Boys in books are just better

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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by HipsAndHearts »

Okay, my turn to post "my" boys.
Wesley(The Princess Bride)
Ian(The Host)
The Cullen Boys, of course.
Seth(Wicked Lovely)
Cedric Diggory for obvious reasons.
Gilbert Blythe(Anne of Green Gables)
Andrew Ryan(Deja Dead, Kathy Reichs)
I'll add more when I actually think of them.
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by Jessalyn118 »

1. Cullen Boys
2. Eduard (from Veronika Decides to Die)
3. Harry Potter
3. Ron Weasley
4. Peter Pevensie (the chronicles of narnia)
5. Cedric Diggory
6. Seth Clearwater
7. Rei Kashino (Mars)
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Edward Cullen

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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by deven »

ok. i will forever haved doomed relationships if i continue reading books with sexy sexy guys! my list has no particular order..except the book they are from
+ian o'shea (the host)
+jared howe (the host)
+edward cullen (twilight)
+emmett cullen (twilight)
+jasper hale (twight)
+zane (ulgies series)
+david (uglies series)
+frizz (uglies series)
+jace (mortal insturments series)
+simon (the mortal instruments)
+erik night (house of night series)
+loren (house of night series)
+heath (house of night series)
+roran stronghammer (inheritence series)
+and the list goes on.....
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by Lacuna Scion »

Okay... in the spirit of hugging literary characters:
  • All the Cullens
    All the Wolves
    The Volturi- (if I could ever get away with it, it would be so neat)
    Mr Darcy
    Batman- (not really a "book" but it would still be rad)
    Frodo and Sam
    Legolas- (because I wish I could walk on snow)
    The Weasleys
    Forrest Gump- (it is a book)
    Edward Ferrars- Sense and Sensibility
    Jay Gatsby- The Great Gatsby
    Phineas- A Separate Peace (he was such a rad kid; he had his own little world)
    Holden Caulfield- The Catcher in the Rye (if anyone ever needed a hug, he does)
    Atticus Finch- To Kill a Mockingbird (because that was one hell of a shot)
    Boo Radley- To Kill a Mockingbird (I kind of sympathize, in a twisted sort of way)
    John Paul Reynolds Abernathy IV aka JP- The Princess Diaries (specifically later volumes)
    Ponyboy, Soda Pop, Johnny and Dally- The Outsiders
That's all I can think of now. Some are because they could use a hug, some because they just rock, and some because I wish they were real.
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by x. Jessica-Louise .x »

Edward Cullen (duh?)
Landon Carter ( A Walk To Remember)
Noah Calhoun ( The Notebook)
Ian (The Host)
Gerry (P.S I Love You)
Chris (The Pact)
Romeo (Romeo and Juliet)
Mr Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

These are just a few of my favourites ;)
Edward, Eммεтт, Jasper, Seth, Ian, Jared,
Dιмιтrι, Mason, Peeta, Rhage, Heath, Erik,
Stark, Dαмεη...Boys in books are just вεттεя
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by CullensGirl14 »

They are definitely better, here's my list:

Edward Cullen (obviously)
Mistral (Laurell K Hamilton's Merry Gentry Series, possibly too adult for some of the younger readers on here)
Jace (City of Bones/Ashes)
Detective Andrew Ryan (Kathy Riechs, Tempe Brennan Series)
Wood (I can't remember his first name, but he's the griffindor quidditch captain in the first few Harry Potter Books)

That's just for starters, i'll have to add to it when i'm reading a book with a particularly perfect guy


Edmund Pevensie (Narnia)
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by Rainbowfairy »

Edward - Twilight
Jacob - Twilight
Hunter - The Wicca series
Cal - The Wicca series
Landon - A walk to remember
Noah - The Notebook
The main guy from The secret circle trilogy (can't remember his names, been awhile since i read those books)
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by ilovetwilight »

In no particular order:

Edmund Pevensie
Peter Pevensie
Ron Weisley
Cedric Diggory
Harry Potter
I know there's more but I can't remember them right now...
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by love_is_noise »

ok well this is a very long list of mine...
so i will star with teh cullens as they are obviouse!

ian-the host
jared-the host(i know he was mean to wanda but he was so protective towards mel!)
jamie-the host
harry potter
the weasly brothers-you cant not love them!
jim-the ruby in the smoke
sameth-lirael and abhorson
rupert-the secret countess
and alex rider-he is soo cool
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by SethisMine »

My friend and I were counting all of our crushes in books while at the ice rink a few days ago. I got to over sixty before my coach called me over for a lesson. :lol:
And my friend and I totally gush and fight over our favorite boys from books... it makes people look at us weirdly... :lol:
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