The Cast on the VMA's

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The Cast on the VMA's

Post by Cocoa »

Discuss the cast appearence on the VMA's.

I for one thought that dispite the circumstances Taylor was superb in delivering his lines.
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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by samajama »

Yay! First post!

I didn't know the cast was going to be on the VMAs. I was watching and all of a sudden I heard that the cast was going to be on and I flipped out! So I saw them and I was very excited. They all looked beautiful, as usual. I was upset that the host cut Rob's line off, though. Each actor had a line, and delivered it, but Rob's got cut off. That's unfair. I wanted to hear his lovely British accent. It makes me happy. :D
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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by AngelLuv678 »

I felt bad for every one at the VMA's lol. Everyone looked so bored, including the cast lol. They all looked really good though lol!
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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by twilighter1193 »

OMG! i just got done watching the VMA's!! it was pretty cool! the stage looked really small though...

I got really excited when they mentioned the cast and then when they were up!! ahh! Did anyone see Taylor sitting behind Katy Perry?? It was amazing!!!

I was sad though because it didn't seem like Rob got to say a lot... :( *sad*
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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by soozabooza54 »

Yeah... I think that in general, the VMAs get worse and worse every year. This year, they clearly didn't think ahead logistically when they booked a place that small - everything was really bad. Except our kids, of course! They did look bored - but making the best of it. And yes, unfortunate that Russell cut off Robert - he's just too pretty to do that to! :) Loved everyone's wardrobe though!
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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by jetkitty »

Poor Rob only got half a syllable in before the host cut him off!
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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by needwingstofly »

It was sad actually, when Rob tried to speak again - and was cut off again. I think we all wanted to hear him talk - and most of the pictures up on the web have him looking the other way. I guess they weren't important because they weren't musicians? I would demand a redo but I know it wouldn't matter.
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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by trulytif »

Like everyone else, I felt a serious injustice when Rob was cut off by the host of the show. It was clear that the show's producers were leaving Rob's lines for last since they knew that probably just about every Twilighter was anticipating him speaking the most- and then it backfired!!! I felt Robbed! (uh, pun intended?) the cast presenting was seriously the only reason I was tuning in to the awards but it ended up all for nothing, with the exception of seeing the cast together outside of photos. But who knows.....I'm sure we will all have more opportunities to see Rob speak the closer we get to the movie's release.
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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by bellathepoledancer »

I thought it was completley unfair not to let Rob finish his line. Everyone else got to and he should have to. :(

On the other hand, I thought it was awesome to see the cast there! I had no idea they where going to be on there and when I saw them I literally started screaming! Haha
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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by PiXiE_Shopaholic1025 »

Ugh, my mom and I were both thoroughly disappointed when we saw what happened at the VMA's. It seemed so... dull, and no one was really "enjoying" it like the years before. It was eally nice to see the Twilight Cast there.

Although, I was so mad at Russell Something-or-Other interrupt Mr. Robert Pattison! :x

And Cam!! Oh it was so nice to see him there!! I was completely shocked when I saw he was going to be there too. I thought it was really nice of him to pull Rob to the front, Rob seemed a little shy. ;)

All in all I think the VMA's stunk, I went to bed after the Twilight cast came on, and I don't really think I missed anything else.
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