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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by sunnyshine »

I've only read each book twice so my order might change later but as of now...

Breaking Dawn
New Moon

That's tough though. I really liked New Moon the second time around.
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by mandyb7 »

my order goes as

Midnight Sun
New Moon
Breaking Dawn

it's possibly for it to rearrange but MS will always be at the top

and recently I've really been having a thing for NM, it's probably cuz if all the movie hype
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by Jadey »

New Moon
Midnight Sun + Twilight
Breaking Dawn
^ by ForJazz
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by TheInkling »

My favorite was seriously Breaking Dawn. It was almost a different story, because there wasn't as much character development for Bella or Edward, but it was so DAMN EXCITING! I was shocked when I finished book 1 to realize I was only about halfway through. The love story is more intense, because it's about Jacob's love for Bella, it's about Edward feeling like he's losing Bella, it's about Bella's incredible love for the baby she knows nothing about, despite the fact that she's dying, and her amazing courage in believing she's going to survive it. I mean I knew she wasn't going to die, that she was going to end up becoming a vampire, but I really BELIEVED Edward and Jacob's angst and felt it too!

Then when everything ends up happy in the end, I wanted to punch the air every time. Again, I knew that Bella would be alright, that Reneesme would be alright, that Jacob would imprint on Reneesme (when they mentioned Werewolves having a chromosomal count right in between Vampires and Humans, that's when I figured it out), and I knew that everything would work out with the Volturi. But I still felt like punching the air with joy every time it happened.

I know it won't be as enjoyable the next time, because so much of it was the suspense, but I still think it's her best work ever.
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by Dovrebanen »

I have changed my mind. My new favorite book is New Moon without a doubt. I just re-read it, and I loved it. No skipping pages this time. I still cry. I still get so stressed out when Bella is running in Volterra. But I loved every single page. The reunion between Bella and Edward, it is just so sweet.
After that I will say Twilight/MS (I like MS better).
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by Lirpa »

So, I waited to post this until I read the series twice. But I knew the answer after finishing the first time through. (But SM asked us to read NM a second time before we passed judgment), so I did. Anyways my Favorite book is Eclipse with out a doubt. I think it is because E&B are just so close, their love grows immensely, they just seem so much closer. It also has some of my favorite parts of the series. The engagement, The proposal, the whole chapter of Fire and Ice (what I wouldn't give to read that in Edward's perspective) The only part about the book that I really did not like, even though I KNOW it made it such a great book was the Bella Jacob kiss (I wanted to throw my book at a wall) I felt so bad for Edward.

As for the other books, I am still finishing my 2nd time through BD, but it is up there near the top, probably second. I like all the really happy moments, the Wedding, the Happily ever after, the fact that they can and did have a child,It made their family complete. :D I also liked that Jacob imprinted on Renesseme (Spelling ??) I was glad he was no longer all about Bella, that really upset me.

My favorite part of the whole series was in Italy, which brings NM in at Third. I could read those last chapters over and over again. Although this book brought out the tears unlike any of the others. I think I would prefer to stick to the happy ones, when E&B are together.

Last, but not least is Twilight. I LOVE the book, it is what got me to read in the first place, to forget that I had to clean my house, eat, pay bills, be an adult for a whole week, while I read the series. But there are just so many other happy moments, heart wrenching moments, suspenseful moments, that I can not forget what happened in the other books. (Side note, the other "version" of this book is in a tie for First with Eclipse, I just can't get enough of Edward!)

I am sure that maybe one day these will change, but as for my 1st and 2nd time through the books this is were my head is at. Now do I read them a third time?? :roll:
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by cherrydarling1177 »

Breaking Dawn. I know it's not everyone's fave, but ya know...what's so wrong with a happy ending? That's how I see it anyway.... :P
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by remylebeauishot »

My favorite has to be BD. I've read the series at least 4 times through, and when I get bored, I grab one of the books and start reading my favorite parts of that book. I pick up BD the most. I've read the last half at least a dozen times! :roll: I liked something different about all the books. In Eclipse, I love the background stories of Rosalie, Jasper and the Queleutes. In all of them I love the romance. I think they all have something different to offer. I loved them all, although, NM was hard for me to read with Edward being gone, because they are just meant to be and it didn't feel right with him away. :cry:
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by n0vaice »

I'll arrange the books by column in descending order
from my most favorite to the least...

Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn + Midnight Sun

wait I can't I love all of them...
They all have the same row... :?
I haven't read Midnight Sun yet but I know I love it.
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by mary »

Ok, so here's my list

1) Breaking Dawn without a shadow of a doubt cuz it has such a happy ending with Bella and Edward finally getting married and
having Renessme. Then, setting up an 'army' to fight the Voturri if it came to it to defend their baby. Then, with Jacob finally
getting his happy ending. :mrgreen:
2) Midnight Sun
3) Twilight
4) Eclipse
5) New Moon- I did like NM, but it upsets me everytime I read it. The 1st time I read it, I got so mad, I wanted to throw it across
the room, while I was at home and at work I felt like doing this. :evil: Then, anytime I've read it after that, I still get upset, but I also smile and laugh because it does have it's sweet/tender moments as well, like at the end when Edward proposes. :D

I just can't wait for Midnight Sun to get published, if it does, cuz, even though I've already read most of it, I'd love to be able to own it along with my other books in the saga and be able to read it over and over again anytime I want to. :D

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