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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by jessicaNOTstanley »

Well, let's state the obvious: the baseball scene. I really think a large part of my love for this particular scene has to do with the music. Would it be as cool if something else was playing? Whoever picked the music did an AMAZING job. I listen to the CD through and through all the time.

I also loved the scene where Bella and Edward are walking into school together (the Ray-Ban scene). But my favorite scene is when Jessica and Angela tell Bella about the Cullens in the cafeteria. When Jessica says, "But no one here is good enough" and Edward has that cute little smirk while walking away... oh, I love it.

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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by shavei7 »

favorite scenes:

- bella's lullaby scene!!!! when edward was playing the piano...gawd

- kiss in the bedroom. c'mon.... you gotta admit that was intense. haha..."don't move." "stay very still"..

- prom scene --- very heartbreaking...bittersweet...and that song..Flightless Bird... I just want to cry..
"no one is giving up tonight. But I know what I want..." awww

- baseball...oh yeah... loved it when emmet and edward crashed mid air and edward was laughing...he doesn't laugh much in the movie so that was really cute

- when bella hit jacob with the truck door... that was funny

- when bella introduced edward to charlie and charlie was like ''..okay" and then he did that thing with the shotgun. LOL

- when edward sucked the venom and there was this flashback and pattinson's "let me sign" was playing in the background

- dancing to Claire de Lune. "i don't dance." "hmm..I could always make you.." I love his crooked smile there

- crash scene where he saved her. the look that he gave her...the way she looked at him...need i say more?

I saw this 4 times already. LOL....
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by Miss Cullen »

Baseball scene, hands down LOVED it! Especially the bit where Jasper hits the ball.....gawd he was hot! Loved the whole thing, definatley my favourite scene!
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by edwardisperfection »

ohhhh god how ****** awesome was the baseball scene? except that THEY STOLE MY SONG. (supermassive black hole) now i cant like it any more because people will just be like you only like it because its in the twilight movie.

another favourite scene of mine was the gun scene with charlie lol "bring him in" , priceless.

hmmmm there were heaps of awesome parts so many awesome lines and way too many to list here, a favourite of mine was "money sex money sex cat" also "that guy wasn't looking - oh wait he just looked"

except i cant believe they managed to stuff up the meadow scene AND the drive home from port angeles.


ive watched it twice now, its so much better second time around. when i first got out of the theatre i was just like what the hell, that was stupid, but now i actually really kinda like it :D
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by AlwaysforShaenEdward »

simonsays wrote: overall: i liked the movie but not kristen stewart at all..i really dont think she is a good actress at all, she was blinking and twitching the whole movie. but the movie was a decent companion to the book.
hahahahaha@ blinking and twitching im glad im not the only one who noticed that..and when she was talking to Edward about her hating cold wet things..i dont know if she stopped to swallow but it looked like she burped.
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by bite_me »

yeah kristen was really bad at acting, when she was leaving charlie I thought in the book bella was actually very visibly upset and crying and all that! But in the movie it just looked like she was desperately thinking of excuses not to stay, and i couldn't tell whether it was kristens or bellas bad acting.

omg, LOVED the baseball scene!!!! :lol:
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by twilightbelle<3 »


-When Billy and Charlie are talking 'slang', and he says..."Im down with da kids" and Charlie is like, "Oh yeah, you're da bomb."

-When Bella opens the door and hits Jacob.

-When Bella is telling Angela that she is a strong, independent women, and Angela is like, "I am?" and Bella is like, "YES."

-When they are cooking for Bella and either Esme or Rosalie says..."Here comes the human!"

-When Alice and Jasper come into the kitchen and she goes to kiss Bella on the cheek, and Alice is like, "Woah, you do smell good!" and Jasper has the look on his face, and she is like, "Dont' worry Jasper, you won't hurt her." and Edward like, rolls his eyes, and he is like "O-okay, I am going to take Bella on a tour of the house" XD

-The lunch scene where Jessica is telling Bella about the Cullens, and she is like, "Cause nobody here is good enough" and Edward smirks!...

-The whole friggin movie...
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by CastMeNotAway »

bite_me wrote:yeah kristen was really bad at acting, when she was leaving charlie I thought in the book bella was actually very visibly upset and crying and all that! But in the movie it just looked like she was desperately thinking of excuses not to stay, and i couldn't tell whether it was kristens or bellas bad acting.
I'm 90% sure it's supposed to be Bella's bad acting, not Kristen's ;) But I do admit, I always imagined her being MUCH more convincing when she leaves in the book.

I'm not the biggest Kristen fan in the world, but I've seen the movie 9 times now and she's grown on me... She just needs to stop breathing so heavily and blinking too much :lol:
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by TeamJacob! »

Saw it yesterday and absolutely loved it!!!! So much better than I expected.
Loved the start it was soo funny and the ending was so intense.
My fav bits have got to be baseball scene!! OMG when jasper is filping the bat and with the background music *DROPS DEAD* never really had a thing for jasper but DAMN :o :shock:
Also when bella goes to meet them and the whole is she even Italian and emmets like "yeh, here name is bella' Any bit with emmet really was hilarious.
And of course Edward walking with his sunnies... :shock: :shock: and he was like 'might as well enjoy it I'm going to hell anyway" lol
Lastly i thought mike character was funny and charlie was awesome.
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by megametal »

My favorite scene throughout the entire movie would have to be the scene right before Bella is saved by Edward. She is leaning against her truck. I love the song, Eyes on Fire, By Blue Fountain. I don't know. I like the way that particular shot is done. Especially the way Edward is looking at Bella. It's so simple, but so moving.

I also really enjoyed the Baseball game scene. Once again, partly because of the song, Supermassive Black Hole. I think the way Jasper handles the baseball bat is pretty sweet.

I have a lot of favorite scenes, because I have seen it three times, going on four this Saturday.

I was reading the first book while I saw the movie, so it was really interesting to compare the differences.
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