How do you talk?

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by twilightbelle<3 »

*Wanderer* wrote:I tend to st-st-stutter and st-st-stammer when I'm having trouble finding the right words to say. I also tend to get louder and louder gradually as I talk. :?

Hahaha, oh. my. god. Me too!
I will be talking, and soon I am like yelling, its embarrassing when people are like, "You are talking REALLY loud" :oops:
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by JenTheWriter »

Unfortunately, I haven't a really cool accent. I'm from the Northwest and we're very basic talkers. We pronounce everything as it's supposed to be said, unless we're giving away to slang. I wish I had an awesome British accent ... I'd listen to myself talk all day.
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by love_is_noise »

north west of england that's where i'm from!
i have a very unlocal accent.
i've lived in kendal my whole life but my parents are both from manchester so i don't sound local, but i don't sound mancunian either. some people say i sound posh but only the people who i think sound really common (wow i just read this and i sound like a right snob! :? )

well, i don't have much in the way of an accent, i use abit of slang but not much. i don't sound like i'm from the country but im obviously not from a city either.
so i have a really plain way of speaking i think...accent wise anyway...

but i do tend to use ALOT of body lang when speaking,it's quite funny really. i think i get it from my mum...she is a physics teacher and allways uses her hands to help explain things so i think i get it from her.

i am really bad at interupting people but if i have a point to make i don't seem to be able to stop my self from saying it straight away -it's really bad and embarrasing

i tend to get louder as i speak too...and i often end up ranting about polotics or predusis views and stuff...doesn't matter how the convo stars i will end up reanting..abit like i am now :lol:

i always manage to subconsiously link stuff back to twilight aswell and it always ends up in to convo too!

so that's me^
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by addictedbooklover »

love_is_noise wrote:i always manage to subconsiously link stuff back to twilight aswell and it always ends up in to convo too!
Same! I was dying to start ranting on about when I heard these guys talking about papercuts! :lol:

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by dazzlingdynamite »

I'm getting more posh scottish as the days go by, according to my dad I barely sound scottish anymore XD (: A posh scots accent is sorta english, but it still has a bit of a scots twang. Must be my school.
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Re: How do you talk?


I talk Australian, but it's not really umm.... what do you call it?....slangish..if you know what i mean..
I can do a really good English accent.. :D
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by »

I dont have anything special. As someone said above, I also pronounce everything as it was intended to be pronounced, except I'm in the Northeast. People assume that everyone in New Jersey has a Jersey accent, but i don't, and I dont know anyone that does. So that settles that.

I also talk really quietly. i must get about fifty "whats?" a day because no one can hear anything i say. I talk quite fast, too. i cant even understand myself because it just comes out like a jumbled mess and the words just run into each other.
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by Jadey »

I have a New Zealand accent.. but it ain't 'strong' or whatever.
Hmm.. I dunno how I talk.. depends on my mood. I like to sound intelligent, so I use big, complicated words :lol:
Kiwis are known to talk really fast.. in monotone.. and mumble?!

LOL :lol:

The nz accent.. we tend to not pronounce the 'L' in a lot of words.. and swap it with a 'W' :lol:
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I can do a Brit accent really well, cause im part brit, and our accents are similar. Hehe, I can do an aussie accent too. Ha. Usually its just to take the piss.
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by cassis_rose »

It's hard to say what kind of accent I have. I'm guessing it'll be flat compare to all the other accents in the world. I mean, Singaporeans generally just pronounce the words like it is.

I usually converse in Mandarin, if needed, then English. My spoken English isn't that good and fluent so I don't speak that much. Like a typical Singaporean, Singlish is often added to the sentences.
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by pennybug84 »

I have grown up in northern Utah pretty much my whole life. And so when I talk to people outside of this little valley I live in I've been told I have a Utah accent, even though I don't think I do! (Isn't it interesting how people hear how you talk differently than you think?)

Also in this valley people tend to not pronounce their t's properly. I'm not sure how to explain it but there's a town near here called Newton and when it's spoken people don't say the t very pronounced like a tuh. anyway.

Sometimes I talk really fast (so I've been told) it doesn't seem fast to me but people will tell me to slow down.
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