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Comparisons are Invidious...

Post by December »

...but interesting.

We now have three Twilight movies, made by three different directors. How do you think their visions of the story compare? What is most marked: the continuities or the differences between the three movies? Do you have a favourite, or do you like each in its own way? As they say in and contrast!

As always, please be respectful of other people's views -- and of the three directors. This is a thread for thoughtful criticism, not slagging off things you don't like.
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Re: Comparisons are Invidious...

Post by RebeccaCullen »

I think that Jasper's wig was far better than that hideous one in New Moon and it reminded me more of the Jasper!hair from Twilight; though I wish they would be consistent with the one that Nikki has to wear.

Loved that the constant blue filter from Twilight didn't make another reappearance and that Slade kinda kept with what Weitz set up in terms of color.

Was it just me, or did Carlisle sound British compared to the first two films?
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Re: Comparisons are Invidious...

Post by Brienna »

I thought that too, about Carlisle!
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Re: Comparing the Movies

Post by marielle »

Brienna wrote:I thought that too, about Carlisle!
Carlisle is supposed to be british...he was born in London so it wouldn't have bothered me...but I haven't noticed...
I'm going to pay attention tomorrow....

ok this is my thought...

Twilight I liked because it was the first, but I hated it because they ruined the story with a bad script..all fun things were left out...also the blueish color of the whole movie didn't really do it for me...
New Moon, was much, much, much better.. I even declared CW a saint...I really hate the story, but the script was good and the coloring was much better...
I didn't like the Jasper and Rosalie looks in NM...Rosalie's hair looked dead and Jasper's was off as well
Eclipse I adore...I declared DS god...really that man did a great job...screen colors are perfect...the looks are much better besides from Esme' looked a bit harsh...
I did have some issues with the script in the beginning but I was so so so happy that they left the funny parts in it... like Charlie having "the talk" with Bella...

all in all Eclipse was the best so far...
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Re: Comparing the Movies

Post by AyaDiefair »

Okay, I posted this under the 'haven't seen Eclipse yet' thread, but I think my post is more appropriate here so I will repost it here:

I haven't seen Eclipse yet, but I know not to keep my hopes high on it. Reason being is; look at the other 2 movies, imho they were poorly put together and rushed through. The way I see it, for things like Twilight, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings etc. with multiple books about the same storyline being turned into movies should keep the same director like they did with Lord of the Rings. To me, it keeps the storyline the same because it is one and only one persons perspective on how the book should be worked into a movie and how they are going to flow together with the other movies. Swapping directors each time throws that balance off. Same with the script writers, each person has their own perspective on how things should work, what the characters should look like, layouts, etc etc. That is my honest opinion. Lord of the Rings was a huge hit when they came out because of the hard core dedicated fans. Twilight has that hard core dedicated fan base, so why not take the time and put a little more effort into the making of the movies and sign on one director? They are obviously going to make the $$ no matter.

~On a side note: I know why they are rushed, it is because of the actors aging and what not, having to look the same because appearing to be 17 for a course of 4 years is hard (we all should know) with weight gain/loss and just physical age appearance, etc. But they could've still stretched the timeline a little more, Rob still looks fresh out of high school to me, I still look like I should be in high school and I've been out for a couple years, does that make any sense?

Anyway, a small example of what I was talking about in the first paragraph: Look at Victoria, in the first movie her hair was orangy and curled and rested just past her shoulders (bleh gross looking imo), in New Moon, to me it looked more red and wavey then curly and it was longer too. I liked this look better then the first one, but things like that irk me (I am also over observant sometimes and get nit picky), and from the previews of Eclipse, they change her hair again. Esme hair is also different, and Alices' is to throughout the series. Vampires hair don't grow, and I would assume dying it would remain permanent due to the fact their hair doesn't fall out either. If the same director was throughout these movies, those changes wouldn't be happening, therefore making it a better series throughout. It is like having a different author for each would throw off the structure of the story because every author writes things their own way. Of course I don't know why there are different directors for each movie, probably personal reasons or other movies or whatever, but look at Peter Jackson (LotR director for all 3 movies) he knew he wanted to do all 3 and signed up for them all, he did a great job and I promise he got a huge payout from it too. Why didn't the first director do this? I'm sure he had the option to do so, and he would've had the beneficial payout in the end as well, and a lot more praise then he has now.

This is all just in my honest opinion though. I am a way bigger fan of the books then the movies by a long shot, but I also like Lord of the Rings, where I equal in favoritism with the books and movies.

