Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

It’s weekend…finally, it’s nice to stay in your bed until your stomach growls so loudly that you really need breakfast….

My further thoughts on the VF interview…. When I was reading the first bit he almost had me crying, :heartbroke: I felt so bad for him and I honestly hoped that the writer exaggerated it a bit…I couldn’t deal with the idea of Rob feeling so miserable and not able to go out any more… that part about finally finding a pub where he wasn’t recognized and than somebody stupid recognizes him and chat it around, driving him away…I mean how stupid as a fan can you be!!!
What I did hate about the interview was that yet again they had to ask about him and Kris. Why aren’t those reporters being so think that they just don’t seem to get that as long as they ask he isn’t going to say anything about it…
:banghead: After reading the whole interview I just felt sick, I can’t believe that people would cause for an other person to go into hiding, not being able to do what they enjoy most…… I thought that was only done in countries where war and that kind of craziness rules not in the civilized west!!! :rant: I’m starting to doubt our civilization a bit….

Susie, I bet you need some adjustment to that weather, I just start to get used to the warmer weather…hihi, I do edit a lot about my dreams though, mostly I dream very decently and I’ll tell but there are those day that I can’t write anything because the mods would kick me off… I don’t mind dreaming so much but sometimes it honestly drives me crazy…

Jaclyn, your bf should have gotten you a cat, they hunt spiders…god, I would be scared too…I get the creeps just thinking about it… rats can be nice, I never would have them myself but a friend of mine had them, they could be really cute if they wanted too…

Hey, Mel…I’m sorry that you life is so chaotic at the moment…I hope you mom’s leg will heel soon and that buddy gets healthy again…don’t forget to take care of yourself in the meantime.

Caryn, thanks so much for the VF, it really opened up a whole set of weird feeling that interview…and the pics were so beautiful… I hope that Rob would get back to being himself again, because at the moment of that interview it sounded like he’s a bit lost, he just has to realize that just being Rob is good enough…perfect even…
I was happy to see that with the Leno show he at least looked happy and was able to laugh and joke around a bit….

Hey, Rachel… I’m happy to see you feel welcome in our little bunch…as you probably saw Susie and I met up in Amsterdam, I live in The Hague, it’s close to Amsterdam…if you ever consider leaving that very big continent of yours and come to Holland (small but cute) I’ll be happy to show you around as well…Tell me, Alabama is in the south right? Just must have nice, very nice weather? I’m just longing for summer so I have a bit of a weather obsession…

Tammy, I don’t like to judge on other country but that health system in the US just sucks…I honestly think it’s ridiculous that you have to pay everything just because your daughter got sick too early, like she choose to get sick anyway…I’m really shaking my head in disbelieve…I would have murdered the CEO of that insurance company….
BTW, it’s so sweet of your hub to give you a kindle…
You can send me the chapter you have already read but I can’t do a grammar check or anything but I can tell you if the story is catchy…

Well, ladies have a nice Saturday…maybe till later…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello ladies!

Just a very quick drive-by post from daughter has a couple of basketball games today in her team's first tournament. It should be interesting, to say the least. :?

Tammy~ I'm sorry about your daughter's HA's and difficulties with your husband's insurance. Hope they can get her meds straightened out so she feels better and her school days aren't as affected.

Rachel~ We're happy to see you again. I actually live just south of Nashville, TN, so we may not be too far from one another. :D I met Missp when she came to town with Susie for a visit last September.

Caryn~ Thanks for the gorgeous outtakes of Rob and Reese and Tai. My hubs was skimming through my copy of Entertainment Weekly last night as we watched basketball games. I kept glancing at my hubs, and it was just so surreal to see Rob's beautiful face plastered on the cover of the magazine my husband was reading. :D

Marielle~ The VF article is a little heartbreaking to read. I preferred the EW article, as Rob seems more like his upbeat, slightly goofy self. Can you find EW there, or would you like one of us to send you a copy?

