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Hi there!

Post by Twi-hard EXTREME »

I'm loving the Lexicon. I'd like to consider myself Team Switzerland (but please know that I don't think Bella is a Team Switzerland at all). I started not liking Bella like last week. And I'd like someone to talk me out of my dis-like.

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Re: Hi there!

Post by Twihard_61 »

Welcome to the lexicon and btw I TOTALLY agree with your user name as you can see. And as fr talking you out of your dislikingbellathing then I can tell you a few things :
What is the point in not liking her, if it is because she has Edward and you don't then here is a newsflash, yo ain't gonna get him cus even if bella decided she didn't like Edward (like that is ever gonna happen) then Edward probably wouldnt stop loving her. So that is a dead end :) xxx
If you don't like bella cus she's all sulky and moaning sometimes for example; the incident on isle esme *cough cough* happened... And she moaned :) well if that is your problem with her then I don't know ;) hehehehe hehehehe
But anyway hoped that helped:) and welcome to the lex :D xxx

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Re: Hi there!

Post by Tornado »

Hi there!
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Re: Hi there!

Post by audreywarenne »

Hey! Welcome to the Lex!
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Re: Hi there!

Post by Jestak »

Hi, and welcome to the forum. :wave: Glad to have you join us.
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Re: Hi there!

Post by Openhome »

Hello and welcome to the Twilight Lexicon!

I’m Openhome, and I’m one of the moderators around here.

We are so pleased you have chosen to join us! The Lex is a large site and can be very confusing at first. To help you navigate through the threads better, please be sure to check out the Welcome Forum and take a look at the threads there. You can begin at the Before You Start Posting thread. This topic contains a wealth of information on how to use our boards.

If you have any questions about posting here, there are three forums set up for you. Newborn in Seattle has a long list of helpful hints and FAQ’s. If you have technical difficulties, go to For the Accident Prone. The site’s rules and policies are found in the Don’t Irritate the Volturi thread. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with them!

If you have any other questions, you can contact any of the moderators by sending them a Private Message (PM). Moderators’ names appear in green. You can also go to the Communing with the Pack forum to ask questions or give us feedback.

See you around the boards!
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Re: Hi there!

Post by dazzel21 »

Hi! Welcome to the lex. Hope to see you around the board...
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