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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Lieziewiezie »

Hello Ashleigh. Welcome to this [[~used~]] thread!

We're not talking about anything specific. You can talk about everything and anything and then subjects will be picked on and discussed any further.

But please introduce yourself :) What name do you like us to adress you on, where are you from, etc.... Anything you want to share we want to know basicly ;)
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by ihadanEdwardRush »

Maria wrote:Honey, I'm so sorry about your boss. Sounds like someone whose given too much power in too young age and it went to her head. You should complain about her to your real bosses, maybe ask a few coworkers to back you up. Non of you should have to work in those conditions.
that's exactly what I'm thinking maria! She got this "power" at an early age and she likes to boss know delegating work and being just the superior (we're 5 under her team).

@janny: Yes, yes thank you for that advice hun. I had talked with the HR boss and confided everything since she knows what's good for the situation. And I'm not shocked that I'm actually the third person who told about her.
Jarrod wrote:It's good you've received the advice to put a screen saver and password on your station. It's not so good that you're using the board here during working hours - that, unfortunately, is giving fuel to her behaviour.
Good thing, I did put a password already here on my pc and actually it was my 15 minute coffee break when I wrote this one out and I'm afraid that I'll get caught or something because that will break their trust on me. (That explains why I just read here and not comment much cos I know it is really a No No doing some "extracurricular activities" while at work but well I do FB and so everybody does here). All of the people here are nice (excluding that biyatch) to me. And oh thanks for those advices too, now I clearly can see everything about this office politics s h i t . I like that you as a professional of the medical care industry really looks after to those patients or people who needs "extra care" and don't blame patients if they missed something cos seriously, I experienced that, and I'm like "hello? you're the one who should tell me cos you're the one who's doing the job, I don't know anything about it in the first place." And I hope your wifey will get better soon too. :)
and ohhh Paramore!! seems like a great boxed set there!
Obs wrote:If that doesn't work, poison her Nutella.
LMAO!!! seriously! It never crossed my mind or something but thank you for giving me such a wonderful idea LOL!
I love my boss (sorry to rub it in Honey) because I'm not one that likes to be micromanaged, so as long as I get my work turned in, I'm pretty free to come and go and do whatever
Now I wanna love your boss seriously! and that's unfair for me cos I'm always ahead of the schedule deadlines especially now that she doesn't allow me to have extended hours or something. *ALICE POUT* But's pain baby.. and oh you wrote about swine flu, cos seriously, I dunno when it was really in the news and like people are panicking, I think I had one before months and months ago LOL. Maybe I'm just paranoid something that I started to cough and felt not okay. Or maybe it's just a simple fever. I hope you and Lu will be okay. I'm still a fan of your posts!! *hands down*

AND I DUNNO what's with this claiming people/lexlings going around here too! :D

@Becca: Good luck with your redecorating thing hun! so jealous SarahG's coming over there soon!!! and yeah don't worry about the boss-thing, I will be really, really careful. I don't want to loose my job either, I dunno what's running in her mind and I dunno what are her evil plans or something hehe..but until I have all the people behind my back, my feet's in the ground. I'll do it in the diplomatic sorta way. I just blurted out the anger I had felt yesterday, right at that very moment. But seriously I always shut my mouth cos I don't wanna create a rift that will compromise my job too..and yes the PM, I think I still owe you one hehe..(and hey everybody here's claiming you wow! soo famous! lol) <3 yah becca! :)

Thanks Ally! I will! I'll do it the right away, like everybody says here :) *hugs*

Okay, just wanna say a big HELLLOOO!!! to the newbies Ash and B&E! Just hop in do your thing and we won't judge you. We love Twilight (duh!) but we talk, talk, talk and talk. Also, we're not those teenagers who are after for Rob and Kristen to be paired in real life. We talk real life and we don't do role-playing s h i t(oppsss sorry to those threads which are into that) By the way, I'm Honey, freaking 26, from the sunny, tropical (but ravaged with floods weeks ago) Philippines. And yeah, even though Janny started admitting that Rob is UNattractive, (I know she's for Daddy C) then Obs, and Becs and Ninna, I STILL LOVE MY LEXLINGS. I'm into Rob Pattinson actually *snickers* and so does other lexlings. So what I mean here, is we respect each other here and we love each other here and we basically CRAZY with each other.

oh holy cow, another novel. I'm outta here now. Think have to go home now. See! It's almost night time when I get to post here..I'm stuck up with loads of work today. I'll see you tomorrow again my lexlings. I'm trying to do a post know, after all..this is still my home. :)
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by obieewok »

Hey Ash. Welcome to the thread. We promise to only stalk you if you want us to. Well, most of us anyways. Talk about whatever you want----we are pretty open around these parts. I call dibs on Daddy Carlisle----Just sayin. I'm really a Jasper girl, but in seeing the newest pics of him from New Moon, he's creeping me out just a little----and not in that good way. You'll find we talk a lot about fanfiction too, so if you read that, jump in.

