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Re: Dakota Fanning as Jane

Post by ringswraith »

cullenclanfanman wrote:i know this is not about jane. but it isnt about new 'new moon' casting.

the wolf pack has been cast! you have to check it out!

Um... This should really be in one of the "New Moon" movie threads, and not here.

On topic- I think Dakota Fanning will do a great job. I'm wondering more about who they'll cast as Alec.
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Re: Dakota Fanning as Jane

Post by who_needs_fangs? »

I like the theory floating around that she'll play both Jane and Alec. Now that is proof of acting chops.
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Re: Dakota Fanning as Jane

Post by ringswraith »

Oooh. Now that would be interesting.

BTW, love the rank. :)
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Re: Dakota Fanning as Jane

Post by Mrs. Jasper Hale »

Someone mentioned earlier that they think AnnaSophia Robb should play Jane and I wanted to comment on that. AnnaSophia is not as known as Dakota but she is very well known and, IMO, she can't act nearly as well. I would be worried whether she could portray Jane's evilness. She was alright in the Reaping where, if I remember correctly, she was supposedly the anti-Christ but her part wasn't an evil one. She does well in younger roles, but Jane is a role I don't think she could handle.

Mandy: Loved all your comments!

Naureen: I think it would be so cool to have Dakota play Jane and Alec!
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Re: Dakota Fanning as Jane

Post by Edward_Addict »

Sarah, yay you're here! :D Glad you agree with my comments. And I'm totally with you about the AnnaSophia Robb thing. I haven't seen her in a ton of stuff, but the things I HAVE seen her in, I wasn't a big fan of her acting. I probably would have cringed a little if she was cast as Jane, but I would have hoped for the best. I'm just glad Dakota was chosen for the part. Can't wait to see the movie.
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Re: Dakota Fanning as Jane

Post by britt08 »

I think dakota fanning has grown up so much even just seeing her in the previews of push i think she can do a great job.....she has been acting since she was a little tiny girl it will be interesting to see her....show off all her abilities in a very serious character, i cant wait to see her though :)
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Re: Dakota Fanning as Jane

Post by G-Faerie08 »

Well, IMO, I think Dakota Fanning is a bad actress..I was going to say "horrible" instead, but she is slightly better than that, but not by much. I liked her in Uptown Girls...The Cat and the Hat..and Coraline (mostly because I didn't have to see her and only had to listen to her..)

I can't wait to see how she is going to portray Jane, but I am certainly not going to get my hopes up too high..

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Re: Dakota Fanning as Jane

Post by FindYourTrueCalling »

Dont know about you guys, but im really excited about seeing Dakota Fanning play Jane!
It will be interesting to see her in a much darker role, but im sure she will be amazing!
Shes a great talent don't you think?!
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Re: Dakota Fanning as Jane

Post by Ihavemylion »

I agree with several people on here. I also wish they kept to unknown or sort of known actors. That was the best thing about Twilight. We werent looking at the characters like "Oh look theres Angelina Jolie, LOOK thats Justin Timberlake". I knew about Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart but not as much as Dakota Fanning. Hopefully having her in it doesnt take away from the movie in any way. Shes a great actress though. Im so excited to see New Moon. :D
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Re: Dakota Fanning as Jane

Post by YourFavoriteAries »

To be completely honest and blunt...I'm just wanting her to get out of my little piece of happiness. I had complete faith in New Moon as a movie and then I feel like they dropped a bomb on my head.

I feel like it's tainted now...And Jane is one of my favorite characters.

In fact my problem with Dakota has nothing to do with her acting (which seems ok at the least) but the fact that it's ALWAYS her. I do feel like they need to give others a chance and twilight was that chance for so many members of the cast and it epically bugs me that they brought in the definition of overused child actor.

My personal picks were Abigail Breslin and Jodelle Ferland. (speaking of which I saw Silent Hill the other day and I'm now completely convinced Jodelle would have played Jane like no other. I just have a soft spot for Abigail.) I even would have liked Dakota's sister Elle...
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