Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by vampirelover109 »

Good evening ladies

Sorry ive been mia for the last few days ive been busy at work and by the time ive been getting home ive been so tired apart from that i havent done alot apart from the usaual hypnotherapy and guitar lessons ive also made a big decision im moving back in with my mum alot of things have influenced me more so the fact that she has really bad legs and hands so i can help take care of the house and stuff so were going to redecarate my old room

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by openfire »

Happy Sunday all!!

We had such a lovely time last night with my parents! Dinner was really yummy, and we had a lot of good chat and then played board games. A very nice evening!!

ActionRob - I think ActionRob has enjoyed his weekend! Yesterday he helped me do some housework, and was particulary good at helping me wash the livingroom floor. He then joined us in the kitchen and had a go at mashing the tatties and then posed with our fishcake mix. After helping me set the table and prepare the cocktails, he was a bit exhausted and so retired to the couch for a wee rest. He ended up listening to the Twilight audiobook on my iPod!
We also went a wee trip today, but I will post those pics tomorrow (hopefully!).

Rob on Leno - He is actually AWESOME!! He looked really good! He just seems so charming and nice, and genuine. Awww!! I loved some of his stories, and I am looking forward to hearing the MTV interview when I get a chance too.

Tracy - Yay for seeing a preview for WfE! I'm glad you liked The Kings Speech. Hopefully I will see it when it comes on Sky, or I will just wait on the dvd.
I hope you have a great weekend & we will see ya next week when you get back!!

Ginnie - I'm glad you have enjoyed LittleLady's spring break and it sure does sound like you have been busy! Like Marielle I find it strange you talk about guns so freely..I have to admit it kinda scares me a little too! I just can't imagine living somewhere were anyone could possible have a gun. I guess if I lived in the US though, I would get used to it. So can kids of any age learn to shoot? How old do they have to be before they can own their own gun?

Marielle - After me saying on Friday how nice the weather was, it started to pour with rain!! LOL. Typical eh? It has been quite nice today though :)
Haha, that's too funny you teased your bf about getting grey hair! Is he worried about it? Do you think he will dye his hair? I know some people who went grey in their late teens/early twenties! :shock:

Raine - I'm very happy your mom's tests all came back ok! We say healthy as a horse too LOL.
Thanks for the info on the fandom4tsunami EP thing..I will have to remember to check that out!

missp - Yay for your mega post! I'm glad you had such a nice time celebrating your dads birthday! Subway sells pizzas in the US? Subway here is a sandwich place...maybe it's not the same company!
What's Yellow Box? Shoes? (just a guess - I'm prolly totally wrong! LOL).
Last night we made my parents a starter of homemade fish cakes (I don't like fish so I had a vegetable version LOL), homemade garlic chicken kiev, wedges and salad for main course, and pancakes, ice cream and strawberries for desert. It all turned out great even though we had never made it before (apart from the pancakes; my bf makes quite good ones!). My mom and dad really liked it too so yay!!
I hope you enjoy your cook out today :)

Susie - Yeah a couple of nights last week I went to bed much earlier than normal as I just felt kinda rubbish during the day as I was so tired! I have slept much better the past 2 nights - I'm not sure if it's cos it's the weekend, or (hopefully) it was just a phase I was going through and it's passed! I'm not going to bed early tonight, so I guess tonight will test my theory!
Aww that's sweet what you said about my parents! We had a really nice night. Even though the food maybe wasn't very technically fancy, it was still cool for us cause we made everything ourselves - for instance, we have never breaded our chicken ourselves before (for the main course). That kinda thing. I think my mom and dad really had fun, so I am happy! :)
Btw, I agree with Tracy: I thought Rob's suit on Leno was grey too LOL!

Chrissy - I'm so glad you had a really great time for your birthday!! Sorry you are sick now though... Feel better soon!

Jade - I agree that Kristen will be great as Snow White! Quite exciting actually!

Ann Marie - Thanks for checking in :) When are you going to move back in with your mom? Is it far from where you live just now?