NEWEST GUILTY PLEASURE: Ok. I'm totally doing a 180 here from a post a few weeks ago----but I'm allowed because I'm freaking HAWT. VAMPIRE DIARIES is my new thing. I have no clue why, other than the hottness that is that brother Damien. GAWD he's evil---I want to choke him WHILE doing naughty things (bondage style). Stefan ain't bad---but give me that evil dude any day (newbies: I have a thing for a bad boy---don't even START me on the goodness that was Cam Gigandet's abs). But yeah, I find myself really getting into it, and it's filling the hole (lmao---that was so dirty) that True Blood and Twilight left, and I don't try to pretend it's anything more than a CW show---but it has a lot more sexy tension than Twilight and younger dudes than True Blood, so I'm game. I wonder if the books are anything like the show...people???? Because if there ain't some "She's Mine!" action (I do love a good sibling rivalry) I'm not game.

Fanfic Alert: Go read Ithaca is Gorges now. I mean it. It's the New Moon you wanted---Edward and Carlisle's POV of NM and it's so freaking heartbreaking. So freaking angsty. So freaking good. Chapter 11 I believe is the one that I was bawling about HARD yesterday at work.

Veggie lasagna was awesome, like you people care. I'm a Southern cook---so I've never really made anything NOT from a crock pot or basted in beer lol. So I was pretty freaking proud of my culinary Rachael Ray-ness. I'm making homemade chili this weekend, because it's October in Texas, and that's just what we do.

Ally----thanks to you I have friends hitting me up for my Mallow Magic popcorn. Not cool.

I'm off to pretend to care about my job and pay bills so I can support my Mallow Magic addiction. Love you guys!


ps....Has everyone secured their midnight New Moon tix? Do so soon!
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by MRK »

Ninna~ I'm all yours gf! *wink*

Obs~The veggie lasagna sounds yummy! And of course I've got my New Moon Tix! And Megs!

Meg~ Don't listen to a thing I tell Ninna! ;) Heehee!

Honey~*HUGS* sory you have to deal with the stress...some people just have control issues *eye roll* I'll call up Rose to go and handle the situation! (and I just got done with reading Wide Awake and had to stop from cursing through that lol)

Hellllllooooo New ppl!!!

Thats all I gots...Im sick on my couch...we've bene sick since Aiden started school and so help me God I just wanna pull him out and home school him...I'm so freaking tired of the snotting and coughing of three little boys!!! I'm even more ticked cause its right when I wanted to take them to see Toy Story 1 &2 in 3D :( Grrrr!!!
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear »

all I can say about midnight showings is that I would if I could.
Here (or actually, in Sweden) the tickets don't become available until just a few weeks before the show (I learned that the hard way, trying to land a Twilight ticket last year) but that's OK. Haven't quite made out the logistics yet, that'll have to wait until pup's out and we know how D works. If he's not working, then there's no problem, since he DON'T wanna see some teenage chick-flick filled with half naked native Americans (aka pack-boys) and that's just fine by me :mrgreen:
If he's at work on the other hand, I have a problem... I'll have to find someone (that I trust) to take a day of to go to Sweden with me, who doesn't wanna see the movie and comes along only to watch my pup... Don't seem very likely...
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by roseaurora »

Is it just me or is this thread moving really fast?! I'm trying my best to keep up but we are all very chatty in this new thread!

First, Obie, I am totally with you on the Vampire Diaries guilty pleasure. I. Am. Hooked.! And also, I am more than willing to fight you for Daddy C. He's mine! :twisted: Rob doesn't do it more me either. He is movie Edward and I love book Edward. They really are 2 different characters. This stands out to me so much when I reread the books (which I just started doing). Book Edward is just better, IMO.

Bananas help arms falling asleep? I get that tingly feeling in my hands and arms frequently, especially when I am typing a lot on my computer... I may have to give bananas a try if they will help with that. I know they are good for sore muscles and bruises healing faster so I should be eating them more anyways!

I think I want to go to a midnight showing, but am not confident enough that it will happen to spend money on the ticket. Which means that by the time I am sure I'm going, I won't be able to get a ticket. Oh well. I'm well aware that I'll be seeing it more than once and don't necessarily need to see the first showing. I'm not a big fan for the twihard tweens anyways and we all know they will out in force for the midnight showings! Plus... its not like the ending can be ruined for us :lol:

I hope that things get better for you at work Honey. That super sucks!

