Rob's Halfway House - #9

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by StellaBlueBella »

I am sneaking back in with my blinders still on! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here... I'll say it again as I am sure there are some of you not on fb as much.

So the countdown for me to see BD, has begun.... Sunday at 3:20 to be exact. :clap:

I'll be going with my SiL and my step-sister. My step-sister is 16 and just got her driver's license a few months ago. This will be an extra special day because it will be my first time to ride in a car with her driving. We are going to the nicest cinema around which is about 20 minutes away (on a Sunday). I can't wait!

Oh in case anyone was wondering... I was very happy with how my pumpkin pie turned out... Even the crust. I'll have to try that again ;]

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by VolturiGirl »

Happy Thanksgiving my halfway house siblings....even if you don't live in the U.S. I'm actually having a good time at my MiL's house. Even though my kids are hyper on pie right now though it's their bed time, it's fun. We are going to this lighting ceremony tomorrow. It's suppose to have three million lights envolved. Well, my oldest keeps messing with the iPad, so I'm going to turn this off now. Eat lots of triptofan everyone and enjoy!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

Sean - that doesn't sound good at all. If it doesn't clear up in a couple of days I'd definitely go to see a doctor. Could it be stress related?

Jaclyn - love hearing your take on BD! Yes, I didn't think it was clear at all that Quil had imprinted on Claire, and I thought that that was something they needed to make clear. Also, with Renesmee biting Bella, it's kind of difficult to show her biting Bella, especially where she bites her! Not to mention that, considering all Bella's been through, they may have thought that it was a bit much to show it. I was glad that it wasn't obvious! I was horrified by that when I read it! They can always cover the non-venomous Renesmee in pt 2 if Seth mentions how she bites Jake all the time.

Let me know when you book your flights to the Land Down Under! ;)

Rachel - hope you enjoy BD! Glad your pumpkin pie turned out so well!

I've just got back from a day's work with the publisher I work for. I'm not game enough to ask about my book! I'm terrified she'll tell me it's no good, or say that the storyline needs to change, or something impossible to accommodate. I'm going to be devastated if she says no.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by dazzel21 »

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all those who celebrate it.

Our office is unusually quiet what with all the employees who's handling US client are also on vacation. So us who's left at the office are eating cakes and sweet and drinking wine at 3 in the afternoon :lol:

Try to be back later.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody!!!!

TGIF!!!!.... last day of the week, last day of the week, last day of the week…
This will be my last free weekend until the new year… I have my agenda completely booked from now on…
This weekend will be focused on getting a lot of Christmas gifts because I don’t know if I have time for shopping until Christmas again.

How was Thanksgiving? I hope you all survived the food…

Sean, I don’t mind fans telling about seeing Rob and Kris as long as they wait to go public about it until the day after, I can imagine if somebody tweeted that they were around papz would shoot up out of the ground like weeds..
I hope you feel better soon but it might have been just the stress for Thanksgiving...

Sandy, that’s awesome, I’m sure you three had an amazing time… you sure know how to do a proper vacation…

Lynne, Australia is still high up on the wish list, as are many others but your offer is really nice… if it wasn’t for the fact that we are planning a trip to the US next June I might have taken you up on that. My bf and I have quite a wish list for trips. The US is next year… than I’m sure we will you to the UK and Ireland… we also have been thinking about a trip to the Caribbean and we have brochures for a road trip down under… so enough wishes not enough time and money…

Jaclyn, I must have not be paying enough attention, I didn’t hear them saying anything after the kiss but I’ll have a look at it next Tuesday…
Yeah, that breakfast still is doing me in as well, I really wished they had kept those scenes in… I mean it’s not like we would have minded if the movie lasted 10 minutes longer.

Rachel, you stayed completely unspoiled? For so long?... you should be proud of yourself…
Have fun watching…

To celebrate Facinelli Friday!!!

See you all later!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

I'm feeling better now, and I'm in fact on my second plate of left overs (if you count what I couldn't finish earlier).

Marielle: I'm not sure when people started Tweeting, but a few paps showed up just as Kristen and Rob were leaving, which lead to Rob using his hoodie to shield Kristen. And at Robstenation, even the people there believe that Rob stands out more than Kristen. And based on what people wrote (especially the longer accounts), they really seemed like a couple with lots of displays of affection and Kristen was really screwing around with Marcus when he performed "I Was Broken".

Marielle and Lynne: I think it could be stress, but I'm not sure it's about Thanksgiving--I do have a few things sort of bothering me.

I have to eat my dinner and write a friend afterwards.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone~

Hope those of you who celebrated had wonderful Thanksgiving holidays and traveled safely. This is just another quick drive-by post from me as I'm actually Lexing from my in-laws computer! :shock: That's a first from me....and I feel sort of naughty, like I'm up to no good, or like the little boy who may get his hand caught in the cookie jar. 8-) :lol:

My MIL and I are headed out to do a little shopping when she returns home from the beauty shop (salon, whatever you want to call it). My FIL and hubs have taken the kids to the park and a children's museum....good men that they are. :D

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to check in with you all tomorrow or Sunday afternoon. Rachel, enjoy the movie! :D Sean, I'm glad you're feeling better.

Take care,

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by openfire »

Happy Friday all!

Quick check in....

Rachel - Yay for going to see BD on Sunday! Can't wait to hear what you think about it :D

Amy - Glad you had a nice day yesterday at your MiL's house!

