Rob's Halfway House #11

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Edwards Ragazza
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Hi Everyone,

Lex just posted a article that SM updated her website. It was a nice little read. I personally thought Alice’s vision was brilliant it took me by surprise but her vision seeing Bella with the wolves I just took that as Bella wasn’t human anymore and Alice can now both wolves and vampires together since they both are mythical creatures.

Most what I wanted to say about Bd2 has already been mentioned. Jacklyn & Tracy I loved what you girls wrote. One thing that I do love about the movie is the part where Jacob says to Bella about how he gets it, they don't make sense, they were never meant for each other. I can't remember word for word but it was something along those lines. Cause I don't know about any of you but that is what I felt the first time I read the series that they never made any sense being together.

Now onto post:

Susan~ Happy Birthday to your lil man. Are you having a theme party? What is your son into? I remember when my lil guy was into Thomas the train at that age.

Lynne~ I hope the school library does pick it up, and like Corona said you must tell us when it is published so we can pick up a copy. Is the June 1st release date for the US if not do you have that date?

Tracy~ Sorry to hear about your deer accident. Did you make the call to the insurance company? Hopefully they were understanding and not giving you a hard time. Where you live is there a lot of deers? Where my husband use to live he told that it was common for that to happen and that it’s really dangerous and scary cause the accident could be fatal so I am really happy to hear no one in your family was hurt.

About those mini blinds at your house. The answer is no! I don’t even want to think about windows until next November. It took me 2 weeks doing 2 windows a day. I just finished my last 2 today. Although I will say now that they are done, they look sooo good!

Amanda~ I don’t know Rob either but just from his interviews alone I probably could date him. I love how he is totally comfortable with his adorkable self. Commenting on your black Friday comment, ya I myself don’t do black Fridays either. I never find the deals really that worth the trouble and lack of sleep.

Susan~ I have never cleaned any oven that I used while I was renting and now that I own my first one I have yet to clean that one. What a minute now that I am thinking about this, how would you even clean it?

Sean~ How many chapters have you written so far in your fanfiction? What’s it about?

Marielle~ Belgium chocolate is the best! Sounds like you had a great weekend where you with your family? What all did you guys do? Are you already in your house?

Fifi~ Hey you. We all understand about RL glad to see you stopping by. I myself was absent but when I come back it is always a warm welcoming.

Caryn~ I myself have only watched BD2 3 times. How about you?

Hi to Sean,Sarah,Austin and anyone else I might have missed.

Night nite
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone~

Thanks for all of your kind words and concern about our car, after hitting the deer Sunday evening. Fortunately the damage was not quite as extensive as I feared, and our insurance will cover everything except for our deductible. It was mostly minor body damage requiring repair and/or replacement of the hood, grille, bumper, fender, driver's side door panel, radiator, condenser (whatever that it). It's still costly, but thankfully the engine was not damaged, and I know it could have been much worse. We have a rental car with costs covered for ~ 1 month, and the repairs should take about a week, once the appropriate parts are available. I feel so fortunate that my boss and coworkers encouraged me to stay home from work today (and tomorrow if necessary) to take care of all these issues, and that our insurance company staff have been accessible and helpful during difficult times (this incident, as well as the previous car accident six weeks ago). I hope I'll never have to call them again, and I'm sure they feel the same way. :?

Did anyone read the lovely "thank you note" from Bill Condon posted on the front page of the Lex? He is such a classy guy and so appreciative and inclusive of the fans. I would love to see what he would have done with the entire saga in his very capable hands.

Sean~ Hopefully your boss will be understanding about your need to miss work and help with your grandma at home while other family members are at the funeral.

Amanda Beth~ Those people are nuts! All that commotion for a goody bag? :shock: That's precisely why I don't go shopping on Black Friday. I read your alternate ending to Mockingjay some time ago and loved it, and found it a very fitting conclusion to the series. I wish that Suzanne Collins had seen fit to expound on her version, and always thought the original ending seemed so very rushed.....almost as if she were on some kind of deadline. I love your beautiful banner and think the song "A Thousand Years" is the hallmark of the series.

Marielle~ I'm glad you had a fun time in Antwerp and hope you recover quickly from the festivities. I'm sure your Dad and brother will be a big help during the moving process, and that's also nice that you'll have a couple of weeks off work to accomplish everything. Will you be able to paint before you move in to the house? It's certainly easier to do so without having to move around a bunch of furniture.

