Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

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Re: Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

Post by ashleygill03 »

I bet Emmett would have got them a very interesting 'gag gift' just to be funny because he's Emmett.

The cottage was kind of a gift from everyone, and I love that it came fully stocked with clothes.

i wonder what would have come from Rosalie... ???
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Re: Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

Post by edward x lover »

I think from Esme and Carlisle:
-her island for their honeymoon
-a research book for Edward because he is so into that kind of stuff
-for Bella I think they would have given her the wedding even though Alice planned it it is their house and all

From the pack
-Jake showing up for one
-from Seth something thoughtful for Edward like a watch for something for his fav car bc they are such good friends. for Bella maybe jewelery something simple because she doesn't like to show off

From everyone else (humans)
-kitchen appliances
-generic stuff like that

I think Edward would have given Bella something over the top but really lovey dovey and sweet:
maybe a trip for the two of them to an exotic place Bella has always wanted to go or a trip to see Renee something like that
And I don't think Bella gave anything to Edward because that isn't how she is
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Re: Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

Post by Megsimadic »

Bella gave Edward her mind...eventually...belated gift shall we say
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Re: Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

Post by Dont_Call_Me_Nessie »

I just hope they didn't end up with 3 fondue sets... talk about a waste.

I wonder if they had a registry? Seems like something Esme would have thought of.
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Re: Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

Post by »

I can't see them having a need for a registry, but maybe they got one just for their human charade.

And the cottage was Bella's BIRTHDAY gift. At least I'm pretty sure. She got it on her brithday and its purpose was to be a birthday present. It was not a wedding gift.
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Re: Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

Post by taltosgirl »

Knowing what I do now...I would get Bella on the BC...that's probably not the most PC thing in general, let alone for a wedding present...but hey...

And if i was just being a dear friend and trying to get them a super-awesome-funtime present...(and had unlimited funds...) I would buy them a huge plot of the rainforest. Because? you ask... well...
Bella could feel she was in charge of protecting something (which she LOVES to do...) AND it would be sunny and hot...which Bella likes, and it rains everyday, but not for the WHOLE day and Edward could have a whole new type of game to hunt. AND, he could just dazzle and dazzle and dazzle, and sparkle all over the place all the time! hooray!
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Re: Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

Post by Jessi »

I think that Angela would give Edward and Bella a picture frame for their wedding photos. She is shy and endearing and that seems like a sweet gift.
Mike and Jessica would probably not give a gift.
Lauren might send some coal...
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Re: Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

Post by inlovewithmyJasper54 »

I bet the human friends would get the new married couple all the normal things like dishes, glasses, candles, etc. but I bet the vampires would get them an island, boat, plane etc. and the werewolves would get them perfume! lol :lol: I crack myself up.... hahaha jk
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Re: Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

Post by darkrider »

waiting for a meteor wrote:I bet some of the pack (Quil probably) could not resist sending this book ... ptsbyd.jpg

Emmet probably got them tickets for a dangerous outdoor trip.

I actually laughed out loud at that one twinnie!
That's a great idea! LOL Even if it would just be a sploof gift. ahah

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Re: Wedding Presents for Edward and Bella

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

Ahhaah. I bet their human friends gave them toasters and blenders and such. :D
Isn't that great? Kitchen supplies for vampires..
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