Hope your wife's arm get better quick! She is lucky to have such a caring man looking out for her Pharmer!

And HELLO! To the 2 newbies! Jessica and Ashley I think they were? I am Rachel, or Rose, and am a 26 year old law student in sunny San Diego. I tend to go MIA frequently, but always pop back on eventually. Hope you love it here as much as the rest of us do! Its nice to have a place to chat for us Twilight fans who are no longer teenagers :D
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by ashleigh_renee »

Thanks for the responses! OK well i'll give ya a little background on who i am..

I'm Ash, 20, from sunny Australia..although it's not been so sunny lately! I got married this year to my high school sweetheart..(like Bella Maybe?.. minus the vampire =( ) Haven't really ever had major involvement with Forums but i want to! so why not start now.. Obviously i'm a fan of the Twilight Series, i've booked out a Gold Class Cinema in Nov to see New Moon in STYLE!, rounded up 30 friends to see it too! I work fulltime at the moment doing Admin stuff, but currently looking for another job!

Honestly, Rob Pattinson mmmm doesn't float my boat. He's pulls off a good Edward though. But that Taylor Laurtner?...yes please!

Can i call dibs on terribly irrisitable Edward? *drool* mmmm

Wingtear? (if thats what you go by =] ) -- there are so many babies i know popping out & it's making me clucky...
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear »

Wingy should totally give "the list" another re-run... (and I go by Ninna :mrgreen: )
help me update it people! If anything's wrong, PM me! That goes for being added as well...
Everyone MIA, we miss you, please come back! Newbies, fill us in...

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Lieziewiezie »

And also welcome Jessica!

Thank god it's friday. It's not going to be a good day, but at least it's finally the last one of the week. I worked so much overtime this week already, it's insane.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine »

@oobs: youd better check the schedule we made at facebook, you cant claim DaddyC alll for yourself you know, other ppl haves right aswell :P
About our Daddy C:
that guy always makes me laugh, i like him more and more everytime i read or see something about him. such guys are rare, so we should be very gratefull hes even in our schedule ;)

@ninna, im not going to post a top 5, cause i wouldt even know how to pick people for first second or thrird place. but i Do now, im not the top HAWTness in here. thats all.

@oobs, sid is busy sleeping and playing xbox. hes got new tasks at his job and his hours ahave changed, so hes not online much anymore. And at work its all blocked.

About the tickets for New Moon, the movie aint even on the site of the theatres here yet. Ill have to keep checking it.

okay, so my day yesterday was just weeeeeiiird. And not good weird well, maybe a lill.
It all started with the fact that we didnt have a lot of packages, but we did have some work for PR, so i was still allowed to come over. BUT, my exboos(now in charge of PR), needed our pc, becasue thats the only one with some licensed progs she needed. Which meant we couldnt use it untill 12 orso. So i ony had to start at 11:30 instead of 10. which made my head all weird when i woke up. And the trainstation was strangely quiet when i was there, it was just...not normal.
anyway, when i got from the train 45 mins later, i walked towars my work. And then this pigeon(a lot of those in amsterdam) just flies by me and ruffles my hair!. I mean, yeah they fly everywhere and they get pretty close, but never THAT close. His wings just flew through my ffing hair?
a few 100 metres further, when i was at the Dam, someone was so desperate to hug me(i dont know why), that he almost slapped me in the face with his ''free hugs' sign, when i tried to walk around him.
at work, stuff just went past me, i dont know why, and then i looked out the window(im on the first floor and my workingbench is against the window). And what do i see? i taylor lautner lookalike, i kid you not. And a lill older one at that, which is even nicer. (im sooo not into kids). Anyway it was a good thing i was a floor up, and ppl on the street dont really noice us, because i would have been could staring. 8-)
Anyway, on the way back to the trainstation this older lady just walked right into me from the side, and pressed me against a pole. what the ffing cr*p?
at home, i wanted to make dinner early, because i was really hungery. and guess what? The meat slipped and went to the floor.
I dont know what i did, but i think karma was mad at me or something.

anyway, today my boxx-with-walnuts-from-my-parents came. and i justhad a random thought.
i think i could fill our lill bath with all the walnuts i have now and bathe in them...*grins goofily*.

its cold here and im really thinking about starting up the central heater, last night there was even frost on the ground. And im allll about warmth. probably need to talk woth sid about it, because he always feels warm, and the heater ight make it to hot in here for him. oh well, i have 3 cats , a blanket and a hot water bottle. :roll:

tomorrow, sid and i have been together for 6 yrs, w00hoaaa. en the day after is my motherinlaws bday. busy weekend.

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