Jaclyn~ I'd love to send you a copy of EW--I just picked up two copies at the bookstore last night. The magazine issue might pass ActionRob in the mail somewhere. :)

Hope to check back in later tonight. Enjoy your Saturdays!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by missp »

RACHEL~~ Hmmmm... The top part of Bama, you say? I am in Northwest Alabama in what we call the Tennessee Valley. I grew up in Addison Bulldog country and still teach there. I live in Decatur. I'm thinking you must be pretty close to the Tennessee line. Am I correct? Anyhoos... we are so glad you found our way to this little part of Lexing Heaven called the Halfway House! :D

TAMMY~~ I just want to say how much my heart aches for you and your family right now! Times are hard enough with out the added mess that the insurance company has piled on top of Ya'll. I am praying for Ya'll. Come rant and vent on us anytime. We are here to listen and support! *Hugs!*, Sister! :D

Okay, Ya'll! This is the day that I will sit down and actually get some writing in!! It's a perfect "Forksish" day with rain and thunderstorms ALL day. The Cullens are playing baseball as we speak. So, as soon as I return from a quick trip to the cleaners and the grocery store, I'm planting myself in front of this computer to :write: :write: :write: ! So, I'll be back later tonight to check in with everybody. Have a wonderful Saturday!! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »


Caryn – You may have missed my clever Friday mega post since it fell between your regular post and your EW Outakes post…..And thus did not see the critical question resulting from the Italian interview: Is Rob an ENFP??? (of course I forgive you for not catching it – you were overcome with the overwhelming beauty shown in those aforementioned outtakes – Sweet Jesus Sandal Straps!)

Mel – It’s great to see you here again. Sorry about your little one! I read on facebook just how ill he’s been. What a worry for you. I do hope the doctors can tell you what is going on. How about some antibiotics? Your job- I thought you were going back into the kitchen as a chef – didn’t that pan out? It’s such a drag to dislike your job – every day you feel it. I hope you can find something you really like.

Marielle – Now you know why we were so upset about that VF article. Caryn’s right – those other interviews make us feel a lot better. Also, think of the VF article this way – the writer wanted us to see certain things – the interview was packaged for us to show Rob in a certain way – it isn’t the complete story. They worked with the theme (thesis) that Rob is a superstar because of Twilight (thus all the crazy fan examples) and therefore it may be hard for him to break out of his Twilight character, but just might do that with his new role in Water for Elephants. After we discussed it a lot on the thread, I felt better. Many of us felt exactly as you did reading that VF article – very upset!! Remember that they didn’t show any positive fan examples, and I’m sure there are many!! They also didn’t show any of the positive of his Twilight experience. He has said it has been great 0 the real family feeling the actors have – how they truly get along so well, etc.

Raine – Summer break in Minnesota is June-August, and yes, it does get hot and humid in July and August, but not as much as the SE of the US, and certainly nothing like what you experience there in the Philippines!

Jaclyn – You know what I’m going to say – Get the rat and forget about the spiders!! Remember that I love spiders!! Perhaps you could go into hypnotherapy for your arachnophobia?? Did I tell you we had a rat when Daughter Dear was between 3rd and 4th grade? We got the class rat to take home for the summer and keep. Her name was Snowball and she was sooooo smart. I read up on rats as pets and we let her out every evening. She knew her way around the house and would come back to her cage when I made a food shaking sound. I let her climb all over me. I really liked her. When she was wandering our house she would pick up various things and hide them behind the sofa cushions – a toothbrush from the wastebasket, sidewalk chalk, etc. So funny!! Now you know just how low my housekeeping standards are!! Be aware that rats are prone to tumors – she had two: the first we had surgically removed ($$) and the second one got to be so big it killed her –she was suffering so much; it was hard to witness. We had her put down at the vet’s ($$). LOVED the new Action Rob photos! You are not in your late 20’s yet – you are in your mid-20’s!!

Chrissy – HAPPY LEXIVERSARY!!! I’m so glad you’re one of the Halfway House Sisters! Sorry you’ve been so ill and stressed. I’m sure one of your stressors is school. Feel free to PM me for academic guidance!!

StellaBlueStella (Rachel?) – Maybe you are close to MissP! Maybe you can meet someday!! I’ve met Marielle, NewJen, Caryn, Jaclyn, Deb, Sandy, Tracy, Tonise, Ginnie, and Christina – sorry to sound like I’m bragging!! And Caryn has met Ginnie and Christina, and like Tracy said, she has also met Tonise in addition to me! Ginnie and Christina met when I went to Orlando, and now they’re good friends! I was the one who started all of these “real life” meetings, I guess, but I’m happy to take the credit for it, since everyone seems to be very happy to meet. By the way, I haven’t noticed any Alabama vernacular yet, so please BRING IT ON!