Rose~ Happy early Birthday to your husband, and good luck planning his party. Is it a surprise party? I'm sorry to hear about your aunt and uncle's impending divorce, and also that you're having to deal with family issues right now. At least in the case of my family, it seems that the holidays exacerbate those preexisting stressors and problems that were already there in the first place, and that puts a damper on everyone's holiday celebrations. :roll:

Sarah~ I'm sure Jason will love his birthday basket. We too tend to spread out the birthday celebrating for a week or so, which seems appropriate since they only come around once a year. It's so fun establishing your own family holiday traditions, especially in those early years of marriage. Hubs and I purchased simple and inexpensive Christmas ornaments from Pier One Imports our first couple of Christmases, and those are still some of my favorite ornaments to hang on the tree, nearly twenty years later. ;)

Lynne~ I, too have seen BD Part 2 twice and may only manage one more viewing if I'm lucky, mostly due to scheduling constraints. How long will you and your family be able to stay at The Sunshine Coast? Do you have pictures of the area? How much time do you anticipate editing of The Crown will require? Congrats on the official release date for your first book! I can imagine that kangaroos could also do quite a bit of damage to cars, as they grow quite large, can't they?

Susie~ Thanks for sending me good car luck; I feel your positive vibes already. :D I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that our insurance rates won't go up, but I guess only time will tell. Cleaning the mean the oven won't clean itself?! :lol:

Austin~ I'm glad to hear your wife is feeling a little better, and hopefully she'll regain her energy soon. How old is your stepson now, if you don't mind me asking? So it was YOU who leaked MS, hmmm? :lol: The deer seem to be coming out of the woodwork, especially this time of year, and the body shop repairing our car said most of their recent work has come from incidents with deer. I don't know if it's hunting season or mating season or something else.... but unfortunately, the residential and commercial growth in our area seem to be forcing the deer out of the woods and into more populated areas, and the poor animals have no other place to go.

Fi~ Hey there! Hope you're doing well, and thanks for checking in with us. :wave:

Caryn~ Sadly, as I mentioned above, I'm only at two viewings for BD Part 2. What about you? Are you in double digits yet? Are you saying there will be a longer version of the futuretake (the vision of Bella, Edward, Jake, and Renesmee on the beach) on the DVD? I'll be pissed (but not surprised :roll: ) if Summit releases a regular version of the BD Part 2 DVD in March, and waits until everyone has purchased it before they release a second version of the DVD with more deleted and/or extended scenes and extras a few months later. :rant:

**EDIT: Desiree~ I missed your post as I think we were Lexing at the same time. I agree with you about never buying the idea that Bella and Jake were meant for one another in the previous books. While reading the books in the summer of 2008 before the movies were released, I never thought Bella was really "in love" with Jake, just that she loved him more like a best friend or brother; and then Jake manipulated and twisted her feelings around at the end of Eclipse to suit himself. That's one of the reasons I was so irritated by Jake in Eclipse, in spite of finding him tolerable in most of New Moon, and parts of Breaking Dawn. Congrats on cleaning the miniblinds....I bet they do look great!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

Sean - I'm glad to hear you're doing okay.

Sarah - yes, a lot more goes on at HH Sisters on FB these days!

Desiree- yes, I was just reading that. I can just shrug off the wolves and pretend they aren't there. It was a phenomenal scene!

Tracy - I'm glad to hear the damage wasn't as bad as you were fearing. I did see the thank you note from Bill. He's been very classy in his dealings with us, and I appreciate his attitude. Rochelle has given me until 21st January to finish a decent edit on The Crown, and she hasn't even given me the file with her changes yet! :roll: Here's a photo of the Sunshine Coast from a few years ago. This is near to where we will be staying. Yes, kangaroos can get quite large. Unfortunately, they can also fit quite nicely through a windscreen if they break it on impact. Quite a few people have hit a kangaroo and ended up with it in their lap!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody…

I’m feeling so tired. For two days I haven’t slept really well. Dreamed a lot and woke up at ungodly hours…It’s only Tuesday but I’m already wishing for the weekend.

Yesterday I was buying some books when I found the US Twilight special edition and the Breaking dawn collectors edition. In one of them there were pics of Kstew and her dad. Seriously I had never seen a picture of him (never looked for it either) but now I know why Kstew is the way she is. With a dad like that, what else do you expect…


Anyway, posts,

Rose, I’m sorry to hear about your family drama. Your poor grandma. I’m sure she is feeling it deeply. I hope it will be better with Christmas.

