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Re: Vampire Special Talents

Post by SenorGimp »

That WOULD have been great!
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Re: Vampire Special Talents

Post by Total Twilight Fan »

Id love to either be able to move objects without touching them :) Or have infared vision :)
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Re: Vampire Special Talents

Post by Kate »

Jazzy'sgirl112108 wrote:whatever benjamin did to get his must have been something close to earth, like meditating or something. :roll:
I just finish reading that tread and I just like to link it with an interview of Stephenie (The personal correspondance #4 There is a difference between the personally intensified and the special ability. So Benjamin didn’t need to have a personality close to the elements to manipulate it… And Kate didn’t need to have a personality close to electricity… :)

But Benjamin seems to have an interesting idea of good and bad and Kate seem to be a determined woman… That may be their personalities… From what I understand, the «superpower» thing is a kind of bonus… It doesn’t have to be link with the personality… Sometime, it is, but not all the time... Look at Alice, what trait of personality (I know for the asylum thing, and it’s not a trait of personality) will end up to give vision of future?

Sometime, the power seem to manifest before the transformation, like Alice one, Jasper and Bella. Maybe Benjamin was already able to control wind and maybe a flame like a candle and it have increase with his vampirisation. I like the image of a human Kate always with electricity in the hair! :)

But that only my opinion... what do you think of that?

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Re: Vampire Special Talents

Post by alex1100p »

The most plausible answer as to how Edward and Ben recurves those kind of powers is that they already had it as a human since Alice already had premonitions as a human why cant Edward and Ben have their power while as a human also the leader of Ben's coven said he knew he was special and he probably saw his power

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Re: Vampire Special Talents

Post by Lioness Rampant »

Total Twilight Fan wrote:Id love to either be able to move objects without touching them :)
telekinesis would be AMAZING!

Re: Vampire Special Talents

Post by Silvirain »

I'd like to have the power to control people. Make them do what I want. :lol:
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Re: Vampire Special Talents

Post by Cryket »

  • More than likely I think it is sort of a bonus for some and maybe an extension to something they already have for other. Like with Bell, she can already block others out as a human. But after the transformation she's able to black others not only from herself but others around her.
  • I think it might be the same with Jane too cause what personality trait could she have to be able to cause others physical pain. It would have to be more than just sheer hate for others or something of that nature.
  • But then I was thinking about Zafrina, and how she can create those illusions. What if that was just a supernatural extension of her imagination. And to project that imagination to others.

    Maybe I might be repeating somethings already said but really I don't think it's any rhyme or reason as to why they have the powers they have.
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