New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by Crimson Fury »

My favorite scene was where Laurent was about to kill Bella, when the wolf pack showed up. Awesomeness. :D I loved all of the Volturi's scenes, too.
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by trhmllr »

As so many people have stated it is hard to pick one scene. So I will pick my favs!

First off is the scene where Hearing Damage is playing. Where Bella jumps off the cliff, the wolves are chasing Victoria (which was amazing! I love how they did it.) and where the search party is in the woods. It had a lot of good things mixed into one, with a great song that now that I've heard it is a fav of mine.

Second...Hummm... Any Jacob scene. I just love him. Taylor is the best Jacob. I thought even in Twilight that he was the best book to movie character. Plus him being amazingly hot doesn't hurt. He just "is" Jacob.

I love the Italy scenes. I liked the fight scene there, even if it wasn't in the book. Loved Felix flipping Edward and all that (I love Edward, I don't mean I like it because he was hurt, just it was well done)

I loved the vote. That was a fav of mine in the book too. I wish Edward would have lost it like he did in the book, but still.

I love Emmett and Jasper. I am glad like you all that they finally mentioned Jasper's power. I like when he is at the school and Alice jumps off the stairs and he uses his power to make Bella do as Alice wishes. SO cute. Plus I love anything to do with Jasper. He is hot. Love when he was attacking Bella even. It was just hot. Can't wait to hear more about his past!!!
What can I say I LOVE ALL the men in Twilight.
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by corona »

It is so very difficult to pick them out. New Moon is my favorite book, but because of the sheer emotional power and Bella’s and Edward’s steadfast commitment to each other. So the birthday scene and the breakup scene are very well done, but I hate having to go through that.


Favorite scene #1—the chase for Victoria followed by Bella’s cliff diving. Great scene overall, but we also know that Bella’s long night is finally coming to a close.

Favorite scene #2—the look that Bella gives Jacob as she heads into the house, knowing that one of the Cullens is inside. Jacob chases her down and tries to stop her. The look on Bella’s face as she turns around is priceless, as if she is thinking “who the **** do you think you are, and why are you still here?”.
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by daffystjob »

Most definitely the scene when Bella runs from the fountain straight into Edward, my heart always skips a couple of beats there.

Thank you Bella ;)

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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by Moonlight »

This is definitely a difficult call. I am very into all of the effects of the movie as much as I am the story and the characters. I loved all of the scenes with the wolves. I like how Jacob had so much power when he was in wolf form but was so gentle with Bella. all of those scenes got me.
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by Blaire55 »

My fave scene? Hmmm, lets see... Every scene with Jacob in it - duh!
I LUV JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by ManyNewMoons »

I totally agree on the elevator part... :)

But edward and bellas renunion! You can't get better than that sometimes.
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by TwilightFan87 »

I have to admit, it was the DVD trailer for New Moon that started getting my interest in Twilight :) I love the scene where Bella and Jacob are hanging out, fixing up the bikes..and then when he's trying to get her to figure out what he is :) Of course the Edward and Bella reunion too!
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Re: New Moon--Favorite scenes in the movie

Post by Naterpie »

I really loved the kind of stand off between Jacob and Edward at the end of the movie. So much unspoken tension, and you can tell how much they each really love Bella....
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