Rob's Halfway House - #9

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Tornado »

Sean - cool, snow!!! We don't get that here ...

I think you're right about them trying to release the trailer while everyone is going mad about BD. They're probably hoping that some of that excitement will carry over until SWatH is released.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by marielle »

Sean, the first teaser of the last HP movie was shown that early as well (they still has 3 months of shooting ahead when they released it), I think it's a new trend for the big movies to get a teaser early... and to be honest the first teaser for BD was premiered in at the end of April as well, just 3 weeks after they finished shooting...
yes they are a bit early but I think they have done all the big scenes for SWaTH already...

Eww. Snow!!! I really hate snow...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Suzan »

Oh My Gosh, you guys! I'm rolling on the ground laughing right now, literally! It's a miracle I can even type this message in between giggle fits. Look at this:
Rob FTW!!!

:lol: :rotfl: :lol: :rotfl:

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by openfire »

Happy Friday all!

So I got home from work a little earlier today (yay!) but came in and fell asleep for half an hour - soooo tired! Trying to stay awake though, as it's Friday! Can't sleep through a Friday LOL!

Last night we were at another concert. So on Tuesday we saw Evanescence and then last night we saw Within Temptation. Both were really good; very much enjoyable shows! Not sure if any of you guys like them (apart from JennJenn & maybe Marielle - do you like WT??) so won't bore you all with song comments and stuff LOL! Was just wondering, not sure if this is just a Scottish thing or does it happen everything - does the crowd love it when at gigs, the band has something that is of the gigs country? (if that makes sense! LOL). Like for examply, Amy Lee on Tuesday was wearing a black skirt thing, that had this lovely tartan design on the side (tried to find a pic to show you but couldn't find any!) and yesterday, the lead singer of WT held up a Scotland flag near the end (to of course, the crowd loved!) and then someone threw a Scottsih t-shirt on stage. She picked it up and put in on!! It was very awesome!! She wore if to the end of the song, and then made sure that she gave it back to the correct person. Very cool! But I think stuff like that only happens when the artist isn't from here (ie. Evanescence are from the US, and WT are Dutch). Does that happen in your countries??

Ok, enough of my rambling!

Some replies!

Rob on Jimmy Fallon - This is actually the only interview I have watched!! But I thought it was great; Rob is hysterical! Some of my favourite moments were when he was talking about the hall of fame stuff, and the "black toothpaste" and how his feet & hands looked weird LOL! The game had me laughing out loud for real!!

Rachel - Yay for finding out that Sparky will be a boy!! Will you tell us what name you decide on, or wait until he is here?

Suzan - I love the idea of Stewart-Sundays!! :D
I love the first trailer for SWatH!! I don't think it's that early to release the trailer; a lot of big films have had trailers released well before they have finished filming. Defo looks good though!!

Susie - Wow, the advanced screening?? Awesome!! Wait a sec, you see it at 7pm? What is the time difference being us again? I will be seeing it at midnight - if the difference is about 5 hours, we will be seeing it at the same time!!!!

Kayla - Happy belated birthday!!

Tracy - I am glad that your mom is feeling a bit better now. That's too funny that she notices all the Rob stuff for you!

Oh man I had more stuff I wanted to say, but need to run just now. Tomorrow I am going out with my old workmates (not my previous job, but the one before that LOL. My first proper science job!), and then on Sunday we are going to another concert LOL.

Have a good one all - catch you later!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Susie »

Happy 11/11/11 Everyone and Happy Veteran's Day in the U.S.


Sorry this only has two Halfway House sisters in it besides me. I don’t know why I couldn’t get you ALL in the dream! Actually Rob never made a personal appearance in my dream.

Caryn and I were staying in a hotel for the BD Midnight Show and a package arrived for her at the front desk. It was from Rob. It was mostly addressed to her, but Rob had also written to me. It seems that Caryn and I had been sort of pen pals with him, Caryn more than I (of course). He was sending lots of notes about lots of stuff (I couldn’t see it in detail) but he also sent us each the same key ring and I saw this VIVIDLY in the dream. The key rings were dark bronze and each had two bronze “charms” on them: a fairly large old fashioned key and a heart. I KID YOU NOT. I don’t know where these things come from in my brain!!! In the dream it was clear that we were good friends with Rob - the heart was meant to be platonic, not romantic. During the dream. Or maybe the more symbolic meaning is that the key and heart refers to Caryn and me, and all the Halfway House sisters??? Do we have the keys to each others' hearts??? Hmmm...Later in the dream Annmarie met us at the hotel to go to the movie with us. Of course. It makes perfect sense that she would fly from the UK just to meet us.

Suzan – Thanks for the link to the Jimmy Fallon interview!! I really appreciate it when you provide links. It makes it so much easier for me, so keep on doing that. Anyway, I LOVED it! It was so funny. I was actually laughing out loud. Rob looked adorable as usual. You just want to give him a hug!

