True Things ~ Third Round

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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by nissanmama »

Truth: I'm trying to convince myself to go to spin today.
Truth: It's a Forks day.
Truth: I'd rather just stay in and read DH #8.
Truth: I still have a ton of laundry to do.
Truth: I hope FS gets into a good college.
Truth: I hope we can afford it if he does. ... directlink
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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by Wingtear »

truth: if they replace Taylor I might seriously refuse to see New Moon
truth: someone posted the intended replacement guy
truth: he creeps me out, he looks sleazy
truth: I still get the shivers thinking of how Taylor said "Does me being half naked bother you..."
truth: in a not appropriate way for my age
truth: I'll go shower now
truth: and read some of the Host
truth: and try to calm down
truth: Summit! DO NOT MESS WITH MY WOLF-BOY!!!
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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by CauseofEdwardIlove »

Truth-It looks like Forks outside....Minus the beautiful Cullens!
Truth- I am in serious need of a caffeine fix!
Truth-all the noise in this house it getting under my skin...I need some silence!
Truth-I have mixed feelings about them replacing Jacob
Truth-I am in the mood to chat but no one on my buddy list is online :?

OH OH OH TRUTH....My Twilight t'shirt just came in the mail WOOOOOOHOOOOO
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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by pallorxmortis »

Truth: I work another 3-11 shift today.
Truth: I don't know if I work Sunday, will find out today.
Truth: I want to go to Canada this weekend.
Truth: It is a beautiful normal Seattle day outside.
Truth: It is supposed to snow this weekend.
Truth: I just got out of the shower.
Truth: My day starts late usually.
Truth: I hate Christmas.
Truth: Retail work sucks and the glitter is driving me crazy.
Truth: It's like 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' all over again.
Truth: My mother gets her hip replaced in four days.
Truth: I'm almost done with Christmas shopping.
Truth: I'm gonna watch Dr. Horrible again
Truth: America's Emmy-nominated Neil Patrick Harris is SO sexy.
Truth: I'm uber depressed that he is gay.
Truth: Even though I do love the gays.
Truth: And yes, he demands that people call him 'America's Emmy-nominated Neil Patrick Harris.'
Truth: At least he would like it.

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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by StupidxLamb »

Truth: It has been raining for days here!
Truth: It is seriously bringing down my mood
Truth: I haven't bought any Christmas presents yet...
Truth: I need to go shopping SOON
Truth: David Archuleta is my new man love
Truth: I love Sidney Carton from A Tale of Two Cities
Truth: The homework that I have tonight is simply ridiculous
Truth: I am getting my hair cut on Saturday!!
Truth: It's going to be about 5 inches shorter with a lot of layers (yippee)
Truth: I feel like painting my nails black :geek:
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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Truth: The most ironic thing in the world just happened.
Truth: All Time Low... is playing at a CHURCH!
Truth: I wish I could go, its a 40 person maximum & its gotta be amazing, its a hometown show.
Truth: My mom is trying to plan a vacation & if it works out, I will get to see Sing It Loud, Hey Monday & All Time Low (SIL hometown show!)
Truth: I will have the best bday ever if that happens - Id probably abduct my friend to go with me.
Truth: ^That reminds me I need to check tour dates & while Im at it, I'll look up the AUS dates for Kate.
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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by a_n_n_a »

Truth: I have no school tomorrow!
Truth: Last night I talked too late on the phone and am quite tired now.
Truth: It's the Christmas episode of "The Office" tonight!
Truth: Yesterday a friend told me that I'm basically their best friend.
Truth: The above made me so freakin' happy.
Truth: I need a snack.
Truth: I'm wearing my hand-knit hat.
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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by porscheturbo911 »

Truth: I haven't been on the Lex for two weeks!
Truth: It felt like forever.
Truth: School has been such a pain in the butt :(.
Truth: I can't wait for Christmas break!
Truth: One more week until school's out for the holidays!
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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by wildroses »

truth: this thread is almost over
truth: i'm stressed about exams
truth: my history teacher angers me
truth: my computer is annoying me
truth: i'm not hungry
truth: i need to repaint my nails
truth: i want to read new moon
truth: i'm reading breaking dawn
truth: i want to get new music
truth: the tv is too loud
truth: there was a food fight today
truth: i got hit
truth: chemistry is not my calling.
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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by Lynzeee »

true- i am tired
true- i am talking to my home girl
true- i hung out with Bestie today
true- i paid my horrible Electric bill
true- i want to READ V's book.
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