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Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Post by bronzehairedmiracle »

Dovrebanen wrote:
bronzehairedmiracle wrote:I get to see the movie on Dec 4 in my country so I am staying spoiler free till then. But I would like to know if the movie is able to convey the desolation and crippling pain that the book inspired?
really think it does. Krisella carries this movie for me. I think she did great. Of course it is more rushed than the book. But seeing her during the break up scene and in the woods afterwards, it just about broke my heart. And I feel that you can see in her face throughout the movie that she is not okay, at all. She just gets some relief when she's around Jacob, but she's never healed in anyway. Amaxing job by Kristen this time.
Robward too...The way he plays in this movie is just amazing, I think. Very believable.
The interaction between Bella and Jacob is very good.

I can't see how you can stand the wait. I'm glad my country didn't do like last year, when they didn't have the premiere at the same time as the US...It would have killed me this time.
Thank you for the answer. Coming from a devoted fan, it's very reassuring! :P
The wait is tortorous of course but in a country where Twilight released on 20-11-2009, I am thankful we get NM this year. Most major Hollywood movies are released here on time. I have no idea what the problem with Twilight was.....
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Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Post by marielle »

^^ I think Melissa proved that she can write a decent script.. so that make me a bit more hopefull for eclipse...
but i also know that Chris has changed a lot in the script... so I hope David can pick out the important bits...

I also think having finished Breaking dawn makes a huge difference... you can really see in New Moon that at least Chris has read BD and understands the story and how it ends...
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Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Post by Amanda Beth »

di0772 wrote:I have a question to all you fans. Since Bella punched Paul in the face in New Moon without injury how will Melissa be able to write the scene from Eclipse where Jacob kisses Bella and then Bella punches him and breaks her hand? Does this mean the only kiss Bella and Jacob will when Jacob tricks her when he finds out she and Edward are engaged just before the Newborn War?
I was wondering that too. Maybe when she punches Jake she just so happens to break her hand? I mean the conversation could still happen "i made not be made out of stone but I'm not that soft" or whatever he said. The punch could still happen and not seem out of place. This IS clumsy, klutzy Bella.

Obviously it's too late for this now but I think the movies would all have been better if the screenplays were written at the same time to make them flow. I do think MR did a much better job with NM. She said she was given Twilight as an "Indie" film which is why it was so different from the book, but stayed truer for NM and Eclipse. I really think Twilight would have been a different movie if CH hadn't been there. The stupid lines like the spider monkey one were written by her.

I think it helps that the cast is becoming loyal to the books and the fans. The movie scene wasn't written into the script but Kristen and Taylor lobbied for it. They knew how important that was!
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Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Post by Alison »

I have not been to the boards in a super long time, but I had to comment here.

I'm going to keep this short because I could probably go on for a long time and I have a paper I need to write. Someone else's post just reminded me of it, but I think my favorite scene was the months passing after Edward left. That is probably my favorite part of the books because I thought it was just beautifully executed. The movie version nailed it. Between the song that was playing and just the numb look on her face, I had goosebumps. I also liked how it dragged on for a bit, which really enforced how long Bella was in the numb state.

I'll come back later to really discuss the movie, but Chris Weitz did a perfect job. He stuck to the source material and really showed all the important scenes that the fans wanted and needed. I would have died if he left out Edward reciting Romeo's lines, and though he changed the circumstance, he put it in there because he knew it was important for us.

Visually, the movie was beautiful. The colors were so vibrant. I couldn't stand that blue filter used in Twilight.

Oh, and one last comment before I go (this is turning into something quite long), I loved the meadow. That was the meadow I envisioned in the books, almost to a tee. Thank you, Chris Weitz, for fixing that. Now the meadow can be as important to me in the movies as in the books.
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Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Post by twilightfans5 »

This was my favorite book and I think they nailed it. The movie was fantastic! I watched the midnight show and saw it again within 20 hours. I cannot wait to see it again and again. There is so much emotion in this film its hard to watch. The first time I watched it - it felt rushed. But only because I felt like vomiting when Edward asks Bella to take a walk with him. I felt like omg wait, not yet, I cant watch. But just like in the book, this movie makes you fall in love with Jake. There were so many touching scenes that make you cry like when Bella tells Jacob how shes being selfish and shes not a car that can be fixed. "I'll never run right" and Jacob tells her he would never hurt her. Sob. And when Jacob tells Bella to go home. Omg I wanted to kill him. Then the scene when Jacob comes to her bedroom and she says she would run away for him and he says If I could go I would go with you and his voice cracks. I thought that was so sad. The break up scene (of course) the nightmares, the visions, when Bella says "Edward I love you" before shes about to be killed by Laurent. When she's talking to Edwards vision before she jumps the cliff. And when your watching Edward get his butt kicked by the Volturi and Bella pleads for them to kill her "Not him!"

The wolves were well done and exactly how I pictured them. The vampire fight sequence was awesome. This movie is beyond words and it really makes me mad when someone (ie the critics) bash it. Kristine, Rob and Taylor nailed it!
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Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Post by openfire »

Ok here's what I thought.
Overall I thought it was pretty awesome! Some parts for me were exactly like they are in my head, and so I loved that. Other's weren't so much, but I kinda excpected that cos not everything can be the same in a movie than it was in the book.

