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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by CappuGirl »

LOL, so you think Jay Baruchel is super sweet? :D Now you really should watch Fanboys! Jay is super cute in it too and you'd get to see some other cute guys aswell. Like Chris "the reason there are Dorquettes" Marquette.

Thanks for the good luck. Lets hope it works. Sent out some more applications today.
Hmm, should I or should I not... ...try if they'd let me teach kids english? :lol: They don't really demand a degree in languages or teaching, just good english and finnish, and possibly swedish aswell. I know I'm pretty good at writing in english but is my speaking really good enough...? :roll: I'm sure Ninna remembers my nervous speech from last summer now and laughs her socks off! :lol: It wasn't until I was slightly drunk before I relaxed enough to talk normally. Do think they'd let me drink at the job? ROFL Sometimes I practice by reading out loud or speaking in english small periods but I still get a bit tongue-tied with some words, especially if I'm speaking fast. So maybe I shouldn't. :oops: but still, this tickles my interest. If not teaching, I might be interested to get my own kids in there if I get more income. Seems like a great programme for little kids to learn a second language. :D
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine »

Actually had a fun day today since sid got a day off because of an appointment with the diabetes doc.
We went shopping, bought some really nice things..

But, it's now sinking in, that if his glucose doesnt change very soon(he's got higher meds again) he's going to have to start using insulin... :(

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by pennybug84 »

Hi Everyone! Hope you're having a good week.

So Monday was a really fun day. My mom & I spent the day together. We went to see Alice In Wonderland (my second time she hadn't seen it yet.) And we went to lunch & did little bit of shopping. It was nice to just spend the day together & not worry about anything.

The rest of this week is crazy. I have something going on every night. I'm most looking forward to Thursday & Saturday night. Thursday my church is having a B-day party for all the women. We get together socialize & eat food (and the guys are serving us. :D ) And then on Sat through my church again all single adults 25+ are invited to go to the local minor league hockey game that will be that night. I've always kind of wanted to go but haven't (I just think it would be fun to go at least once.) And the tickets are going to be way cheap. And it'll be nice to meet single adults that are my age. My friend and I are going so I won't be by myself. I just think it'll be a lot of fun!

I'm kind of worried about my mom though. For about the last 10 years she's battled depression & it's been really bad recently. There's just been some stuff going on that's kind of kicked it again/made it worse. And there's not much I can do except be here for her & hope & pray that she'll be okay.

Job hunting is not fun! I hate it. Where I live the job market was kind of crappy before the economy went to pot & so now it's even worse. You'll have 100+ applying for the same job. I hate it. I have a college degree you think it would be easier but it's not. :evil:

Well gotta go to bed now. I'm up late again.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by obieewok »

Alright. If there was ever a time to use "Obieewok" and "FAIL" in a sentence, this would soooo freaking be that sentence.

Yes, I am aware that I haven't posted in like two months. I'm also aware that I cannot give you a single update on MOTU, or The Training or any of the other yummo fanfics out there because I HAVEN'T READ ANY IN OVER A MONTH. And lastly I'm very very aware that I have no clue what's going on in our Lex world because I haven't been online hardly at all since the beginning of February. For all of the above, I fail. Utterly. Totally. FAIL.

But I'm starting to rectify the situation. Today I plan on dropping by my girls' blogs (or those I can remember the links to---make sure they are in your signature or something---I have Janny's and Paulie's) and looking around, and posting here of course. I've heard from several people that MOTU is like at 77 chapters now. WTF? How can a story keep going after that many chapters? Personally, the whole reason I stopped reading fanfic was because stuff kept getting ganked from, and it's sort of annoying to have to go to like five different websites to get your fix. Although I really wish I knew what happened in Emancip and MOTU now...Hmmm....maybe I will check that out this weekend.

Updates....hmmm....well, of course there's Alice----she'll be three months old this weekend, and is HUGE. Well, she's short and fat, sort of like a ham. But cute. Still has an issue with colic, which left Obs here in the corner crying for most of maternity leave. Seriously---I had a really hard time mentally with having this kid. Did weird depression things to me. And physically? I have no clue how people do it---having two kids is HARD. It feels sometimes like my whole day is just swallowed up into oblivion. I started back to work this week and the new schedule when adding in kids is really really hectic. Work, then picking up Alice, then meeting back at the house to start dinner for all of us and awaiting hubs and Lu, then baths, reading bedtime stories and to bed for kids---and by this time, it's time for me to go to bed too. No clue how others do it.