– I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s headaches and the insurance problems! It’s just not right. I would be a wreck. I’d love to look at your writing if you’ll have me. I specialize in grammar and mechanics and can tell you if it makes sense and what I love about it, but you also need a real fiction writer to look at it too. I don’t know as much about developing storyline.

Tracy – Have fun at basketball today. I know your weekends are for family – see you Sunday night!

Tonise – Yeah for writing today! I can’t wait to read what you’re working on!

I’ve got to go now – late for picking up my former student Luta – I’m taking her out for her birthday.

Catch you all later!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by lulu »

hey girls :)

it's been a busy week for me and i've missed stopping by here but i'll be back in a few days! i'd say more here but i used up all my time and more skimming through all those posts (several pages!) that i missed out on. thanks for that article caryn, he sounds so different coming through translation, but i still enjoyed it a lot. i'm glad he's so attached to animals and that he holds an interest for real relationships, i think that's so fitting for his personality (that we think we know of anyway!). i loved seeing your pics (although susie's was already removed) of marielle and susie's visit! so fun! raine, i can't wait to hear about your all-expense paid trip to the beach. that place looks amazing and would be a dream come true for me! jaclyn, i believe i said happy birthday on fb, but missed saying it here, so happy belated birthday! :lol: dawn, i think you're the one that asked what car rob had that was a piece of junk? i don't know if that question was answered but i believe it was a bmw from the 80s or something. tracy, thanks for letting me know that the nipping comes when the top teeth come in. that'll help me rest easier for now!

anyway, i can't remember what else i was going to say in regards to the posts, so hello to the rest of you!

babyboy caught bronchitis. :cry: his first cough was wednesday around 2pm, by 11pm he sounded terrible and i turned the monitor on full blast because i wanted to make sure i would wake up at any distress. thursday morning we got him in at 8:15am to see the doctor and he said he had bronchitis. crazy! so at least we got him on meds right away. i think he's doing better. he's sleeping better now and although it sounds bad when he coughs, he doesn't cough that often. besides that, he is pretty happy and bubbly as usual, so i guess he's not feeling too sick. so i think it's the best scenario for the situation.

anyway, i hope to finish another edit today, so i have to go. sorry to be so MIA lately. take care, girls!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by VirginiaMay »

Hello Sisters!!! :wave:

It's been an entire week? What? How did that happen?? I honestly don't know where the days have gone, so I won't even try to fill you in on everything. Although, I did wake up to find my husband tinkering with my computer this morning! (And without letting me back-up my docs first ! :worried: ) BUT despite my anxiety, I have to give the man some serious props -it's running like a champ now! Super speedy!

On to your posts and all the loveliness we were gifted with this week: (prepare yourselves,it's a bit long!)