Well I am off! I techincally should go to bed, but I'm a bit peckish so I am gonna grab a snack and read some more of WfE for a wee while.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks! Bye!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by missp »

Hi, Ya'll! It's been a terrific Sunday! I am relaxing in the chair for a few minutes after returning home from the cook-out and getting all my food ready for the week's lunches and dinners. I try to make as much stuff ahead as possible to plan ahead so I don't fall into the trap of mindless eating. I am also determined to get back to the gym tomorrow and start work on building my cardio back up again. My schedule has just been NUTS lately! :banghead: I see the board has been kind of slow this afternoon. I'm sure you girls have been busy enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon with family time or fanfiction.

VAMPIRE LOVER~~ I think it is great that you are able to move in with your mom and take care of her. She will appreciate you for it so much! Just remember to take time for yourself every once in a while. :D

Jaclyn~~ I am so glad to hear that the dinner with your parents went well. What kind of fish do you make your fish cakes with? Are the fish cakes the Tatties that ActionRob helped you make? Yes. You are correct. Yellow Box are shoes. They are very popular flip flops in the South. They get their name from the yellow shoe box they come in, and there are dozens of colors and styles. I have about 25 pair of them... SO FAR!! :lol:

Okay... I am off to check messages on FB before heading upstairs to bed for the night. Ya'll have a great Monday!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by dazzel21 »

Good Morning HH Sisters!!!

Thank you so much for the warm wishes for my mom's health. She's now back in our town with my dad.

Anyways I met a fellow Filipina twihard and fanfiction addict through Khar's FB. We post on her wall seconds from each other then she sends me a message. We spent last night sending messages from each other through FB and Twitter until after midnight. I'm trying to coax her to post here at the lex, but she's still a bit shy. We'll see how it goes...

Jaclyn - I love your pictures of ActionRob. It's good to see him so busy in Scotland. He's such a sweetheart helping you prepare dinner for your parents.

AnnMarie - I think its such a beautiful gesture that your moving in with your mom. My mom visited us last weekend and I missed living with her and my dad. No one takes better care of us than our own mother.

Marielle - I love the trailer :yahoo: . So excited for HP2, a bit sad too coz its gonna be the last. I know it would be 100 times epic than all the other HP movie.

Jadey - Yes it is pronounced like rain :lol: .

Chrissy - Aww that sucks. Hope you feel better soon hun. Take care of yourself its the flu and cough season everywhere in the world.

JennJenn - Yay your participating as a writer!!! Be sure to give me your pen name if you are using any other than "SwanCullen". My twitter is the same as my username here in the lex "dazzel21".

Susie - Yes its quite a relief for all of us. Diabetes runs in our family on both my mom and dad's side that's why we monitor my parents blood sugar closely. We're just thankful that all of us her children haven't caught it, yet. Ah its good that now you have the time to get caught up. We're so used to your mega posts.

Tonise - I can't get enough of EP. I want all the details that Khar skipped between the EP epilogue and Alec's POV EP Novella. Yes, twitter is so confusing. I still prefer FB.

That's it. I need to get back to work.
Have a good Monday ladies.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by SwanCullen »

Raine-My pennname is ElektraLane. I'll add you to my twitter tomorrow. I am ElektraLane on Twitter :) I am the same about EP. I LOVED the Alec novella Khar posted on FFn. I had to take a break from it and I finished it a little bit ago. I always got emotional with that story.

Jacklyn-Love the action Rob pics :) I see you in the reflection on the microwave. Thanks for sharing the pics!

I am sorry I have't responded more to you ladies. Been in a funky mood and now I am listening to music to lift my mood. :music: Anybody remember the Monica song "Angel of Mine"? That's what I am listening to now and it's bringing back memories from when I was 14.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

OMG! I had the most amazing Rob dream last night… yeah I’m sorry but I did it again…
I was dreaming that the WFE release was accompanied by a tour of the actors, the movie was shown in a large circus tent and during the break and after the movie the actors would take the time to talk with the guests. I got to talk to Reese for a while and waited for Rob. He was being grumpy so when he didn’t react when I called his name I got up and ran after him. Told him that he had no reason to be that grumpy because he did a darn good job.
Then a while later I saw him walking through my street still grumpy so I went to him and asked if he wanted to do something fun. Somehow we decided on carting and laser gaming after I offered a 100 things we could do. But I had to get changed because I couldn’t go carting in a skirt, so he waited in my room while I got so jeans on…somewhere somehow we started kissing (don’t really know why but my brain is still fuzzy)…after a while I told him that if he wanted to go carting we needed to get ready. He just said ‘screw carting’ and kissed me again…

