Your shoes

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Your shoes

Post by Pel »

i love my shoes so i decided to tell the world! Shocked Very Happy
ummm well right now im wearing my vans with my favorite animal hippos all over them and i also have tons of converse and other types of vans!
if i were heels ill probally trip and die!
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Re: Your shoes

Post by Ruby »

I love flip flops! They're definitely my favorite shoes. I dread winter because I can't wear them unless I want my toes to freeze off.
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Re: Your shoes

Post by xMoonlightxTragedyx »

I have hundreds of shoes

Baseball shoes
Basketball shoes
Cheerleading shoes
Tenis Shoes
Converse(low tops)
Converse(high tops)
High Heels
Snow boots
Kinky boots
Slip Ons

Yeah I have many shoes
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Re: Your shoes

Post by Pizza?? »

Chuck Taylors

Thats all I wear.
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Re: Your shoes

Post by Murphy »

Pizza?? wrote:Chuck Taylors

Thats all I wear.
I own one pair of small kitten heels that I wore once.
Even when I go to clubs at the weekend, it's flats.
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Re: Your shoes

Post by Elizabeth »

'Shoes, shoes, I love shoes!' That's the little song I sing to myself in my head when I'm walking by a shoe store at a mall. (I know, I'm crazy and I have issues!) You will almost always find me wearing sneakers- either Skechers or Nikes. But I have a hard time finding shoes that fit, hence the little obsession with shoes. If I find a pair I like and that fit (which is rare) I have to have them, even if I don't need them at the moment. I just discovered that Nine West shoes fit me pretty well and they care my size, so yay!!!
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Re: Your shoes

Post by AliceLauren »

I am a model so i wear heels a lot but they are uncomfy some times. They are cute though :]

I dont really like flip flops cause i walk weird, so they fall off my feet. Idk how! It gets annoying though. But i love flats. I have this pair of white lace flats and they are adorable. I wear them all the time butt...

I am currently barefoot. I figured that I didn't need shoes when I was just sitting in my room, on my computer. :]
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Re: Your shoes

Post by xoxocamille »

I live for Keds flats.
Seriously, I love the designs on each of the flats.
Jeebus, I wanted to make my own from the Keds Studio, but I think if I do, I will make it Twilight related!
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Re: Your shoes

Post by Variety »

Funny thing about me - I LOVE shoes, and I LOVE being barefoot. I have wide feet, though, so it's hard to find cute shoes that fit. When I find a perfect pair (cute, comfortable, and fit) I usually buy them. I wish I could afford to buy more and better shoes, but I have to make do. I love heels, flip flops, and mocs best.
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Re: Your shoes

Post by Crooked_Rose »

Oh my God, I LOVE SHOES.

At the moment I have 20 pairs, all on the floor of my closet.

Which reminds me, I need to go to Ikea...but anyway, I love dance shoes (character shoes??)

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