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Light Heart
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by Light Heart »

My favourite scenes are:

:arrow: The baseball scene, I laught a lot with it specially with Emmet
:arrow: When Edward played the piano, I loved this scene *-* and the lullaby was great
:arrow: The scene in the Studio of Ballet
:arrow: Kissing Scene, I cryed with this :)
:arrow: And the lion and the lamb scene ,it was so beautiful *-*
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by CrazilyObsessed024 »

I love the scenery throughout the whole movie. It is so gorgeous.

My favortie scenes were: in the kitchen when Emmett waves the knife at Bella, when Edward says "as long as I'm going to hell" and puts his arm around Bella with the b.a. music in the background, the baseball scene is pretty cool (thanks mostly to the music) up until Jasper says "oh I think we can handle that." then it goes downhill, and...... hmmm..... can't think of anything else at the moment....

Any scene with Eric or Charlie I liked, other than when Bella is leaving Charlie :cry: so sad.

But those two are really funny so I enjoyed any moment with them.
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by mixie »

I just saw the movie again today and it was even better the second time !!!! I love the entire movie so it's really hard to choose my favorite scenes. But the "so the lion fell in love with the lamb" scene was just so beautiful! And in the one when they arrive to school together and everyone's staring Edward is just so freakin hot !!!!
I enjoyed the baseboll scene too, it was so much fun, and of course the kiss and prom scenes.. Aah I wanna see the movie again, and again and again ..
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by Niinella »

It might be just me, but scenes I enjoyed the most were..

- All of the Charlie scenes. Seriously, Charlie was hilarious.
- The err.. field trip (?) with the biology teacher & Edward & Bella's conversation there. It was cool, the mood was just right.
- Bella & Edward walking in the parking lot when people stare at them and Edward goes like, "as long as I'm going to hell.."
- Emmett waving with the kitchen knife. Dude, you were supposed to be making Bella feel comfortable, right? :roll: :mrgreen:

There were other hilarious scenes too, but these were just stuck on the back of my head.
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by fafou32457 »

like everyone i LOVED the whole movie. all the scenes were my favorite. but when i watch the movie i always go to my three favorite scenes. my utmost favorite scene is the cafeteria scene. OMG!!!!!. you're sitting there in the movie theater or the computer chair and you see bella turn around and that bright white light show up and the cafeteria door opens and first walks emmet and rosalie, then alice and jasper, and finally the main man MISTAH EDWARD CULLLEN

when i was watching that scene i was literally melting in my seat. my body just slithered to the floor. i love that scene so muchhh. everytime i watch the movie i immediately go to that scene. i think they depicted the cullens appearances very well. the way they showed how their faces were much more paler than everyone else, and how they depicted them to be much more beautiful than everyone else. that scene should definitely have a spot on the top 100 scenes that make your heart melt :D [if they even come up with that category].

the second scene is the baseball scene. i like it because its so light hearted [that is untill james and his posse show up]. everyone's having fun and joking around and smiling. and jasper finally looked normal instead of looking in pain all the time. but overall i really like that scene

the last scene that's my favorite is the scene where bella goes to edwards house. honestly that scene wasnt going to be in one of my favorite favorite favorite scene. [it would just be my favorite favorite]. i liked it mostly because of emmet and rosalie. they made it so funny. i was ROFL. :lol: . the moment before bella arrives, rosalie's said you're making italian food, is she even italian? and emmet goes "her name is bella isnt it". i was dying at that point . i mean when you tell its not as funni as when you watch it. emmet expression is hialrious. he's so silly and cute. and the part where bella walks in is funny only because they smell her and rosalie says"here comes the human" in that scarcastic and bitchy tone. it wasnt really funny but it still made me laugh
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by Alessandra_ »

I think I have two, but probably more :)

- the baseball scene. I like that it's lighthearted and fun and I adore Esme in that scene.
- and the '... I'm going to hell' scene. To me, it's the most like Edward and Bella as I imagine them. I think the awkwardness between the characters at the beginning of the film is good and true to the book, but I feel like Bella is more playful and sarcastic in the book than in the film.
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by Oh Rosalie! »

my monkey man "baseball scene"
is she even italian? "meet the cullen family"
why, who is she to me? "bella escaping from james' wrath"
and the prom scene :D
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by MrsJamieCullen »

When edward and bella walked through the parking lot and everyone stared was def. my favorite part. It gave me such a good feeling like they were the couple that i grew to love so much in the books.

<3 Jamie
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by Alessandra_ »

I just wrote something about the 'meeting the family scene' but my internet died...


Edward is adorable and so meeting-the-parents awkward, and Jasper's accent is just lovely :)
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by Babygirl67 »

kissing scene it was hot :)
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