As you girls can imagine, I’m still shaky from that dream…

Anyway, I’ll try to reply to your posts…

Ann-marie, I think it’s a brave move, moving back in with your mom, taking care of her and of yourself…

Jaclyn, that’s normally what happens in Holland as well, they predict good weather for a day and when that day finally arrives it’s raining…did your parents see action-Rob?
No, my bf doesn’t worry about the grey hairs, I just love to tease him with them…I don’t think he is going to dye anytime soon, sometimes I suggest to get his hair a bit punky, like with a bit blue or something but his last dyeing experience got him scared a bit…8 years ago a friend of ours had to learn how to dye hair and because they lost a bet to her, my bf and a good friend let her dye their hair, it turned out canary yellow…

Tonise, I’m going to get myself some skeelers for my birthday to get some cardio training done.

Raine, I really can’t wait to see DH2, I’m so nervous to see the Snape bits and the epilogue, I heard such a cool things about it…

Caryn, how did the kids do? are you still able to speak? ... I haven't got the VF yet, but you bet I'll be haunting the postman from this day on.. ;)

some nice gifs to start the week
and Leno

Urgh, it's going to be a long day, that dream messed up my mind, I can't watch Rob pics without loosing myself in that dream again, did I mention that Rob is really everywhere around here...

when I'm going to the pub next weekend I'll be only thinking about wanting to drink with him

Okay, better start to try and focus on work.... :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Hey girls
I'm trying out my new phone. Hence the dubble post. I'm still at war about the wallpaper it refuses to put Rob up properly don't know why.

I'm off trying again


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These violent delights, have violent endings...Like fire and gunpowder, they consume what they kiss


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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by openfire »

Happy Monday all!

Slow day today... And where is Susie?? I have a feeling she is up to her old tricks again ;) I guess we'll see huh? LOL.

Today at work I was getting set to go into the lab with my iPod all ready for a morning of stuff. And then it wouldn't work!! I was listening to the Twilight audiobook too so I was really mad & sad :( But...this afternoon I manage to fix it, so whew! I'm glad, cos I like listening to books/music while doing certain stuff at work. It was very quiet this morning when I thought it had broken!

Anyways, onto the posts!

ActionRob - So yesterday my bf, my mom and myself went to the opening of a new garden centre. It was really big, and had some really nice things in it. ActionRob joined us, and while there he noticed some dear. I was a bit worried that perhaps he was thirsty, but nope he just wanted to pose with it for a photo! He then noticed a lion fountain, and of course he just had to get a photo with that too. We had a wonder about some of the plants, and thought that Susie might like a picture of ActionRob with some rhubarb as I know she likes to make rhubarb pies! And then we got a picture in some Heather plants as you get quite a lot of that in Scotland. After passing a garden swing we decided to have some tea in the resturant before leaving. We swung by Asda (which is part of Walmart) on the way home to get our "messages" :)
I hope he enjoyed his weekend!

missp - I think it's a good idea to prepare as many meals in advance as you can too. We do that sometimes, and it does make things much easier! Did you manage to get to the gym today?
We made our fish cakes with haddock, and the tatties that ActionRob is pictured with are just mashed potato ready to go into the mix with the fish, spring onion, chilli and some peppers.
Aah, flip flops! I only have 2 pairs, and I really love 1 pair of them..that much that I need a new pair really, as I have worn them so much (on holiday only though - I don't really wear them in Scotland! Haha!).

Susie - Sorry I keep forgetting to PM you back about the LesMis video - thank you for sending me a link for it! It was really cool to see it behind the scenes, and like I said before, it really looks like these kids are very talented!!

