Rob's Halfway House #11

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Re: Rob's Temporary BD2 Halfway House **SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

You know, it's interesting. When what happened to Carlisle happened to Carlisle the whole audience gasped, but I just sat there and said, 'It's a vision!' and watched it calmly until the end. There had already been a bit of discussion in the BD2 forum here about that part being a vision, although it was pretty clear that they'd stepped out of canon to let Alice see the wolves and Renesmee. Yes, it was a plothole, but I enjoyed the scene anyway. I was prepared for them to go that way, especially since the scene started immediately after Aro took Alice's hand.

There is a plausible explanation for why there were wolves and Renesmee visible in that scene. Perhaps, as Alice was sensing there were blank spots in her vision caused by wolves, etc, she painted approximate details into her vision so that Aro could get the full effect of what a mess his decision caused. Now, if that's the case, we probably can't assume that individual wolves did do what we saw them do, but obviously a wolf would have killed Jane, because she would have 'disappeared' and come out in pieces, etc.

Of course, the real reason they did it that way was to trick the audience into thinking it was in real time. It wouldn't have been very suspenseful if we'd all known it was just a vision.

I think, since Bella can resist it, Kate's talent is more mental than physical, even though it's described as a 'current'. That's probably just a useful way of describing what she does. And just because it has a physical representation doesn't mean it's a physical power. Alec's power also has a physical representation, but it's mental. Actually, if we're being really pedantic, Bella probably shouldn't be able to see Alec's mist, which she does in the book, as its presence should be invisible to her. But the visual is necessary to communicate what he does and the fact that it's stopped.

Here's a link to my video review if anyone's interested.
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Re: Rob's Temporary BD2 Halfway House **SPOILERS**

Post by Austwilight »

Ok lve had time to process it and just want to add me thoughts. Im on the ipad so no invisible ink. Also think most US girls will be joining us soon so feel we should be able to post normally.

Overall l love it!!!!! I did feel the beginning was too rushed and Bella's super control didnt really come across. I did feel the vampire sex was animalistic enough for me l found myself wanting more growling, more grasping, just more. Did however like where they were laying in front of the fire.

Loved Bella's reaction to Jacob and dragging him outside, thought KS did awesome in this scene, really put loys of emtion into it.
Loved Charlies reaction to Werewolf Jacob.

Ok the ending. When It firsted happened l was in shock and shouted "no!!!" as did just about everyone else in our cinema. I was just couldnt believe it, then Jasper and Seth and Leah!!!!!! I kept thinking has to be a vision but couldnt remember seeing Alice remove her hand from Aro, but it still had me in cardic arrest, chewing my thumb nails and clawing my friend next to me, lol. When Aro and Jane was killed a huge applause went up, usually l hate that type of thing but l have to admit that l clapped too.

The gasp when it was all over and everyone realised it was a vision was audible amongst the cinema. When the credits started everyone in our cinema just continued to sit there recoverying.

One thing l really loved was how relaxed and happy Edward was, he was laughing, joking and l could see how the family had been together for over 50 yrs l really got that relaxed, family feeling about the whole cast and loved seeing Rob play this.

Im off to see it again on Sunday, there are so many things lm looking forward to seeing again, oh, l also loved the opening credits, it just set the movie up as something completely different.

Overall l thought BC is a genius and did just a great/awesome job of it. Soooo in love with it and is by far my favourite.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone.

Sorry I didn't write today previous to this.

I just had a really crappy day. I was swamped and overwhelmed at work and stressed out over my money stuff, so much to the point where I basically broke down crying at work for a few minutes. It was just continuous phone calls--most of which were weird--and running around. After that, I felt like crap, so I pretty much went straight home after I had a meeting with my counselor and my brother about the money stuff. I still sort of feel like crap, so I might not be online long after this.

I have one more day at work this week, and I hope that tomorrow will be better than today.

Aside from that, I slept most of today and tonight. I did get most of the stuff for Thanksgiving dinner, though, when I went out later to get it at Walmart.

I trust that most of you enjoyed BD2. I'll check the spoilers thread if I get time or, rather, feel like it. I'm still a bit wiped out from today.

I'll give some comments, though.