In maternity leave news, I potty trained my three year old. Can we get a woop whoop for no more diapers for that one?

So work has been ok. It's been sort of boring----I have had no access to anything for the first two days. IT accidentally deleted my access instead of putting me on leave of absence, so it appears I might not be able to work (OH NO says Obs sarcastically) until either Friday or possibly next week. Not that I have a ton to do---my position, as many know, is being eliminated as of June. So most of my stuff was already handed off to others because of my leave, and no one cares about giving it back since I'll be leaving again soon. In better news, I think I already have another job, still within the company, because I'd be stupid to leave in this economy and with my pay and benefits. The new job is working for the best friend, which I'm not sure how much I like that---we've worked TOGETHER before, but in this instance, he'd be my boss. And while some people might think it'd be cool to work for your bestie, but, no, sometimes it's really not. But he's promised not to be a tool, and I've promised not to call him out too much for being said tool, so it might work. Plus, it's a work-from-home-if-you-want-to gig, and it pays a little more than what I make now. So I'd be stupid to turn down a "make my own hours/work from home or not/come and go when I please/get paid good money and full benefits" type of job. I have a couple of other peeps interested in me within the company (I mean, honestly, who's NOT interested in Obs?) because I'm like tenured here and know all the ropes, and most everyone else because of the merger is new. So I haven't said yes or no to anything, and I think I'm going to give it a couple of weeks and look at all options before deciding. Because that's what grown ups do, and one day I hope to be one.

In even BETTER work news, the RUTHICON totally missed me. I think I even saw a tear in her eye when I walked in on Monday. It had to be of happiness, right? Her husband works here now----two desks over from me. And if we thought the Ruthicon was bad, the Dementor-named-Jeff-i-con is totes worse. Like "let's pray the evil right out of you because you have black fingernails" bad. He came into my cubicle yesterday to borrow tape (I want to use said tape to stick his mouth shut) and he saw that I was reading a smutty book (said book is "Kiss of a Demon King" by Kresley Cole---my newest addiction) and he said "You know, I thought you were smarter than that. That kind of reading is downright morally reprehensible. Just think about the children!"

To which Obs said "Um, my kids can't read yet. But when they do---dang---this sucker is going to STEAM IT UP. Did you know rage demons' horns straighten when they are about to paint something with their jimmy?" I don't know what appalled him worse---knowing I was reading about rage demons or the fact that I used "paint something with their jimmy"---there's only so many polite ways to say it, and I didn't want to use the words "spill" or "seed" really, because those are lame. So yeah---um, apparently I'm enemy numero uno for the "i-con" couple and my soul is in dire need of saving or something. I guess they don't want to know what the rage demons do to top off that fun filled romp. I won't tell you. It's ok. Ok---they bite their women to stun them, thus making sure they can pin them down so they don't like hit the wall with all the painting with jimmy action.

Wow. I do read some weird crap.

All this "morally reprehensible" reading is due to Paulie----it's so your fault that Obs soul is black and freaking craving werewolves, vampires, Valkyrie and Rage Demons hardcore. She first told me about Black Daggar Brotherhood, which I totally got addicted to, read all of, craving April for the new one, and then got Halls and bestie addicted to as well. (Halls is on the third book and I love getting texts from her like emails I sent to Megs and Misty and Paulie going "WTF! You didn't tell me that was going to happen!!!!!!!!!") Then said Paulie-who-deals-crack told me of the Immortals after Dark series, in which she reviewed the first book and used terms that lured me in hardcore----dominant werewolf male. That's all it took----I was in it to win it. I've read almost all of them, and I love them because they center around The Lore----all sorts of mythical beings, everything from Lycae (werewolves) to Valkyrie (hot warrior goddesses) and vamps and stuff. And it's all formulaic---meaning just like with BDB or any other romance novel, every book goes the same---dude meets chick, rocky times ensue, they get it on, get it on some more, conflict, get it on harder, happily ever after. And I like that---after all the crappiness of real life, one needs some fluff to escape to. Halls and I were just conferring about whether or not it was bad to read this stuff, because sometimes you feel guilty for not reading like Tolstoy or Bronte and would rather read about "Angry werewolves claiming their chicks", but honestly, if this is your worst obsession, then good for you. It doesn't make you stupid or dumb to read romance---it just makes you happier lol. So yeah---if you like the whole "dominant male caveman" thing, the IAD or BDB is sort of for you. I like the "mine" factor----they see the female they want and they basically stop at nothing to have her. HAWT. On a scale of one to ten, it's like seventeen point six. Thanks to Paulie for making me forget I have kids. Or a husband. Or responsibilities.