Raine - That's awesome you met another Filipina TwiFan through Khar's fb!! Does she live near you? Does she love Rob like all of us?? :D :lol:

JennJenn - Yeah I noticed that I am reflected in the microwave too LOL. And I'm still in my PJs there too... Haha!
Sorry you are were in a funky mood, but I hope the music helped you feel a bit better :)

Marielle - Oh. My. Goodness!! That RobDream...wowza! Especially the line "screw karting" - that is like a line from a movie or something! I can totally imagine that happening in a big romantic storyline. So yep, I am just a teensy bit jealous of you Haha!
I had a wee giggle at your bf's hair story. I would rather that than it turning a bizarre colour though - like green or something :lol:
Yay for getting a new phone btw! I hope you manage to get Rob as your wallpaper though. What pic are you trying to put on it?

Well that's me off now. Catch you later folks!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »


Here I am, Jaclyn!!! I guess I never posted yesterday, did I? Well, it's because my son is still using my laptop for his online Health course (and will be until March 30) and I have to use our OLD computer which drives me NUTS! I really get a headache from it sometimes. Yesterday, I just couldn't deal with it. We were gone all afternoon to a matinee performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance - Our old group - where Hubs and I met. We ushered. Then we went out for dinner and then once home again, Sonny was on my laptop!!

Chrissy – I’m glad you saw all of your birthday wishes here at the Halfway House. Sorry you came home sick! I hope you can get better soon so you can study!

– You don’t do much? Well, I’ll bet you actually do! Drawing – how fun. Can you post some photos of your drawings? Have you done fanart?

– Yep. Rob must be living on air and LOVE. Your bf has gray hair? Wow. You’re with an older man! LOVE your Rob dream – but what about Kristen? Fabulous gifs – he is adorable. Rob at a pub – THUD.

– Fun weekend, girl! Good luck with the state testing this week. I know people who are ignorant like to blame the teachers for everything! I’m sure you’ve tried your hardest to pound that stuff into your students. What’s the latest technique for test day besides a good nights sleep the night before and breakfast? Do you let them run around outside? I’ve heard of some schools doing that – get oxygen to the brain, etc. Good for you organizing all your meals for the week.

Ann Marie
– I didn’t know you moved out of your mum’s house! When did you do that? I’m sure she’ll love to have you back. It’s nice you want to help her out.

– I’m NOT up to my tricks again!! (yet) I’m home finally getting some time on my laptop. I love all those ActionRob pics you took –Posted Sunday: my fav is his listening to TwiTunes!! Posted Monday: Having tea and on the Heather (reminds me of the meadow!) The rhubarb was a very nice touch – all for me! Just think how much bigger the rhubarb has to get before you can use it. Congrats on doing all that cooking from scratch. You’re starting to get some real experience now. I’m glad you’re sleeping better. Yes, it was just a phase. OK maybe that gray was a bluish gray. I’m glad you liked the Les Mis vid.

– It would be great if we had another Filipina sister here at the Halfway House! Are you saying that things just don’t feel right unless I make a mega post??? Awww!

– Be gone funky mood! Hey- what ever happened to that one shot? You haven’t given up on it have you?? You just needed to change a couple of things.

– Where are you, girl???? Making us wait so we don’t ever take you for granted? Just so you know - we definitely don't take you for granted. You are one of the pillars of the Halfway House. Without you, we're likely to start falling down.

Well, I’m headed off soon for a little trip with Sonny Boy. Hubs can’t go with us because he doesn’t have much vacation time yet. I’ll be back on Thursday, but I hope to get on the internet a couple of times while I’m gone. I’ll miss you all terribly!!

Bye for Now!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by openfire »

Susie wrote:Well, I’m headed off soon for a little trip with Sonny Boy. Hubs can’t go with us because he doesn’t have much vacation time yet. I’ll be back on Thursday, but I hope to get on the internet a couple of times while I’m gone. I’ll miss you all terribly!!
Hey Susie! I dislike older computers that take forever to do anything too! Glad you liked the ActionRob pics! :)
I hope you have a great trip with SonnyBoy - can you tell us where you are going, or is it another HH World Tour?? ;)

Anyways, gotta go!

ps. I am really enjoying WfE :D
pps. Caryn - I hope you are feeling better! We miss you!!
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