Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by StellaBlueBella »

Guess what Ladies!?! I just got asked to write a review for an awesome fanfic rec site! I am soooo excited!! Not supposed to say which fic this is for yet but I will say it has been rec’d here on the Lex. This is my first time to write an official rec so for all you fanfic fans out there I’d love to know what you consider crucial info when reading a review? A penny for your thoughts ;-)

lulu – Hello! Nice to officially meet :] Wow, you are good counting your babies age down to the day. Maybe I could’ve done that with my first? My baby will be nine months on the 14th of April… So he is 8.5 months-ish. I haven’t seen Napoleon Dynamite in foreva! Really missing it now. I wonder if redbox has it? If not, that means I’ll be watching it on iTunes. Oh well, it’s worth it =)

Fi – Yup, AL is Alabama. I take it you are not from the U.S.? Yummms, Rob on a leather couch, now that is an inspirational thought! I see a career change or maybe just a new fanfic ahead. Think a sexy, young Tony Soprano…. YummmHmmm the wheels are a spinnin’.

Jaclyn – It really is amazing that Missp, Tracy and I all live so close to each other considering the worldwide representation here on this thread!

Caryn“it is his need to create and to communicate through what he creates that leads him to act and to compose and perform.” Hmmm, interesting thought here. I have an opinion (might even agree with you) just need to mull it over a bit. My knee jerk reaction is if his need to communicate (and on such a large scale) dominate his needs for privacy and even seclusion wouldn’t that make him more extroverted? But I need to think it through.

Amy - My oldest son plays a sport a season. He just wrapped up basketball and is now on to baseball. I am letting him play football for the first time in the fall. He is so stoked. I honestly hope he doesn’t like it but I know he will… He loves to run (and I quote “I just wanna run Momma”) and is super aggressive. He was one of only two kids on his 8U basketball team to foul out of a game. I keep trying to explain that we don’t do this in basketball. *sighs*

I too have certain a group of friends where everyone seems to have mostly girls so I definitely feel for you. My eldest very bright and I am not bragging. Honestly, I try my best to reserve accolades of him but he was an only child up until 8 months ago and is used to communicating with adults on a one on one basis. In fact, he will be tested for the gifted program at school next month. I am SO proud of him. Still, when I meet girls his age at birthday parties and school functions or whatnot, I am like “Whoa” they basically converse like mini adults. I can literally see them imitate my mannerisms and style of speech sometimes. That will never happen with a seven year old boy… or at least none that I’ve met.

So no offense to anyone that doesn’t have a boy but I’ve noticed the moms who only have girls sorta give me this look like deep down they think my child is a heathen. Well, if he is – So are all boys, lol. I am not prepared to argue that they are not ALL indeed heathens I am just saying mine falls well within the norms on the little boy heathen curve. And just because he is literally all over the place doesn’t mean he is wild for his age. I just hold my head high and wish I could tell them to imagine what their husbands were like at 7 or 5 or whatever age but I hold my tongue. And you know what; I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My mind continues to be split wide open while watching his little male psyche develop and I L<3VE it. Sorry to be longwinded but, it’s a bit of personal subject for me…. *shrugs*

Susie - Well, sounds like we have a similar undergrad experience! Good for you changing paths and getting involved with education! That is such an admirable field to be involved in. And yes, my older son interacts so well with the baby, totally beyond what I had hoped for. And so rarely does life exceed my expectations... *contented smile*

Okay, so on to the WitFit prompt o’ the day and my ever faithful blank Word doc. Again sorry this is so long...

TTFN Ladies!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Marielle~ It's not quite midnight here in the U.S., but it is officially your birthday in Holland, so....

Enjoy your day!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies!!!!!!!!

