice was described, I thought it was going to be very hard playing her moves, her expressions and her serenity.
But Ashley did a great job. After Rob and Kristen, she's my favorite actor to be cast.
I love the way she says "Bella and I are going to be best friends". It's like too predictable that when you know that a character can read minds, you expect him to say some things. But the way she talked and moved, it was sweet and real.
I love Alice. I haven't read all the books (I'm just beginning Eclipse and read Twilight twice), but I hope SM explores her character more.
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by DarkMuse »

Ashley/Alice is gonna kick so much booty in New Moon. I can't wait! Stealing the car is gonna be so awesome. Lol. Ashley is so perfect as Alice. Love her!
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by -veiled- »

Stormy wrote:Ashley Greene is a perfect Alice.
The hair, the pixie like features, everything is just how I pictured Alice before I knew what she was actually going to look like in the movie.

She is definitely who I would of cast as Alice if I was the person with that job :)
Agreed! Ashley Greene seems like she has Alice's type of personality. You know, the hyperactive/quirky, but also caring attitude. Alice is one of my fav characters and Ashley WAS a perfect Alice.
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by freeml »

I think for me, the best thing about Ashley Greene was her voice!!! It sounded so much like how I thought Alice would sound, especially when she said: "Don't worry, you won't hurt her" to Jasper! But I liked everything else about her too (her hair, the makeup, her mannerisms, etc). I didn't really notice that she was "too tall" or anything like me, as long as she was shorter than the guys, it worked!
soozabooza54 wrote: ... 6&catid=19

great interview! :)
That was a good interview! It is so weird to see her with long, lighter hair! But she's so pretty. Haha, I like how she said Rob's life is basically over now because he's recognized everywhere he goes :) I think she'll be getting noticed a lot more now, because she's been doing interviews and photo shoots and all that out of character.

I just love her, and I can't wait to see her and Jacob have their little confrontation in New Moon, and stealing the car will be great...I bet Ashley's excited!
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Re: Ashley Greene as Alice

Post by Zombie »

Loved her as Alice. She looks exactly how I pictured her, and her voice (though it caught me off-guard the first time) was perfect for her too.

^Agreed on her pitching...I wish I could pitch like that!
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