– Hooray for no school for you today. Our school districts still have school, but I don’t teach on Fridays anyway. I’ll be eager to read what you have to say about the soundtrack. Get going on that fanfic, OK?

– Thanks for explaining what Kristen said about keeping her relationship private. Yes, she is very wise for her age. What she has with Rob is REAL. Not Kardashian.

Jaclyn – You’ll be seeing on the 17/18 too? Cool. Kudos for getting off work early today. I love Evanescence.

Brenda – Of course I’m not the type to get freaked out by a Psychologist – I mean, my whole family needs them in some way or another!! Some of my best friend are psychologists. Teehee. Anyway, thanks for explaining how you are both FT and PT. It sounds like you have a very full life, both professionally and privately. You need to get the soundtrack on your phone? I did it the old fashioned way and bought a CD! Yes. By all means, use the SusieTherapy. We can barter for payment. ;)

– Thanks for the heads up on Alphie’s review. I’ll have to get to that later today. Oh,no. I’m not going to the midnight show too. I’ll just sell those tix at the theatre. I mean, center reserved seats should be quite a catch.

Amy – So your co-worker didn’t get the Twilight reference at all then. Haven’t you turned her on to the Saga yet?

– That’s OK. I’ll stay in the dark about that song. I don’t really care where it ends up, actually. I’m happy that RobSten is becoming more of just a “business as usual” fact, nothing to make a big deal about. It’s so obvious now that the whole Team Jacob thing for Eclipse was what was making it even more secret. I really hope they can be like Brad and Angelina – appearing places together as a couple.

Sean – I love that Kristen did her footprints in Vans. She is her own person, that’s for sure. And Rob is his own person and that’s why they are such a great couple. Snowing? I’m further north than you, but the snow missed us. All we got was a tiny bit of flurries. Is your snow sticking?

Caryn – Oh no! Don’t get sick now! Rest! Get lots of Rest! I'm thankful for your Hubs' service to our country on this day.

– I agree that Charlize Theron looks awesome in SWATH. Wow. Well, we know she is an incredible actress. Let’s hope Kristen is the perfect complement to her.

– I agree about the importance of the support of Rob’s family. He really has his head on straight. Growing up does take time. Regarding the U.S. You have to understand how different it is here – most of the U.S. isn’t as densely populated as Holland. Things are really spread out. Kids can’t just take the tram or the train or even bicycle. If they don’t have a car they can’t get far.

Ginnie - I'm thankful for your Hubs' service to our country!

Everyone – More SusieTherapy – Keep in mind that the movie is a work of art made by many people and that it is an adaptation of a book. We need to respect it as it is, the Movie Version. It will have some differences. I am going to enjoy it no matter what.

OK, Now I’m late for taking my mom out to lunch for her birthday. She’ll be 81 tomorrow!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Tornado »

Folks, I just wanted to let you know that I will be MIA today as I have a conference at work. I probably won't be back online until this time tomorrow. Chat then!

By the way Susie, that was one heck of a dream! Why can't I have dreams like that?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

Jaclyn: I like WT and Lacuna Coil. I also like a little Dutch band called Fallen One. I can give you more info about them if you'd like.

Susie: It was lake-effect snow--Cleveland got quite a bit last night, but it wasn't that bad, though it caused a Lake-Effect Snow Advisory there. I don't know if what little fell here stuck, as today was fairly sunny.

Everyone: I'll try and catch the re-air of B&B, and some secrets of World War II tonight--only issue there is that there's not much in between, but I have the PS2 and the Lexicon to keep me entertained. I might go ahead and make some fried chicken tonight (I settled for soup last night), and I might ask for taco stuff this weekend, as I want some "warm" food with this cold weather :)

I'll be back later. :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Brienna »

I'm off to bed, but I just wanted to say I love Within Temptation and Evanescence :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by VolturiGirl »

Suzan ~ I love the pics you posted. So funny.

Jaclyn ~ Evanescence, Within Temptation, and Lacuna Coil are awesome bands. I always thought WT's song Angels would have been perfect in New Moon after Edward leaves Bella.

Have any of you seen that Sponge Bob Square Pants episode where SB invades everyone's dreams? I think Caryn has some sort of dream power cause in my dream, none of us at the HH could see Breaking Dawn because Caryn stole KStew's high heel shoes and Kris wouldn't let us go until she got her shoes back.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Chernaudi »

Amy: That's a weird dream, because we all know that if anything Kristen would give those shoes away, or pay us to take them off her hands, let alone her feet. Hell, she'd probably autograph them. :)

everyone: Lots or K&R interviews at Robstenation if you're bored, mostly asking Kristen about what it's like to play Bella as a mother.

I'll be back later :)
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