Breaking Dawn: Favorite Lines of the Movie

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Re: Breaking Dawn: Favorite Lines of the Movie

Post by Twihard_61 »

'Jacob had an idea' said Edward
'pffftttt that was just a snide comment' said Jacob
'but it's true, tell them what you said' said edward
'I said I think he just needs something to sink his teeth into' said jacob ;) xxxxx

Even though I love Edward and vampires I think this is quite funny :) xxx

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Team xxx Edward xxx cause jacob dosent sparkle :P
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Re: Breaking Dawn: Favorite Lines of the Movie

Post by Jacobs-girl »

I loved Charlie's wedding speech -- so funny!

"Edward will be a good husband. I know this because...because I'm a cop, I know things. Like how to hunt somebody to the ends of the earth"

Aha ha! Makes me smile every time I think of this line. :) Charlie is such a great dad and I love how he's so protective of Bella.

And I enjoyed his comment about the graduation caps displayed in the Cullens' house:

Charlie: Are those graduation caps?
Renee: Hah! How creative!
Charlie: Or weird.
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