Lynne, at least you’ll be having a bit of rest during the holidays.
Yes, I’m still exhausted. Mainly because I don’t sleep well and am very busy, but I know it only gets worse once we get the key to our house. So I’m really praying that I’ll get a few nights of decent sleep soon.

Hey Fi!!!! Welcome back! I hope you can get here a few more times than you did lately. Well I’m still waiting on getting the key but it’s getting close… 3 weeks left…

Caryn, I hadn’t heard about a longer ‘futuretake’… Thanks for that information… I’m curious to see what they did… I’m still really hoping on getting a Breaking dawn extended edition. I know Summit has much more material than they shown on the screen…

Susie, you know I won’t stay away that long… I just couldn’t… still too addicted to posting here… though with the move coming up I don’t know if I’ll have an internet connection to make full posts… perhaps small ones on my phone.

Amanda Beth, a stampede at VS??? Though I can imagine wanting good deals there. Their products aren’t cheap and very good… but to trample over each other… I’m like to say that something like that can only happen to your side of the pond but sadly something like that has happened here in Europe as well..

Sarah, in Holland we have a special day on the 6th of December. It’s called Sinterklaas. The story is that a man (now a saint) came traveling up from Spain and while traveling he tried to aid children of the poor with gifts and food. These days it’s about as commercial as Christmas. There is a large show of the Saint coming into the country the second week of November, from that day on his helpers can give children gifts and candy. The kids do need to sing in front of the fire place and over something for the saint’s horse. But essentially that is our Christmas.
Though in many families the kids celebrate Sinterklaas with one set of grandparents and Christmas at the other. So they get spoiled rotten in December.
For us last year we did Christmas presents under the tree. Each family member bought small gifts for everybody. It was fun but this year we probably will have a big dinner and that’s it…
On a normal Christmas day, we go to family, maybe do gifts, have a dinner (either at home or restaurant), play games, listen to good music and at night go out to christmas parties.

Desiree, I went to Belgium with my work. We had our annual party there. After that I had a day shopping planned but ended up with only chocolate.
I’m hoping we are getting the key to our new house the 15th or 17th. Depending on if they work in the weekends or not. After that I have 7 days to paint and lay a new floor before I want to start moving in… it should be doable as long as I feel okay.

Tracy, I have planned to have 7 days to paint and do all the work in the house. I’m hoping that’s enough but yeah, we will have to do stuff with the furniture in it. It’s unavoidable sadly as we don’t want two months of owning and paying for 2 houses.

Alright, that’s it. I don’t think I’ll have time to post tomorrow morning. Maybe later that day. I have to go to a factory for work…

See you all soon.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Chernaudi »

Tracy: I'll try and call my boss this morning and let her know what's going on. She knows what's going on, but I'd like to explain things for her. I'm glad that your new car can be repaired. And it's strange with some cars--one of my brother's friends hit a deer with a VW Beetle a few years ago, and no damage was done to the Beetle and the deer wasn't badly hurt and got up and walked away from the scene. But then several hundred dollars worth of damage was done when he hit a possum or a raccoon.

Desiree: I have an intro and about 2/3 for the actual first chapter done, but nothing's been posted anywhere. It's a crossover/crackfic story based on the Twilight Saga and the Japanese manga and anime cartoon Bio-Booster Armor Guyver. For more info on Guyver, here's an article with some of the basics (feel free to ask for more info if you want to know more):

I think that some of my OC's all of whom are vampire hybrids, are kind of interesting. One's a former Army Officer and Army Ranger who can alter his form in any way as he pleases to suit his situation (his main battle form is a tribute to the "Slenderman" urban legend and some creatures and the Guyver units from Bio-Booster Armor Guyver), and his girlfriend is a Dutch born hybrid who can manipulate and generate electrical and electron-magnetic fields at her will and can even alter gravity by such means to an extent, and sort of looks like this woman in the photos labeled "Fallen One", minus tattoos and has a more conventional hair style, and often dresses more "normally":

I hope that you'll find the storyline interesting :)

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

marielle - yes, it will be nice to have a rest.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

Hello everyone! I am postponing actual work by sitting around Lexing. Here's something else to help me postpone work. I keep thinking about a Christmasy photoshop where Rob in his green Gucci suit is the tree ... but how could you decorate that to make it prettier?!?