Songbird: I know that most people are at least seemingly decent, but I look at the media and such as representative of the darker impulses of people. I mean, what sells in the media? Violence, sex, and scare stories. But then again, there has to be a demand for that crap, and demand comes from people. You know, garbage in, garbage out, and it's a vicious cycle. That, and for a world that nowadays preaches tolerance and respect, you don't see that from people all the time. With Kristen and Rob, I see a lot of intolerance and disrespect, the polar opposite. And this is based usually on wrong impressions and misinformation kept up by the entertainment media.

And as far as the sex and violence goes, I admit to playing violent video games and Bio-Booster Armor Guyver is pretty damn violent at times for something aimed at teenagers, but the violence is fantasy (Guyver is Sci-fi stuff, after all) to me, and it's not real. I have a much more, no pun intended, violent reaction to things like rape and murder being portrayed, because that crap happens every day to people, which is why I refuse to watch the news anymore or read newspapers.

And as for sex, I don't mind looking at women who are attractive, because, well, I'm a single guy. I can't refute that. And I don't mind watching sex scenes in movies as long as it's of a romantic nature--so the Twifilms are safe to me LOL--or at least of a consentual nature.

I guess that I'm more pissed off at how the media portray R&K and how many people buy it without thinking, because that does go back to how I was treated in the past.

Susie: At least I have 9 months to figure out what to do with the money that I can't keep in my bank account. I can only keep $1500 in it. I can't really put in my brother's account, but as I said, I should be able, in theory at least, to spend the amount I'm over.

Sarah: I liked your hoodie. I hope that you'll post more photos once you get it finished and ready for your BD2 viewing.

Austin: :hello: I hope that you'll be able to be back with us soon. Sort of getting lonely manning the fort as far as the man factor here ;)

Mel: I don't think we've ever met, so :hello: I'm Sean and I'm the main male here, though Austin has joined us, he just hasn't been able to post often recently because of him being busy. I hope that you'll be able to post here more often soon too :)

BD2 Madrid: I think that most of you will like the choices that Kristen made for today. Her outfits were a lot simpler and less complex than the London pantsuit. She wore a black and white mini dress for the press conference, with black and white peep toes, a Yellow Doir for the premiere and back and white pumps, and a T-shirt and shorts with pumps for her appearance on that TV show she was on with Rob and Taylor. So it seems that maybe Kristen realized something that I've said about her before--keep it simple and she'll shine. That works for Rob, and It's always worked for her. I liked the fact that she does take risks with fashion, but a lot of the time, simpler is better. She's just naturally beautiful, and what plays to that works best, and sometimes, simpler is better.

As for Rob, he too kept it simple, and like with Kristen, it was to his advantage. A grey suit with a dark blue shirt and tie for the premier, and a grey suit with a plaid shirt for the TV show and press conference. And Rob in a plaid shirt :thumbsup: The simple things work totally fine on Rob, but at the same time, I'd love to see him some day make some of the less formal choices like Taylor made, just to see if it would work. However, Rob is older than Tay by a few years, and there's just something about Rob in a suit that I just can't get out of my head as far as saying "that's awesome--keep it up Rob!" :) Maybe he's simply that dashing in a semi-formal suit ;)

One thing I did notice about Kristen was that she seemed to make sure her nail polish matched her dresses, at least until today to an extent. She had her nails done gold to match her dress on Monday, then black to match the pantsuit in London and for the press conference today, and they matched her shorts today. Of course, Kristen did wear mis-matched polish in that her toes were still painted gold, but that did match sort of with her Doir, though with closed toed pumps, you couldn't see it. I do have to say that I like the mis-matched nail polish look on women, though, especially on Kristen (duh! ;) ) and when punk rock girls do it--the latter usually on both their fingernails and toenails. But then again, what's what I like about nail art--women can get really creative and have fun with it, and that's why I like it and would love to have a GF who's into that stuff.

Everyone: I'll be headed back to bed soon, because I'm just wiped out and drained still. Maybe a few hours of sleep will do wonders for me. Aside from that, Thanksgiving is ready aside from the turkey, which my mom will buy. I do have work tomorrow, and I have a few things to finish up, so I'll be going back to sleep soon to rest up for work.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by Tornado »

After seeing Jumping Rob's visit to the premiere, I found Image
this online. Thought it was good!

And here's a [url=ttps://]link[/url] to the video if any of you didn't get to see it on FB.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**w

Post by vampirelover109 »

Morning !!!!!

