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Re: Your shoes

Post by receptionontv »

I own about 40 pairs of shoes (Everything from those big slippers that look like sneakers to kitten heels) But I prefer to be barefoot.

Whenever I can. But I still love shoes, especially really cute ones. (But who doesn't)
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Re: Your shoes

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

I really like flats, but my favorite shoes are my converses. I wear like, a womens 10, so its hard for me to find shoes, but converses fit really well and are really comfortable. yay!
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Re: Your shoes

Post by Gabbie »

I love shoes!
I have soo many pairs.. most of which are flats. I'm so obsessed with cute flats. :mrgreen:
And I love Converse,too. I like heels, they look nice, but I suck at walking in them hahahaha.
Although.. I prefer just to wear socks,hahaha. I hate being bare foot, but I love just wearing socks, around the house and stuff.
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Re: Your shoes

Post by luv_edward_cullen »

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

-flip fliops
-and tons and tons of cheerleading shoes
-and comfy slippers

that describes my whole shoe collection
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Re: Your shoes

Post by Bizarre Star »

Flip flops and flats. My FAVORITE pair of flats are black and lace. I love them to death.

Oh yea... and my work shoes. Ugly slip resistant work shoes. I got frustrated with how hideous they were I bought hiking boots. Cuter with pretty shoe laces but still reliable enough for work.
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Re: Your shoes

Post by Nessa645 »

I love shoes and flip-flops. I own like 10 pairs of flip-flops.
Lets see what else 2 pairs of Jordans, 2 pairs of DVS, a pair of DC's,
and they are all still band new cause all I really wear is flip-flops.
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Re: Your shoes

Post by simplymortal314 »

Last time I counted I own 34 pairs of shoes.
On the old forums I posted a list of every pair. I think I take a picture of all my shoes one pair at a time.
I adore shoes. I want to buy a pair of keds and converse.
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Re: Your shoes

Post by xvampiresxbitex »

i love love my high top converse. and i just got some sperry topsiders that are totally awesome! (they are plaid) :D
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Re: Your shoes

Post by xoxocamille »

I have 20+ pairs of flats alone.
Then there's my dressy shoes, then tennis shoes, and such.

Gahd, I love FLATS!
I dont wear flip-flops though. I just, ugh.
Not my thing.
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Re: Your shoes

Post by thisheartitbeats1 »

i love shoes, but i'm always broke.
ha so i can't ever buy any.

i wear flips mostly.
i have one pair of nike tennis shoes. but they're not normal sneaker looking things, they're really narrow and they're cuter :D
i like flats, but i'm picky about the style and print.
i have this one pair that's gray and black striped, and they're adorable ;)
but over all i LOOOOOVE chucks. if i wasn't always rushed in the morning, i would take the time to put them on.
[yeah, how sad is it that i'm always running so late i can't even tie regular shoes on.]
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