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Our chapter by chapter discussion of Breaking Dawn.

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Re: How this forum works...

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I second what ForJazz926 said: The discussion questions are great, except for one thing- no discussion!
same, but they are fun to think about. ;)
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Re: How this forum works...

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I'm new here, so i cant exactly have too much of a voice...
But the main reason I came to this site is to have my questions answered, and to answer others in return.
And just discuss, of course. I think that we should maybe set up new boards, "Casual" added to the description for all of them, or something like that. We could post to our hearts content their, and for the people who want to answer those questions, they can. I mean, lets say I wanted to talk about the whole plant, not just the leaves (nothing to do with twilight), There may be discussion on the leaves (the chapters) but what could be done is to talk to it as a whole I just want to talk about the books, maybe start debates.

If there is a place for that, let me know. I'd be so delighted.
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