I'm still trying to get my head around the fact the Saga is now over its heartbreaking in a way I mean when I first found Twilight something just clicked inside of me and I was overtaken by the most overwhelming feeling like this is gonna be so amazing at that point I was first having panic attacks and depression and I felt like there was no hope at all for me like I didn't have anything good in my life then I found Robs HH House and my life was changed because I met the most incredible,caring,genuine,amazing girls in the world who are so special to me and we share this amazing love and passion for The Saga and Rob its bittersweet that its ended now its like an end of an era and its quite hard to take we truly have fallen in love with these characters and Rob,kris and Taylor they have given us 5 years of pure joy and bliss and happiness and I know that if I had never found the saga I would never have found you guys and I can't imagine my life without you guys

I love you all

BD2 words can't describe how amazing it was to watch it was just amazing,just breathtaking I'm seeing it again today I'm taking my cousin who came to the prem in London with me so excited to watch it again hopefully I won't cry like a baby

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by openfire »

Morning everyone,

So?? What do all the US Sisters think then?

My mind is still racing. So, we are off to see it again. Gonna try and catch a lunchtime show! Tonight, I am going to and it with my mom & my 2 best friends.

By then, I should be able to make a post lol!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by lulu »

It was supremely amazing. The perfect ending to resolve true canon story and those wishing for a fight. My husband even said, "This is cool!" The love scene was touching, different and special without being too much. I expected more dialog from Renemsee but I adored her nonetheless. The closing credits paying tribute to the saga made me watch closely with tears in my eyes. It felt like a true end, and wrapped it all together with the book being almost displayed as another character in itself just beautifully. I actually felt like I felt when I finished reading Breaking Dawn for the first time...a little shocked that it was truly over. I adore this story, the author, and those involved in the movie. I feel like I'm saying goodbye to good, longtime, true friends, but that's ok. They left me a beautiful piece of themselves to remember them by. I feel so happy. Thank you, Bill. Thank you, Stephenie. Thank you, Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Billy, Peter, Ashley and all the others. What a journey! I will always remember my Twilight experience! :)

I LOVED having this experience with my fellow HH sisters, Brenda, Amy, and Desiree. Thank you!!!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by Songbird »

So relieved and proud! Forgive me for bragging again, but I’m just such a proud mama. Bug’s reading has just taken off. She is in group 3 (first grade) and a lot of you probably remember my post about 2 months ago when she first started first grade and they started the basics of learning to read, that she could already read, so they tested her and she was reading a grade level she was reading at an end of group 3/middle of group 4 level. I was really proud of her...then her report card came today and she is now reading at an end of group 4/middle of group 5 level (3rd grade)...So in 2 months, she’s progressed a whole year in her reading, which was already advanced. And then all her other core subjects like math, writing, social interactions, etc are above average. So that must have been why she was reading for the group 5 teacher...Susie was right, it was a good thing. I needn’t have worried. Now I can’t wait for Mr. Man’s report card in March. Groups 1 and 2 (kindergarten) only get one report per year, in March. Bug will get 3...this one, one in March, and one in June. So I have to wait for his report card, but I do still have the parent teacher conference on Monday, so I will at least find out how he’s doing.

Marielle, I’m so jealous that you get to see BD2 so many times!!! I so want to see it again!
What is the women’s fair like? Is that like the huishouds beurs?

Raine, that’s great that your 2nd experience was better than the first! And neat that it made TV!

Sarah, is there a lot of stuff on twitter? I don’t have twitter, so I was relatively unspoiled when I saw BD2. I did see a couple of clips and some interviews, but not a whole lot. It’s definitely better to go in without knowing everything that’s going to happen.
How did I miss that Billy Burke was in GG??? I looked it up and it said he was that the one where Lorelai learns to fish?
I like your the lettering in gold or is it yellow? I like the idea of some bling...but then I love glitter/sparkles.

Susie, hope you had a great time! What does the VIP lounge entail?
How sweet of your students!! They must really love speaks to who you are as a teacher. They are very lucky students!
I think my daughter takes more after her father, actually...she looks like me, physically, but I was a very late bloomer acedemically, I’m dyslexic, and I’ve always been a slow reader and I really struggled in school, though I got good grades because I worked so hard. Bug seems to come easily to her in a way it never did to me. My brother and hubs were both pretty blessed with the ability to learn really quickly and everything just coming easily to them. I’ve been so worried that my kids would inherit my reading problems and would have to struggle, but it doesn’t seem like they have...and I am so grateful for that. My dad’s side of the family is riddled with Dyslexia...all of the left handers have it. But my kids are both right handed and seem to have avoided the learning disabilities. But you are so right about it being hard not to worry! And thank you for the encouragement about Mr. Man’s’re right...he’s still very young and boys are generally slower than girls developmentally...I’m sure he’ll be ok. And I’ll probably feel better after the conference on Monday.

