Twilight Mafia XVI

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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by JazpersGrl »

((Okay, I was going to just wait out this snowball fight but apparently it's not going to end anytime soon.
Derek?? Is that really you? HE LIVES!!))

Rolando excused himself to go park his car. Good idea, a car as pretty as that, someone might steal it. Plus it gave me some time to cool down. I got up and looked outside my bedroom window. Was I really seeing... THE MOST EPIC SNOWBALL FIGHT EVER?!?!?! AND I'M MISSING IT??? I immediately ran downstairs and out the door. I looked between the two teams. Which should I join? Oh, the pressure!! Then, I had an idea. I spun around Tasmanian devil style, faster and faster, building up a fort around myself as I went. I stopped and looked around. A perfectly constructed castle, turrets, moat and all. Meh. It'll do. I saw Rollo joining Eva and Lucia's team. I jumped onto the roof of my ice palace. "NO, NO, NO, Rollo! Family first! Come here!" I was feeling a little sleepy so I hopped back into my fortress.
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by Dex_TheBloFroGaBoy »

As I wait for Monica to determine my fate, I suddenly feel my eyes closing. Damn, how long has it been since I slept?

I don't know but I--darkness.

*sleep bubble coming out of nose*

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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

A wave of sleep deprivation suddenly hit me. Rollo, of course. I grinned evilly at him, knowing what would happen. "You've neer seen me without sleep, eh? Well, you're screwed now." Everyone else seemed to be getting sleepier and sleepier, but the less sleep Rollo made me feel, the more hyper I felt. It may also have had something to do with all the sugar I had consumed earlier in combination with the lack of sleep that made everything... weird. And dizzy-making. And... woozy. And fun!

The small bit of my mind that was left sane shook its head in pity, because it knew what I was like sugar high and sleep deprived. The rest of me decided it was high time to rope myself a T-Rex steed, which I did (snow-Rex, anyways.) "Hi ho SIlver, away!" I cired, steering Fluffy (the snow-Rex) towards the snow fort, keeping up a shower of snowballs filled with bubble soap and aiming for their eyes.

(Tru fax. I'm only tired when I wake up, not when I go to sleep. That's what medication is for. If you keep me up long enough, a lot of crazy stuff happens. I get my best ideas when I'm like this. It makes for very interesting slumber parties. Basically, the only thing sleep deprivation does to Lid is screws her ability to coordinate attacks. What attacks she now makes are extremely... insane and hillarious. Have at it.)
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by Sleep Nessie »

The battlefield quickly changed back to it's normal state and the energy level coming from a good number of them dropped...except one. "You've neer seen me without sleep, eh? Well, you're screwed now." Lidia shouted. Rollo smiled. He should have known especially since Lidia seem to have the strongest mix of emotions all at once he had ever felt. "Sorry to hear that, Boss. I tried..." Rollo mumbled warily. His smile turned into a tiny frown as he sent out a wave of confusion and distortion in her direction over the sleep deprivation. Eva and Lucia seemed to be doing a good job throwing their snowballs and he decided to just stay out of their way and work on their defense.

- - - - - - - - - -

So how do we win? :lol:

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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by DramaPrincezz013 »

((Emma--Some random model person on DeviantArt, actually. :roll: She looks freakishly like the way I pictured Eva in my head, so I decided to use it.. Hope its not illegal or anything. :lol:))

((Rollo[Gah! Sorry, dont know your real name]--No idea. This could very well go on forever. :lol:))

I continued throwing snowballs at the opposing team. All enemies except for Lidia began to grow more and more sleepy. If he could keep this up, Rollo would officially be my best friend, I thought, chuckling. I was thinking of ways I could use my powers to control electricity in a snowball fight. So far, I was coming up short.

((By the way, just a random fact: Eva's eyes are a burnt orange color because she drinks a combination of animal blood and donated human blood.))
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by SethisMine »

The ground looked soft as I blinked at it... but as I dropped down onto it, I realized, it wasn't that soft. "Pillows..." I said, dreamily.... In one moment, the other half of the forest was changed back to a normal forest... no more exotic magical animals... And the snow that I was staring at, which happened to be the snow in front of my face, and part of the enemy fort at which I was aiming for before I collapsed, turned into pillows...

"I like pillows..." I said, snuggling up to the closest one.
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by edwardlikeshaystacks »

The mansion was strangely quiet as Queenie stared at the wilted rose petals spread out elegantly throughout it. Her mouth twisted into a pucker and she was in the kitchen. She took a seat in one of the pin striped booths and sat there for a moment before apparating to stand on top of the island below the cabinets. She rummaged through them, throwing pots and pans out as she did so, until she came across her favourite Syringe-shaped mug. Queenie smiled, her dimples poking into her face and danced off with it.
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by DudeRocksTheTwilight »

(( post was skipped over....
I guess I'll just put Al in his room.))
Al sighed. He didn't know where the Mafia was.
Sleep deprivation definitely got to a man.
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by willowtree »

((I'm Lucia. Kenzie's is Eva. :D
and Kenzie-ey~ his real name is Rollo. :D ))

Rollo joined uus! I though happily. And he made everyone sleepy... Except for Lids. Of course...

I threw snowballs at the delirious Rosa, who was mumbling about pillows. The snowballs exploded on her scorched hair, which made Rosa mumble "Hey! I'll hit you with pillows too...", yawn, and fall asleep.

I giggled and Ali interupted, Tasmanian spinning around. A castle was magically made, but Ali tried to steal our new member!

"Aaali, what about us? Join us, and we'll crush the pillow-loving sillies! And you'll have family on your team!" I applead. C'mon, Ali...

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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by best_beating_heart »

((AW! No fair! How come Rollo gets to use his power and Maria doesn't! That's giving them an advantage; Maria could've just totally wiped your memories and make us win!))

I felt really tired suddenly. Grr. Rollo's power. I yawned and yelled out to Ali.

"No join us!" I said. "Family rivalry and whatnot!"

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