Are your parents OK with vampires?

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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by Jadey »

Um, my parents don't really care.. what I read.

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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by Dovrebanen »

Mine didn't really care either what I read when I was younger. I've always loved to read, and the childrens section in the library soon turned out to be not enough for me. So I have always read books for adults. Now I'm 29, so it would be really strange if my parents cared now :D But my boyfriend cares......He thinks I'm nuts for reading a book about vampires, in addition to all the fanfics I read.
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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by TNO »

My parents hate vampires, but dad's of the opinion that I need to grow up balanced and well-read so he refuses to censor anything, for which I am very grateful. Every so often mom'll be like "I don't want you reading books about vampires (or serial killers, in the case of The String of Pearls/Sweeney Todd), you should be reading wholesome, life affirming books like [insert title here, usually it's Les Mis even though I've read that three times already]". Mostly I just say "sure, mom," and continue reading whatever it is I'm reading.
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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by marielle »

Oh yes... My mom has read the Twilight saga at least 3 times and my dad loves Fantasy in general as well...
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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by dazzel21 »

My mom knows how crazy I am with my readings. When I was in high school I was switching between textbooks and romance stories. When I'm in college I would go home for vacations with a bag full of accounting books and Harry Potter novels. Now that I'm working every time my mom would come over to visit there is almost always a vampire book lying somewhere in my room. I guess she's used to it :lol:
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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

This is going to so date me, but my first vampire introduction was Lost Boys. I love reading and watching vampire stories. My mom has read and owns her own copy of Twilight.

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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by BeautifulGoldenEyes »

My parents don't really care what I read/watch. My mom used to be super strict about it and would never let me read/watch anything horror or vampire related (until Twilight came out and she got obsessed with it and stopped caring). But my dad was always cool with vampires/horror stuff and didn't care if I watched or read anything about it.
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