marielle wrote: Ginnie, it’s so weird to read about your hubby owning firearms… I know it’s a normal thing in the US but in Holland it’s illegal to own guns without an official approve from the government, I think you need to be trained for five years to be even allowed to own one…but maybe it would help people to feel a bit more safe…
  • Hey Marielle! I'm so glad you felt comfortable enough to be honest about your feelings when reading my post about our trip to the range. It honestly never occurred to me that personal firearms are illegal in other countries! When you're raised in the US it's just a part of our culture, like you said it's normal I guess. Thank you for informing a little about the rules in your country. I find that sort of information very interesting! :ugeek: Of course, I have to return the favor though! Here in the States it is illegal for certain people to own guns (ex-felons, etc.) and those that do own firearms are required to register them with their state. They do this by serial number, which every legally manufactured weapon has. Of course, just because you can buy a gun legally doesn't mean you know how to use it. Which is why I respect the principal behind your country's rules. Personally, I was raised a lot like Christina and was educated about guns by a family member because in Colorado, most everyone owns at least one gun. (Hunting is still very prevalent there.) My husband on the other hand grew up near New York City and never fired a gun until he entered the military. He's now been with the Coast Guard for 12 years and is an expert marksman in both pistol and rifle. He carries a weapon when on duty, and the CG makes him "re-qualify" on his weapon every year. All of that training though has made him an excellent teacher. He is highly safety conscious and meticulous about making us do everything properly, just as we would have to do if we were in the military ourselves. I know that's a lot more info than you ever wanted, but at least you can see how we ended up at the range that day. ;) PS- I'm so glad you got to see Susie again! Was that your new coat that you bought in the picture? You both looked very pretty! :D
openfire wrote: Ginnie - Like Marielle I find it strange you talk about guns so freely..I have to admit it kinda scares me a little too! I just can't imagine living somewhere were anyone could possible have a gun. I guess if I lived in the US though, I would get used to it. So can kids of any age learn to shoot? How old do they have to be before they can own their own gun?
  • Hi, Jaclyn! It's funny, we're taught early on in the US that one of our constitutional rights is the right to bear arms. And of course, the reason that the right to own a gun is a part of our constitution is due to history and how our country gained it's independence from Britain!! So weird now that we're such good allies, isn't it? Additionally, for many families in this vast land, a firearm also meant the difference between surviving or starving. So it made perfect sense at the time. Of course times have changed, and it is a hotly debated issue now. Anyway, yes, guns are scary! Even when you live in the US they are scary. I think being educated about them takes a lot of the fear away. I don't know if there are age restrictions on teaching children to shoot. I know they cannot own them until they are over 18. But a lot of ranges (places you can go to practice firing your weapon) have height and age restrictions to ensure the safety of everyone shooting at their facilities. So Lil Rob will not be shooting anytime soon, but Little Lady is tall enough to go. PS- I'm so sorry I missed your birthday! It's sounds like so much fun. Thanks for all the ActionRob pics. I definitely think he's having a lot more fun in Scotland than he did here with me in Florida! ;)
lulu wrote:i guess my opinion though is that the people you don't want having guns, are going to have guns whether it's legal or not, so the "good" people should be legally allowed to have them for protection too.
  • Lulu~ That's certainly one school of thought in this country, isn't it? I know it was the way I was raised anyway. And as you can see, I didn't even think about the fact that it would be illegal in other countries! Just another reason I love the Halfway House! You learn something new every time you log on! :D
Okay, that issue has been beaten to death. Now onto everyone else!! :D

Wow, Susie! I missed your whole trip! It looks like you really surprised everybody, so I'm sure you enjoyed that you sneaky little lady!! I'm glad you had fun and Sonny Boy got to see yet another country. Your children are already such world travelers, which is so cool! I'm sure you'll miss your flight benefit terribly when it's gone. :(

Caryn~ It must have just been one of those weeks. You were gone, Susie was gone, I was AWOL. But on the upside, we gained a few new fresh faces!! *waves to our newest posters* Anyway, I'm sure for you the busyness at work combined with your basketball tourney to create the perfect time-sapping storm! Glad you're back and thanks for the sweet comment on FB!! Here I am!

Pennybug~ I voted!

Raine~ WOW... that was a crazy "drill". So good that are taking your safety seriously, but I'm surprised that they interfered with payroll! Anyway, I pre-ordered my copy of the Official Guide already. And I NEVER pre-order! But we've been waiting forever for this book to come out!!

Chrissy~ Hope your feeling better! Here's hoping this weekend brings you some rest and recuperation. Just close your eyes and imagine you're here!

Tracy~ The mountains! I am sooo jeaous! It sounds like a little piece of heaven. Glad you had fun!

VolturiGirl & Rachel (StellaBlueBella)!!!!! Yay!! I'm so glad you finally introduced yourselves to the ladies here! :yahoo: As you can see they really are a very sweet bunch of girls!

Christina~ Your poor babies with no A/C!! I really hope that doesn't happen again. We came home to no A/C once during the summer and our house was 95 degrees inside! The dog was okay, but I felt horrible for her! Only 28 days until Wfe!!! And, I haven't watched the MTV interview yet myself for the very same reason you were annoyed. Maybe tomorrow.

Okay.... so everyone else, I'm sorry but this is way, way, way too long already!!! I have to go make lunch for the kiddos & get out of this chair for a bit. I'll try not to stay away so long this time, or start any more debates- LOL!

Be back later, Ginnie
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Hey girls…

I just got back from visiting my friend, her hub and new baby… I can still honestly say I’m not into babies but that little one was as cute as possible… we also got to see their new house and it was really beautiful….
Besides that I’m having a lazy weekend, I have been writing all morning…

What I wanted to ask, those who write and post on, can you update? I can’t update my stories at the moment, I get an error alert.

