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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by ringswraith »

TillyWhitlock wrote:But here's a question from you. Jazz is an empath, so yes he is compassionate to things. However, do you think that he's become more compassionate since meeting Alice? I'd ask if he's gone soft, but he hasn't so it's all good. But seriously, do you think Jazz is more compassionate?
Just because one can sense emotions, it doesn't make one compassionate. Being compassionate is a voluntary act; take Carlisle, who exudes compassion, even during the battle with the newborns in Eclipse, willingly sparing Bree (albeit temporarily).

That being said, Jasper came from a background of war. He has learned that there are ways other than constant battles since Peter came back for him, and he left Maria. Since he met Alice, he knew emotions other than the constant fear or hatred that were his companions for so long. So in a sense, he has become more compassionate since his time with Maria, but in my opinion he has always been a compassionate person. I think about the time when he (as a human) stopped upon seeing Maria, Nettie, and Lucy, thinking they required aid; he didn't stop to consider it, he just stopped.

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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by Tmia »

Oh, i just love their relationship...Bella and Edward represent Romeo and Juliet kind of relationship-forbidden love, wanna die if u die and that kind of stuff :D, Esme and Carlisle the eternal love, Rosalie and Emmett-well passionate like a crush kind of thing, but Alice and Jazz profound soulmate kind of they are one, like they are not complete without each other...and it is sooo sweeeet...:D
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by IluvEdward27 »

I think their relationship is based on trust and not just physical love. The kind where you need them emotionaly. I like their relationship better then anybody elses in the book. It would be awsome is Stephine Meyer wrote a book series just about Jasper & Alice. I would definatly buy it.

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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by TheInkling »

After thinking about how people love the Twilight Saga because at it's heart, it's a romance story, I would LOVE to see little short stories about the other's love stories, esp. Alice and Jasper (we already got to see Carlisle and Esme's but I would like to hear a more detailed version too). In the books, they just meet, and then go to the Cullen's, but I want to hear the long version!

I'd like to hear the long version of Rosalie and Emmett, but I suspect there isn't one.

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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by pennybug84 »

^^^^I agree with you. I would love to read more about them & their relationship. Alice & Jasper are such an awesome couple (I keep going back and forth between them & Carlisle and Esme as my fav non-Bella/Edward coupl.e) They are both awesome characters & then as a couple they're so great as well. Maybe the official guide that's supposed to come out sometime (I have no idea when. They keep changing the date) will give us some more information. (I really hope that it does. I doubt SM will write anything more Twilight related for awhile. She's probably sick of it & wants to move on for now. It would be cool if in the future she wrote something, even if it was putting it on her website like she has other stuff.)
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by EandB »

I'd love for their to be a Alice and Jasper series they takes place present time.Like 4 or 5 books.Who's with me?

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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by Sannois »

You bet, well in fact anything twilight I would read! :)
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by Twilightvampire »

Alice and Jasper are so cute together!! They have a differant way of loving. It's like they found another way of love.
It is so adorable the way they love each other. I really hope we get to a lot of them in New Moon movie! :D

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Alice and Jasper

Post by rainbowcrayon »

This conversation really is sort of fascinating, as it explores a little bit the different natures of the relationships in the books and the mutual preference for Alice and Jasper's relationship.
IluvEdward27 wrote:I think their relationship is based on trust and not just physical love. The kind where you need them emotionaly. I like their relationship better then anybody elses in the book.
I would agree. I don't like Bella and Edward's relationship as much, because it seems to be based (if at least initially) on lust, curiosity, and strange obsessions on both sides. I think it is only later, after they really know one another that they begin to experience true love. I have not yet pinpointed yet where I think this change occurrs, but I will work on it.
Similarly with Rosalie and Emmett's relationship. Theirs seems to be a coupling based on physical desires alone, and they never seem to actually care for one another otherwise, at least through my observations. Perhaps this love is enough for them, in a way, but as Emmett I would not be satisfied knowing Rosalie would give me up to be human again.
Carlisle and Esme's relationship is a beautiful sort of first love, based on care for one another and mutual encouragement of one another. Their personalities and skill sets complement the other's and they seem to fit together.
Bella's relationship with Jacob is incomplete and not really applicable to writing about here, but I thought I'd mention it. I love this relationship so much more as well, as I believe it is based on the friendship between the two of them that slowly evolves into the deep love that only Jacob recognizes until the climax of Eclipse. It is sort of a beautiful progression between the two of them, even if Bella is sort of disgusted with some of Jacob's methods. He is sixteen after all, and "making it up as he goes along." Perhaps this is why even though I love Jacob dearly it is Alice and Jasper who are my favorites.
Alice and Jasper's relationship somehow fascinates me. Is it merely in the beginning based on Alice's foresight and Jasper's emotional control? Somehow, I doubt it. They do seem to trust each other implicitly, with no sort of reservations, and seem founded on their mutual protection of their significant other. They are much more quietly romantic than the others, and somehow it is this love that draws me in every time.

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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by readmymind »

IMO, Alice and Jasper are more epic then Bella and Edward. They have a deeper love, but they have been together longer.
I love their story in Eclipse and Edward's line: "I came home and all my stuff was in the garage."
And with Jasper's power he can feel Alice's love for him, which is more romantic than Edward reading Bella's mind in Breaking Dawn.
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