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Re: Favorite Lines/Quote in the Movie

Post by GrayceM »

misspikaboo wrote:
Jazz Girl wrote:"A virgin, huh? I might like Edward a little more now." Charlie Swan.
Love that quote too. Just made this icon for that scene. :)

http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b130/ ... kthumb.jpg


That scene was amazingly funny!!! My teenage boys were sooo embarrassed! I loved it! Love the icon too.

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I just realized that I never put my favorite lines on this post...

Of course, the Charlie quote above. I love anything Billy Burke does. He's a great actor and seems so genuine in this father role; he must project his daughter onto Bella for these moments.

"I am hotter than you" ~ Not true in the least but still, dual meaning and very funny. Lines like these show that they do not mind poking fun at themselves.

Not so much the line as Rob's face when Bella said, "I'll let you pay for some ridiculously expensive college and buy me a car. I'll marry you, just try" That look was so :swoon: I have a trading card with Edward & Bella on the bed for the leg hitch and this look is on his face. So smouldering...
/sigh The gulp before starting the proposal...And of course the look on his face when she said "Yes". Like a kid trying to hide his excitement and joy from someone and not succeeding. I thought he did an excellent job of putting the old fashioned Edward back into the movie.

The entire conversation in the tent! :clap: Excellent job, fellas, excellent! This brought back some of Edward's unconditional love for Bella back into the story as well. "I'll never force her into anything again. The last time I tried it nearly killed us both." Great line! "That's an intriguing idea, but no. I couldn't hurt her that way."
Jacob, "She could still choose me..." Edward, "Then I'd let her go"
The only line I really wanted them to leave in was "Do you want me to take his arms all the way off?" when Bella asks him for help getting out of the sleeping bag. But they would have had to add time to the movie and change the next scene.

Alice: "You kept me waiting long enough" Jasper: "My apologies, Ma'am"

Bella's speech to Edward in the meadow. "It's a good thing you're bulletproof"

There may be more but I'll have to watch again.
Found another one...

Emmett "...something to look forward to" when they are discussing the newborn army.

EDIT: Also, really liked Jessica's speech @ graduation. Very good and fit well with the story.
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Re: Favorite Lines/Quote in the Movie

Post by tufano79 »

Penny~"You'll always be my Bella." *pause for adorable, heartbreaking snuggle and crooked smile* "My Bella, just a little less fragile." *close with a wicked grin*
Best line ever!!!

Hugs, Josie
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Re: Favorite Lines/Quote in the Movie

Post by misspikaboo »

I definitely felt that this movie was well written - more-so then either of the previous ones. There were tons of really cute one-liners and shout outs that really added to the excitement. The theater I was in for the midnight release was roaring with laughter during certain scenes.

Another really awesome line was Bella's comment to Edward in the very beginning, something like: "From where I come from, at my age, it is the way one says 'I just got knocked up'." LOVED IT.

And Edward's line about her soul: "You believe I have a soul, and I don't... but to risk yours, just for the sake of never having to lose you, is the most selfish thing I'll ever do." Very Edward-like, very cynical, but you really get a feel about everything his character is in that line.
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Re: Favorite Lines/Quote in the Movie

Post by Jazz Girl »

After 5 viewings, there's one line that just continues to nail me, everytime. There's Edward, tortured by the fact that he can't protect Bella, that he has to step aside and let someone else, someone who hates him and would happily see him torn apart and burning, not only protect Bella, but do it in the most intimate way possible. And yet, his love for her and his giving nature and big heart will always be the core of who he is. When Jacob asks him about his feelings when he thought Bella was dead.

There are no words. But, I wouldn't wish it on anyone, Jacob.

Over and over and over again, he shows us all.
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Re: Favorite Lines/Quote in the Movie

Post by ment2be134 »

"Where I come from marriage is how you say 'I love you'"

"I wasn't a choice between you and Jacob, but between who i should be and who I am"
"Sleep, my Bella. Dream happy dreams. You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours. Sleep, my only love."
~ Edward Cullen

"she's diabolical" ~Emmet Cullen
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Re: Favorite Lines/Quote in the Movie

Post by saw93 »

Edward: If you weren't trying to steal my reason for existing i might like you
Jacob: If you weren't trying to suck the life out of the girl i love i might.... NO NOT EVEN THEN.
OMG SO SO SO FUNNY!!!!and the infamouse
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Re: Favorite Lines/Quote in the Movie

Post by alicerosecullen285 »

Emmett: “Tried to walk and chew gum at the same time again, Bella?”
Bella: "I punched a werewolf in the face."
Emmett: "Bada**! You would be one tough little new born."
Bella: "Tough one to take you on!!!" :!: :!:

Love it!!!! Especially Emmett when he say "Bada**"!!!! :D
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Re: Favorite Lines/Quote in the Movie

Post by Tornado »

I loved:

"Dad, please don't worry about that. Edward is old school."

"Old school. Great. What's that, like, code for something?"
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Re: Favorite Lines/Quote in the Movie

Post by Austwilight »

During the training for the fight:
Jasper: "One more thing, never take your eye off your enemy" in that Texan drawl, hmmmmm!!!!!!!
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Re: Favorite Lines/Quote in the Movie

Post by MouseyZbyszko »

M two favorite things:

When Alice catches Jasper off guard and flies down the tree into Jasper's arms...Awwwwwwwwwwwwww :mrgreen:

"I AM hotter than you" --- Jacob ( Win!!! )

BELLA: "Dad I'm a virgin"

CHARLIE: "I like Edward a little MORE now" haha! Only something a father would say :lol:
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