Ginnie, I’m happy you aren’t offended by my blunt opinion, some people might feel attacked when you comment on things that are so normal in their country… thanks for explaining how you think about fire arms,…I honestly can imagine owning a gun, I’m too much temperamental and might do something really stupid…I mean aren’t that moments that you just think you could really shoot somebody? I honestly think it wouldn’t be a good thing for me…you must at least feel safe that you and your hubs are good with a gun, you at least are able to defend yourself.
On the coat, yes in the pic with Susie I was wearing my new coat and glasses…thanks for the compliment…

Susie, no, I missed the positive fan encounters in that interview, I really can’t believe that there aren’t any fans that get to meet Rob and don’t say something positive or behave themselves and have a nice chat with him…he must know that it are only the nutcasses that are like that…

Tracy, I know the American Bookstore has EW but normally they are sold out so quickly…I don’t think I’ll be able to get it…I would love to read it but I don’t want anyone making costs for me. it’s not cheap to send something to Holland.

Well, I’m going to read a bit before going to bed…tonight we are getting summer time…grrrrr, I’ll be jetlagged for two weeks…but I have to get up early tomorrow…

Have a nice evening…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Jazz Girl »

Hey girls!! Literally rushing through getting this posted as the Butler game starts in about 3 minutes. I'm amped up and ready to jump out of my skin. See you on the flip side!

Rachel~ :lol: RobWardly commentary for ActionRob!! I love that thought. Don’t worry about it. I’ve found that I, honestly, have completely run out of superlatives that I feel adequately describe Rob. He’s just too good. I think some of the tone of the article is due to it being a translation. Rob does have a… shy… way of speaking that can sometimes come across as him being unsure. When the article was translated, his giggles and ahhs and ummms are left out. But, the point is that the substance of what he said remains. He is just a joy. “All around sexiness” is so right!

Tammy~ That’s so strange. I didn’t think that, with the new legislative changes, children especially could be denied treatment based on preexisting conditions? That’s something you might want to check into with your AG’s office. I’ll tell you the same thing I’ve told everyone I know who writes and publishes. You are a much braver soul than I am. Good luck. And don’t shy away from criticism about your storyline or pairings. I just finished reading a Carlisle/Edward slash that was one of the most beautiful and, oddly, logical storylines I’ve read in a while. Good on ya, girl!

Marielle~ I’m starting to feel a little guilty for sending you the Vanity Fair issue. Don’t worry, sweetie. Like I said, I think that a lot of the tone of the article was due to the reporter and the way she framed what happened and what he said. We’ve seen since that he is pretty content and happy with the way things are moving forward. Certainly he’s got his challenges and his tough days. But, he’s surrounded himself with good people, and has a circle of family and friends who keep him grounded and reminded of who he truly is and what he has in them. I do totally agree that there are some “fans” who really make you question humanity at times. But, we know that, overall, the majority of us just want to see him successful and happy and that’s where we have to keep our heads. I know that FFn has been having a lot of issues of late, though I don’t know what the status is. Wish I had more info for you.

Tracy~ Good luck to BabyGirl. I’m still in shock that we didn’t have any games or contests or anything. :lol: I can imagine trying to pay attention to hubs while Rob’s beautiful countenance is smiling up at me. Oh lord, I would be in soooo much trouble!

Tonise~ Write write write, girl!

Susie~ :oops: I didn’t miss it completely but I guess I kind of glossed over it. My bad. Well, by no means do I think Rob is an E. He’s quite the opposite, almost all the way to the end of the I spectrum, looking for understanding of individuals and situations, deep connection and having a small trusted inner-circle. N,F&P are likely appropriate classifications. But, I’m betting he’s much more toward the center of the continuum on each of those. It’s odd, but I’ve always seen Rob as a pretty well balanced individual, taking all sides of things into account.

Lulu~ We’ll keep BabyBoy in our thoughts. We’re glad we’re able to provide you with a little distraction.

Ginnie~ Interesting comments on the issue of gun ownership. I don’t know if I could have been quite as… rational… impartial. Suffice it to say that my feelings on the subject are very passionate and don’t necessarily match up with many around me. I’ll leave it at that. Perfect storm of busy-ness is right. Between travelling for work, keeping up with the monkeys and keeping up with the Dawgs, I’ve felt a bit crazy of late. In fact, as I wrap up this post, the pregame stuff for today’s game is amping up. Best hurry. :D

“Directing 7 Cullens at once=herding cats" :ROTFLMAO:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by openfire »

Happy Saturday all!

