The fashion thread

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The fashion thread

Post by Pel »

What current styles and designers do you like? What's hot and what's not?
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by Crooked_Rose »

I'm so excited!

Pea coats are still in style! ;D

Oh yeah, and that I got some new DKNY glasses.

<3333 I can't wait for the fall/winter clothes.
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by nicalyrenard »

a peacoat done right never goes out of style, it may not be the hottest trend but its a classic look.
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by luv_edward_cullen »

I love hoodies.
Hoodies and skinny jeans. That's what I usually wear.
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by catieolacullen »

I love peacoats. Last year they didn't have many and the one's I did manage to find were a fortune and weren't my size, so I gave into the furhooded coats. I really hate it. And my Father picked up the wrong size. So it was a like large while I'm a small-medium. And ugly. I'm getting a peacoat this year, I'll pay for it on my own if I have too. Haha, all I know is I'm not wearing that thing again!

I also like sundresses. But I normally just wear jeans and a shirt/sweatshirt.
But since it's warmer now I've been wearing shorts and a flowy tanktop/t-shirt.
I really dig skinny jeans! I always wear flip flops, converse/chuck taylors, or some sort of flats.

But I hate shopping for jeans, because I have really big hips/waist and I'm short so I have to get like 7s or 9s and then hem them at the bottom! Such a nuisance!
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by kvampireloverr »

:D well i'm super happy that fall is coming because the fashion is great.i love love the multicolored coats that range from red to yellow..etc i think that coats are totally cute and sophisticated.Lacoste's fall collection is amazing,their main colors are red, yellow, and gray and toguether they are truly amazing.
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by loverboyis »

Givenchy Fall 08 collection was one of my favorites this year, I absolutely loved the dark elegance and chic stlye, keeping the Givenchy name proud I gotta' say.
And Stella Mccartney, her tailored silhouettes never seem to fail, plus that lovely black laced dress .. so softy done yet so wearable; kill to wear anything by her.
Hmm, Fall is always a good excuse for new shopping :)
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by VampireKnight »

I love hoodies too!!! I buy one or two every year and now I have a whole closet full. 8-)

I want to get my hand on some leather leggings this fall. I saw some in my Teen Vogue magazine and I was like, "Mine!"

Plaid seems to be trendy this fall, but I mostly wear jeans and a t-shirt.
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by srabrgr »

YES! A fashion thread, I am so glad I found it, this is so my new posting home :D.

Anyway, is anyone besides me getting a bit tired of the whole 70's plaid trend? It is driving me insane! I am not anti-plaid by any means but WHOA BABY, plaid it taking over :shock:
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by Venecettia »

Lets see, I like:

Skinny Jeans (multiple colors)
Ballet flats
Colorful Nikes
Big sunglasses
Pretty sundresses
Tons of hoodies
Long coats

I guess those are my main clothes, there are more.
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