So yeah, most of maternity leave was spent reading actual books instead of fanfic, and shopping, since Obs lost like fifty pounds after a couple of months at home. I bought A LOT of clothing. Can't be helped---Old Navy had a sale right around tax return time, and Obs is all about distressed jeans and the new "boyfriend" blazer look. So I came back to work on Monday, and no one recognized me---I have purple eyes, thanks to contacts, my hair is longer and lighter, even though it's still falling out thanks to treatment, and I had new clothing and was a bit skinnier. But I hope they recognized the air of "don't mess with me" that I still emit.

Oh, speaking of treatment----I'm sorry to hear about all this cancer talk on the boards. People are losing loved ones left and right to the awful disease, and unfortunately, it's the nature of the beast. But I'm happy to report I'm doing ok---I'm tired, I'm irritated, but it's working. We are hoping that treatment will eliminate the need for huge surgery, and so far it looks good. Although I can't wear sleeveless just yet----my arms are all toe' up thanks to injections. See how vain I am now lol?

Bon Jovi concert is on the horizon for Obs---in April---and I was ********THIS CLOSE***** to scoring Kings of Leon tix but failed. Dagnabit. Yes, I got New Moon on DVD, and whatthefreak is the deal with the Edward fast forward and Jacob fast forward? You can choose one and it's just clips with the respective person in it. Weird. I tried to get hubs to watch it, but he said he had no interest in watching "the one with the huge forehead or the kid who looks like a grown a** man", so I'm not pushing it. And the Eclipse scene I saw on my Walmart special edition sort of sucked. Why do I care about Edward and Bella just sitting there talking? I want to see some action! Fight dang it!

And yes, I believe Bryce Dallas Howard was a HUGE freaking mistake. I'm not happy. But I'm happy at least Jasper doesn't appear to look as tool-ish as they made him in New Moon.

All that being said, I think I went through a bit of a burn out period with Twi, and maybe that's why I strayed a bit. Anyone else having that problem?

New Vamp Diaries is on Thursday. I read all the books (at least until the most recent one) and hated the last one. Too confusing, and the story is so freaking different from the show.

And to all those who recommended I read Dark Hunter books---What's wrong with you? lol---I can't finish the first one---didn't like it and found the story really unconvincing and weirdly written. Maybe they get better?

Anyone else catch Michael Sheen, aka Aro the amazing, on the Oscars or on 30 rock? Mo greatness.

Alright, it's obvious you people are now officially bored. Which was what I planned on doing here. So my job is done. Much love to all my peeps that I've been neglecting---Becs, who sent me the most hilarious books ever (I'm on the second one:), Megs, who when at Payless Ithought of while the saleschick said they didn't have the shoes in my, Misty, who every time I want to cry about having two, I remember she has three, so I cry for her, Nina with her new pup, who is fated to be my son in law so that Alice can ruin his credit with her amazing shopping ability, and snowflake, who will soon be seeing each other, which we all know what that means----baked beans. (What did you think I was going to say? Dirty buggers.)

So I promise to try to be better as much as possible. I miss you guys and hope everyone is having a great week and that your entertainment is as smutty as mine! Chao babies!

1/2 of GublObs, it's just that the Matthew Gubler dude won't take away the restraining order.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by animegaijingirl »

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by ihadanEdwardRush »

OBBSSSS YOU'RE BACK!! I'M SOO HAPPY. AND NO I DON'T GET BORED WITH YOUR STORY. I'M OVERWHELMED LOL. THANKS FOR COMING BACK! *sends love and hugs and positive vibes from Honeythestripper* Trivia: I used that as one of my pword LOL

HELLO TO EVERYONE!! Still loving each one of you. I'm at work right now and just like an hour and a half-ago we just had a 6.1 earthquake and the epicenter is an hour away from my hometown. (called the parents all is well and we still have a house). Okay seriously I don't like earthquakes (who does right?) but I'm not ready to die yet and even if I die know I love you all and you know how I'm addicted to confessing love to each one of my lexlings :D
We stayed here inside the bldg. I'm only at the 11th floor though but my sister called me because they have to get out cos she's at the 35th at the other bldg.