Honestly, the one day in the year I want to celebrate and the weather decided to change…damn rain!!!
But I’m not going to let that stop me today…

Lulu, I’m happy you had so much fun with Susie…I bet getting a pedi made you girls feel incredible…what else do you do, or did you just hang around and feed Susie’s coffee (starbucks) obsession… ;)

Fi, I showed my bf the pics of your house, he thought it looked small but really cute…too bad you can’t change the fire place but indeed an open fire does produce lots and lots of dust…
I honestly can’t see Rob getting a tattoo with the Cullen clan, neither Peter for that measure…I think it will be more of a wolf-pack thing…

Jaclyn, the skating is really fun, until the next day when you wake up with sore muscles…than you start to wonder why on earth you did that to yourself…

Raine, nah I don’t think something is wrong…it like our generation is just not romantically programmed…our generation doesn’t need that kind of commitment. Here in Holland it is really clear, all the girls my age don’t get married and than the group below me, are all already having kids and happily married….

Caryn, I also have a weak spot for Jeremy Irons. It’s like one of the few older actors that can captivate me completely…Yeah I’m hoping they will end with that shot as well but with all the actors on set, one big party and than in 7 months the red carpet with Rob and Kris being free of Summit…
Hihi, those rapid soccer fan you talk about must be the Dutch…a few years ago they made one big party all over Switzerland. It was ridiculous there were like 250000 fans there all dressed in Orange…

Volturigirl, thanks for the wish…aah sweets for the HH…well I knew think of a few…I’ll be handing them out through the day…
Nah, you are even better than me, I just arrived at work and I start with the posts only after that I do some work…as long as nobody complains …

Chrissy, wow I’m sorry you had to go through that, the coughing guy, that’s disgusting…

Ooh Tracy, thanks for the nice gifts…they made me shiver big time, and my mind in the gutter :twisted:

Oh, some BD news, finally, apparently they are shooting the wedding reception next week…am I bad to hope that one of those papzz dude sneaks in and get us a pic…( I probably am)…

Alright, some sweets to share with you all..
I really like this one
Or some sweetness like this

Well, I shall post more by the time most of you wake up…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by lulu »

hi girls! i'm soooo tired so i'm not going to write much because i'm going to bed in like 5 minutes! i just wanted to say that i had another wonderful day with susie. like she said, we went to the desert botanical gardens and saw lots of plants and a few animals--quail, cactus wren, humming birds, a ground squirrel, and a few scale-y lizards. lunch at the farm kitchen was so peaceful and lovely. we ate next to hollyhocks and vines and listened to birds chirp. susie shared her sweet potato chips with me and those were amazing! i'm going to have to find them in stores or something! when we finally went back to my place we were pretty tired so our plan for a twilight marathon was perfect. due to a time crunch though we watched new moon and eclipse speedy-style (which meant my thumb was near the fast forward button). any idea which scenes we skipped and which we watched? well, let me just say i never knew jacob could talk and move so fast! edward and bella, charlie, and the cullens looked so wonderful as usual. ;)

anyway, gotta run, but i'll come back and respond to your posts within the next couple of days. have a great day!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by dazzel21 »

Just dropping by tonight to greet Marielle a Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day.

Sorry no reply's today! I'm beat up. All I want to do is eat dinner and then go to bed.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

These violent delights, have violent endings...Like fire and gunpowder, they consume what they kiss


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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by BlueStarEgo »

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Jazz Girl »

Well of course, off the bat, we have to say...

Happy Hump Day!!

Sandy~ Thanks, sweetie. It’s been a great tourney so far. Now we’re holding our breath for this weekend.

Amy~ That cracks me up that you were reading EDAW as you were posting. I absolutely loved that story. When you get a chance, make sure you read Into the Mystic and A Good Year. They are phenomenal as well.

Chrissy~ Ewww. That just sounds like a hideous way to start the day.

Susie~ Sounds like a fantastic day with Lulu! Yes, dear, hobbit. I consider being wily yet very compassionate to be a high compliment. Oh no, I’m a chatterbox and more than happy to have a conversation. That should come as no surprise to anyone.

