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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by Chrisness »
I LOVE Bella's personality in this fun, well-written fanfic!
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

I added the story that was recommended above but I won't read it till ti says completed since a lot of authors are no finish their work which makes it frustrating for the reader who invest in their time to read it.
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by 21Twilight21 »

Any new fanfic recommendations? I am in need of some new ones to read :).
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by therealmrswhitlock »

I will continue to re-rec Wide Awake until people start telling me they've all read it. TW for angst, abuse, and adult content in case you're one of those wierdos who only likes to read fluff.
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by JustcallmeRiley »

I just read this one: ... our-Accent
Its probably the funniest fanfiction I've ever read.
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by BeautifulGoldenEyes »

Here's my Alice/Jasper fanfic I wrote last year:

It's about Alice and Jasper going back Alice's hometown to find out about her past. It's just a oneshot for now but I've thought about adding more.
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