Lynne, I’m with you about being jealous of those who have gone to premieres!! How awesome would that have been? I don’t think they ever had one here...the closest is probably belgium or germany? I wish I had been able to go to one...the best would have been for BD2!!
Any news on the book cover?
Love that picture you found!!! Too funny!

Austin, I’m so sorry your wife won’t let you go. But what an Edward you are to let her go have her fun with her friend. I wish my husband could have come with me...I had to go by myself because someone had to stay home with the kids. But if I were in the same place as my best friend, I probably would have wanted to go with her. At least you WILL get to see drink your beer and pee behind the shed. (better than peeing on your wife to mark your territory) Then enjoy BD2 when you see it.

Rose, OH NO!!! Dog is GROUNDED, right? Are you doing Nanowrimo? Did you get the screen fixed?
That is so cool that you got the autographs and such...I can’t believe someone would throw that away...I mean, there had to be somewhere to stash it...unless they thought no one would look in the trash and it would be there when they came out of the theater...but what a huge risk!!

Jaclyn, I can’t wait to see your thoughts on BD2! I’m glad you had a great time, though!!

Sean, I’m sorry you had a crappy day. Hopefully today will be better. So now that you are getting the back pay, does that mean you can see BD?

Ann Marie, it IS heartbreaking, isn’t it? But we’ll still be here, and we’ll always have the books, and the movies, and the, there won’t be anymore premieres...but the experiences we have had will stay with us. The friends we’ve made will still be friends...we’ve gained a lot. It’s not really over.

Lulu, beautifully said. I loved the credits...they were beautifully done. And that is so special that you got to have the experience of going with some of our sisters!! I’m jealous!

Off to take Bug to swimming lessons!
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Re: Rob's Temporary BD2 Halfway House **SPOILERS**

Post by twilightsagaaddict »

*sneaks into the temporary HH...was hoping the locks hadn't been changed ;)*

I'm still processing from the marathon yesterday, and recovering from my near-cardiac arrest!! After sitting in the theater for 12 hrs, I, like everyone else, was completely shocked. All I kept thinking was 'I knew they tweaked the ending, but NOOOOO!...'

ok, here are my random thoughts, based on my first viewing ~
- the opening of the film: musically and visually, was very majestic to me; seemed so appropriate for the the material as well as a perfect send off for the series
- would have liked to have seen more of Bella's reactions (like in the book) when she first wakes up, and more reference to how painful her transformation was (but I guess that would have been more applicable in BD1 ?)
- loved her hunting!!
- LOVED seeing Robward smiling and happy
- the CGI Renesmee-face was kinda weird/creepy...
- when Bella kicks Jacob's backside for imprinting - classic!! and Edward's banter about it - hysterical!!
- omg...Jacobs phasing in front of Charlie was beyond good!! I didn't think it was possible to <3 Billy Burke than I already do, but that scene was hilarious!!
- I would have liked to have seen more of the other vampires' gifts; toss up between Benjamin & Garrett as my favorites
- Jenks' scene: would have liked to have seen more, but it got the point across for what the story needed
- Bella kicking Emmett's backside in arm-wrestling: loved!!
- Bella's shield: I pictured it somewhat differently, but it was fine (would have liked to have seen her shield all of them like in the book, but, it worked)
- some of the special effects I thought could have been better, but I had no problem over looking them
- the battle-scene...HOLY CROW!! I posted this on FB, but I'll do so here as well, sooo glad I went in spoiler-free. The impact of that scene was so visceral - I'm still coming down from it.
- I was really ok with the liberties they took with the material; would I have preferred canon? absolutely! but it was an incredible way to end the series.

laters!! 8-)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by openfire »

Just back. I enjoyed the secind viewing even more than the first. I will prolly not make my big spoiler post till tomorrow or Sunday though...

But I really did love it.

Going back to see it in a couple hours, so in the meantime, I'm gonna watch some promo stuff. Since I hadn't really seen much! LOL.

Gah! It's so hard to explain how I feel but I think that Lulu said it pretty well!!!
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