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Re: Request a topic

Post by Nena »

Sorry guys. It has been really busy this summer but now we are getting some extra help, so I am planning on dedicating some time to the movie forums.
I am going to lock this thread for a few day so I can catch up. Stay tuned!

Upadate: Ok, I am finally caught up with this thread. You can start to request topics again!


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Re: Request a topic

Post by Miista Cullen »

Awesome! Thanks for the update Nena :] Much appreciated!

I don't know how to explain this, but are we able to have a topic about our plans for the premiere of New Moon, and after New Moon is screened, people can then post their experience and say what it was like lining up, and if anyone dressed up like a vampire?

Because I've looked (unless not thoroughly enough) to find a thread/topic, where I can state what I'm going to wear to the New Moon Premiere screening. I've heard some people are going as the pack, whilst others are dressing up in Bella's formal dress!

My two friends and I are going as Caius, Aro and Marcus. We're going to be wearing red contacts, black cloaks, with white foundation and glitter! We're gonna' go walking around the whole day, whilst waiting for the midnight screening, biting people ^-^ It will be a lot of fun and I thought I could share my plans with others and then my experience afterwards, and maybe others want to share their idea's and experience!

If this is possible, I would really appreciate it. If a thread does exist about this, please excuse me tardiness :] for not looking properly.

Kind regards,


MOD EDIT: Please find the new thread here
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Re: Request a topic

Post by daydreamer6 »

can i request a topic regarding new moon hair? there seems to be alot of people including me that want to know how the cast got the hair colors/ styles they did.thanks

MOD EDIT: Please see the new thread found here.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by little_lamb »

I haven't seen any mention of this yet, but I'm sorry if I just over looked it.

In the new clip with the Volturi, Edward and Felix fight. When he slams Edward into the floor, Edward's face cracks!! Can we discuss this? SM hasn't ever really discussed the healing process of the vampires, has she?

MOD EDIT: to discuss the face cracking, please see the special effects thread found here.

For the healing process, go to question and answers thread found here.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by SugarPlum »

Can there be a thread to discuss when everyone is going to see the movie?

MOD EDIT: Please see the new movie going thread found here.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by sherismack »

I looked in the other threads, conventions ect couldnt find. ( i could have missed) a thread on the NEW MOON tour the hot topic / nordstroms thing. thanks for all you guys do!!!!! :D
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Re: Request a topic

Post by marielle »

are we going to do a thread to discus the new movie right after it's release? not only the favorite line but the whole movie..?

MOD EDIT: Please see this thread found here.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by sparkling90 »

I realize that this might be too narrow of a topic. I just finished watching New Moon not at a midnight showing but at 5:30 PM. I noticed a lot of children especially in the under 10 crowd. There were way more children there than in other PG 13 movies I've seen. I was wondering if we could have a thread about whether people think this is acceptable or if they brought their kids to the movie?

MOD EDIT: A new thread about this topic can be found here.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by CastMeNotAway »

I was wondering if we could have a thread about our favorite acting moments of the movie -- where we felt actors really shined, you know? (*cough* both "break up" scenes *cough*) :lol:

This one's a little more unusual, but I was also wondering if we could have one about whether the movie influenced your "team" standing one way or another. I had two friends make the switch from Team Edward to Team Jacob based on Taylor's portrayal of the character (not just his gorgeous body ;) ) and I think it'd be interesting to see if that happened to anyone else.

Thanks :)

MOD EDIT: Favorite scenes can now be discussed HERE

As far as Team preference, perhaps that can be discussed in the main movie thread HERE or in the NM movie: I've seen it thread HERE.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by NayobiWan »

Hi there! My name's Nayobi, and I have a very interesting topic to propose to you. I feel stupid for requesting this, but I'll do it anyway... I've come up with a plan to try to get Taylor Lautner to go to formal with me. I know it sounds crazy, but just hear me out! I thought it would be a good idea, and I really hope you'll suggest making a topic especially for this.

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