The great stuff:
Rob & Kristen - FREAKING FANTASTIC!!! They ARE my Edward & Bella. They are scarily perfect for the roles. Rob is just so great with the facial expressions that scream "I am Edward" all over them! Like, when he looks at her it is so...intimate. And when he kisses her, his facial expression suggest pain and pleasure all mixed in to one. Which is perfect, 100% Edward. I heart Rob for playing Edward so damn wonderful! And Kristen! She was toatlly perfect as Bella! The pain on her face when he left! Her screams, nightmares, grasping at the hole in her chest. Perfect. She is Bella. Just...perfect.
The sparkling - So much better than it was in Twilight! It did indeed look like diamonds. And it made the vampires look beautiful.
Edward finding out about Bella's death - Wow. No words can describe what I was feeling watching this scene! When he crushes teh phones, his facial expressions said it all. I'm so glad CW put this scene in the movie.
The Cullens, Charlie, wolves - they were all great! They are so similar to the images I pictured everyone looking like and acting like in my head. The casting for this movie is spot on!
Voterra - Just WOW. Everything was great (apart from feeling a bit rushed...). When she crashed into him and he goes "heaven". When he realises she's alive; the sheer look of refief on his face! When he sayd "you can go to hell" cos he doesn't want Bella to go with him. Jane! Perfect casting for Dakota Fanning! When she tortues Edward, oh my goodness, my heart stopped. I swear. Bella's look of...I can't even explain it. And Edward's face! *speechless*. Sheen as Aro! Again, great casting! I thought he played Aro perfectly, very giddy! I loved it! The fight! Excellent!!! Totally brilliant!! And when Edward is going to get his head ripped off and Bella is screaming, when she says "no kill me instead". There are no words to explain how perfect that scene was.
Emails to Alice - I loved how they done this. I thought it worked perfectly instead of just having Bella narate.

The bits that weren't so great:
The story felt a bit rushed to me. Like, Bella & Joake's friendship seemed to happen really quickly, and the Volterra part. I wished they could have dragged it out a bit more.
No Cullen's at the airport - I love this part of the book when they get back from Italy and Esme is so thankful to Bella for saving Edward. And Alice and Jasper's reunion. I would have liked to have seen it.
The ending - again, it felt a little rushed. I liked the vote part and everything, but I wish there was more of it!

But all in all, I thought they done a great job! I'm off to see it again tomorrow so might be back later!
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Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Post by Asheleyo »

I was very pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed this movie. I really had issues with Twilight, but they just did bounds above that with New Moon.

- One of the best song pairings in a movie: Thom Yorke during that chase scene. Very, very nicely done!

- Taylor Lautner absolutely blew me away. From the book being from Bella's perspective, I feel like we lose a lot of this journey for Jake. But Taylor brought it to life in an almost painful manner. I connected with his suffering the greatest, actually. I felt so terrible for him in the truck, when they're about to kiss and he wants to but knows that she doesn't and it is so obvious how much that hurts him.

- Kristen Stewart gets most improved award. I thought her part was so lacking in Twilight, and she proved to me that she can actually act. She looked like she loved Edward, rather than being grossed out by the "lovey-dovey" stuff. She really showed Bella's pain. I was so happy to see her grow as an actress.

- Aro was done very well. I love his creepy interest in Bella.

- As everyone else said, the emails to Alice were a very nice way to have Bella's monologue in there.

- Kinda nit-picky, but I was disappointed that Edward's eyes were still golden in Volterra. He was depressed, he didn't care about life, he just wanted to die. And he was STARVING! His eyes should have been jet black. Just one of those small things that took me out of the story a little.

- Laurent's accent kinda wavered a lot during his speech, and it threw me off. It was like he couldn't decide if he was Rasta or French. It was strange.

- I agree with whoever said that Bella would not just hop on a motorcycle with a stranger. That was too much of a stretch. Thankfully, it wasn't enough to kill the mood.

I have to disagree with those saying all the little one-liners were distracting and took away from the mood of the movie. Some of them were during happier times of the movie, and others were very obviously used as attempts to lighten Bella's mood, like Charlie's little joke at her bedside. She didn't laugh, and he knew it was a wasted effort. And Harry's "my kung fu is strong" was a very deliberate cover up of his anxiety about Bella trying to look into Jacob's whereabouts since he became a wolf. The movie still maintained the correct mood at the right moments.

Also, I almost cried when Harry had his heart attack. I guess all the weepiness from the rest of the movie carried over, but I couldn't help it.
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Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Post by Aus_Twilight_Fan »

di0772 wrote:I have a question to all you fans. Since Bella punched Paul in the face in New Moon without injury how will Melissa be able to write the scene from Eclipse where Jacob kisses Bella and then Bella punches him and breaks her hand? Does this mean the only kiss Bella and Jacob will when Jacob tricks her when he finds out she and Edward are engaged just before the Newborn War?
some people have said that it looks like Bella slaps Paul and doesn't punch him and that is why she doesn't break her hand.
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Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Post by Openhome »

Still, that was VERY un-Bella like and I think it would have broken her hand.
I agree with everyone! That is a FIRST!
Rushed, yes, but how would it not be.
Beautiful beyond belief.
It nearly turned me into a team Jacob fan. The puppy eyes at the end just KILLED me. It conveyed his hurt SO well. I hope Edward gets his chance to have the puppy eyes in Eclipse, and while I know that Edward was best for Bella, I would really love a guy like Jake for one of my daughters!
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Re: I've Seen New Moon! (Spoiler Alert)

Post by married twilighter30 »

i really enjoy the movie I stayed up til midnight to watch the premiere.... I can't believe I did that but it was worth it completely.

The part after edward calls charlie at home but gets jacob instead is just how I imagined it.

And the picture that alice gave Aro was not what I thought it would be.

I think chris should have put the marriage question in a different scene but I understand that there might not of had time.

i am glad Chris Weitz picked out the best parts of the book to put in the movie I could not of ask for anymore then what he did

We need to get him signed on the breaking dawn... I think he would do an awesome job with this one as well.

I can't wait for eclipse in june..I am waiting to see how the next director builds on what chris has done.
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