Thanks to everyone for your support around the counseling. First session seemed to go well, pretty standard stuff - remember, hubs and I have both been therapists, so we have an idea what to expect! Yes, Susie, people who work in mental health have to focus a lot on self-care as it's such stressful work. And then it's tempting to think that counselors shouldn't need counseling ... which is like saying that shoemakers' children don't need shoes.

Personally satisfying news - I had some time yesterday that I used to finish the rough draft of a fanfic I've been working on for a year! It's EPOV, so I really wanted to get it right. At less than 9000 words I think I've averaged around 800 words a month :P

Austin - First, glad to hear your wife is feeling better. I'm sure she will get even better with some recovery time. Love the fantasy of meeting Lynne in Tampa at a book signing ... good thing I never trained in dream interpretation :D Maybe if we all dream hard enough about Lynne at local book signings it will happen! Lynne becomes a huge writerly success with siblings to take her out to lunch all over the place, and we can say we knew her when, and get advance copies to promote and swag.

Beth - No, I don't think it's bad to acknowledge that your personality may not be dating-compatible with Rob's or anyone else! That's good insight into yourself. Although I agree with Susie that Rob may be rowdier than you think, just publicity-averse.

Caryn - CARYN! Nice to see you here, hon, and I hope you are resting. I have only seen BD2 once :( but I will be trying to take son soon, so that should help boost ticket sales. Nice pic - that's New York, right?

Desiree - I'm a psychologist. The 12-hour shift was at the rehab center where I work. 8 hours of it was scheduled and was email and fielding problems and seeing patients, and 4 hours of it was typing. A lot of what I do there is assessments, which involves quite a long report with a lot of typing. Your windows with the mini-blinds are reminding me of the Cullens' windows with the metal shutters! I wonder how they scheduled cleaning at the Cullen home? If you are lucky, your oven will have a self-cleaning mode, you lock it up overnight and turn it on and wipe it down later with a wet paper towel. If you are not lucky, you do something very similar with oven cleaner.

fi - Hi, it's nice to meet you! I'm Brenda, and I think I came in around the time you dropped off. No worries, everyone struggles with RL. We have mostly discussed BD2 but can always go back. It's so hard to choose a favorite part ... the mountain lion scene was amazing, and the memory scene was so touching.

Marielle - Glad to know you like the pics, mine and Kayla's! She has a gift with sparkles ;) What about Kris did the pic of her dad make you think of?

Sarah - IMHO, reading MS on your phone is a very happy way to spend any part of your day.

Sean - If you are thinking about your grandmother, then you are remembering her. Visting the grave will likely work out too - a-holes rarely visit graves. And happy birthday - I'm sorry it coincides with your grandmother's funeral. Another giftie for you, to help delay my actual work!

Rose - Yes, non-canon stuff is always irritating. I'm just glad to see as much of the essence of the story preserved as it was for BD2. But I had heard about a twist, so just completedly suspended my suspension of disbelief during the entire battle sequence. Sorry your Thanksgiving was so uncomfortable! Not much to help with the divorce, but with the food, next year would Grandma perhaps be open to offers to help her with stuff? And then you can help as much as needed. This year, my mom did the turkey and gravy and green beans and set the table ... and everybody chipped in a bit, mostly my brother and me. Easier and more fun for everyone.

Susie - Hi honey! (Hugs)

Tracy - Poor you, the universe is conspiring against your ability to drive. So sorry - it must have been very alarming to hit the deer, and sad (poor silly Bambi) and of course *wrecking* your vehicle. So glad your insurance company was understanding and not jerkish. We've had quite the history of ER visits on Thanksgiving, stiches on my son's forhead about 9 years ago, and my daughter stung by a scorpion last year! Nana's house is wonderful but perilous. On the Twilight Amazon Digital Version, Love Is Worth the Fall by O.A.R. is the only new track, the others are remixes or extendeds of other songs.

Lynne - I saw your release date! Wow, that's quick deadline for The Crown. Didn't it take a few months to edit and revise The Heir? So much work in the busy holiday season!

Luffs to anyone I missed!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by TwilightFan87 »

So today Jason worked the morning from home and I think he finally figured out how late I sleep, :shock: :shock: . He was NOT happy to see me still in bed close to ten, though anytime I wake up before 10 I consider a good start to the day (I'm awful I know!!). I was online doing my forum-ing on my phone but still. Eek. So I got up and came out to the living room and got least sitting upright bahaha. Just funny. I stay up later than he does though.

Anyway, posts...

Brenda-love love love that pic :) Only he could pull off a suit like that! My Mom is a counselor and she's going to counseling so I totally get it. Congrats on you finishing your fanfic!