Also, splitting BD into 2 movies is...a little rubbish. By now people should know the strength of the fan base, and can get away with a longer movie then 1hr 45mins ~ 2hrs, 10mins average. Look at LotR, they topped 3+hrs each movie and fans sat through them all. And not only that, they released special edition dvds with 20 ~ 45mins extended scenes on top of the original playtime and people ate that up. Directors and script writers shouldn't be afraid to stretch the time more. Who cares if it is revolved around the young adult stage, I was 16 something and sat and watched a back-to-back-to-back movie showings with the premiere of the new movie at midnight with LotR (extended versions with the first 2, so pushing almost 4hrs for each film and had 30min intermissions between films, got free pizza, gifts, etc. The tickets were pricey but well worth it) and I loved it to death. I would be more then willing to do the same with Twilight and Harry Potter as well cause it is fun.

What does everyone else think? And I know, I'm sorry my rant is a book, I get to caught up with details and explanations. I have a hard time getting my point across with a simple paragraph. ^^;
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Re: Comparing the Movies

Post by EdwardsMistress »

Twilight is still my favourite of the three. I liked how 'romanticy' it is compared to the other two. But, I like mostly how the Cullen/Hale's don't look as 'dark' as compared to as in New Moon/ Eclipse. The wigs/skin/wardrobe in the last two were awfull. And Mike Newton's character is so dark. Especially the scene where they start from Jake, Bella, and Mike at the movies and Mike has that first scene.

Also, the music. I loved the soundtrack to Twilight. New Moon was...okay. But, Eclipse... to me it seemed some of the background music were NOT right for the scenes, it was very distracting.
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Re: Comparing the Movies

Post by RebeccaCullen »

marielle wrote: Carlisle is supposed to be British...he was born in London so it wouldn't have bothered me...but I haven't noticed...
I'm going to pay attention tomorrow....
He may be British but in the first two movies he sounded very American. And given that he's been in the US for more than one hundred years (given that Edward has been a vamp for 90+ years), he's bound to have picked up and American accent.

@ AyaDiefair; When it comes to consistency, I always split it into two different categories: script and visual. The script has been consistent for the most part, but visually you can tell the difference between the three actors. CH went for more an indie look and used blue filters; CW went for a more traditional look and warmer filters; DS seems to have found a happy medium between CH and CW in terms of filters, the only thing he really changed was the wolf forms but those are like the dementors from HP that never look the same in every movie.

I was actually asked yesterday why the movies weren't being footed by the WB, and I told the person that Summit was the one to buy the rights to make the movies. I think had the WB (including all of their subdivisions like New Line Cinema) been the one to foot the bill for the series, the graphic's and the make-up would have been a lot more consistent

And the reason Catherine Hardwick wasn't brought back, from my understanding, was because she wanted more time to film the movie then Summit was willing to allow.
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Re: Comparing the Movies

Post by daisymay »

I've seen Eclipse twice now. I have the theme song stuck in my head. I watched Twilight tonight. So surreal. Wow! I love it!

Cheers Twi-hards. Your in my thoughts. :-) Just WoW! Can't wait til the weekend is over and I can see it again.
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Re: Comparing the Movies

Post by LemonLegend »

I absolutely loved Eclipse. It was so epic that I started crying when it started.....
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Re: Comparing the Movies

Post by misspikaboo »

I felt that Eclipse was better paced then either Twilight or New Moon - there were no slow parts or any of those rushed scenes either. There was a steady stream of action, but it wasn't overkill. So kudos to the storyboard people.

I also felt that Eclipse was truer to the books then the other two without coming off as a rip-off. there were plenty of scenes from Twilight where I felt that it was coped word for word just for the fans' sake; yes, we love hearing our favorite quotes on screen, but not at the expense of it coming off corny and out of character. The prime example of this being Rob's "You're like a drug to me etc." lines. I didn't like how they were thrown in there. But with Eclipse I really think they nailed a lot of the lines perfectly so that they resembled lines from the book, but without being weird about it, you know? Like there were some lines that could have fit into the book perfectly even though they were only in the screenplay. I guess Melissa is stepping up her game. Good for her.

The special effects! Goshh, they were amazing this time around! People always rip on the Twilight movies because of the less-then-spectacular effects (which was understandable considering their original budget) so I had a heard time getting over that. Eclipse will have no problems there, however. The wolves, the vampires battles - AH-FREAKIN'-MAZING. Even non-Twilight fans can appreciate how much Eclipse brought to the table. I'd like to see those jerks at the movie award shows saying Eclipse doesn't deserve it when they walk away with everything this year. >D
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