Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by Kohtakumi »

While my favorite conflict of the series will always be Jake x Bella x Edward, I also liked the struggles/conflicts that resided in Jake's Book. They're alot more fun coming from Jacob so I suppose all conflicts sound funny and interesting when coming out of his head as I'm they would out of Edward's. Not to mention the blond jokes...always good. Then again...I love a problem and complication anyway I can get it. ^0^ :D ^0^
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by heatherxdawn »

it may not be a huge struggle or conflict, but I was surprised by Renee's reaction to Bella telling her she was getting married. It was something Bella was dreading, and it turned out that Renee was really very happy for Bella. I just thought Renee would react like Bella had imagined.

i was shocked, but glad that Jacob showed up at the wedding. I knew he would, but still. It was funny when he got all upset about Bella having a "real" honeymoon with Edward.

There was a lot of stuff packed into this book. I think thats why the majority is upset that its all over with, and many people rejected it. Bella didn't linger on things like normal. It was kinda snippy.

All in all, the conflicts in the book was amazing. The stand-off with the Volturi was so intense. I was flipping pages and sweating. Especially when Edward went across the field to talk to Aro. I was so proud of Bella though. Like a momma to Bella I couldn't help but smile that she was able to stand up and protect the people she loved the most. It was amazing!
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by *Bloodlust* »

heatherxdawn wrote:i was shocked, but glad that Jacob showed up at the wedding. I knew he would, but still. It was funny when he got all upset about Bella having a "real" honeymoon with Edward.
It was definitely shocking when Jake showed up at the wedding. That was something I didn't see coming at all. As for his reaction to the idea of Bella and Edward having a "real" honeymoon, it felt a tad bit overdone and even slightly irrational. We know he was already on a high emotional edge, so when he flipped out, it wasn't surprising. But it just felt strange that of all the things for him to utterly lose it on, it would be that. Why didn't go crazy on all those other times when Edward could have killed Bella? I guess I can see why, but at intense emotional level he was on, I just felt maybe he shouldn't have come to the wedding at all, just like I didn't think Bella should have found out about Jake imprinting on Nessie as soon as she did. However, for both situations, there really was no other option.
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by mlola619 »

Being 17, i really did enjoy all the various conflicts that were portrayed in Breaking Dawn. At an age where obviously much is at stake- like college decisions, knowing you will soon leave home, and still discovering who you are as a person as well as deciding whether the friends you have will influence you positively or not- i loved how SM came to allow each of the character's conflicts to be realized. For example, Jacob's POV was exactly what i was waiting for. At the end of eclipse i was so broken-hearted for Jacob, being that he had lost his love, Bella. The simple fact that we were able to get into his head and listen to alot of the conflict he had to endure really allowed me to feel connection with Jacob. I've always loved Jacob, so being able to get inside his head this time was a real treat.

With Bella, though her conflicts were much more mature (with having a child) i still felt a connection with her. As a matter of fact, i was so attached to each of the characters in the story i couldn't help but understand what Bella was going through and the conflict she was enduring. Along with knowing Edward was suffering, but still not wanting to give up her child- i understand completely. Because to be honest i'm totally against abortion; but not just that, i felt Bella's connection & love for her child. Your child is apart of you, no matter what it is it will always be the most important thing to a person's life- and the thought of ever taking their life away is devastating and nonetheless out of the question for any parent in my opinion. So the fact that Bella wanted to protect her child, even if it meant her own life really just made total sense to me.

All in all, i thoroughly enjoyed how SM was able to show the character's conflict, and i really enjoyed how i always felt for them- as if they were real people...
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by dragonrider713 »

heatherxdawn wrote: i was shocked, but glad that Jacob showed up at the wedding. I knew he would, but still. It was funny when he got all upset about Bella having a "real" honeymoon with Edward.
I wasn't shocked at all when Jake showed up. One of my theories was that he was gonna crash the wedding.
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by Aubrey Carlson »

There may be struggles and conflicts as previous members of the forum said, but I didn't notice any.
I'm sorry to say that, but many of those of conflicts weren't believable, at least not to me. C'mon people, did it really matter which decision Bella made, since everything was going to be happily ever after? Whatever Bella decided there weren't any consequences of her poor or good decision. I know that if decided to marry tomorrow my parents would kill me, and that wouldn't change even if they saw how my love was true. There is many things to consider beside true love.

And in the end I'd like that Volturi killed some of the main characters in story. That would bring up some more serious and realistic struggles. For example, how would Bella live without Edward, Jacob or Renesmee.
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by smurnane »

I connected more with the character of Bella in this book than with any other. As a mother myself I can attest to the strong, unbreakable bond that you have with your child from the moment that you realize that you are pregnant. I could understand how she would do anything, including lose her own life, to protect her daughter.

I wish that there had been a little more to the ending with the Volturi. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of a fight between the Volturi and the Cullens. The build up to that part of the book was done well.

I also loved Bella's reaction to the imprinting. I laughed hysterically when I read that. I thought she was going to kill him.
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by Nightvision »

I have to go with Jacob's conflict throughout the entire book. I mean from a guys perspective you understand him completly on why he feels the way he does. I wasnt suprised he showed up at the wedding, because I knew he wanted to be there for Bella, but when he thought of her and Edward alone doing married things he snapped.

Plus the Alpha scene was just something that will always be a favorite part of mine. Having the urge to turn against a friend when you know he's wrong is never easy. Especially when that decision leads to you sleeping with your former arch rivals.
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by BreathelessVampire »

My favorite parts of the book are:

1)The 1st chapter till after the honeymoon.
Its was really cool that Esme had an island of her own. I love the wedding so much, I could even imagine it myself.

When Bella and Edward got their cottage.

The cottage was really beautiful in my imagination. Like my dream home. Woah.

3)The conflict of the story:
It was really cool to see vampires around the world gathering all in one place to protect their friends from harm.

Bella gave me a reflective thought of what people would do for the sake of their loved ones, like Edward, Renesmee, Jacob and the coven. What she would do to protect them from harm. She's amazing.
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by trhmllr »

I love all the book...As everyone has said I love Bella's reaction to Jacob imprinting.
I love the reactions between the Cullen's now that Bella is one of them. I love how Jacob and Rose are together. The dog bowl!!!!!!!!!!!! Blonde Jokes.
The vampires (vegetarian and not) coming together to fight a common enemy was great. The Volturi scene was great. I wish some fighting would have broke out, just so we could see them in action. But the building up waiting for it to happen was just as satisfying!!! I liked to see Bella learning to master her powers.
I liked how the wolf packs separated but later came together. They weren't the same but they still had that bond. It makes you wonder if/when new wolfs come where will they join. I know Jake said there weren't two packs, that even the ones who joined him should go to Sam, but will they have a choice?
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