I have had a really lovely day. We just went to the shopping centre, but had a really good time. I spent a little of my birthday money (got a couple really nice things for cheap!) and went for messages ( ;) ). After we came home, we visited a friend, and now have not long finished tea, and after this post we are gonna watch the new episode of Bones. A great Saturday!

Ever Saturday needs some JawPorn ;) :lol:

Onto the posts!

Chrissy - Hey there! I'm glad you are feeling a bit better now - thats really good!! Sorry we missed your Lexiversary...when did you start posting on the HH again? We could celebrate that instead!
How is school going just now?

Caryn - Thanks for explaining the Butler thing to me! That's great that they have made the last 8! Are they normally a good team, or was this unexpected? Good luck at the game tonight!!
I quite like rats, and even mice (except they bite much more! LOL) but obviously not ones that would be wandering around the sewers LOL. They are actually really clean animals, so that is good! The kind we would be getting would be a Sprague Dawley rat which is an albino rat. I think they are very very cute! LOL.

Rachel - I'm glad you liked the ActionRob pics & I had a giggle at what the comic book captions could say! LOL.
All around sexiness is the perfect definition of Rob! :)

Marielle - Aww after reading your thoughts & feelings about the VF interview, it makes me want to give you a hug too, as well as Rob!!
I would love a cat! But I'm allergic :( Although a type of cat called a Blue Russian apparently is good for people who are allergic, as they have a different type of fur or something. They are adorably cute! If we ever did get one one day, we would get that type. I really love cats, and I never used to be allergic so it's a bit annoying... Rats are also cute though LOL. But yeah the spider thing scares me a bit..
I'm glad you enjoyed seeing your friend & her new baby!!
I know...I hate when the clocks go forward..much prefer in the winter when they turn back! LOL.

Tracy - How did your daughters basketball games go today?
Thank you so much again for sending me EW!! I have to do something with ActionRob on Monday, so Tuesday he should be on his way to yours!

missp - Hello :) How did the writing go today?

Susie - I can't beleive someone could actually love spiders ;) LOL. I know someone who is actually terrified of them (much more than me!) and she is thinking about doing hypnotherapy. But I really think we will turn the repeller off and get the rat (and hope for the best!). Yep I know that female rats are prone to tumours, but they also don't grow as much & are more active, so I think I would prefer that to a male. The place I am getting them normally has much more males than females, but has a few females just now, so hopefully we can get 2 of them before they go :) I posted a pic of the type we would like to Caryn above. Really cute, right?? :D
I hope you had a lovely time with Luta! Is she the one who you got her memoir covered for?

Lulu - Sorry to hear that BabyBoy had bronchitis! I'm glad you managed to get him to the doctors really quickly though, and that's good that he is still a happy baby! Hopefully it will pass soon :)

Ginnie - Thanks for explaining a bit more on the gun issue. I'm glad that your hubs is so safety conscious with his guns & his teaching to you and your daughter. I would be paronoid that it would fire by its own or something (I know that can't actually happen if you put the safety on!). Haha, yeah it's quite ironic how the US and Britain are such good allies now - I'm glad though! When I watch American tv shows (especially things like Bones & X Files etc) I can see how useful it would be for the police etc to have firearms, especially since people do have them here (for hunting I think, and just illegally, but of course still not nearly as many guns as the US). I used to work at the airport here, and at first I thought it was so strange & scary to see security there with big huge guns...but then I got used to it LOL.
Btw, I'm glad your computer is ok after your hubs was doing things to it! LOL.

Tammy - It's great to hear from you!! I'm really sorry about your old is she again? I can't beleive how much it costs to get essential things done for her, and I really can't beleive that doctors can't just help her especially if they know what to do!! I guess that's one of the best things about living in the UK! Will you be able to get different insurance for her, or will you have to pay everything yourselves every month?

Anyways, I'm off now... I'll leave you with some NM SloMo walk!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Jaclyn~ She is 15 and the insurance will start paying for these treatments after we've had it a year which is some time in August I believe. I'm just glad the neurologist is working with us with payments. Once we make a payment then we can schedule her an apointment for her injections.. I'm also thankful that it's not time for her next spinal tap...I can just imagine how much that would be :shock:

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