Lynne-I'll have to check out your FB page. Anyway I can spread the word the better :) I wonder if my library would pick them up..hmm.

Sean-happy birthday! I am so sorry that it falls on such a sad day.

And I was going to do a mega post..but work just called me in early so time to get a move on..I'll get back on during the Voice tonight :) Have a good day everyone!!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good Tuesday afternoon, siblings. Can I just say how much research and paperwork numbs my brain? Thank gods I have something that can distract me a bit from the tedium. Although, I will say that it's rather nice to have a calm time in the office. It's a nice change from all of the running crazy I am often doing.

Sean~ Happy birthday, brother!

Rob Update~ Some of you may have scene the pictures of Rob and Kristen landing in NYC over the weekend. Well, yesterday they left for LA and it was an absolutely atrocious display in NYC. LA was slightly calmer but no less disgusting. I saw the pictures posted on the main page at Robsessed and have read a description of the videos and it is borderline insane. What bothers me most, I think, is that this happens in an airport of all places. Security is tighter than a frog's butt at these places and yet they allow this mob of complete parasites to invade and nigh on start a riot without nary a glance. Yet, I can't even take a toothpick through the door. It is completely insane what these... creatures are allowed to get away with.

Susie~ :lol: Leave it to you to do a run-by welcoming.

Austin~ So far, in comparing 10-day totals, BD2 is far outstripping the rest of the films. It’s currently at just over $227 million domestically and just under $600 million globally. Hmmm, I don’t know that we were worried how it would do at the box office, just that there could be some effect on the box office dependent on the progress of certain situations. But, yes, all that seems to be long ago, doesn’t it?

Amanda Beth~ The insanity around Black Friday is completely lost on me. Perhaps I was born missing an essential competitive shopping gene.

Sarah~ That’s too bad! I love going on my own. I get to lose myself completely, not that I don’t do that when I’m with someone. Is he concerned about you driving afterwards? :lol: I would say that just gives you the perfect excuse to stay and see it again… you know, repeated exposure lessening the effect and all that.

Desiree~ I was glad that they put that in there, spelling out that it was because of Ness that he was so completely drawn to her and her to him (although that excuse really never washed with me. I’d rather them give the non-readers something that they can process.

Tracy~ I’m so glad to hear that the insurance company has been helpful and accessible. Neither of those are necessarily always the case. I did see Bill’s note and I thought it was awesome. They also posted it on The Saga’s official FB page and a few other places. I thought it was wonderful and he has truly become a part of this fandom family. No, not quite double-digits. I had less free time over the holiday than I had hoped. But, I’m doing my best. Yes, one of the extended scenes on the DVD is a longer version of Alice’s vision of their future at the end. I can see Summit doing something similar to what was done for LotR; releasing regular versions of the DVDs and then releasing the Special Extended Editions.

Marielle~ You’d seriously never seen Papa Stew before? Wow, he hovers at every major event. He’s always around, especially when they are in LA. Yes, he’s always been a bit… eccentric, maybe? Well, we’ve already pretty much had it confirmed that were going to get a director’s cut of BD as one film, which should be very interesting. The scuttlebutt is that we will get something like that for all 5 films, possibly as a huge boxed set.

Brenda~ Um, well, the short answer is you can’t. ;-) But, I do think you are absolutely right about that making a wonderful Christmas picture. Awesome news about your fanfic! I would love to read it when you are ready. We can only do our best. As long as you are doing that, I’m happy. Very good, my young padawan. On Kelly & Michael, to be exact.

Alright, I'm off. Back to the research and writing. Have a lovely afternoon and I shall check in with you all later.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

Morning all!

I have FINALLY finished all the private editing jobs I have. I'm not taking on any more now until at least February next year, especially since I'm working on corrections to the proof of The Heir and will soon be working on The Crown. I will have to go and get my blood test today, though. I hate needles. :(

Brenda - I think everyone needs counselling now and then. And I know that my books need editing, even though I'm an editor. Seeing things through another pair of eyes can help. Boy, I hope I do become famous enough to meet you at a book signing somewhere in America at some stage, but I'm not holding my breath. Congrats on finishing the fanfic! Make sure you post the link. Yes, it is a quick turnaround. I will have to move fast.

Sarah - any library contacts on my behalf will be appreciated! :)

Caryn - yes, I've said before about how I think it's time the paps were reined in. Their behaviour is disgraceful.