Christina~ YAY!!!! for WfE promotions. Yes, I believe that line is in the international trailer, which was posted about 2 weeks ago. I believe that scene where she is telling him not to pursue her, not to risk himself. She tells him to but he tells her it’s his choice.

Rachel~ That’s so awesome! When reading a recc, I look specifically for an objective summary of the fic, an honest summation of the writer’s strengths and weaknesses and then some personal thoughts about why you, as a reader, enjoy it or don’t. A very interesting thought on the push and pull between Rob’s need to create and communicate and his need for privacy and seclusion. I’m looking forward to seeing your full idea.

Tracy~ Ooooh girl!! Are you trying to do Marielle in on her birthday! AustralianTVWeekRob AND RomeRob! Good gawds, woman!

Marielle~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! No worries, sometimes rain can be sexy. :twisted: I think Rob & Kris will have to wait just a bit longer to be free of Summit. They will still have BD 2 to finish up and promote. 250,000 rabid, orange-wearing soccer fans? Sounds like a heck of a party to me! Awww, aren’t you sweet, sharing yumminess on your birthday. Ummm, can I have a slice of your cake?

Lulu~ Bwahahaha, speedy-style. Do you not have the versions of NM and Eclipse that have the FFto feature on the special features. I haven’t watched the full version of NM since the first time I brought it home! It’s the best way to EVER watch. :D I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time with Susie.

Raine~ Get some rest, darl. Sweet of you to swing in to make sure Marielle gets her birthday love.

Alright girls, back to work with me. *hugs* Laters.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by openfire »

Happy Hump Day all!

I hope you are all having a good day - halfway through the week! Yay!

Btw, about the spider/rat situation, we are going to get the rat & keep the thing switched on as apparently it doesn't harm rodents. It makes a noise, but they get used to it. Obviously though, if it looks like they are getting distressed, I'll turn it off, but we will give it a go and see. Spoke to the people I'm getting rats from today & looks like I might get them next week! I'm quite excited now!

ActionRob update - ActionRob is now on his way back across the Atlantic to visit Tracy! I really enjoyed hosting him, and hope he had fun too ;)
However, one last thing we done before he left was, on Monday, he went for a kilt fitting!! My aunt sews for a living, and often has various tartans, so we went up for a visit and got him measured up for a kilt! The tartan used is Granite Grey (very similar to Grey Spirit which we will be having at our wedding!), and my aunt sewed it so it was a proper one, with plaits at the back of it! The front has velcro, so he can fasten it at the waist, and we improvised a kilt pin from a safety pin! LOL. On Monday night, ActionRob & I made him a Scotland flag so that he can take that with him onto his next destination. I think he likes the kilt; so much that he asked to wear it during his flight to the US!

Marielle - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have an awesome day today! Wow, I love the gifts you posted - gorgeous pictures!!
It is horrible weather again here too! Been raining since last night...bye spring, hello again winter LOL!

Fi - I loved your mega post! Sorry I missed it in my last post; we must have been posting around the same time!
I loved your Dr Suess quote to Raine about her pregnant friend; very good advice!
Yep we used to have a similar thing up here called Adventure Ted - my nephews had one at nursery, and it was always fun to have him at the weekend doing lots of fun stuff! Are you planning to host ActionRob at some point this year?
About the fridge size (that Christina mentioned): yep that is about the size of fridges in the UK. But that's just the fridge; normally the freezer is that size too, so technically it's double the size of that LOL. If I had a really big house, and lots of money, I would totally buy a huge American fridge-freezer - the ones with the ice maker and everything!! :D

Amy - I, like Fi, thought it was kinda cool you only used heating 2 months of the year! You must save soo much on gas & electricity! But then I thought, you prolly need AC, and I'm guessing that uses tons of electricity too? LOL.
Your day at work yesterday sounds great! I can't think of anything better actually, apart from maybe doing all that at home Haha!
I love that your mom loves ActionRob!! Did you see the other pics I posted? I think I have done about 4 or 5 posts worths of photos, plus the ladies that had him before me. You should check them out; some of them are really cool!
You live in Cali yeah? Desiree lives there too! No idea where about though..

