Eclipse director David Slade

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Re: Eclipse director David Slade

Post by HarryTuttle »

Loved his Hard Candy and 30 Days of NIght, he's a talented director and should bring new life to the Twilight saga. It will be great to see a Twilight movie that guys can enjoy with hot female vampires that might be half naked, gory violence, action and war so that it will keep the guy haters shut their traps.
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Re: Eclipse director David Slade

Post by marielle »

Dang...!!! after the premiere nobody has posted here...
that's so sad...

I think we should make a testimony to the work DS has delivered....because Eclipse was brilliant...

yes I agree that there were a lot of things missing, and they made 2 really big mistakes in the script but all in all it was the best so far...
the coloring was right...the scenes were set up perfectly...
we got a bit of everything.....

so 10 points for Slade...
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Re: Eclipse director David Slade

Post by bored by the sea »

**hangs head in shame*********** :lol: in all honesty i totally forgot to post in here as i was to busy spazzing about the awesome job he'd done here there and everywhere else ha ha. he totally did my favourite book and justice, i tip my hat to you Mr Slade :D (and i met him at the u.k. prem and he was really sweet and hillairous, so i heart him a little more as a person now too ) lol
i agree Marielle with the ten points!
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Re: Eclipse director David Slade

Post by Tornado »

I felt Slade failed abjectly with the movie as a whole (apart from the fighting and the scenes with the newborns) and most importantly he failed with the romantic scenes. They reeked of fatigue and over zealous attempts to please everyone by getting every little bit in, which unfortunately meant that the chemistry that is so important to these scenes was trampled into the ground. They strained out a lot of gnats only to swallow a camel instead.
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