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One Wish

Post by Pel »

I'm just curious...if everyone could have one wish, what would it be? For me it would be able to transform into any animal at will. I would transform into a wolf most often Wink

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Re: One Wish

Post by FrostyJasper »

i would wish that i could live forever

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Re: One Wish

Post by cutesweetiezzz »

*close eyes* I wish to have my own personal Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. <3 That's all I need, that's all I want.
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Re: One Wish

Post by jacob-rox-my--sox »

i want a horse..really badly
and a library
and most of all
i want a superpower--dont care what

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Re: One Wish

Post by VampireKnight »

My one wish would be to fly. Nothing would ever hold me back.

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Re: One Wish

Post by princess_sparkle »

I would wish for the power to actually do something which would change the world for the better.
But if I could have another wish, I would wish for Fanlib to reopen.

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Re: One Wish

Post by urcoolcarrie »

i wish i could have my own edward anthony masen cullen, a million dollars to spend on clothes, a horse, and a brain that knew everything in the world so that i could breeze through high school.
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Re: One Wish

Post by nissanmama »

I think my answer would change daily. Today it would be that a certain member of the Football Parents Board would suddenly have to move away this week and never come back. ... directlink
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Re: One Wish

Post by ShoeSmut »

For a computer that would never bork out on me and work extremely well and never get viruses and quiet. With that I could do anything else pretty much.
If for some wack-job reason that wasn't allowed I'd ask for a dictionary that continually updates itself, an anagram, palindrome generator, an etymology journal (for myself to fill in) and tips on making ambigrams.
If that's impossible, the ability to concentrate on schoolwork and as a result have better grades.

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Re: One Wish

Post by Macy! »

I wish I had fairy godparents...that way I could have anything, whenever :P

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