Raine - Will you get to meet your friend's bf at some point? How come your other friends don't like him much? How come her insurance doesn't cover everything that she needs? Do you have an American-type health care system (sorry if I'm being too nosey! Just like learning stuff about other countries!).

Caryn - Sorry you weren't feeling too good! I hope you feel better today?
Btw, thanks for the pic of Robkowski & the giraffe!

Sandy - Hey there!

Chrissy - Aw, sorry about your unpleasant bus journey. I wouldn't have liked that much either!!
But..I do like your new banner!

Susie - Nope sorry you didn't really suprise me LOL. Once I knew you weren't there last week with SonnyBoy I just knew you would be there this week on your spring break! I am looking forward to seeing more pics though!!

Lulu - Yay for having an awesome time with Susie! Thank you for telling us what you done - sounds like much fun! I love that you only watched the good bits of NM & Eclipse! LOL

Christina - Yay for seeing an advert for WfE! I wonder if we will get any over here..I was at the cinema the other night, and hoping to see a poster or something, but nope. Oh well still time I guess!

Rachel - Yay for getting to write an official ff review! I didn't even know that happened tho LOL. What site is it for?

Well I'm off. Enjoy the rest of Hump Day!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by VolturiGirl »

Happy Wednesday ladies..
Little tired this morning. I took my boys to a birthday party last night, and they had so much fun. But what in the world was the birthday boy's parents (and myself) thinking by letting all the kids eat cake at 7:30 at night. Needless to say, by the time we got home, both of my boys had a sugar rush. We played outside til about 10:30. Then when we got inside, they still had to take baths and brush their teeth. I didn't go to bed til around midnight. It was worth it though. We had fun playing outside.

Rachel Ya for you in getting to write a review. That has to feel pretty darn good for someone to ask you to read their work and review it. *hey, no pressure there* :mrgreen: As far as bragging about your oldest son, brag away. Good for you and your son that he will get tested for the gifted program. I pat you on the back for doing such a good job in raising such a good and smart boy.
I got a kick reading on how your son and another kid fouled out of the game. That would be my boy too. My oldest just gets really involved into the things he is into. You should see him play Mario Kart on the Wii. (Long story short, on my side of the family, we love to play video games) My son gets real involved. "Move out of the way; mom, it's cheating...etc." Once he threw the remote at the T.V. *shakes head. He gets that one from me* and yes he got in big trouble for that one.
As what you said about the heathen comment, I agree with you on that one. My kids are boys; enough said. They are active, messy, dirty when they play, and my oldest one is getting that boy-sweat smell.

Chrissy That had to be the nastiest thing you had to go through in a long time. I wanted to send you my bottle of hand sanitizer over the internet, or put you in a bubble to protect you from him. The thought that goes through my head is "Why did he sit next to you?" It's like when you go to a public bathroom and their is like six or eight open and available stalls and someone has to sit RIGHT next to you. (That happends to me a lot) I just want to shout at them to go to another stall. Why do people do that? On the bright side, you did have an interesting story to tell us.

susie I had no idea that their was even a youth circus available. I guess that is what I get living in such a small town. How long has he been involved? Is it available to anyone in the community? My town doesn't have hardly anything to offer the youth here. They have things like Pop Warner football, soccer, baseball/softball, and swimming. Our movie theater shut down along with the arcade center. The only extracaricular activities they have are the rec center and bowling. The closest cities available to us are about two hours away. For the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn, I will probably get home about four in the morning.

marielle HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And thank you for our gifts!

Jazz Girl It's been how long since you have watched New Moon?? Stop what you are doing immediately and go watch it. You know what, go watch ALL of them...RIGHT NOW!!

Well, the phone is ringing at work, so I better go answer it.
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