Lynne - Yeah I kinda thought they might not have shown Renesmee biting Bella cos of that, but they could have had her biting her higher up? Just cos it clearly happened in the film, so I find it weird for it not to be clear (eg. Edward could have said something like "don't bite mommy" or something LOL). Ah, good point about Renesmee biting Jake all the time!!
Haha, if only! Unfortunately tickets to Australia are mentally priced! Probabaly will never afford it over there, but I really would love to go one day. You never know, maybe I will win the lottery... LOL.
Hey, actually, do you like silverchair?? I really do. I don't listen to them as much as I used to, but I still classify them as my favourite band :D
Maybe it would be best for you to just ask your publisher about your book. Hopefully, she will really like it, so no problem. But if not, is it not maybe better to know just now, rather than worrying over it? Whatever you decide, keep us posted & I'm sending you good luck vibes!

Raine - I seriously want to work where you work!!! LOL.

Marielle - Wow, lot's of busy weekends coming up! What kind of things do you have planned?
The words that Rob says after the wedding kiss - it's a "blink & you'll miss it" kinda thing. Which is why I think it's maybe Rob talking to Kristen, rathet than Edward to Bella. Hopefully Caryn will have an idea! But defo look for it next time you see BD & let me know what you think :)

Sean - Glad you are feeling a bit better now!
Sorry you have some things bothering you just now. Feel free to talk to us about them, if you like. I hope they are resolved soon.

Tracy - I LOVE that you are lexing from your inlaws computer LOL! Just like when you lexed from the Honda dealership ;)
I hope you have a great time with you family - looking forward to catching up with you when you get back.

Hopefully I will be back somepoint over the weekend, but if not, have a great one all!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Brienna »

Just a quick one... but...
Was I right on seeing SM in BD1? She was there as a wedding guest and we saw her standing right? When Bella walks in?
I just watched a interview where MR says she was at the wedding as a guest, with SM, Wyck Godfrey and someone else (don't remember the name). That interview got me thinking about it again.

When I first saw the movie I immediately thought it was SM, but I've heard noone confirm. So for the people who've already seen it more than once ;) Am I right or wrong?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by lulu »


Wow, I think hubs family are turning into some serious cooks, our food was amazing! I even liked my own dishes, and I don’t usually. I brought a green beans/onions/bacon dish, and this great strawberry/cream cheese/coolwhip/with an almond/brown sugar-crumble-thing. Both were really tasty. The others brought two sweet potato dishes, amazing mashed potatoes and gravy, zucchini-squash casserole, creamed corn, home made cranberry sauce, home made rolls, turkey of course, and then for dessert, cherry, apple, lemon meringue, pumpkin, and chocolate pies (3 of which were homemade). Wow, it was a quality feast! It definitely made me look forward to next year. Or I guess 2013 since next year we’ll be with my family. Anyone else want to join us? ☺ We also had fun throwing around a football and playing horse-shoes.

Jaclyn—Thanks for your comments, I think you’re right about Bella being nervous with all the people. There were like twice as many guests in the movie as in the book. I’m hoping to see it next week! I’ll let you know what I think. You took a pen and paper!! Haha, I love it. ☺ About your latest movie experience, wow, I hate sitting in the front section! You had a great attitude about it. Oh! I think you’re right. I think Anna as Jessica threw that in ad-lib, because I remember thinking Edward’s reaction was very real-life Rob and not so much Edward. It was a natural surprised look. How funny. I think there are a few things that were prepped for explanation in Part 2. The ones you mentioned included. I think they didn’t go into it further in Part 1 because they try to not deviate from the forward flow of a film. If it starts dragging or feeling wrong, they’ll cut stuff or synch it up to flow better. So I’m assuming in Part 2 they’ll say stuff like, “Renesmee bit Bella…” or “Remember Quil and Claire…” That’s my assumption. Of course we don’t mind you going on and on! Yeah, I’m sure they’ll have the scene where Bella is seeing the subtle glow of Renesmee vs. the clear sparkle of her own skin. She said something like, “You’re prettier” to her daughter, right? Then Edward said something about disagreeing. Awwww…. Yes, babyboy’s journal is for him to read when he’s older. I don’t write in it very often, but I try to include milestones are sweet things like when hubs said randomly, “he’s so cute it hurts.” *heart melted*

Susie—No, I don’t think they will make a sequel without SM writing it first. It would probably be too controversial and split up the fan-base and risk not having the huge success that accompanies all these films. And they are a business and all about the money.

Sean—wow, thanks for the link to the marcus gig that rob and kris were at. That was fun to read! I’m glad for them. Just being together and enjoying life. ☺

Lynne—I’m glad you’re realistic about your admiration for Rob. I admire that. Congrats on your 1000th post! I would LOVE to go to Australia! Speaking of being realistic though, it’s just not going to happen... Hmm, maybe if we book a destination wedding there someday I guess. If so I’ll let you know. ☺

Sandy, Ginnie & Chirstina—glad you could all meet up, you all look so beautiful in your picture together!

Tracy—haha, I know what you mean! I don’t think I’ve Lexed from my in-laws, it would definitely feel sneaky somehow. Aw, they are great men to take the kids out. Awesome, I hope you had fun shopping with your MIL.

Brienna—yeah that was definitely SM. ☺ She wasn’t so fond of the shot, as she said in a red carpet interview, but I think it’s sweet seeing here there.

Tonise--I can't believe you seen it 5 times! By the way, can you PM me the dates and hotel name for HH-con? Thank you!

See you all later!