Okay not so good story to tell. :D

I love you all! :)
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by dimber »

I have only a few words to say today: SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM MY MOTHER-IN-LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

She's a total nightmare, following me everywhere, pushing me to eat things that disgust me because of the nausea. I can't sleep during the day because she's always there, asking for this and that, and complaining I'm harming the kid with my behaviour. I. can't. stand. her.

Sorry for venting like this but my life these days is a total nightmare. I can't think how it will be when the kid is about to be born!!!!!!

Needless to say that I'm stealing some minutes of peace because she's in the bathroom right now. I'll try to keep up with the thread but I'm sure I won't be able to...
...we are such stuff that dreams are made on...

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by ihadanEdwardRush »

awwww hugs hugs hugs chiara! I have no idea how I could steal you from your mother-in-law but I'm sending positive postive vibes..I know the "nightmare" because my sister have that too. But you could ask her nicely that you can have those you don't like to eat. :( *hugs*
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by animegaijingirl »

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Dazzled_by_Cullens »

OMG OBS!!!! That has to be the most EPIC of all EPIC post EVER *bows i’m not worthy i’m not worthy* can i get a SCHWING followed by a BAZINGA!!! OK can’t respond to it all, but rather a select few. A I think you a rock star, mom to t kids 3 and under, kicking the cancers backside back to well where ever the hell it comes from (that son of a biscuit eating, ....who you calling a coodie lint licker...." and all this while you are headed back to work....while still be all that makes up the awesomeness that is obie!!! Like i said I am not worthy!!! I shall be your you want a back rub/neck massage???? Ask Misty she got one this weekend. I do give a most excellent massage, mwuahaha.

OMG the RUTHICON STORY had me dying!!! I swear i missed that evil mistress and now HOW IN THE WORLD is her husband working there too!! How in all that is holy did that happen....Oh happy happy joy joy. I love that WE name him....DEMANTOR!!! ahhhahaha. And the book, ahhh the book, most excellent response *high fives* And speaking of book crack....DUDE i want BDB...johns book out already *does girly foot stomp* come on damn it!!!grrrrr.

Awesome job on the weight loss and shopping. Every time i shoe shop I shed a tear and think of you. Sarah and me actually sang the lets get some shoes song.....on Monday when we went to the gigantic mall. LOL. But no shoes were bought...maybe it was because YOU NEEDED to be there to work the magic babe! I have been buying tons of clothes too, thank you weight loss and my evil self inflected plan to run a ½ marathon....yes i set these crazy goals for myself. I actually hit a huge weight loss goal 2 weeks ago so YAY ME!

mmmmm KOL!!! I want to *ahem LICK* all of those boys!! *wink wink nudge nudge* yep I do, what can I say...i am a dirty mistress *cracks her whip*

OMG as for the SARAH/MISTY CHI-NANIGANS!!! Well I don’t even know what else more to say. Sarah has blogged about it and we have posted videos/pics and comments and all that jazz. But i swear i loved them both before....but now i have like 100x more uuber girly gushy crushes on them. Yep, there I said it!! SO AWESOME!!! I haven’t laughed and had that much fun in like 10 years!! Seriously best time in like F-O-R-E-V-E-R (says in sandlot voice) and it was so hard to have misty and then sarah leave me. My place is so quiet now and i am all sad and moping around like a sad puppy. But I think we are plotting again already for the next met up, mwuahaha. It shall be DONE!!! Or my name isn’t...well come to think of it you people have given me a lot of nicknames around here. But really YOU GIRLS ROCK!!! And COME BACK PLEASE... PRETTY PLEASE w/a shamrock shake and a CHERRY ON TOP!!! Lmao!! Also....umm just because TWSS!!!

honey-I hope everyone is OK...and no we are so not ready for you to die either....lmao. what is w/all the earthquakes in the world recently!! OMG this is crazy!!! but so glad you are safe *hugs*!!!!!

chiaro- my sympathies-whooshes in w/a cape and save the damsel in distress!! THAT SUCK be strong!!!
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